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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Still Lala 我是杜拉拉


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Chinese Title: 我是杜拉拉 / Wo Shi Du La La
English title: Still Lala
Genre: Love
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Date: April 16, 2016


Qi Wei

Wang Ting

Wang Yao Qing


Everything is going great for Du Lala (Qi Wei). Now in her 30s, the insecurities of her younger years are behind her. She is happily married to Wang Wei (Wang Yao Qing) and is the HR manager at work and about to face a promotion to become the HR director. But Lala’s complacent life is challenged when a new employee shows up in the form of Kathy (Wang Ting), a beautiful woman in her 20s whose professional star shines brighter than Lala’s. Not only does Kathy threaten to take Lala’s promotion away from her, she also turns out to be a beloved former student of Wei’s mother and is well-liked by the whole Wang family, including Wei himself. To make matters worse, Kathy moves into the apartment right below Lala and Wei! Can Lala defend her career and her marriage from her new archenemy? “Still Lala” is a 2016 Chinese drama series directed by Liu Jun Jie. The series is a sequel to the television dramas “A Story of Lala’s Promotion” (2009) and “Lala’s Shining Days” (2013) and is based on the novel “Du Lala’s Promotion” by Li Ke. .

Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Lee Seung-hyun & Steelo - Meeting the Unpredictable Me


Qi Wei - Forgot to Remember



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OMG this drama is like my new drug, it is that addictive! I'm normally skeptical on dramas from Taiwan, China as they tend to be derivative after awhile. But this was very well scripted and the actors well cast. Especially the lead actress, I love how she's cool without bein' submissive like most lead heroines-_-<_< She holds her own and while she is naive, she sticks to her principles & is not afraid to tell it like it is. I can't stand Casey however, that woman is the epitome of E-V-I-L:crazy::crazy::crazy: I also enjoy the easy chemistry between Lala & her husband; they're v.natural together & v.believable as a married couple. And not forgetting, Lala's v.dramatic MIL yikes:crazy: I think both she & Casey should shack up together since she gushes on Casey over every damn thing<_< Whenever either one of them shows up in a scene, I just roll my eyes:rolleyes: and they have a propensity to make me want to throw somethin' at my TV screen:P

Overall the best drama from China thus far. Very solid and also realistic in that some of the issues tackled are extremely relatable as most of us deal with somethin' similar in real life. 

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I agree with you.  I started watching this months ago on Viki.  I keep checking everyday to see if they have competed the subs since I do not know chinese.  They are slowly getting the subs done.  This is a great drama and I cannot wait to watch the whole drama again once all the subbing is complete.  


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@Pam_Van Fossen Glad you're enjoying it thus far. Hope you keep watching, you won't be disappointed. Well actually the ending was a lil too hasty, not to mention too easy!??! Like Wang Wei's Mom and Casey still remain as bitter, petty as ever. Casey did have a turnaround but the fact she was so deceitful, heck she drove a happily married couple apart. That just made it hard for me to forgive her. 

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