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Oh gosh....ohtoke, in my neighbourhood there's a building that used for party/wedding and now their playing endless love i'm tears again...

just watched the last ep for 2nd time and i'm wondering with their 'i love u' book it's on their table are they read it too...also when they packaged the clothes they buy last time is it the brown clothes solar try at eun ah shop...

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Your ultimate source for all things Ddongi-couple related.  DISCLAIMER: Thread still under construction. More information and sections to follow! We also have a Kakaotalk thread for those wh

Well, now that I've calmed myself down a bit. It's time for me to post my review (Eric made me spam our thread like never before, it's his fault) ----- Anyway, this episode was simply beauti

Chingus, I’ve watched the candid camera event again and again for the nth time, and I decided to write up my full thoughts on this specific sequence, as I feel that there is a significance behind

Some people wondered why Solar's letter was not read. Well I noticed something: when Solar read Eric's note on the photo album, you can see that she was reading that silently during the shoot and that means her voice over was recorded afterwards. This suggests that Eric would have been asked by the PD to do a voiceover as well, but seems like Eric only told them one or two points.. Well it's either Eric's wish to keep that letter private to himself and not for public (meaning: it's Eric's intention) OR the PD simply cut that part (PD's intention). Kinda wish that it is the former. But still curious about the letter....

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Well, now that I've calmed myself down a bit. It's time for me to post my review (Eric made me spam our thread like never before, it's his fault)


Anyway, this episode was simply beautiful in many ways. It's everything I expected, and more. What a way to finish their time together on WGM!

  • I'm so glad that we had the final episode close enough to Eric's birthday so Solar could celebrate it with him. Solar really showed us she could prepare an event just as good as Eric too if she put her heart into it.


Eric's Birthday Event


First thing first, I want to draw even more parallels between this event and Eric's wedding proposal he did for her, so we can really see the beauty of this relationship:

  • Unlike Eric who already hid the dragon egg inside the fridge, Solar showed us how much of a Yeba she is by hiding the cake inside the cupboard :lol:


  • Now their roles are reversed. Look at Eric becoming the impatient and curious one wanting to know what Solar prepared for him.





Of course Eric would have Decalcomanie playing on his phone

  • The once event planner now became the event recipient



  • Look at Eric praising Solar's cooking. You know he's dead honest with her about her cooking now, so for him to say that her cooking is as good as something bought is such a huge compliment, and it also showed how her cooking has improved. Even Solar felt fulfilled with happiness watching him ate her seaweed soup deliciously.
  • Her writing on the cake might not be made out of cheese, but the meaning of it sure was extra cheesy (somewhere far away Eun Ah started throwing up)


"Yongttong who only looks at oppa ♥"  (Solar, since when did you become this cheesy??)

  • Then Solar made Eric put on a blindfold and gave him a letter. Here we are dying to know what was written on it, and it was never shown. That's enough to tell you how personal that letter really was.


Really, Eric's face should be enough for us to imagine exactly what kind of things Solar wrote on there


And I love how they just hugged each other tightly without saying any word

  • I guess not only did Solar became cheesy, but she became melodramatic too?


What do you mean first and last time, Solar? You know this is only the beginning, come on now...

  • Cue the dreaded final mission card, and because I dislike that thing so much there won't even be a screencap for it.
  • Just when I thought the cheesiness was over, these two supplied me with even more (not that I'm complaining though). Filling each other's resume was supposed to be a test of facts you know about the other person, but I guess they just turned that into a flirting session with each other instead.


Resume confession

  • Can I just say how much I love to see them fill out each other's resume so confidently and fully like that? They really, really know each other too well. It might not be perfectly correct from top to bottom, but it shows how much they have learned from each other through their time spent on and off WGM.
  • Told you she loves his emoji face


  • These two have become so synchronized with each other it's a bit scary


Cheesy minds think alike

Q: We belong to?

Eric: Yongddong  Solar: Yoonddong

  • Even Eric really can't help himself anymore


Eric: Best place in this world? in Dubai~? Nah, next to me

Solar: What are you talking about... 


Eric: Your ideal type is me now, right?

Solar: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ... yes

  • Their confession of when they want to hug each other


Finally Eric admitted what we've known all along


Okay, this is a very sad thought. Even a busy girl like Solar notices how much of a toll Eric's schedule has taken on him, and it makes her just want to hug him. Eric, you really need to listen to her, and take care of yourself better.

  • Even Eric knows that Solar lacks confidence in doing many things. She has a lot of talent, but she just doesn't trust herself enough. I'm glad that being with Eric has changed that a lot about her. Now she is a lot bolder than ever before, especially in expressing romantic feelings, that's for sure.
  • Solar listed that Eric lacks confidence in being funny, which made a lot of sense why she asked him to learn a Korean sense of humor. She did that because she was worried Eric might think she doesn't like him for not being funny enough, remember?
  • When did you fall in love with him?

And Solar's answer was: "Now".

They say you only realize how much you love someone when they are not around you anymore. It's only when she realized she's about to not meet up with Eric as often as before did Solar really grow to appreciate the time she's spent with him, and how much he mean to her. It's happy and sad at the same time to think about.


The way Eric looked at her said it all


  • When they started packing up, I got really curious about all the things in the house they have and I started to wonder who's going to keep what. They didn't show us much but I saw that Eric took two picture frames with him (I can't see the one behind, but I have a hunch that it's Solar in hijab)



Car Event & Outdoor Drink

  • One more parallel, look at how even their position in the car got switched up. I swear they did this on purpose to show us the contrast between their relationship then and now


  • On that day in Hongdae, Eric figured out that he was not one of Solar's ideal partners, yet look at where he is now. Time really has changed things.
  • I knew Solar would bring up that bank account joke she made. Look at uri-Yeba being cheeky with Eric, telling him to treat her nicely because she's making $$$.


  • Other than that, their whole conversation in the car was probably the saddest sequence of this episode. Just them being in denial mode that they were approaching the end, and both of them trying to hold back their tears. You could really see how visibly upset Solar became. She really didn't want it to be over at all.
  • And Eric really didn't help when he came back with a flower bouquet which gave her a big misunderstanding. He thought it would cheer her up, but she took it as a sign of parting, which made her even more upset than she already did.


Little did she know, that flower carried a promise that Solar will soon want him to make with her

  • Before I move on to the most important sections, I just want to talk about something. This episode was a barrage of things they secretly know about each other that came out all at the same time. I guess grape wasn't the only thing they learned about each other off-camera.


  • Never knew Solar is capable of being THIS romantic. A whole section is needed for the shoes alone, because all of Solar's feelings were expressed on those, even if they just looked like a cute pair of shoes.


The Shoes

  • Just a fun side note: Am I the only one who secretly wished those were crocs instead?


  • And why the heck did MBC play "Never Letting Go"? Look at us telling ourselves to not be delulu and associating idols' musical work to our couple, and MBC did exactly just that. I guess they are also a bunch of delulu shippers just like us after all.
  • Okay, now we move on to the serious conversation. First off, you could tell right away that Solar put a lot of effort into decorating those shoes.They carries a huge meaning to her, so it's only understandable she would spent that much time on them. I'm sure she probably put a lot of thoughts into this. Those shoes were just as important as the personal letter she wrote to Eric, and it took her a lot of courage to give either of those to Eric.
  • Now, it's time to discuss the meanings of the shoes:

Left-side of the shoes


Let's walk only on flower paths

This was extremely intriguing to me. Such a deep statement from a girl like Yeba.

Now, there are many different interpretations we could have for this sentence. For me personally, I believe that there are two possible meanings behind it:

1)  The Ddongie Road filled with thorns that they had walked throughout their entire time on WGM, they had finally passed it. From now on, the road that they walk together post-WGM will be happier and brighter than the struggles they took to get here.

2)  The road ahead for them will be dangerous and difficult even more so than before, but she trusts that Eric can walk with her through it all safely, meaning that they should do their very best to avoid any controversies, so that they won't be forced to stay apart.

Right-side of the shoes


I'm Yours, You Are Mine

Like the superstition of what happen when you give a person a full pair of shoes (they breakup and run away from you), Solar only gave him one of them and wrote this message on it. Accepting this meaning that they are now linked to each other, and so it won't be possible for them to run away from the other person, but only toward them.

Or perhaps, if they ever think of running away, then they will run away together instead *cue Eric Nam's Run Away WIth Me*

Bottom of the shoes


Even if we're not together, don't change your mind

This is the ultimate symbol of trust, and the ultimate challenge she has given to Eric. What do I mean by this?

One important thing about Solar is that she has a lot of trust issues, not just in becoming closer to someone, but also in falling in love with them. If we are to believe in the messages that she delivered in Part 2 of Solar's Emotion, then she already experienced the feeling of betrayal from a person she once gave her trust and heart to long, long ago.

Now, Eric has made her open up her heart once again, but she isn't willing to give it all to him just yet. Instead, she will only hand him half of her heart, and the remaining half will stay with her for now.

"If your heart won't change when you are far away from me, then... one day, I will come find you and give you my other half."

That, I believe, is the meaning of the half-pieces of the heart lying in each shoe.

And I also believe that Eric had already unknowingly given her a promise on this, even before she asked him for it.


The flower that he gave her earlier that made her upset was Globe Amaranth - the symbol of unfading love. Eric already promised her that even after time passes, his feelings for her will remain the same. Like the flower of Amaranth that blooms through the seasons, the beautiful relationship that they have made here will not fade away, not during this Christmas, or the next, or the one after that, or however long it might takes.

If Eric can keep this promise with her, then maybe one day they will become more than friends.

  • Of course, being the man that Eric is , it's only right that he would reply Solar's effort in kind


The Album & Eric's Letter


Since the majority of the contents were already translated by the subs and @Farfalle, I will only share my own thoughts on this


  • Just like the effort Solar put into making the shoes, Eric definitely spent a lot of his time making this album and letter while thinking about Solar. Not only that, I could only begin to imagine how heart-breaking this was for him, flipping through the album, cutting and pasting pictures in one-by-one while realizing that his time with her on WGM has come to an end.
  • If anything, we should already knew from earlier that Solar is really concerned and aware of Eric's busy schedule. Yet here he is, still making time to put together a gift like this, and it really dawned on Solar how much he truly, truly care about her. I'm simply amazed that she didn't cry, because I honestly would have. However, she was sighing a lot in the BRI, and that meant that she definitely felt something tugging in her heart.


  • Even now, she still really underestimate herself a lot. While it's great that she recognized how much Eric thought of her, I don't think she realized herself how much it meant for Eric to see those birthday cakes, those foods she cooked, and those shoes she decorated before all of this. It's not that he thought about you more Solar, you two are both considerate about each other just as much as the other person does.
  • Honestly, if you were to ask me an image that describes Solar the best, here it is:


Even though she was smiling, her words and her eyes said otherwise

  • There was a part in Eric's letter that really caught my eye:



Dear Yongddongi Kim Yong-seon! 
Hello. It's me. Yoonddongi! Eum... It's my first time to write a letter like this, I don't know how to start. We have been married already for 8 months. At first, we're very awkward and we didn't know what to do with each other, remember that time? ㅋㅋㅋ However, it was good that without knowing we play and become a comfortable couple ^__^ I should have done better, taken care of you more, and been a good husband... Eum... I feel regretful. ㅋㅋ Thank you for not only being a good wife, but also a good friend during that time! Thank you!

I think I was thankful and happy to be married with a person called Solar, who's energetic on the stage, and Kim Yong-seon, who has pretty laugh appearance. Today's end isn't eternal end, so I don't want to part sadly. In the future, even when we can't see (each other) often, I'll always watch over and support you! Thank you for marrying me. Saranghae. I 

 From Yoonddongi 


All this time, all we, and Solar were concerned about was whether she has done enough for Eric. Yet here, Eric himself thought that he should have been a better man for her. Both of them are just so humble to the point that they tends to sell all their achievements short. I honestly can't really see how Eric could have done better than what he did. Not being able to humor her the Korean-way was just a minor shortcoming out of all the other amazing things you've done for her, Eric... (and Solar would tell you the same thing too if she wasn't being speechless by the wonderful album you gave her)

  • Finally, look at the way Eric held Solar's hand tightly as she read his letter. It's just so heart-fluttering that I can't even describe in words.



Wedding Re-enactment & Final Messages



Back then, when they had their wedding for the first time, on that day a commitment was made. However, it was a commitment that were shown toward the public and toward WGM, in celebration of their official "marriage" contract.


But now, it is no longer a show for the crowd, or anyone else. This is now a commitment they make personally toward each other. Like the many promises Eric has made, they have fulfilled them all and have grown to become dependent on each other through it. Whenever Solar feels sad or hurt, she knows that she can always lean her head on Eric's shoulder. Whenever Eric feels lonely or struggle with things in life, he knows that Solar will be there to keep him company and to help him out.

It is up to both of them to keep supporting each other to shine brighter than ever before, even if their time together here already ended. A new promise has been made between both of them, both as a friend and as a potential lover. As a shipper, I firmly believe that they will be able to deliver once again, like they've done so in the past without fail.


I love their support messages to each other, but above all, I love this synchronized heart sign the most. It really is similar to the two pieces of heart that were on the shoes. Both of them are currently holding one half of it. Even though these two pieces are separated right now, I dream that they would one day connect them both together, like the way their thoughts process have really connected with each other at this point.

- - - - - - - - - - -





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15 hours ago, enko20 said:

I don't know if there's any other useful info on here we could know about that you could translate?? (Also I noticed the first resume has a different format than the new one, and part of her resume was blurred)

@enko20 I'll try to when I have some free time. Yeah, it's a different format, maybe WGM staffs reorganized it to show their close relationship more, since the first one is too personal in my opinion, almost like the real resume. I haven't rechecked it, but I think it's blurred because it might contains Solar's real address/phone number. Again, if my memory isn't wrong, that part on Eric's resume (the first meeting one) isn't blurred because he only wrote the area (not the exact address) where he lives and at the phone number part, he wrote "Please ask directly ^^" or something like that haha.

When they started packing up, I got really curious about all the things in the house they have and I started to wonder who's going to keep what. They didn't show us much but I saw that Eric took two picture frames with him (I can't see the one behind, but I have a hunch that it's Solar in hijab)

It means that Eric gave the picture of Solar in hijab to her, since they're packing things in a carrier to give to each other? Since I also saw that Eric packed Solar's couple-stripes tee and the brown one-piece clothes from Eun-ah's store hehe. But I haven't rewatched it though :vicx:


Just dropping by to give some updates on both Eric & Solar!

Post from other artists with Eric! It's the same time with Amber's post I think. Maybe Eric celebrated his birthday with his close friends? :)


Solar yesterday at a fansigning event in Hongdae!


Solar's memo!




MAMAMOO's performance yesterday at Inkigayo!


MAMAMOO Diary (eng sub)



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2 hours ago, Farfalle said:

It means that Eric gave the picture of Solar in hijab to her, since they're packing things in a carrier to give to each other? Since I also saw that Eric packed Solar's couple-stripes tee and the brown one-piece clothes from Eun-ah's store hehe. But I haven't rewatched it though :vicx:

Okay, I'm still really confused about the packing. I understand that they packed for each other, but who ended up with the Elephant? They kept alternating who was carrying which suitcase, and I thought at first that Eric gave her the Elephant but now I'm not sure. Can someone explain this for me? 

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4 hours ago, Farfalle said:

It means that Eric gave the picture of Solar in hijab to her, since they're packing things in a carrier to give to each other? Since I also saw that Eric packed Solar's couple-stripes tee and the brown one-piece clothes from Eun-ah's store hehe. But I haven't rewatched it though :vicx:

Actually never mind, I forgot that they packed for the other person. Since it was Solar's suitcase I don't think so. I'm pretty certain Eric will keep the Arab princess picture for himself :)

3 hours ago, cinnaminskies said:

Okay, I'm still really confused about the packing. I understand that they packed for each other, but who ended up with the Elephant? They kept alternating who was carrying which suitcase, and I thought at first that Eric gave her the Elephant but now I'm not sure. Can someone explain this for me? 

Dumbo is with her


When they were packing, the caption pointed to the tan suitcase as "wife's suitcase". Eric's suitcase was the yellow one.


Here you can see Dumbo inside the couple backpack on the tan suitcase.

Just in case you are not convinced: See the backpack on the tan suitcase? that is Solar's, because we saw Eric wore the backpack on top of the yellow suitcase when he came back from Dubai.


Also, something I'm curious about as well


I've been wondering who took that "Why I Love You" book for a while, and...


I might look at that wrong, but that really look like the shape of the book, is it not? If so, then Eric is the one who took the book with him.

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This stage is both the hardest (and most interesting) to write about, because we don’t, and probably never will, have their own testimonies of why things are different now. All we have are little pieces to put together, and that’s all we ever will have for a while. Not to mention, the two(ish) episodes that exist in this stage differ so much in tone that I wasn’t sure the details of what this would be until just yesterday. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into this:

Stage 4: My Aching Heart And I Agree (Dubai - Present)

The fountain is the climax of not only their trip, but their run on WGM. There they were, surrounded by magic, away from their fanbases and responsibilities, enjoying something beautiful with each other. The feeling was so strong at one point even the panelists could tell that Eric wanted to kiss her. All of us, including them, forgot the one caveat of all of this: at some point, it all ends, and they have to go back to their lives.

As much as we wished it, they couldn’t stay in Dubai forever.

When the fountain show ended, Solar got really quiet. Eric, on the other hand, couldn’t stop talking. “That was a nice ending to our trip,” he said. “A nice ending.” It’s only when Solar didn’t respond that he asked “Are you okay?”

The rest of their conversation mostly goes like that. Eric talks, Solar quietly nods. The only exception to that rule is when he asked her what her favorite part of the trip was. She looked up, finally meeting his eyes, and told him that it was “coming to Dubai with you.” In the end of everything, despite all the things they’d done together (really incredible things), the best part for her was that she got to experience it with him.

It’s no wonder she spent so long waving the camera around so she didn’t have to leave.

They didn’t see each other for almost a full month in between Dubai and their second-to-last episode filming. During that month we all got a taste of what things were going to be like when it was over. It was the month of Solar listening to “I Wish You Love” (even after their mall date, may I add, since she posted about it on the fancafe a week after). It was also a month of Eric flitting back and forth between the US and Korea.

And, during this time is when everything they were feeling needed to be quickly solidified into something not only describable, but confessable, because they were so close to running out of time. So, let’s take a look at what those turned out to be:

What Am I Feelin’?: Feelings That Last Past the Ending of the Show

I think Eric put it best in his BRI when he said, “When you know someone and work together for a long time, you naturally develop feelings for one another.” This entire thing is one of the reasons We Got Married can be such a hard thing to go through: even if no romantic feelings develop, you’re still spending time with someone for eight months or more. Most people become attached to each other, and then quickly are forced to lose that relationship, sometimes without having developed any contact outside of the show.

Eric and Solar were not forced to go through that, but the same principle remains. For Eric, leaving WGM is just as much (if not more) painful as when he left ASC. He worked closely with Jimin, Kevin, and the other people who hosted for quite a long time, and, despite them all being friends who text each other and are in one giant groupchat together, it was still an upsetting thing to go through.

And, it wasn’t helped along by the fact that they honestly have incorporated each other so far into their lives. Eric noted that they’ve “only been together less than a year” almost like he didn’t believe it. They’re forever tied to each other now, and not because of their virtual marriage, but because of the relationship they developed outside the show. Solar and Eric have impacted each other’s lives to the highest degree. She said during the BRI of their mall date that he made her feel confident and comfortable, and Eric even went so far as to say she was like his “missing piece.”

Solar, in filling out the resume form the second time, said that she was Eric’s “best friend,” and Eric, as well, thanked her for being “a good wife and a good friend of mine.” Their friendship is, by far, the most solid part of their relationship. Even the most anti of the MooMoos can’t ignore it (especially after Eric’s most recent Instagram posts). They text each other, call each other, and support each other. Everything else is built on this relationship between them, the one that has existed since Jeju island, when their friendship really began to grow.

The newer thing, though is the romantic feelings, especially on Solar’s end. Eun Ah said something after the candid camera that piqued my interest: “You never were her ideal type.” At first glance, it seemed like she was shrugging off any possibility of Solar having feelings for him, until I realized she’d been talking in past-tense (although, I’m not quite sure if that was reflected originally in the Korean so I could be reaching). It wasn’t that definite for me, though, until they filled out their resumes, and Solar said that her “ideal type has become Eric Nam.” She also answered, when asked when she fell in love with him, that it was “Now.”

I said in my analysis of I Wish You Love that Solar’s dealt with heartbreak before, under very similar circumstances. And, we know, from her listening to it even until November 2nd, that she was on the verge of just pushing down her feelings and letting Eric go, since she believes relationships aren’t worth pursuing if they’re destined to end. Despite all this, Solar is, just now, letting herself embrace these feelings, and in their last episode, no less.  

Eric already confessed his feelings (kind of) in Dubai, and I think his are best explained in a different section of this article.

You’re The Best: Shamelessly Securing Their Positions in Each Other’s Lives

The thing about coming back from Dubai is that it meant once again having to deal with and interact with their fans. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean having to watch themselves a little bit more. You hear that Eric? No more yelling that you love her in public places, okay?

Except, the thing is… they haven’t done that. Nothing toned down or slowed down or cooled down when they came back (excluding the month where they were so busy they couldn’t see each other). The best evidence of this was Eric’s almost shameless promotion of Mamamoo and Decalcomanie on Instagram. I remember looking at my feed, seeing him post three promotion pics in a row, with only one containing a personal message, and just laughing out loud because it was so not subtle. I could see Eric arguing with his manager on the phone like “Okay, what if I promote all the other groups having comebacks too? Can I finally support my wife on social media then?”

It wasn’t subtle at all, and, to be honest, I don’t think he was even trying to be. He was actively taking a stance after months and months of kind of just letting the Nampyeons who didn’t want him on the show pretend he wasn’t. “This is Yongsun,” he was saying, “and she’s going to be in my life for a while.” They would just have to deal with it.

If you look in the comments of that post supporting Mamamoo, almost all of them are positive. They quickly turned to tears when the news was released that they were about to film their last day together, but still nothing but support from the international fans. Just like at KCON, Eric got to see that there are fans out there who actively support him and his relationship with Solar. (And I like to think the #THANKYOUDdongie trend helped with that).

Eric’s post last night was captioned in both English and Korean, in recognition of those international fans. It also was a selfie of the both of them (the same one he put on the cover of the photobook he gave her) from the day he proposed to her. By now he has used her real name, posted a photo with her, and promoted her career. His brother also helpfully added a crying-face emoji.

Aside from social media, these two became kind of shameless in another aspect: those three little words. Between the two of them, there were at least three times “I love you” was said in that last episode, excluding the matching hearts they gave each other at the end. Solar, who hates cheesiness even wrote “From Yongsun, who loves only you” on Eric’s birthday cake.

Each declaration wasn’t done lightly, either. These two have never been ones to just do the normal WGM things because they could. Everything is a big step. I think it’s still important to recognize, though, that neither of them said it face to face with each other, which means they still have a few things to tell each other…

Both of them said it in each other’s native language, too. Solar’s “I Love You” was quietly done at the end of her goodbye message to Eric in her last BRI. Eric’s “Saranghe” came during his BRI as well. He even threw in there a little bit of encouragement too (remember how Solar said the most important things he’s said to her are encouragement?) “You can do it, Yongsun. I love you!”

There’s no reason to keep throwing all these confessions out there, except for the fact that the show ending has kind of forced it out of them. It’s bittersweet and yet also still isn’t, I think, the most important thing about their last interactions on the show.

It’s still important, for sure, since it’s shoved their relationship so far in everyone else’s faces that no one can fully ignore how much they mean to each other anymore, but, with their last confessions to each other, were special messages telling each other to take care.

I Wish You Health: The Littlest, and Most Important Things

I mentioned in earlier articles that one of the most important things about Chuseok was that it finally made them see each other both as idols and people. They recognize the difference (for evidence, look at when Eric said he loved being married to energetic Solar and Yongsun who’s pretty when she smiles), but there’s a special grey area there. And, that grey area relates back to one of my favorite episodes of theirs from stage 2: when Solar took Eric to the river and took care of him in the midst of his comeback.

I’ve often thought that part of the reason these two are so obsessed with feeding each other has to do with the fact that it means they’re making sure they’re both eating. Pressures and schedules can kind of mess up an idol’s health, and their naturally selfless natures can mean sometimes forsaking their own meals/sleep to take care of other people, like what happened at the river when Solar was so focused on making sure Eric was eating that she forgot to eat herself.

In answer to the question of when she wanted to hug him, Solar put that it was “When he looks exhausted. I’d say this is the Yong-leader side of her coming out. Despite her seeing hugs as a very high-level type of skinship, she can’t help but feel that urge to hug him when he looks tired, the same way he can’t help but feel an urge to hug her well… all the time. One of their first dates was even at a health clinic. Most importantly, though, in the taxi, Solar admitted that she enjoys taking care of Eric.

Eric does this for her, too. He brought the Korean food to Dubai so she would be eating, always encourages her to rest, and even packed a little thing of vitamins in her suitcase. For Eric, though, I think there’s also a really large focus on her emotional health. We all know Solar’s a little fragile, but always puts on a smile so she can selflessly support the people around her. Eric has given her a very necessary emotional support system on the show, and has also just promised that it’ll continue outside the show. “You know, you can call me anytime if you feel depressed or lonely,” he assured her, in his goodbye message, something I have a sneaking suspicion she’d already done a few times.

Solar’s goodbye message, though, I feel was the most important of all the little things involving taking care of each other. “You work too much,” she said. “Please take care of your health. Don’t miss breakfast. Don’t drink coffee too much. You’ll be addicted to caffeine.”

It’s a statement I feel carries even more meaning than the “I love you!” that followed it. It reminds me of this tumblr post that went around awhile ago that was One Hundred Ways To Say ‘I Love You,’ which included really little things like “Pull over. Let me drive for a while” and “I’ll walk you home.” Things Solar and Eric have been saying to each other for forever now. Every single little caution she gave him in her final message just punctuated that last confession even more.

You work too much. I love you. Please take care of your health. I love you. Don’t miss breakfast. I love you. Don’t drink coffee too much. I love you. You’ll be addicted to caffeine. I love you. I love you.

It’s really a shame Eric refuses to watch his WGM episodes (although, who knows? He might now that he’s no longer filming them).

Until Always, My Only One: Reasons For Us To Have Hope

Like I’ve said before, we’re exceptionally lucky. Solar and Eric are friends, care about each other, are in the same field, actively promote each other’s careers, and will probably cross paths sooner than we’re expecting. They went their own way on the show, which worked out in the end, because it made the transition between filming and not-filming easier.

It’s not only that, though. There’s a reason a very happy song played at the end of their episode, and the text read that they’re not sad because they know they’ll see each other again. Everyone seems to know that this isn’t the end. Solar said it - “it felt like we’d see each other again” - Eric said it - “I don’t think today is our last day together” - and even the panelists and the editors agreed.

There’s also the house. The house full of many things that are very precious to them that I doubt they’d leave behind. The house where Solar just full on left a pair of slippers she’d been wearing earlier that day. The house that they specifically chose because it was close to both of their works so they could use it to rest/eat during their busiest schedules. The house that, as we know from the episode where they went to the bank, is being paid for, not by MBC, but by their shared account.

Eric brought up that shared account in the taxi, asking what was going to happen to it. Solar teased him that it was technically hers (since it’s in her name), so he’d better be nice to her. That reminded me of when she said when asked about Eric during Decalcomanie promotions, that he should just check her bank account and he’ll be okay, because it was just work. It doesn’t seem like they’re going to be getting rid of that account (and possibly the house?? We’ll see, only time will tell) anytime soon.

Then there’s their gifts to each other. Eric specifically went out to find flowers that meant “everlasting love,” and then, to add to the everlasting-ness of it all, told her that “Dried flowers last for a long time… Keep them as long as you can.” Solar’s reaction to the flowers also adds to this. She said that “taking the flower would mean I accept the parting,” with it implied that she doesn’t accept the parting.

You see that reiterated in her gift of the shoes. When she first brought them out, the panelists noted that “it means she wants to meet him again,” which I don’t think is that much of a stretch. She also wrote “my husband” and “my wife” all over them, despite the fact that they were parting gifts, which signifies to me, at least, that, for Solar, the marriage isn’t over. They’re always going to be this to each other.

What intrigued me the most about her gift, however, was when she said “Even if we’re not together, don’t change your mind.” My notes on this, from when I was watching the episode, go something like this: “ABOUT WHAT KIM YONGSUN ABOUT WHAT CHANGE HIS MINDA BOUAT WHATOUT” which I think pretty much sums up my reaction to it. That definitely makes it feel like they’ve made some sort of pact to stay close outside the show (in what way, I’m not totally certain).

But then, she followed that up with, “as long as we keep them, we’re still together.” So, as long as they have the shoes, they’re still together, and, if they ever don’t have the shoes, she doesn’t want him to change his mind. Anyone else feel like she just fulfilled Eric’s wish that they could “stay like this forever and not change” almost perfectly?

Eric, too, seemed focused on things not changing. I actually had a whole section in my outline speculating about all the pictures they’d taken (and Eric’s previous statement that “pictures are important, they’re the only things that last”), but then he pulled out that photo book and I immediately understood. Even Solar felt the incredible meaning of it, impressed by his dedication to her in the little spare time he has. It’s a reminder of all the things they’ve done together, partnered with his letter and therefore his own regret that they couldn’t do more together (also a statement that they can’t see each other very often because of their schedules… but doesn’t that mean that they can see each other sometimes?).

So really, we’re lucky, and they’re lucky, and everyone who got to experience this with them is lucky, because it’s not over. Solar and Eric’s “hijacking” of WGM meant they got to end it on their terms, and their terms are that it’s not over just because it’s over. Like Solar put on the shoes, he’ still her husband and she’s still his wife. They still own a house together. They still support each other. They never have to be apart from each other anymore, even when their schedules are so busy that it’s hard to meet up, because they have the shoes that Solar made.

Really, in the end, Endless Love ended up being a perfect song to sing at their wedding, because there is no ending for them, not really.

With that, I’m going to leave you all with three things.

1. Go vote for MAMA! Ddongie couple interaction possibilities must be supported! Also, they both deserve those awards for their incredible hard work and talent.

2. Go stream Decalcomanie! RBW has teased a possible Memory music video if it reaches 3 million views, and we all know there’s a possibility of a few more… hints… that the song might be about Solar and Eric if we get a music video for it.

3. Here are the lyrics for their last song:


I wake up in the morning

And send you a short greeting

No matter how far apart we are

I am thinking of you


Late at night, as I rub my sleepy eyes

I will write you a letter

Just like your face in the happy photo

I hope our days will be beautiful


The cold wind blows

Even when I scrunch up my shoulders in the cold

If I think of you, I can make a strong face


Do you know? You’re my number 1

My pounding heart is still here

Until always, my only one

The words “I like you” make me smile


My number 1, My only one

Even if sometimes I’m tired and cry

My number 1

I want to be with you

Woo my number 1

When I close my eyes, it feels like I’m next to you


I’ll say “tada” and appear before you

When you least expect it

When you coincidentally and suddenly turn around

I’ll be standing right there


I’ll hug you tight

With the happiest face

Even if tears suddenly fall

I will brightly smile


If today, something bad happened to you

I want to run to you and hug you tight like that day before

I hope you will shine beautifully


Do you know? You’re my number 1

My pounding heart is still here




Remember, you are my number 1

I miss you, I’ll stop writing now, bye

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Hello :)

Did Eric Nam and MAMAMOO both invited to perform in MAMA HK 2016???

Hoping for there latest interaction. Hope that they don't treat each other as a strangers :) 

But on Eric side he's not like that, he's the one who come and greet you. :D 

And lastly hoping they have special performance like ADAM COUPLE who perform TroubleMaker in one event don't remember when hahaha :)


GUYS DID YOU NOTICE??? :rolleyes:


sorry my delulu hahaha  i just notice that :)

MISS DDONGI ALREADY!!!! :sweatingbullets:

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I'm still in the process of compiling everything you guys posted on their last episode in the front page (Eric's instagram post is a MUST :D ), although it's a bit slow since I don't have much time to edit everything. Plus I still have to type my reaction to their last episode. :sweatingbullets:

I also still haven't given up on my earlier resolution to have a high quality (or perhaps medium quality if possible) wallpaper of them as a memento of sorts. Any of you lovely people know of any sites that link to high quality raws? I found this blog way back on page 3 - 4 - https://jjen501.blogspot.com/ , but I can't browse the site right now. :(

@chemoomoo90 - It was in MBC Gayo Daejun - 2011, I think. People accused MBC of deliberately featuring them again even after their WGM ended to boost ratings because of their popularity .:rolleyes:

I wouldn't mind them featuring on this year's Gayo as a special encore performance. My reason for being neutral is because they'd have to jump through a ton of hoops just to get the producers to agree to that idea, barring the fact that the Ddongi couple fanbase is nowhere near as massive as Adam couple's during their height. Still, it would be awesome if MBC decides to just throw everything out the window and feature them anyway. :D 

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So, hi guyyysss, it's been a really long time for me to actually review an episode, and here i am, ready to be reminded of the emotional encounter I had when I was watching the raw episode and also Teukso's last episode

1. At one point, I'm pretty sure they knew what was in the envelope, which is why I feel like that's the reason why Solar decided to cook him a birthday meal. One thing I noticed that can be viewed positively and negatively, is that they were prepared for the so-called "divorce". Some haters might say that "yeah, maybe they just don't care about each other that much that they don't seem to be sad about it anyways" or something along that line. But people just gotta remember one thing: they can't see through others' minds and feelings

2. I love how this time Solar does look like a housewife from a beautiful and happy household :3

3. I think someone pointed out about the fact that the word "Last" was said/mentioned a lot, and that's really the thing that I'm kinda iffy with. Tbh, I was really sad about how Eric said "the last coffee, the last tea" and Solar saying "the first and last birthday". I honestly hate the word "last" in terms of WGM. But yes, I know that some people will say that they kinda clarified it in the end that it's not really "their last" and that they will always support one another no matter what. I think I'm just kinda salty bc I know that from now on, I know it's gonna be really hard for them to see each other and everything, meanwhile I really want them to be real somehow. I'm kinda relieved that they have that "friendship" base very strong, that I know that they're gonna keep in touch with each other, but my fangirl side really want them to develop feelings for each other and not just being friends. But who knows, you know? Bc just like what the MCs said: everything starts with friendship.

4. One thing I noticed from Eric's answers in Solar's CV that matched with hers: It got scratched. I can only think of 2 things: the reassurance of him knowing her really , or that he also has fear and doubts within him. 

5. I like how he said that her skinship level is "intermediate". On one side I'm pretty sure he's all like, "man i wish we did more skinships" lol but knowing the considerate him, I think that answer is really him

6. I love how Solar was really being all-out honest about them knowing how they know there's gonna be an end to this virtual relationship

7. Tbh, I'd really like it if what the PD said about Solar being all emotional in the BRI is shown, I think it'd kinda contrast the negative things about her not being sincere in WGM and everything and i think it'd be like a slap in the face for all those haters. But anyway, I think they ended this virtual relationship with the note that "it's not really the end, so I'm not really worried. We might not see each other that much, but hey, i'd really like it if we will know each other more day by day"

8. I think this is really the climax of Eric-Solar's skinship which I have really wanted (and never expected to be displayed on the last ep): naturally (without force) holding hands with each other while walking on the street. I just love how Solar reached out to him and ofc, Eric, who's always there to receive her skinship, holds her hand tightly too. And i think Solar herself didn't really expect to actually be the one who initiates the skinship as she says "eomma" after that.

9. I broke down when I saw how clueless and lost Solar looked as Eric went off to buy the flowers. I think that's when she really realizes how much he meant for her. 

10. I just really love how Solar reached out to his jacket and reenacted the choco ad scene(?) I think we're at that point knowing how comfy Solar is when she's with Eric. Maybe, just maybe, it's her way of saying "he's still mine no matter what" to people? who knows. lol

11.  This is the moment when I kinda knew "wow this is really it. i'm not gonna be able to fangirl and anticipate them on saturdays like usual": the last BRI. I somehow kept on repeating this part, maybe it's me in my denial stage. I love how Eric said she's his missing piece to all his weaknesses. I think that connects how he said to Eun-a that their personalities match to each other. Solar with her message for him to please be healthy, reminds me of a maternal love (and a little bit of nagging wife too lol). She truly cares about him, and I know it by the look on her eyes. I love how she slipped a little "I love you" shyly, and the fact that the editing made it seem like they did the heart sign together at the same time. The last few seconds made me emotional and seeing how Eric said "bye" really sadden me. And just like one of the comments of their vid: how could they be laughing while I'm crying? lol. lastly, I know that they said that they don't watch their own segment, but this time, I really want them to watch it, especially this part. 

On a side note, I was really happy that Eric said something on his IG and left a little mark of him and Yongsun (else than the Mamamoo promoting post) unlike all the months he could totally do it. And eddie's comment makes me think that if they become real, I know exactly the first person who'd agree and be hyped to their relationship lol. 

I'm pretty sure it'll not be my last post here, but I'd really like to thank all the chingus here that have been always so supportive of ddongie couple despite all the haters. I really like the positivity of this forum and I hope everyone will keep it up :3 let's always be supportive of ddongie couple together and separately, bc no matter what, I think that they are pretty much a big part of our (kpop) lives now. 

Lastly, thank you ddongie couple who has been entertaining all my Saturdays with joy. I hope you guys will keep in touch and support each other as individuals/humans, not only as kpop stars. 

P.S: I love the editors' notes in the end, especially how they said "the end of a chapter si just the beginning of another" and I hope that all Ddongie couple shippers will always keep this in mind. 

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