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I'm no longer receiving Email notifications



So I follow a few threads and in my settings, I want to receive an email everytime someone posts a reply on a thread I'm following.

Emails were sent to me normally when I first started following threads but recently I stopped receiving emails from some threads.

3 Threads stopped sending me emails and 2 threads sometimes sends me emails and sometimes doesn't.

I already checked my settings and nothing changed in my settings.

I also checked the spam box in my email and it wasn't there.

Is this a bug or a glitch or something? I don't know how to fix this.

Any advice would help, thanks!

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Thank you for solving my problem 2 months ago but sadly the problem came back...

I'm suppose to receive emails every time someone replies to a thread that I'm following but all of a sudden it stopped sending me emails every time someone posts something. Now I only receive one or two emails everyday of a random post from some threads instead of every posts.

In some days, I don't receive any emails at all.

I've tried changing my settings but I still didn't work.

Please help me resolve this issue, thanks in advance!

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