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Mamamoo medley on music bank so good :grin:

need watch it again....

from yang and nam show....eric give a gift to namjoo and chorong, read the article on soompi (i get touched too)

from @ericnamofficial....he make broadcast on lively

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Haiii guys...

It's been a long time since i came here to write something last time( eeemm, not sure). Finally,,, have time to come here...


Btw, i miss talking everything abt Ddongie in here. But, i know that all of us must've been bussy with our daily routinity. Glad, that i've joined in kakao chatroom. For you that haven't yet joined, i tell you that it's fun there. And i wish you could join with us too.


@cinnaminskies I like the way you describe all of that (your last post).. It's also representing my feels... You're always good :) and also thanks for your fic. I'm enjoyed it. Even when i'm read, is little sad bcs i miss them....kkkkk :sweatingbullets:. Can't wait for your next project. No need to rush. Fightiiiiing....


And also for @Ira Ajja and everyone that has been countributed in here to make this thread alive (sorry, can't mention one by one), thankyou for always up date in this forum. So that, can help them who want to know abt our Ddongie activity n schedule. Hope that i can help too...


Seems that our Eric is work hard on his music. Can't wait for next song or maybe next album from him. And also, MMM will attend gayo music festival. So, we can enjoy their performance which is always daebak.


Let's always support our Ddongi now and then...

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@saaviera90 thank you for coming by, i miss the discussion too here but kakao more easy to use so it's fine :)

I need help...hope someone can put yongsun vid cut on singing battle, mamamoo vid perf on mubank, mucore, is2 tonight and for gayo next week also eric 'yang and nam' show...thanks in advance guys

Just watched mucore and read the comment rv fans get dissappointed cos they stand at the back...for me it will be perfect if gfriend mamamoo and rv stand close hahaha


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Just see mamamoo mubank vid with sub by mmmtrans, the lyrics really help me to enjoy the medley :grin:

Happy holiday guys 

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Hi! I'm new here :) This one's kinda late but when I looked through the recent posts I don't think anyone posted about this yet............

Did anyone notice this? I'm still very intrigued about Eric's ig story last week!!! He posted something about reading the newspaper.... it seems to be a very innocent post.... but look at the headline.

That's SOLAR right there!! Wow. What. A. Coincidence. It's driving my delusional mind crazy. Of all the headlines that could come out that day.... of all the newspapers... of all the days.... It's like a hidden message, it's as if he's trying to tell us something??? :----) Gaah


<credits: instagram.com/ddongie_vietnam>

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Merry (belated) Christmas everyone! :) 

I hope you all are having a great Winter season right now. It’s been a while since I came out with part 2 of the series, but the final part is finally here. I wanted to get it out a lot earlier than this, but my own personal life didn’t allow me to do so. I said I was going to release this on the 23rd, but that didn’t go as planned either, so I apologize for that :sweatingbullets:. Consider this my Christmas gift to everyone, since you all along with Ddongie couple has made 2016 a memorable one for me. Thank you and enjoy! 

If you have yet to read the first two parts, please take a moment to do so before continuing on:


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


To begin with, I have a little confession to make: I am an extremely picky girl when it comes to shipping. I’ve always erred on the side of caution in this regard due to the fact that I’m by nature very analytical and perhaps even cynical. Shipping is very fun and addicting, I have to admit. It’s the reason why I was drawn to a show that produces ships like WGM in the first place. However, for almost every couple on WGM that I had encountered before (even my previous ship SoLim), I had always had a certain level of what we call “suspension of disbelief”, which has put a damper on the ability to enjoy my experience to the fullest extent.

At one point, I was very adamant about the fact that a show like WGM could never bypass this side of me. Despite how addicted I am to WGM, I still consider it to be the last place in this world that would be capable of producing an OTP that meets my expectation, and perhaps even surpasses it. An ideal ship on WGM (or anywhere else for that matter) for me needs to be more than just being cute or entertaining. They need a relationship, a storyline so genuine and heartfelt that I can look at and say “I can feel what they’re feeling, I can relate to them, and I can understand why is it that they have a relationship like so”.

Now you could tell me that what I just said was very subjective, or perhaps that I have a high standard, and I wouldn’t disagree with you. Each one of us have our own personal preference after all. For me personally, what I am looking for is not just whether a couple have connection/chemistry with each other or not, but also why and how they have such connection. To explain what I mean more clearly, I would like to compare it to fictional relationships depicted in novels. Anyone could create a make-believe romantic story on a whim, but the difference between a casual boy-meet-girl tale and classical works like Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice is the powerful narrative behind it that gives the love relationship existed in these stories a level of richness and authenticity rather than something that feels shallow and contrived.  

For that reason, I oftentimes feel like I’m being way too idealistic in carrying the same expectations into WGM. In a TV show with many limitations and clichés, in a place where there is a certain status quo to be kept, it is nearly impossible for any sort of special relationship to arise and finally breaks that mold. Each couple has their own unique charms, and many of them have made me squeal and scream countless times before, but at the end of the day, none of them have given a storyline that truly inspire me.

All of this was turned upside down when Eric Nam and Solar arrived back in April this year. As a casual Nampyeon back in the day and a hardcore one in recent times, I personally had hope that Eric could finally be the one. Of course, my skeptic side still held some reservations against it. It is still WGM, and plus, who the heck is Solar anyway? Yet, thirty-three episodes later, and I found myself here sharing this writing while asking the question: “How did I get here?”. What is so special about them that I now have an exciting tale to tell?

The answer to that question only comes clear to me now as I re-examine their story in retrospect. It is because, in less than a single year, against all odds and expectations, Eric and Solar have managed to write a beautiful tale together – a tale of fate/destiny, a tale of what happens when soulmates from two sides of the world finally cross paths.


Finale: Ddongie Couple – A Match Made in Heaven

by enko20


“You were like my missing piece.”

- Eric Nam, WGM Episode 33

Driven by Desire? Or by Destiny?

Eric Nam

In August 2014, when Eric Nam was invited to KCON in Los Angeles for the first time (though as an interviewer and not a singer), he had a chance to be interviewed himself by none other than our own Soompi. One of the questions asked in this interview was about which couple on WGM is his favorite, and who would he like to be partnered with if he was to become a cast of the show. Eric’s answer was JjongAh couple, because he likes Yura as a funny and energetic girl. For him personally, he would be okay with anyone, or in his words, “just get me a wife and I will go on that show” [1]. But that wasn’t his true answer.  He actually shed light on his ideal partner later on and made clear why Yura was his favorite girl. When he was in Malaysia two months after KCON, he finally revealed a specific name: APink’s Eunji – a girl that, despite not knowing her well, he still believes that she is a good fit for him because of how bright and bubbly she is. [2]

As discussed in part 1, there is one chief reason for Eric’s desire to appear on variety shows. It is because he wants his American personality to reach his Korean audience, something that he has had trouble expressing because of his limitation with the Korean language and the difference in people’s perceptions of him due to the disparity between the two cultures.

“I think on an international basis, they’ve been able to see a lot of my real personality, just being carefree and a little humorous and crazy, but the Korean audience doesn’t get to really see that and that’s regretful.” [3]

Driven by this desire, Eric first became the host for After School Club - an international variety show that gave him a powerful platform to feel comfortable in his own skin, displaying his antics and humors to his heart’s content while being surrounded by his Korean-American peers. And initially, this was also the motivation for him to join WGM. A reason why he always prefers a cheerful girl is because it enables him to be himself, to be more easy-going and have fun rather than his usual calm and reserved Nation’s Boyfriend image that has become an identity given to him by his Korean fans. Because of this, when Solar asked why he chose her as his partner, he gave an answer that seemed confusing at the time, but made complete sense in hindsight:


However, as both him and I would soon figure out, the reason that he gave out here, along with his decision to pick Solar, was driven by a rather greater force than what I’ve learned here.


Coming from a girl group well known for their beagle-ness, Solar herself was and still is mostly known by the world of entertainment as an energetic, easy-going and funny girl. She has her own identity of Solar the happy ball of sunshine, the girl with a powerful vocal and stage presence that blows everyone away.

However, as detailed in part 2 of the series, her story goes much deeper than that. As Solar herself said, before she met Eric, only her members knew her true personality and feelings. Her Yongsun self, like Eric’s American personality, is relatively unknown to the mass, and she was in need of a platform to showcase that other side of her.

“There's a part of Solar which hasn't been verified in other entertainment, it felt like a challenge for me.”

-     Choi Yoon-Jeong, WGM PD

(Disclaimer: All quotes taken from WGM PD interviews are credited to @Farfalle's translation work, not my own; translated articles can be found on the front page of the thread)

When Solar was asked on the resume what she was looking for in her partner, her answer was:


Her motive was somewhat similar to Eric in a sense that both of them needed a person that can allow their true selves to flourish and be displayed without any reserve. Solar’s perceived image and her real personality is the reverse of Eric. While Eric is much crazier and energetic than his gentleman side, Solar is much more shy and reserved than her image suggests. That, in my opinion, was also one of the personal motivations for RBW and Solar to come to an agreement for her to join WGM.


Against the Tide

However, the choice of doing WGM came with many potential risks and consequences. The first and most obvious one was the opposition coming from their own fans. Many people were confounded by the news of Eric joining WGM. In fact, the uproar was big enough that it shook both Eric and the PD:

"… When Eric Nam's appearance speculation articles got out, I was surprised that female fans' interest at online sites appeared badly. There has been talk about Eric Nam's appearance in 'WGM' several times, Eric Nam himself also told me that his fans would be discouraged by the episodes, because of that he hesitated. Eric Nam's popularity is beyond imagination, so I was really shocked."

Moomoos also expressed concerns about Solar appearing on the show, due to the fact that she was still an unproven variety commodity and that she had many shortcomings (such as shyness) that could easily lead to her downfall in the hand of a show that is known for screwing people’s reputation over. For both Eric and Solar though, there was a potential reward in all this they could see, but it came at such a high stake. Best case scenario, they came out with what they expected to give and receive. Worst case scenario, their reputation and career might be tarnished greatly.

But they both had been here before. When Eric received the letter from MBC inviting him for an adventure to Korea to pursue his dream, or when Solar went through many failed auditions over and over again, they made those conscious choices against the naysayers, including their own parents, telling them that they were making a big mistake. Back then, the driving force that pushed them toward their goals was an inner ambition and passion for success. It felt like they were destined for greater heights, even though they were arguably already on a path of stability for their own – Eric as a consultant, and Solar as a flight attendant.

This finally beg a question that we’ve been holding onto since the previous section: What then was the true driving force behind their determination to see this choice of doing WGM through? I do not have a surefire answer for that question, but I can offer a logical reason instead. And to do that, I would like to take us on a journey back through time – to the days of youth, the place where the tale of Ddongie couple truly began.

Turn Back Time

Do you know what’s one of the most common comments among Ddongie fans watching Eric and Solar? “They are like two little kids”. While I definitely have a lot of fun watching them being childish, at one point I stopped and asked myself: Why are they like that? And from there, everything fell into place one piece at a time like a domino effect for me. Now, I would like to pose to you these similar questions I asked myself for you to ponder upon. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out the answer for them, because our journey to their past will reveal everything to us all.

Have you ever wondered…


1) Why Eric likes a bubbly and bright girl?

2) Why he often dances around so weirdly and crazily that even Henry has to call him out?

3) Why Solar likes a guy with good sense of humor so much?

4) Why is she such a bubbly and childish girl despite her age?


If you have made some sort of connection on your own, then great! If not, then hopefully it will all makes sense very soon.


A Lost Childhood

Eric Nam



Before Eric blossomed into the gentleman and artist that we came to know of today, he actually went through many bad things. The biggest, and most known one was racial discrimination. During his middle school days, Eric recounted the story of being the only Asian kid in his school, and for that he was mocked, abused, and he also said the worst thing that happened was being spat on [4]. This was one of the challenging situations that he talked about in the snippets of his album Interview above, which I briefly went over in Part 1.

What I didn’t discuss about before was the mental toll that was taken upon him because of this. For Eric, being the eldest child in the family meant that he felt like it was up to him to bear the burdens and responsibilities of a man. Because of that, he often kept his troubles and emotions to himself for the most part to avoid putting “any additional stress or pressure on my parents”. The upside to this was that it forced him to become very independent and self-sufficient like his own words, but the downside was that along the way, he slowly lost the capability to express himself and the will to share his burden with others (which later on, would translate to his inability to express himself in love).

In a sense, he grew up becoming desensitized, not to other people’s emotions, but his own. Eric came to accept that this situation was his fate, and the only way to overcome it was to become stronger and more mature/competent, even at the cost of his own happiness. During his years at Boston College, Eric still seemed to carry this mentality with him. One of his roommates in college described his view on Eric as a person then:

“Those who know Eric best understand that all that Eric inflicts upon himself great physical and mental strain…Indeed, this characteristic of Eric marks all he does in the sense that many of his ambitious undertakings are ultimately dedicated to bettering society in some way, often at the expense of his own personal well-being.” [5]

    -  Andrew Miller

While he was busy fighting for his hopes and dreams, his childhood passed by him just like that. Unlike many other children who had the opportunity to experience the innocence and joy of childhood, Eric was forced to left most of it behind in order to seek for the light at the end of the tunnel – a better place for his family and himself in the future.



“Solar was picky and unsociable, she kept her distance from others…”

-     Eun Ah, WGM Episode 32





Solar’s Emotions Part 1 – Lived Like a Fool


One day, at the sound of leaves falling

I saw my empty mind


Felt the fleeting times

That flew by


Like the falling leaves

Have I lived my life



We once again revisit the little-known childhood of a girl named Kim Yong Sun. As I previously discussed, Solar grew up as very lonely girl who didn’t get to experience many things that other kids at her age did. Solar would, according to her sister, spent her time alone singing when she was young [1], and in her school days, she never experienced having a birthday party surrounded by friends [2].

The reason for that was explained by one of her few childhood friends Eun Ah and by her own members during trainee days [3]. Because of Solar’s shy nature, she wasn’t very social, and she would do things on her own away from other kids. That made it very difficult for her to open herself up and making friends. Looking at how bubbly Solar is today, it’s pretty difficult to grasp this side of her, but we still see glimpses of her past self when she is around other people in the industry she’s not close to. She becomes very quiet, awkward and almost reclusive, like the way she grew up as a kid.

Similar to the visual images expressed in part 1 of Solar’s Emotion, Solar described her once “dark” life as the falling leaves that were gone with the wind (not a reference to Margaret Mitchell’s novel). Her lonely and sad childhood flew aimlessly through time, going wherever life took it toward. Eun Ah also described this about Solar somewhat when she told Eric that a lot of times Solar’s mind is emptied of thoughts. Her past felt so fleeting because she went through it without many memories to be cherished. Just like him, she also once lived wishing to pass the days, and dreamed of a brighter and happier future ahead.


Rekindle the Fire of Youth


Now, when they stand on that musical stage, occupied by the spotlights and the busy lives as idols in the entertainment world, they could no longer get to relive the childhood that was taken away from both of them by Father Time.


Is it lost?

Is it too late?

To return the times that have passed

Wouldn’t it be great?

This fact is reflected in the images that Eric and Solar carry with them today. They both want to have the feeling of being a child once again. If only they could go back to the time when the world was innocent and beautiful. If only they could go back to the time when they could have fun and play games like two children without being isolated or discriminated by kids around them, or worrying/disappointing those they care about. Even if it’s only for a short moment in time, they just want to experience this joy, and to forget about the pain of this world.

It is the reason why Eric likes a bright and competent girl. She’s someone who can be his source of energy when he feels drained, someone who can lift off the weight on his shoulders and take care of he who has frequently neglected himself to be the leader, to be good for people around him. Looking back, it was the price Eric paid to become who he is today, and although it’s a sacrifice he’s more than willing to make, a part of him still wishes he could have a girl, a life partner that could make him feel young and relaxed once again.

“I could do everything on my own when I was in the U.S. But here in Korea, there are not many things I can do by myself. I always need help, and there are a lot of things I can’t understand. So when others say, ‘I can do it for you’, I feel really grateful.”

-     Eric Nam, WGM Episode 5

For Solar, what she yearns for the most is someone who she can truly call friend. Until the day she met her Mamamoo members, not many people were willing to become close to Solar or to embrace who she is as a girl. What you see today in Solar around her members is the Yongsun that’s unleashed after many years spent during childhood suppressing herself. The girl who once locked herself inside her bedroom as a kid, or sat in a corner doing yoga away from other trainees came out of her shell and blossomed because she’s met people who understand and love her despite her quirks.

“…But with the birth of the name and the group Mamamoo, good things happened. Things have changed, I have changed too, and I like it.” [4]

From here, we could begin to grasp the idea of why humor is so important to her. It’s the easiest gateway for Solar to feel comfortable in the presence of someone else (which is why Solar really appreciates him playing around with her right on their first date), and it works the same way for me and many of us as well, I’m sure. But it’s not the main reason. The truth is that many jokers are also secretly sympathetic and understanding, and that is the key to becoming close with someone like her on a friendship, and perhaps even romantic level.

Mamamoo Sidenote 1:


Moonbyul recently posted a memo about her birthday which helped explain everything I’ve written and will write about. Solar’s narrative is very similar to her, and that’s one of the reasons why they understand each other very well.


However, similar to Eric, she also carries her own burden as the leader of Mamamoo. Even though her members are her friends, Solar is still considered the mother of the group [5] – a woman who is oftentimes a source of strength for them and the fans, but rarely the recipient of it. To give you an example, consider the story of Solar and Hwasa during Christmas 2012, where she chose to accompany Hyejin out of her caring heart, despite the fact that we all know Solar was also desperate for a beautiful Christmas memory of her own (though the days she spent with Hwasa also were as memorable) . That’s not to say she can’t rely on her members or fans to be there for her, but rather, it’s because of her status as the eldest member that makes her feel like she has to be strong and dependable for them. Although Solar has many worries and pain of her own, she often opts to keep everything to herself instead to not put pressure and worry on people she cares about.

So, even though both Eric and Solar are in a better place now compared to the past, there’s still a key element that’s missing, and that is the presence of someone who can be a shoulder for them to lean on when things get tough. But this person has to be someone other than their own parents and best friends, people who they specifically do not want to share all their burden with. Only when they meet such a person could they finally let go of those weights and become carefree children once more.

That deepest desire come calling for them to go out and find someone to satisfy this specific need, and this, in my opinion, was the true driving force behind their motivation to go on a show that allow them a fresh start with someone new. Although, in a place like WGM where the final choice of their partner lies in the hand of the PD, there has to be some sort of divine intervention for such an unlikely thing to happen. Yet, as if it was already written in the stars, them two, out of endless possibilities of couples, came together to make not only this wish, but many, many more than what they could’ve ever hoped for a reality for them.



“Thank you for marrying me… I could’ve had anyone as my wife, but we became the couple. It’s us who are making this work.”

-      Eric Nam, WGM Episode 30


Meaningless Ideals – Want vs Need

Each one of us has a lot of things in life we want, but not everything we want is everything we truly need. To me, ideal type is one such thing. Before we meet that person, all of us dream about what our ideal guy/girl should be like in love. Sometimes, we tend to hold on to those hypothetical ideals too much that we might have unknowingly passed by many people who are actually a good fit for us instead.

During their first meeting, Eric was somewhat disheartened to find out that he wasn’t the ideal partner Solar was looking for. We all could already tell that Solar was Eric’s ideal girl, but it was such a one-sided thing that I wasn’t sure where they would go from there. Now, I would like to use this opportunity to expand on the conversation about ideal type to give us a better idea of what exactly they were looking for, and why Solar was not very excited about the idea of Eric as her partner at first.

Eric Nam

The three most basic characteristics Eric look for in a girl are: bright, passionate and competent. The reason for a cheerful and competent person was already explained. As for what being a passionate girl means, Martina from Simon and Martina offered an explanation back when they had an interview with Eric about ideal girl type.




“And then that means you can’t be fake, because you have to honestly be passionate about something you love…”


From there, we could infer that sincerity is definitely a trait that resonates with Eric because he himself is a man who pursues everything with all his heart. Eric, from his observation of Solar, believed that she fulfills the first two requirements from him, which made her fit right into his ideal type.

When Solar and Mamamoo came on After School Club back in July last year, Eric was captivated by everything they did. In particular, Solar was the most memorable one to him because of all the flirty moments happening between them. He quickly became a fanboy after their meeting that day, and this was probably around the same time that the thought of Solar as his other half on WGM began to cross his mind.

There are other ideal types Eric has mentioned beside the basic ones above, but they are mostly related to appearance, which you can read in his interview with KpopStarz and Star1. Funnily enough, his ideal girl’s height is taller than 160 cm, and Solar just barely passes that (at 160.5 cm).


When Solar and Mamamoo came on The Qmentary two months before WGM, they were asked to explain what kind of guy they would be attracted to [6]. Ironically, despite her dislike of Math, Solar expressed her ideal guy using a Math formula. This is Solar’s Formula of Love:



웃상 1000 + 유머 5000 X 10000000000 -  허세  1조 =

In English, that formula means:


Beautiful smile (1000) + Humor (5000 X 10000000000) – Bluff (1 billion) =

WGM Sidenote 9:


I find it funny that Solar drew a 2D face to describe her “beautiful smile” ideal type, and then Brian jokingly said that she drew an emoji for her ideal guy. When Eric first met Solar, he also drew a funny 2D face on his profile picture:


Later on, Solar drew his emoji-like smile as Eric’s expression she likes the most.


I guess you could say Eric passed her beautiful emoji smile ideal with flying colors.


Knowing this, I will delve more into the humor and bluff trait that she emphasized to explain her conflicting opinions about Eric as a guy. First off, Solar’s dislike for bluff is rooted deep in her cynical attitude as a girl, which I explained in the Paranoia section in part 2. In an interview during Mr. Ambiguous era, Solar revealed that she once experienced a guy who gave her mixed signals in a relationship, and it left her frustrated to no end [7]. For Solar, she prefers to be straightforward when feelings and emotions are involved. Don’t let her mildang side fool you. She is very serious in relationship, and she wants the guy to be honest and come to her as who he is rather than someone he’s pretending to be. The one thing she hates the most is someone who play games with her heart, and because it already happened to her before, Solar finds it easy to assume the worst in someone else until proven wrong.

The good thing is that according to Solar, Eric passed this test. The bad thing? He didn’t pass her humor ideal. Truth be told, when Solar revealed that she once thought of Eric as a serious person, I used to have a difficult time understanding why. In WGM Sidenote 5 of the previous part, I speculated a few possible reasons for it, but I couldn’t come to one single definitive answer then. Eventually, I found the true answer to be a lot simpler than I thought, and it’s been there all along if I had read between the lines more carefully.

The reason why Eric gave her this preconceived notion is the exact same reason why he came to this show in the first place. It’s easier to understand this by viewing it from Eric’s perspective as an American crossing over to Korea. For Eric, one of his biggest weaknesses is his lack of confidence in expressing Korean wits and humors because his proficiency with the language is not quite there yet (which Solar pointed out in the resume she wrote for him in the final episode).

“Also, I’ve found that because my Korean isn’t native, I often end up frustrated that I can’t completely, perfectly express who I am, particularly things such as humor.” [6]

Even though he is arguably just as quirky and hilarious as Solar by nature, that side of him doesn’t necessarily translate over from English to Korean. On many Korean variety shows and even behind the scenes, he’s actually a lot more reserved than the outgoing American personality he’s known for by international fans. When he first met Hoya and Jackson, he was very nervous and polite, and it’s possible that he was also like this when he met Mamamoo on the set of ASC, which could give her the impression that he’s too well-mannered, perhaps even boring.

It’s safe to say Solar was absolutely shocked, but very happy when she found out how wrong she was:


Before they know it, their ideals have become more and more meaningless the more time they spend with each other, because they slowly come to a realization that it doesn’t matter if the other person is who they want or not. What matter is that the other person has become someone they need.

Mirror Image

In You, I See Myself

Have you ever met a person so similar to you it’s scary?

It’s here where the idea of soulmate began to cross my mind. Before I even found out why they are a good fit for each other, I already realized the many common things they share. Their resemblance began all the way back in their upbringing, when they were still residing on two different ends of the world, but it didn’t end there. I will give you a few examples I’ve known of thus far for you to see why they are basically a reflection of each other almost through and through:


For those of you that do not know, Eric loves tteokbokki. A lot.



He even put it on top of his list of Korean foods recommendation as well. So, Eric was pleasantly surprised when he found out that Solar loves it as much as he does. She likes it so much that she even said on Showtime it’s a health food she eats three times a week.


Solar, for some reason, has an extreme fascination for elephants. She even went to Thailand just so she could see them for herself. Little did she know, she would soon run into another elephant enthusiast on WGM:




Not only that, Eric is an elephant himself. Eric’s nickname is Dumbo the elephant, due to the resemblance he had as a child with his big ears [7]. The Dumbo plushy that was given to Solar as a memento represents one of the many common threads that bind them together as one, and I bet it will be pretty difficult for her to forget about the fact that instead of raising an elephant, she found herself married to one.


Eric considers himself a bad dancer. Back when he auditioned for SM in high school, he refused to dance out of embarrassment, and was subsequently disqualified [8]. It’s to a point where during the choreography practice for one of his songs Ooh ooh, his dance instructor told him “You might need to just stand on stage and people will dance around you” [9].

But for him, it’s all about the effort. While he might not be the greatest dancer in the world, he hopes that people can see and appreciate how hard he tries. For me, his awkward yet entertaining dancing has certainly become a part of why I like him so much.

Now, I would like to introduce to you a certain Ms.춤신춤왕 (Dance God, Dance King) who is probably an equal match to Eric when it comes to dancing:



Who would have thought Solar herself would be one to struggle greatly with dancing? Here is her answer when asked about what she struggles with the most in preparation for the Melting album:



And here is what she has to say about her dancing skill:



Sound familiar? That’s right, both of them have a “fake it until you make it” attitude when it comes to dancing. They are two of the most amazing singers in the industry. Dancing though… not so much. But that’s exactly why they are a perfect match for each other.


I feel like I’m being unjust in condensing this part into one small section, since this merits an article of its own. At the same time, I can’t just go through this section without talking about the one thing that make Eric and Solar stand out, and that is their kind-hearted nature. Eric, in particular, received a lot of compliments from the PD for how considerate he was of Solar and toward the WGM staffs.

“The good attitude to start WGM is indeed sincerity. He also minds to take care of the staff and he even takes care of Solar's gift although nowadays he's so busy going abroad back and forth. This word isn't used often, there's authenticity.”

Just as I mentioned before, Eric is by nature an extremely selfless person, and both his college and entertainment peers can attest to that fact. In him, Solar has found someone similar to her. The giving attitude toward people around him is the same way she takes care of her members and fans who often come seeking for help. Because they both grew up in a situation where they got to experience many misfortunes first-handed, they have naturally become sympathetic to the world around them, and eventually, this translated into them showing love and care for each other.

In You, I Find Myself

“I think I discovered my new side.”

-      Solar, WGM Episode 16


One of the most beautiful moments in life is when you meet a person that let you see things in yourself you’ve never seen before. A relationship that brings out things hidden deep inside us is a relationship that’s truly worth keeping.

For Solar, being around Eric and doing things with him has revealed to her many hidden talents she has. From fishing, to decorating, to hosting a radio show, Solar has found many new sides to her that she couldn’t realize on her own, simply because before she met Eric, she never had some who made her dare to try and believe in what she’s truly capable of.

Eric, in his own words, has learned many things just by looking at Solar. What is it that he has seen in her? I can think of one thing, that is, the ultimate value that matters the most to him. 

When Eric was with his father in Czech Republic on Episode 3 of Daddy and I, he asked Eric to choose between competent vs good as the person he would like to be. Eric said that before, he would’ve chosen competent, but now being a good person matters more to him. If there’s one thing that Solar shows, it is definitely this. For her, it’s all about effort and sincerity. Despite her shortcomings, or what she deemed incompetence, she still put 100% into every work she cares about. Eric has spent most of his life striving for competency in order to overcome his circumstance, but perhaps, when he looks at Solar and see the way she cutely try to do her best for him, Eric’s reminded of the fact that ultimately, it’s the heart that move and change people rather than the brain.

The Greatest Gift

Mutual Trust and Respect

In every relationship, trust is the key foundation for success. Especially for Solar, the term trust itself has a huge meaning to her. Without trust, an introverted girl who has had relationship issues like her could never open herself up to anyone. At the beginning of their stint, this was probably the biggest hurdle that Eric had to overcome. He already had her respect, perhaps too much even, but it’s respect out of intimidation for his image, not for who he truly is. Her trust, on the other hand, was something he had to fight for his life to earn, because she had a lot of reasons, whether correct or not, to doubt him.

This was where Eric’s chivalrous personality prevailed. What better way is there to earn a girl’s trust than showing that you truly care and respect her? Even though Eric didn’t say it, I believe he could already infer a few episodes into their stint that Solar was very bad and shy about skinship. While many dissenters began to voice out the lack of skinship, all Eric concerned about was whether Solar was uncomfortable with him, and it prompted him to make a decision that gained her trust at the cost of viewer’s satisfaction.

Being with Eric truly was a blessing for Solar. Not many people would be willing to put her need and wish above WGM staffs’ desire, but because he treasured the relationship they have, Eric made the necessary sacrifice so that the trust and between him and her could grow to the point where she could find comfort in being intimate with him.

“The people in the studio wanted us to get closer quicker, but that doesn’t match with our concept… I want to maintain my friendship with her, calling each other whenever a good or bad thing happens. I realized that my personality matches well with hers after getting to know each other… I really meant it when I said that I wanted to speak informally with her. That’s the only way we would become close.” [10]

For Eric, the way a girl earns his trust and respect is through passion and honesty, as described in his ideal type. Fortunately, those are definitely things Solar doesn’t lack. The way she devotes herself to her career, and still give time and effort into doing WGM with him, is definitely a big reason why Solar’s truly an early Christmas gift Eric wished for this year.

A Pillar of Strength

The next time you re-watch their stint on WGM, I suggest you to make a counter for how many times Solar mentioned how dependable/reliable Eric is to her. You will be surprised to find out that it happened very often. In fact, she repeated it so much that I felt like I was watching WGM on an infinite loop.

I guess by now, you probably already understand why this is so important to her. It’s not every day when she run into someone that makes her feel like she can toss all her worries and troubles aside. Eric just happens to be that person, and she’s eternally grateful for it. Whenever she’s with him, she knows that Eric will take care of things that normally she has to do on her own. Consider the trip to Dubai for example, Eric planned out almost everything, and she got to fully enjoy the experience without having to worry about that aspect of the trip. Before they went to bed, Solar confessed that being with him made her feel safe and confident, and that was all because she believes she can rely on him when things get rough.

Solar has also proven to be a great source of support for Eric. Beside the fact that she takes care of him physically, like having a good meal before his performance, or preparing travel needs, Solar also prepared many gifts and events for him to show that she could take the lead in relationship as well. Personally, I find her final message to Eric as the ultimate proof that she’s indeed the girl Eric needs. Every advice she gave to Eric there – reducing his workload, be mindful of his caffeine addiction, and stop skipping his breakfasts – were the kind of care and attention that Eric usually doesn’t express a need for, but secretly hope that the girl would notice in him. They both have made a good case for how dependable they are to each other in good and bad times, and that fulfill one of the greatest needs they both have since childhood.


Your Worst Enemy Is Yourself

“It’s when you said ‘You’re good at everything’.”

-      Solar, WGM Episode 26

Such a simple sentence, but it makes all the difference in this world.

What is the greatest gift Eric and Solar have given to each other during their time together on WGM? Is it the roses, the letters, the souvenirs, or the love words? The answer is none of that, but something much more vital and worth cherishing than anything else: confidence.

Solar has a serious, deep-rooted issue that no one has seemingly been able to solve before. It is called inferiority complex, and it stems from her low self-esteem (again, refer back to Part 2 for more details). She has all the curiosity in this world, but at the same time, she is afraid of being criticized or teased for her failures, and that fear holds her back from doing things she’s never done before in her life. To give you an idea of how deep it runs in her veins, Solar once even admitted that being bullied by her members easily makes her feel bad. [8]

We saw signs of this many times during WGM. The moment Eric circled the competent trait on the paper, Solar’s mind spiraled into a train of negative thoughts. “Why competent? That’s… not me” was basically what went through her mind. When he asked her to go fishing with him, she immediately showed an unpleasant reaction to it. Her line of logic went something like this: I’m impatient -> I’m bad at fishing -> I will look stupid and annoying if I go fishing -> I hate fishing (or rather, I hate shaming myself in front of him).

But eventually, Solar grew to have trust not only in Eric, but in herself as well. Her fear and shame of failure suddenly became a thing of past, and her confidence level increased with every little encouragement Eric gave her. The floodgate only truly opened though when he told her that being good at everything is her strong point. Solar’s reaction to what he told her is all you need to know how much it truly meant for her to hear those words:



Mamamoo Sidenote 2:


We’ve already seen the result of Solar being inspired with confidence on WGM. From “The Wife’s Help”, to becoming a Radio DJ on KSY’s Hope Song at Noon, to making a surprise event for their 200th day anniversary, those are just a few examples of what she could do once she let go of her doubts.

But that actually translate beyond WGM as well. Remember her newfound hobby in decoration? Since that day, she’s spent time doing decoration work on her own:

Making a miniature pet house


Decorating for Christmas




She used to dislike decoration as much as fishing, because they are not supposed to be activities for impatient people like her. But now that Solar’s figured out that her weakness won’t prevent her from making good decorations, and that she likes it a lot, good luck stopping her.

What about Eric then? What kind of confidence could Solar possibly given to someone like him?

Believe it or not, it’s the ability to express himself. I would like to go back to the idea of him being cautious within the Korean culture to make a case for this. Eric usually is very carefree and humorous, but he still somewhat reserves himself in order to properly measure what he can or can’t do in a country that’s attuned to a different sense of humor. But in Solar, he’s found a girl that is quite… unorthodox in that aspect. She’s probably only one of few Korean people who would crack up and play along with Eric’s quirks, like his robot dance in the middle of the night, or his “~in Dubai” joke. Her oddity is exactly what Eric needs to be as crazy as he wants without fear that it would backfire on him.

Because Solar’s wish for him to acquire a Korean sense of humor could come off as her not liking him this way, she quickly dispelled the misunderstanding by saying that it’s only because she wishes to see it more often. It’s her way of encourage him to keep on going, because he is funny to her, and he can get better. It’s very similar to the way Eric supported her confidence to trust that’s she competent enough to do whatever she sets her mind on, and she can even get better at it (like her cooking skill for example).

Missing Piece

Let me ask you this question: Do you believe that opposites attract?

Personally, I prefer to say “opposites complement, similar attract”. While it is true that people who offset our characteristics often gravitate us toward them, in the end, it’s those who share similar beliefs and values with us that we find easier to be attached to, or as they say, “birds of a feather flock together”. What being opposite does instead, in my opinion, is to make up for our shortcomings and make us whole.

To me, one of the most amazing things in watching Eric and Solar together is that not only are they one and the same in many ways, but they also have the necessary differences to balance out each other strengths and weaknesses. They are like two distinct pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly, and it provides a perfect balancing act that constantly propel their relationship forward day-by-day instead of holding them back.

I would argue the first person who came to this realization (about the missing piece) was actually Solar, not Eric. I would like to borrow @Le_Sanguinea's concept of Chemistry vs Compatibility from his article (which you should read to have a better understanding – Part 2: Asking the Important Questions) to support my argument here. What Eric did at first was having something called “physiognomy” – a gut feeling about who Solar is based on her facial expressions and body languages – that he mentioned during their first meeting. What he figured out there was actually chemistry, in a sense that he believes in the idea of being able to connect with her based on the fact that she’s bright and passionate. That only lasted for the first few episodes before other problems in their relationship arose, or as we often call it, “the wall”.

Eventually, as they spent more time together, they were able to solve these problems because of how compatible they are. When they decorated the terrace in Episode 16, Solar was the first one to figure out that Eric offsets her impatient side, something that wasn’t evident at first (remember how he panicked and messed up the pasta during the wedding proposal because she kept disturbing him?). She realized then that Eric is a good fit for her, and by Episode 22, their compatibility had become a lot more obvious to them:


The Chuseok event definitely was the climax, with their chemistry and compatibility being put through a real test against others. For both Eric and Solar, it became a turning point in their relationship because that was when they were forced to constantly put each half of the puzzle pieces together, and they suddenly realized the pieces fit each other down to millimeters from beginning to end. I wrote another article about it here:

[Stage 2: The Concept of Friendship]

Eric became absolutely affirmed with the fact that Solar is his missing piece after their vacation trip to Dubai. Even during travel, they still had the time of their lives just by the virtue of being together instead of running into conflicts. That was probably the greatest check for compatibility if they ever needed one.

Personally, I believe that is what being soulmates is all about. It’s not about whether it’s love or not. It’s about meeting someone so similar yet different that there is a mysterious gravitation that draw us together, almost like two kindred spirits. This experience allows us to find strengths in ourselves and in each other, to constantly learn and be changed by the other person, to have a constantly growing connection so special that it’s tough to find in anyone else. Once you find this person, you know that it’s a relationship worth keeping for a lifetime, be it friendship or love.

Regardless of whether you actually believe in that concept or not, the most important point I want to get across is that Eric and Solar has managed to portray it in real life. A guy and a girl from two different sides of the world find their way to each other, going through constant waves of struggles against the world, defying all expectations to find companionship and love quite simply because, since the day of youth, they were already meant to be together. If I take off all the names and brands and give this idea to a capable writer, it could be turned into a fictional novel of its own, and that’s why it makes for such an incredible fairy tale to be told in such an unlikely place like WGM.

A New Season, A New Self





♥Autumn Letter♥ 

I will write a letter in autumn
Please be the one to receive it
The day when the fallen leaves are piling
The lonely woman is beautiful

I will write a letter in autumn
Please be the one to receive it
The day when the fallen leaves scatter
The woman has wandered and is beautiful

I will write a letter in autumn
I have wandered about everything and send you my heart

The day when the fallen leaves disappear,
the woman does not know she is beautiful
She is beautiful



As the Autumn season approached, Eric and Solar found out that their fleeting yet memorable time together was coming to an end. Despite the fact that they would soon part way, they both had given each other so many treasures to carry away with that it made everything they had done here more than worthwhile.

I like the song Autumn Letter that Solar sang to Eric because it carries such a contrasting meaning to her Lived Like a Fool. Unlike the falling leaves that used to give her tragic memories in the past, once the leaves are done piling up, the lonely girl has now found the inner beauty she didn’t know she has. A girl who once had scars in her heart is now healed by the love and caring gestures given to her through the past seasons. Everything could’ve gone so wrong, and yet it worked out for her perfectly. It felt like fortune really smiled upon Solar because of the life she’s lead up to this point. She can now walk toward the future with her head held high, knowing that she truly can do anything well if she believes. This newfound confidence will go a long way in helping many aspects of her career, and also for herself in the daily life.

For Eric, his time together with Solar was everything he could ever dreamed of, and some. Not only was he matched up with a partner he desired for, she turned out to be even greater than he expected. If I’m him, I would probably feel pretty vindicated by the choice to do WGM looking back in hindsight. There is nothing to regret, just like what he said when he made the choice to forfeit a kiss in favor of this relationship with Solar back then. In her, not only has he found someone that has allowed his personality to flourish and displayed to the public, but also a girl he can genuinely have a friendship or love relationship with down the line.

It just so happened to be Eric’s birthday around this time of the year, and it served as a perfect opportunity for Solar to write one final personal, heartfelt letter that she wanted only Eric to read. It’s almost as if even the songs were tailored to fit into this storyline in the most immaculate way, and it should be, since they both certainly have written this tale together not only through words, but letters and songs as well.

Though we might not ever know what the content of that secret letter contains, it still represents a very powerful and touching ending to this chapter of them on WGM. I say chapter and not story because the letter and that episode in its entirety felt more like a cliffhanger rather than a conclusion. The positive vibe toward the end gave us a reason to have hope, a reason to believe that one day, this unfinished tale will be picked up where it left off. It has been so far a fantastic tale to read, because it’s written by two authors who genuinely put their heart into it, and when the tale resumes, I believe that it will still be as great and fascinating as the first time I read it.

For now, I could only say thank you to both Eric and Solar for making everything happened in the first place. 2016 has been a memorable year for me because of them, and I wish they both to have a happy Christmas and future ahead that they deserve. One day, we hopefully will be reunited once again, with even more exciting tales to tell than ever before. I certainly will be looking forward to it!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Eric Nam



[1] Eric Nam Answers Fan Question in Candid #AskEricNam Interview at KCON 2014 (SoompiTV)

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[1] Melon Star DJ Episode.1 (Melon Radio)

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[7] MAMAMOO Spills on CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, Ideal Types and Ambiguous Men (Mwave)

[8] Interview with Moncast (Moncast)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



The End

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I feel so dumb rn :tears:....it bcos i got trouble to play the link of yang and nam show that posted by @EricNamUSA in my twitter and i just find out after i check my dailymotion (i rare check my dm) that the ep get posted there....woah feel relief now, i can catch up twice and shinee ep

I'm not able to watch the latest wgm cos i get distracted by bigbang on radio star and infinite challenge and today there's immortal song....the part 1 performer are good 

I got goosebumps watch the married cp perf (son jun ho/kim so hyun) that dubai fountain song 'time to say goodbay' make me teary, i'm curious with yongsun feels hear the song again...and their kid singing at the beginning make my delulu goes wild 'if ddongie become real'

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SAF tonight make me happy :grin:

Mamamoo and btob interaction, the adlibs include the other idol and lyrics (bangtan exo bigbang) and the funniest for me is see yongsun jamming to twice song lol

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I've read your last article @enko20, the ending part. I'm very excited after you said that you've been released new article on this thread. But, i need time to really read it with all of my mind& my soul... Hehe. Is it too much?? But, yeah... That's what i always do when i'm read the article, or shared opinions in here. Until finally, i got that chance.

All i can say to you for now is, you're doing the best. Thankyou very much... Thankyou for your hardwork. I really appreciate it.... I like it, very like it. And i think i'll read again later, idk until how many time. Plus, i think i'll reread all the article & analysis in this thread (i hope i have a rest time, kkkkk).

I want to give some feedback, but i think i need to orginize it to make it clear and easy, so that you can understand. Bcs, believe it or not, i have same opinions with you in several part that you've been writen in your article. Yeah, that's what happen to me.
For example, at the part you talked abt Daddy&I epsd 3. I've same opinions with you after i watched that episode. (FYI, i start to watch all of Eric's variety show after WGM end). At that time, i have a question to myself:
1. What Eric's said with his Father is same with he's said to Solar. So, is he really honest abt himself, all the time when he's with Solar?? And the answer is YES. I have no doubt now, bcs before i always have doubt abt WGM as a scripted variety show.
2. His father said abt 'good person'.(FYI, for you guys that haven't yet watch Daddy & I: Eric said 'competen' as his ideal type, meanwhile his father said 'good person' is more important to having in someone, as your partner of life). Isn't same with Eric's said abt Solar in early episode?? He's said that even not know well, in his opinion Solar is nice person. 

And also part that you said:  Why Eric likes a bubbly and bright girl?

That Q is also my Q at whole time.

That was just a few part that i can say for now, as a same opinions between you and me. Maybe, bcs of that i'm really like your article.

Generally, with your article you've help me to finding answer of my question abt: Why i'm really into deep to Ddongie??. Not only that, you also help me to give me another reason why i like Eric & Solar. Not only their music nor they're as celeb.

I know that you've said this is as your final part abt Ddongie. But i hope, you will do again later. Maybe someday, if you find theme that you're interested to write. That was just my opinion. The decision is depend on you... Hehe. I think it's bcs i'm very enjoy with your writing.

I hope, another "Master Writer" in this thread like our Capt @Le_Sanguinea Or @cinnaminskies and @Farfalle will contribute too. With your own analisys, your own opinions. I think it will be great fams... N I can wait for it... Just take time you need, no need to rush...



Eric's collab with Tablo & Gallant will release on 20th Jan 2017 ( He said it on Cultwo show 27 Dec 2016). He also said that he's will start working album in the beginning next year.

Eric will attend on MBC Entertainment award. But, for MMM it still not schedulled. But, i'm personally hope that Eric & Solar can attend... Really miss them... And i also hope, very big hope, they will win as Best Couple. Pray that what we've done for them is work...



Edited by saaviera90
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Yang and Nam show twice ep, eric dance TT hahaha....yongsun on mubank in charge for TT medley too and on sbs gayo she's jamming with the song

I watch some of bbyu ep that have similarity theme/place with ddongie....now i understand with bbyu fans comment i had read when ddongie aired

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I just notice something about some of wgm line up:

gongjin - jongah - solim

bbyu - ohye - siso

cao2 - ddongie - sam2

taebom - sleepy/gukjo - gm/hy

the third cp from each line up become the skinship cp lol



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So yongsun will attend mbc ent award, rbw just share the sched in the last min hope yongsun can manage this 2 show....

Thanks @Cedric Ong for the link

After watched vj live leamak line with sub...i'm amaze with their live singing it's so simple their voice so clear i really enjoy it 

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Eric Nam and Solar will attend MBC Entertainment Award tonight 

they probably will win Best Couple Award tonight, we can hope that

i have no word to describe my feeling right now, :((((

sooo happyyy


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Eric Nam @ Red carpet in MBC Entertainment Award






The last picture =))))))

Eric ah! Yong Sun is a busy woman :)))

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So it means Solar didnt go? Or will appear later?

The whole group of former couples in 2016...except...he looks so alone.


And abit lost too....sorry posted another couple pic. Haha...actually abit like those couple taking selfie...and suddenly someone pop up behind them...


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