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ROUND 4: Soompiers in Paradise: Shippers' Contest [FINAL]

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Hello shippers!

Welcome to... the final round! *Dramatic drum roll*

Round 4: Fan Video
Entry Period: 4/8-4/14 (11:59PM KST)
Voting Period (News Site Only): 4/16-4/20 (11:59PM KST)
Staff Voting Period: 4/21-4/23 (11:59PM KST)


Original fan made video, no longer than 3-5 minutes in length. Themeless, so show us what you've got and remember that it's your last chance to make a deep impression!

Original means a video made for the purpose of this shippers' contest. We do not want premades or videos that were supposed to be for other intentions.





Members will compile their entries on the forums, but we will, once again, open voting on our news site. Just like in previous rounds, we will not be counting votes on the forums. The entries will be posted as an article and everyone will be allowed to vote, even non-Soompiers!





- Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon (SiSo Couple)

- Jang Woo Young & Park Se Young (YY Couple)

- Park Bo Gum & Hyeri (SunTaek Couple)

- Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun (Gaeddeok Couple)

- Ryu Jun Yeol & Park Bo Gum (YeolGum Couple)

- Park Hae Jin & Kim Go Eun (JungSeol Couple)

Lee Jong Hyun & Gong Seung Yeon (GongLee Couple)

- Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo (Spartace Couple)


Only the ships/couples listed above are eligible to participate. Please post ONLY your entries in this thread. All questions should be posted in the discussion thread here.


Good luck, Shippers, and may the best couple win!

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                             KWAK SI YANG  ❤️  KIM SO YEON

                            ~~ SISO COUPLE FANS VIDEO ~~


"And our story continues, as we promise to walk beside each other...for a real long time"


This MV is especially made for entry on Soompi Shipper contest 2016 to represent our lovely Siso couple. It is selected among several beautiful MVs made by berries, through our internal voting selection. Link to watch all MVs and the result of our internal voting pool has been posted in Siso's thread p. 570. Feel free to check them. For best viewing pleasure, please watch in 720p.

In case you find difficulty to watch it, here is another link to view this entry 


Credit: author of the MV @suddenlyksy thanks so much for your contribution, dear :) 

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Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun
(Gaeddeok Couple)


Reality is a sliding door Gaeddeok 

"In an instant life can change and we can lose or win everything"


Team Gaeddeok's entry for round 4 of the Soompiers in Paradise: Shippers' Contest :)

Jung Hwan hindered his feelings due to the sake of friendship but then realized that he did not want to pretend anymore. Finally he gained the courage to express his feelings and decided to reach out to the woman that he had always loved... 

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A song written from Turbo's newest album, titled "We," it is one of the rare songs penned by Kim Jong-kook himself. It holds a lot of value to us Spartace shippers since the words of the song are how we see the Spartace relationship: A little wine vibe, after being matured for a long time, the depth and value are different.


Disclaimer: Credit to realcouple_sa from IG who created the vid

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Jang Wooyoung   Park Seyoung



After witnessing their undeniable chemistry in We Got Married and how honest Wooyoung and Seyoung were in the last episode, it is a collective hope of YY Nation that they keep meeting well with one another after the show. 




Due to copyright restrictions, please use this link to watch the video on mobile: http://dai.ly/x446we7

Kindly watch in 720p for better viewing experience. 

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Yoo Jung x Hong Seol (Cheesy Couple)


“ You…by my side is all I’ve thought of.  I just want to be with you always"    Yoo Jung

"We'll go through this together.  I won't ever run away." Hong Seol



This video is dedicated to all the lovely JungSeol fans out there and a heartfelt tribute to Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun who brought Jung and Seol to life. Jung and Seol, a story of two souls who were so different and yet so alike, that tugged at our heartstrings and who will forever remain etched in our memories.



***** Proudly brought to you by Team Cheesy Briegade ****
Please enjoy watching the video in 720/1080p and remember to vote for us every 6 hours! Voting link to be announced! 




Special thanks to Team Cheesy Briegade (in no particular order):

@bluesky2323 for PR, editing voiceover, proofreading and last minute help on video description
@sashalove for PR and last minute help on video description
@mgicc for all the quotes, proofreading and suggestion on the video, PR, admin, plus leading the team all the way
@Ahpheng for PR & her cute fanart
@gerimisore for PR & her lovely fanart

@sunblind and @eosin for their awesome fanfic
@NRGchick for her punny comics, video scene suggestion, proofreading & PR
@MrsSoJiSub for PR, her awesome scene suggestion, proofreading & sharing
@Chipibela for PR & her cheerleading sharings
@newgirlblues and @kara_mella for PR
@GrandPoohBear for PR, proofreading, commenting and checking things with moderators 
@zana_vids for making fanvid
@lorac529 for PR & making fanvid
@coffeeboy @stargazer187 @rottenxtears @angellove2124 @phjkge for voting & be part of the team
@bjvipb2uty for admin and PR


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GongLee Couple
Lee Jonghyun x Gong Seungyeon

This song describe how Jonghyun life change after meet Seungyeon. When you finally find someone, everything is change and after a while you can't imagine life without her. You forgot the life before her and yourlife now full with her. Like a puzzle who find his match, your life is complete.



A lot of thanks for @Netka85 who made this video with all her mighty strength!!! :*
And thank you for the team from round 1 until round 4 @Aileen4ever @rainmoon @littlesparrow @shinesun @Ellie_Tanne @pepsigolda @b8l8 @trisha02brownie @ss040993 @Izza AN *hearteu ppyong ppyong*




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Mission: Amarula (movie trailer)


Africa the land of adventure , the land unexplored , the mysterious African journey , the eventful voyage of two spirited friends… This MV couldn't be made for anywhere else really, and we have serious doubts it even fits here, but if you're brave enough or drunk enough we and you could sail... to Africa. what happens in Aprica stays in Aprica.

*All characters appearing in this work are fictitious, yet some similar faces,names, places and drinks may not be purely coincidental.*




Yeolgummies production proudly sharing their first ever made movie.

Everyone thank you for supporting us through this competition! Hakuna Matata!

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  1. 1. An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities



Choices are made every day of our lives and sometimes they become defining moments. Deoksun had always chosen Taek, placing him as her ultimate priority only to be disheartened when he seemingly only has baduk on his mind. Watch as Taek shows Deoksun that his choices mirror those of her own, proving her that the gift they share, the gift of the present, is one they chose together.


// Best viewed in HD: 1080p.




1. Sort Of (Instrumental Version) - Ingrid Michaelson

2. Seasons of Love - Shiny Toy Guns 


P.S: We #TheChosenOnes are as always extremely thankful for the votes and support last round! :wub: 


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