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[VARIETY] Welcome Show 어서옵쇼 (KBS) with hosts Lee Seo Jin, Kim Jong Gook and Noh Hong Cheol. Premiered Fri May 6. Watch It!

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The Welcome Show 어서옵쇼 (KBS)

Title: Welcome Show
Hangul: 어서옵쇼

Show Info:

  • Director: TBA 
  • Writer: TBA
  • Network: KBS
  • Genre: Variety Show
  • Stars: Lee Seo Jin & Kim Jong Gook & Noh Hong Cheol
  • Location: South Korea
  • Episodes: TBA 
  • Premiere Date: May 6, 2016
  • Runtime: Friday | 9:30 pm KST [TBA minutes]
  • Language: Korean      Country: South Korea


Confirmed Hosts:


L-R: Lee Seo Jin, Noh Hong Cheol and Kim Jong Gook. CR: STAR MBN News


Show Teasers/Trailers:

KBS WORLD e-TODAY News - Coverage and announcement of 'Welcome Show'



Episode Info:

TBU... all ENG SUB vids in spoilers(except Ep 1), credit KBS WORLD, the show's broadcaster.

Episode 1

Episode 2



Episode 3



Episode 4



Episode 5



Episode 6



More to come...

A LIVE recorded version...







Press Conference:







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---To Be Updated---


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April 18, 2016

Lee Seo-jin, Kim Jong-kook and Noh Hong-cheol to host "Welcome"

Source: ISplus via Hancinema.net


Lee Seo-jin, Kim Jong-kook and Noh Hong-cheol are the new MCs for the new KBS TV show "Welcome Show". The TV show will be organized for every Friday at 9:30PM.

KBS Entertainment Department announced this fact on the 18th. The TV show "Girl's Slam Dunk" will follow right after at 11PM.

"Welcome Show" is a kind of a home shopping where Lee Seo-jin, Kim Jong-kook and Noh Hong-cheol become hosts and advertise products.

"Welcome Show" is a new kind of talent donation show comprised of athletes, entertainers and scientists. Lee Seo-jin studied economics in New York, Kim Jong-kook has been working out since his debut 22 years ago and Noh Hong-cheol was a teenage businessman who thought of various business ideas.

Meanwhile, director Seo Soo-min-I and Oh Hyeon-sook are in charge of "Welcome Show".

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Mostly the same, but some additional info:
April 19, 2016

Source: SportsDonga via KJK Global:

[CONFIRMED] Summary of the Article:
Like we posted few days ago, KJK's new show will air on May 6th
(Fri. 9:30pm Korean Time).

The show, "Welcome" is going to be like an infomercial in some way. 3MCs will become products and they will be donating their talents.

The production team got the idea from "Lunch with Warren Buffett" (Probably the most successful investor in history. He does this charity event that allows the biggest donor to have a lunch with him.)

So for this show, KJK, Lee Seo Jin, and Noh Hong Chul will be showhosts who will become products for sale as well. It will be a unique show.

-Lee Seo Jin is an actor and entertainer. He also studied business in NY.
-KJK is a singer, entertainer, and fitness guru. Expert on self-restraint.
-NHC is a unique individual who is a former businessman. He has interesting tastes and viewpoints. Also, he is an entertainer.


The show's first recording will also be live broadcast on Naver V App on April 24th. Link here (There are two previews on there already).

And here is a poster for the show, with the logo:




Edit: New teaser video uploaded, with Kim Sejung from Produce 101.

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On 5/7/2016 at 11:54 PM, Sofia Goh said:

Where can I watch?


No EngSub yet but it's on OnDemandKorea. I'm glad Seojin was paired with Ahn Junghwan as it was so painful to watch him manage those little kids and try to be a host. He seemed lost and out of his element and he looked very tired. I do think those two should have a show together though. :)

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1 hour ago, florita529 said:

The eng sub of the Welcome Show ep. 1

Thank you. It is much more interesting and fun than I thought it could be. LSJ is awesome in here :P 



'The Welcome Show' webcasts, combo of Lee Seo Jin and Ahn Jung Hwan ranked #1.

(Webcasts <=> LIVE streamings on internet/mobile devices)



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'The Welcome Show' Tsundere Lee Seo Jin, a CHEMIE King who Sparkles And Shines!  

 (For those who may not know this term: Tsundere (ツンデレ ?, pronounced [tsɯndeɽe]) is a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time. CR: Wikipedia)



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8 hours ago, jadecloud said:

'The Welcome Show' Lee Seo Jin And Ahn Jung Hwan, Bickering Duo Yet Of One Mind, In Accord.

( LOL :P



Yes, I feel a bromance brewing hahahaha! Please put them on a show together! With NaPD!

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