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[Web Drama 2020] How Are You Bread 하와유브레드

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Suho looks so happy with that bright smile... Thank you @mysignisflower

News bites: April 23, 2016


More casting news for How Are You Bread: Moon Ji-yoon (Cheese in the Trap), Han So-young (Dazzling Temptation), and Kang Tae-hwan (Doctor Stranger) are confirmed to join the cast. The web drama is about a mysterious pastry chef (Suho), who creates one-of-a-kind pastries each morning to grant people their wishes, and a screenwriter who infiltrates the bakery to get the real scoop. Moon Ji-yoon plays a mysterious guardian angel of sorts to Suho, who disguises himself as different characters every day to stay close and keep Suho protected. Han will exude confidence as the beautiful and sexy PR manager of a large confectionery factory, while Kang will portray the prince of patisserie who used to be Suho’s roommate while studying abroad. The drama is set to air sometime this year. [Xports News]

source: Dramabeans



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@valsava sis... this one will have a fantasy side to it, which I also like....

Wouldn't it be nice to have a slice of bread that grants our wishes....?  



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Thanks for all the stills everyone @irilight thanks for the video yes it's a fantasy drama I guess if they added cheese wine and grapes with the bread I would fantiszie to..

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Hi! I'm new to soompi and actually i found this thread some days ago, but I only now created an account because i thought it would be nice to join in, since I'm fan of Suho and i'm looking forward to the drama too. 

Since I'm new here, I did read the rules first, but I don't know if i will do everything right. So, if i do any mistaken please feel free to tell me.

Btw, those pictures posted above, come from the official weibo, and there's this one from the exterior:


We can't see it well here, but it says 'Aurora Bakery'…

And interior:


Also, I don't think anyone posted this one, but it's from the PD facebook:




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