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Your ultimate source for all things Ddongi-couple related.  DISCLAIMER: Thread still under construction. More information and sections to follow! We also have a Kakaotalk thread for those wh

Well, now that I've calmed myself down a bit. It's time for me to post my review (Eric made me spam our thread like never before, it's his fault) ----- Anyway, this episode was simply beauti

Chingus, I’ve watched the candid camera event again and again for the nth time, and I decided to write up my full thoughts on this specific sequence, as I feel that there is a significance behind

15 minutes ago, jollyeo9 said:

Did... Did anyone notice this? 


There were so many natural skinship moments last episode that it's kind of left me spinning around in circles. They were holding hands so much, even in front of Solar's friend, and MBC didn't really focus on who grabbed whose hand etc (like what happened in Dubai), so I'm very confused. And then there was the kiss?? Solar was like "idk it just felt natural" and I'm over here like WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT WE DON'T SOLAR?

I don't know exactly how this is going to fit into the post-Dubai part of my analysis, but it kind of feels like we missed something big (either on camera or off). What did you two do in that month between Dubai and now?

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13 minutes ago, cinnaminskies said:

There were so many natural skinship moments last episode that it's kind of left me spinning around in circles. They were holding hands so much, even in front of Solar's friend, and MBC didn't really focus on who grabbed whose hand etc (like what happened in Dubai), so I'm very confused. And then there was the kiss?? Solar was like "idk it just felt natural" and I'm over here like WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT WE DON'T SOLAR?

I don't know exactly how this is going to fit into the post-Dubai part of my analysis, but it kind of feels like we missed something big (either on camera or off). What did you two do in that month between Dubai and now?

yesyes, they did it twice in front of solar's friend. i think the second time it might have been eric? maybe? since he was sipping on his drink and then quickly switched the drink to another hand, if i'm not wrong! like you said, it certainly does feel like they've done a lot more and had more talks on screen (and probably off screen as well) but mbc b cuttin dem scenes :'(((((

and also the part where they were lying on the picnic mat, i feel like that could've been a gold moment since they seemed so comfortable then. well, maybe not gold to most viewers, but for us shippers, watching them have silly talks, fool around and gush over each other is A+++++ even if theyre just lying around and doing nothing. i really wish we could see that. 

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I try to make some time to write some thoughts for the latest episode. I agree with most of you. It's actually a happy episode, but because we know they're leaving, we're not as happy as usual. Haaa~ But yeah, let's try to enjoy their story to the end :')

  • Their perfect compatibility in playing together hasn't gone :lol: Like right after Eric said if Solar was shooting a commercial, she pretended to be a commercial model right away :D 
  • This scene... Solar was like saying something funny here with her usual style. I wonder what it was :')



  • It's here, black bagpack from Moonbyul! (We have to thank her to give that unique and easy-to-recognize backpack haha) Eric put the lunchbox there :) Because there's a text preview, I know that it's brought by Eric, but I wonder if other viewers knew since the staffs didn't put any explanation for it :mellow: And also, they're in their house before, so maybe they prepared it together? Even there's a kimchi there, since Solar likes kimchi so much. 




  • Not-so-important thing, but this time Solar wore her ring, while Eric didn't.
  • Solar's english, again, it's cute to see her speaking english and getting more confident to speak more :wub: And yes, I think Solar and Brian (and maybe Eddie) already saw each other at KCON since Eric and his family were there, a hint for off-camera backstage interaction :D 
  • The editing here... <_< Why did they cut this scene? Look, our Ddongi couple was lying side by side that closely :')



  • The birth of the new cheating king!

    The caption was like "This person is learning that from her cheating-queen wife" :lol:


    Caption: "This time too, the emerging cheating king uses his foot sole"



  • Really, Solar has touched Eric's foot like several times on camera until now, even now his bare foot sole :sweatingbullets: I can't say anything if there are still people out there who doubt their close relationship.



  • Why I find the way Solar told her wish to Eric is funny? Eric's response too :lol: I don't know, but maybe they did this scene also for the scene transition to change place.
  • I like this shot particularly, just because they look like a normal couple dating on the street :) 


  • I think they're holding hands here?



  • When Eric danced to the random music, Solar was walking away like "I don't know him" :lol:
  • Now that they bought couple sweaters, let's keep an eye for both Eric & Solar. Who knows they might wear them someday. Not to forget their couple stripe tees, their couple black backpacks, and the new couple scarfs from Eun Ah.
  • Honestly, I even wanted to listen to their talk while walking around the streets there :( 
  • Love their matching reaction to their ugly face pose :) And Solar didn't say "it's not funny enough", it's more like "it's kinda weak".



  • The difference between Eric & Solar's cheek kiss:
    • Eric kissed Solar already without any hesitation when the time countdown began. And he also kissed her lightly :) After that, he's like "there's nothing happen" B) 
    • Solar hesitated, but then when the time countdown was about to up, she kissed Eric bravely. And then she screamed because she's embarrased :lol:
  • You know, I always love their photos together, and their sticker photo isn't an exception :wub: I love that they printed the photo twice (since when Eric & Solar took it out from the machine, it looks like only one copy of it), so they could get one each. I wonder how they decided the pose though, the cut is too much <_<
  • Holding hands again before entering Solar's friend's clothing store... Really, just when they can do this thing naturally now, they have to go. I wonder if they did it because they knew already that day was the last happy day :(
  • Can I say I like Eric's initiative to find clothes that looks good on Solar (even he asked the employee's help) while she's changing? While many men out there doesn't like girls' shopping time (I'm not generalising though) :sweatingbullets:
  • The first time to see flustered and upset Eric, but he handled it well without being emotional. Even he thought about the worst outcome in the future. Solar and chingus here already said many things about this and I agree :D Solar tried hard to keep her laughter behind Eric is funny too :lol: 
  • Solar was lucky that Eric didn't see the camera inside the dressing room at this time :sweatingbullets:



  • Eric's reaction was too funny. Poor him :lol: He hit the dressing room, flopped on to the chair, crawled to the corner, and put his head inside a shopping bag :lol: It's like he couldn't believe anyone there haha. And then "Who are you?" "I'm trash right now!" "I really hate you right now" :lol:
  • Eric: "I'm still having a mental breakdown."
    Also Eric: (like 2 seconds later) "Does she (Solar) ever talk about me? What does she say?"

    He's in for a revenge :lol:
  • Even when Eric's still feeling the effect of the prank, he still paid attention to Solar :) 


  • I want the full cut of the talk with Solar's friend. And guess that Solar is really not the type to do great gesture of affection, even her friend was surprised to watch her preparing the airport event haha. The people that close to Solar are mostly also the cool and straightforward type (like Eun Ah & Yonghee) :lol: Btw, I agree though, Solar did aegyo without realising it. And yes, love that hand-holding everytime they're embarassed :lol:
  • I wonder if they really went to drink makgeolli together, since Eric had an event that day in the evening too? :sweatingbullets:
  • These scenes... Look at them so happy like that... I hate the new PD <_<





And for next week, the last episode where we can see them :(

  • Again, backpack from Moonbyul was there :')


  • I wonder who brought the shoes. But Solar's decision there to share that pair of shoes, her voice looks like supressing tears :( 
  • The couple luggage (which are maybe from a sponsor). And I wonder if Solar's black backpack (which had Dumbo in it) was the one from Moonbyul too... Their padding jacket color reminds me of their clothes from the first meeting too (black suit and white dress)...


  • When finally they (or Solar for more exactly) reached out for each other's hand... Despite that I've accepted their leave, I think it's going to be sea of tears next week :tears:




  • MBC and WGM staffs, please edit well for Ddongi couple's last episode. Like even Korean viewers are disappointed with your editing in last episode, so please take a good care for next week episode. We won't see them often in one frame from next week, so I wish the last episode will be good in quality.


Btw, I'm happy that both Eric & Solar are really loved by Korean viewers. They're basically just like us. They expressed their sadness and disappointment at their leaving news, DC gallery, and the next week preview on Naver. Even viewers' board on WGM official site is dominated by posts about our couple. They also mentioned about how our couple should be up for the best couple award.

I think we also have to be thankful for the fact that both Eric & Solar are singers. I mean, they have more chances to meet, even for the uncoincidence one, since they have similar work environment :) While we can see that other couples currently have different jobs. And I believe that they will keep their relationship going, although I don't know whether they would comfortably show it to the public or not. Hope the best for them! 

And yeah, don't forget to support both Eric & MAMAMOO on MAMA! The vote hasn't ended yet. It's a small possibility for them to meet there, but who knows?

Thank you for chingus who wrote great articles about Ddongi couple too. You're great! I learn many things too from your writings :) 

Btw, it's D-3 for Eric's birthday (and "Yang & Nam Show" first broadcast)! And MAMAMOO Diary is updated almost everyday, and MAMAMOO Trans is working hard to sub it one by one :) 


And just because I have some time to update about them...

A photo of a fan and Eric yesterday!

A fan project for Eric's debut anniversary!




Solar's latest memo!




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2 hours ago, jollyeo9 said:

Did... Did anyone notice this? 


The way they're holding hands with their fingers wrapped up and everything just makes me delulu :wub: It's clearly not necessary, but they're doing it like that anyways...even if they're ending soon. 

On a side note, it too amazes me how subtly and little MBC has been pointing out that they're holding hands. It's not even this time, but the first time they held hands for realsies in Dubai like you all mentioned. I almost missed it. Isn't this a big deal to the average wgm viewer? Like, "here's the skinship you all wanted!" @onlybeagles So I 100% agree with you chingu, MBC realizes the danger now of having two rising idols in their show with big and possessive fan bases. They're going to downplay the skinship to stay on the safe side. As much as I hate to admit it, maybe this is the best time to end before Eric and Solar get even more closer and fans get more ugly.  

Thank goodness this episode was easy on the heart :( Next week is going to be so many struggles...

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2 hours ago, jollyeo9 said:

also wait, GUYS, i forgot to ask, are we doing the kakao groupchat thing? is the plan still on?


Yes. We already have a group running. If you want to join just pm me your kk ID and I will add you. :)

@onlybeagles @97jbombs

Actually, you both brought up something I've thought about for a while, but I didn't really bring up (or did I?). I felt that MBC actually deliberately tone down their romantic moments a lot to avoid any unnecessary controversy for both the couples and WGM themselves. Another thing, I'm still waiting for @407801baby's answer on this, but she said this a while back:


MBC's New PD said that they let the artist watch the filming/editing clip before it aired, and i remember she said that Eric is good enough in giving direction or suggesting something related to filming, and i think he will keep some of their footages for their own memories, i mean for not aired in the eps.


I still need to confirm whether this is true or not, but if this is, it confirms a theory I've had a very long time ago. That is, Eric and Solar themselves actually requested MBC for certain scenes to be omitted/not focused, or at least, their companies did (and for a good reason, as you can see how shocking it is even for us shippers when they air their skinship moments). It's why I always have an odd feeling that MBC seems to cut out romantic scenes more than usual. Every couples on WGM have unaired scenes, but this is the first time that it really bother me. 

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@enko20 Ah, I remember that post, it was somewhat a reply to mines. 

On 11/2/2016 at 6:24 AM, enko20 said:

@cinnaminskies It's still very hard to tell, although I do agree with you that she does seem a bit emotional. it's understandable though because that was their last moment together in Dubai, after that they had to go back to Korea. It's like that feeling when you wake up from a beautiful dream and realize you're back to your daily routine again. Of course she (and Eric too) would be a bit emotional thinking about it.

I agree with @97jbombs take too, she seems to really paid attention to whatever that Eric was telling her. I can't wait to find out what they were talking about there.

Now that you say this, it reminds me of something that I've been wanting to bring up for a while. This is going to be a bit serious, but I want to hear everyone's opinion about it, ok?

(From @Farfalle WGM PD Interview translation)


I have thought about this for quite some time now, but a question always linger on me as I watch Ddongie couple over time. The question is: "Has the PD been making cuts on purpose to sell to the audience the idea that Eric-Solar is an energetic, carefree, and fun couple?"

There have been a lot of examples that make me question this, but I will just list the earliest one that had me thinking that.


Usually, I don't like to base my opinion on previews, because it's very misleading, and often time they just use it as a hook/bait to keep the viewers curious about next ep. However, over time, I begin to notice a trend of what they usually cut out of any given Ddongie's segment. There are 2 primary things:

(1) Trivial scenes (like Eric scaring Solar while opening the door) / "Dead air" scenes (Where they don't do much or talk much)

(2) Heavy scenes a.k.a anything close to being not so fun, or potentially relationship arguments.

For example, in the scene I brought up above, it doesn't matter if the audio and footage was being mismatched on purpose, the fact is that Solar did asked him "Who's this girl?" As she was potentially looking at a picture he brought where he's with a girl she didn't recognize. This could have sparked some serious talk between them two, but I felt that they cut it out to sell the idea to us that Eric and Solar don't argue much and they are always chill, and all they do is singing, dancing and playing games, because that's their appeal.

I'm not saying they are not like that, because they really are, but... do you remember when Solar went on Radio Star, Seo In Young told her that when she watches Ddongie couple, the impression she has is that they seem to be very smooth sailing and there's no heated arguments whatsoever?  That's what I'm trying to get at. Eric and Solar gives me the impression that they settle and compromise very easily, and if they find any disagreements or doubts they will just ignore them and move on.

I've also seen negative comments before that remarked about how Ddongie is couple is just basically "Urgh they always eat! They always laugh! They are like romantic comedy couple, there's nothing else to watch, it's so repetitive!". While I don't agree with that, this tells me that MBC really has them sold on the sentiment that Eric-Solar is all about being light-hearted, hilarious and shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's easy for shippers like us to enjoy that, but is that really a good thing to have for an audience that desperately expect romantic talk/skinskip moments every episode?



You raised an interesting point that even though they had a ton of footage, the reason ddongie is not perceived to be couply was because of the PD cutting away all their deeper moments in order to show the lighter ones. The perception of Eric and Solar amongst viewers was purposely crafted to be that way. In hindsight, it was a good call because I rather our couple be seen as friendly and coming out unscathed than the other way around. 

But aish it looks like soooo much more happened behind the scenes, and we will never see it unless mbc releases the cut footage :( I too am bothered; so much loss potential and possibly so much hate they could have not gotten with the "they're just friends" comments. Why even bother filming in the first place? :( But...at least the two of them bonded ^_^. I'm holding off the idea that Solar and Eric participated in the cuts until you get confirmation, chingu. I like it a little better if they haven't, and Eric said in an episode or somewhere that he doesn't watch the episodes to preserve how he acts. I would like to believe it's their respective companies that gave the call. 

Our couple has given me an interesting look into the k-industry, appreciate y'all discussing about this. 

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Honestly speaking, I don't mind the editing for this episode, simply because I've been far through worse with other couples. :rolleyes: I've learned not expect much from the previews anyway so I'm just content that they're giving them a full episode for their farewell tour. Some couples only got half an episode to say their goodbyes. Imagine that. -_- 

@97jbombs - I've already talked about this in a previous post of mine. I would talk about it more, but you'd probably find a better grasp of why it isn't necessary to show them fighting onscreen by reading @enko20's articles on Eric and Solar that I hotlinked on the frontpage. :)

- - - - - - - - - 

Since it's my day off, I'll try to finish the second part of my article today. "Try" being the operative word since my body really wants to shut down right now because of the lack of sleep. :P But I'm feeling wordy today, and I might lose my inspiration to write if I sleep right now. :D

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I’ve watched the candid camera event again and again for the nth time, and I decided to write up my full thoughts on this specific sequence, as I feel that there is a significance behind it that goes beyond the prank played against Eric or the introduction of Solar’s school friend Eun Ah. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to add on to this with your own thoughts as well.


Are You on My Side? – A Test of Trust, Wit and Temper

“Please get out!”

“…She feels bad because you spoke ill in front of her, so you can understand why she’s upset right?”

As I watched the confrontation between Eric and Eun Ah unfolded, an obvious question came upon me. That question was: “Why did Solar set Eric up in this specific situation in the first place?”

There are many ways a person can go about playing a prank/hidden camera on their partner, but Solar chose to let Eric face a sudden situation where he had to deal with a person who slander Solar in front of him, and her, and tons of CCTV. What exactly was she trying to gain from all of this?

Precursor to the Event

To explain everything that lead up to this candid camera event, I want to take us all the way back to a conversation that happened 7 months ago between Eric and Solar:


On that day, Solar let Eric know something crucial. She likes a person who understand her, who trust her enough to be on her side and protect her against harm. Eric quickly caught on to what she meant when she circled the “sympathetic” personality, and he said something sweet to her in a joking manner to make it less embarrassing: “Okay, I’m on your side.”

But can he actually live up to his words? Or is he a man of empty promises? That is what Solar wants to figure out. Smart as he is, sweet and kind as he is, all of that is so easy when the day is sunny and the wind is calm. When the storm hit, however, will Eric have what it takes to hold Solar’s hands through it all?

Solar had no idea just what exactly Eric is made out of…



Just don’t say anything negative, just don’t say anything, just sit still… If you like her and love her, I don’t think this is right…

The Scenario


Solar met up with her friend Eun Ah in the clothing store one hour before the event took place. She told Eun Ah exactly what to say and instructed her to create a tension between them great enough to incite a reaction out of Eric. Notice what Solar suggested to Eun Ah:

“Tell me that the size won’t fit. Once I go in, you can talk to Eric. Tell him that your friend went to school with me, say that…” *footage cut off*

We knew that most of what Eun Ah ended up telling Eric later were the exact words Solar wanted Eric to hear. Like I mentioned in my review, those probably are pretty close to, if not exactly the common hateful words that Solar has received before, and she wanted to know exactly what Eric would do now that these same words about her are thrown at him instead.

After all, Eric promised that he would be on Solar’s side, right? The time has come for him to prove just that.

Eric’s Resolution

First, I have to give credit where credit is due. Eun Ah did an incredible job of tricking Eric. He is no airhead, and Solar knew that, so it does take some serious acting skills to deceive him. Eun Ah delivered the crude words with just the right attitude and tone, and it really got Eric like the way Solar intended for it to.

As Eun Ah started to put him through the test, Eric’s temperament and his feelings for Solar began to unveil:


Even when a female shopkeeper questioned how Solar looks in clothes, his answer was still the same as it was then during the Han River date. Even though Eric admitted that he is not familiar with Solar’s dress code, he still had the courage to be firm in his eye judgement of her. We all know how Solar felt about this answer of his.




Eric just confessed to Solar in front of her right there, but that’s not what I want to point out. Notice how he said “We fit each other very well, we really do”. That’s an affirmation from Eric that Solar needed to hear. Solar already feels the same way about him in this regard since a while ago. All that’s left is for him to let her know now that he thinks of her the same.




Sounds familiar?

How many times have we heard people say that “Eric is too good of a man for Solar?” This kind of sentiment is definitely the most common among the Nampyeons who will throw these words at her out of jealousy and hatred. This also extends out to WGM viewers who might have this same train of thought. Eric’s answer? “No. We fit each other. We deserve each other.”

If anyone ever dare to think that way again, just know that Eric would like to have a word or two with them.



When people cast doubts on how much you know your partner, it takes a lot of trust and understanding of the other person to rebuff those remarks. The time he’s spent with Solar has given Eric a very good grasp of who she is as a person, yet there might be things from her past that she probably is still hiding from him. How would he know if Solar is really like what he thinks she is?

But then, Eric said “I guess they weren’t so close” and “Nobody get along with everyone”. For a man who has only known Solar for seven months to go up against this potential person who knew Solar when she was young, and still be certain that he knows Solar better, that was the biggest statement of trust that he will ever give to Solar.

However, if you listen carefully, there’s actually some truth hidden between those lies. Solar was actually a very lonely and unsociable person during her school days, as we could have guessed from the stories she has told us before (refer back to my article if you want to know more)

I don’t know if this was Eun Ah or Solar’s idea, but either way, they were killing two birds with one stone here. Not only were they judging Eric, but they were letting Eric in on things about Solar he might not have known about before.



Now that she’d witnessed Eric protecting her against Eun Ah, Solar stepped out of the fitting room to give him one last test: A test for his acuity and temper.

Solar heated up the situation by getting into an argument with Eun Ah herself. She wanted to see if Eric would panic and completely lose his grasp on the situation. As the confrontation escalated, Eric quickly realized that they were being recorded, and his only thought was to stop Solar from causing troubles to herself.

By this point, you could tell that Eric had become very irritated by the persistent ignorant from Eun Ah. Like the way you saw him in the Mwave video I posted earlier, his lips started trembling in anger, seeing how Eun Ah kept making Solar feel bad about herself rather than apologizing for her mistakes. Solar herself was becoming petulant, and Eric had to calm her down while handling the annoying shop owner behind him. Everything was coming to a tipping point.


Then Eun Ah fueled the fire further by this statement, trying to see if it would put Eric over the edge, but Eric came through. Even though he was very much irked, he still tried his best to explain Solar’s feeling to Eun Ah calmly. When he realized that he could not get his word through to Eun Ah, he decided it’s best that they agree to disagree, and to get Solar out of this mess as soon as possible.

In a situation that would have made most men lose their minds, Eric managed to assess everything in his head and made the best choice possible. He knew his priority, and his priority was to protect Solar from harm by getting her away from the shop, not standing there and trying to win an argument or getting violent while being recorded by the CCTV.

Assurance for the Future

With this knowledge Solar gained from Eric, she has finally understood his sincerity in the words he gave her seven months ago. Eric is not only truly capable of being a sympathetic person who will defend her to the very end, but he also knows how to do it without making a mess of the situation and causing controversy to him or her in the process.

What good does it do for her to learn about this from him at the end of the day?

She now realizes that, the promise he made to be there for her in both good and bad times is something he can actually fulfills. Even after their time on WGM is over, whenever he’s somewhere far away and anyone badmouth her in front of him, Solar knows that Eric will stay by her through thick and thin.

Solar also could see that Eric can be a calm presence for her even in dire situations. The way he handled that conflict with calmness actually impressed Solar greatly. If you don’t understand why this was so crucial, then I suggest to watch this video of “YongKong Byulkong Worry Counseling V-App” to see how she and Moonbyul would approach a conflict between themselves (hint: they prefer to explain things calmly rather than being all angry about it).

But the single most important thing that she, and we have learned from all this is that, the way Eric understood the importance of staying away from scandals, from doing wrong things in front of CCTVs will go a long way in helping their relationship survive against the real world post-WGM – the world where many eyes will be on them, the world where many people will look for ways to sabotage their images, to ruin their careers, and to break the promise that they’ve made to not be separated apart.

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@enko20 Absolutely wonderful analysis as always! Eric is constantly re-affirming to me that this good-naturedness goes far beyond just his image, and I'm so glad Solar understands that too.

I'd also like to point out that, in that same V-APP, Solar mentioned that the reasons she's hesitant to go into a relationship with someone she's friends with is because she's afraid that, when they see her faults, it'll fall apart more than a friendship would. Here Eric was directly confronted with things that are not only real faults of Solar's (being shy, hard to read, and sometimes cold), but things he's experienced while getting to know her (like Eun Ah said when they were talking later - it's hard to get to know Solar because she's so hard to read). I think this was absolutely a test Solar felt like she needed, and a test that's kind of so contrived it only could exist on a TV show (after all, it's not like she can prank-camera all the guys she's thinking of dating, no, she can just do this with Eric). Eric proved to Solar that he knows her faults, and doesn't care, which has just shown her a relationship between the two of them can work.

Also, it's like you said; he also just proved he knows exactly how to not get caught in a scandal.

Well done, enko20, well done.

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I got so emotional watching this episode. When I first heard Eric was joining WGM, I was really excited because I saw how he always said he wanted to comfort Yura when he was on the studio panel, for some reason he struck me as someone who would be a good husband even though I wasn't really a fan of his work nor did I know him very well. When they announced that Solar would be his wife, I was confused because I had never heard of her before now, I went to look up Mamamoo and watched a couple of their videos. I was so amazed at how talented they were and how beautiful Solar is, so I was willing to give them a chance. As they started, I was a little let down that they weren't so romantic but after a while, I quickly adjusted my expectations because I was determined to watch Eric on WGM. I grew to like Solar after because I realized that she and I are similar in very many ways, the same reason why I like Kim So-eun. I didn't think them leaving would make me emotional but I feel like I might actually cry when their last episode airs. The last time I cried over a WGM couple ending was Leeteuk and Kang Sora. I'm really happy that I watched them because I found out new things I would like to do if I get married. Because of them, I want to throw shoes in the park with my husband and play pranks on each other and build furniture with him and try new things and stupid things. They really made me happy with their relationship and even if everyone else says they were boring, I don't care. I don't wish for them to date in real life because that will be too much to ask, but I wish that they can continue to be friends and Yong-seon can continue to know that there's someone other than Mamamoo members who is willing to take her side no matter what. And that Yoon-do can know that there's always someone willing to make him smile when he's feeling down, I hope that they can continue to be friends forever.

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I need more explanation about idol cp in wgm that  have possesive fans...i read taeun couple had worst fans but i don't know to much about sungjae and joy and how about leeteuk and sora, there's a lot of elf too...with yongseo i only heard comments said that yonghwa more suit with park shin hye (don't know the other bad things)

With ddongie i never thought too before that moomoo will react like that same with nampyeons cos eric and mamamoo are cool idol...



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Hi @Ira Ajja, Taeun pehaps has the worst case of haters, specially towards Naeun. Yongseo haters actually not directly thrown at Seohyun but to the fans who often relating any Yonghwa music to Seohyun (and there's also fans of PSY-YH), so they have 2 counter attack for different reason. Leeteuk Sora almost none, but hats off to Leeteuk i would say because he daringly change his Weibo front profile to yheir wedding picture (when he wass off to Army duty) eventhough Sora was cutoff but anyone still know its their wedding picuture he used and while he was known only keeping his SuJu member as people that he followed on IG, he made the exception for Sora. Sora also the only girl showed up at his father and grandparents funeral. That i think speak volume of what she meant for Leeteuk therefore his fans said almost no ill about her. Sungjae and Joy,well i am not sure about this somebody please correct me but i think RV is a more well known group compare to BTOB? The only criticsm they received was that Joy seems to like him wayyyyyyy more than he likes her but since her fanbase is bigger so it doesnt really echoed much negativsm. Im not saying APink fanbase is less than Shinee but at that time Shinee was more wellknown since they have debuted for 5 years and Shawols are quite a possesive fanbase, and there was an episode where Tae pranked Naeun ended with her tears in BRI. To make it worse at that BRI some staff heard cursing at Taemin in the back which was not edited when it was aired causing a lot of hate towards Tae. So Shawols who already had an objection about Tae joined WGM lited up even more causing almost a ruckus between those 2 fanbase.

The others? Well @Le_Sanguine perhaps has better memory than I do, he might has more info. Eventhough i watched almost all CP, I dont recall fans problem towards the other CP bigger than Taeun and Yongseo. Offcourse some scandals appeared towards several CP (Solim, Leejoon,Jjongah,etc) but handled pretty well i must say so it doesnt really developed to be bigger than it should.

On a side note thanks @cinnaminskies and @enko20, both of ur writing really are great. Looking forward to the next one.

I found it so heartwarming that in the last episode Solar perhaps was the one who speak the most of whats going on in her mind about Eric and their relationship. From her letter to what she said when she gave Eric the shoes (i mean Eric must prepare tons of mementos for her) but those words coming from her showing how close Eric is and how dear he is for her in real life.

Another heartwarming scene? The way she looked at him when he read her letter. Then and there she knows how much she meant for him. For a person like Solar that perhaps at the beginning perceived her self not good enough for Eric, that must be a climax realization of how important she is and how high she is perceived by him.

Well im just gonna stop my ranting. Thank u all.


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I personally love your review of the latest ep @cinnaminskies somehow it gives me hope for this couple. about meeting eric's brother, couple sweater.. etc. indeed it's all bittersweet. and oh incase you haven't seen this, think you should watch this ASC episode. when worst thing happened during the hangouts with fans and see eric's reaction (i'm kinda want to tell you about what it is but i don't want to spoil you so please watch it by yourself xD) the hangouts section starts around 22:30


@Farfalle about the sticker photos they took, i think instead of re-printed it, they cut it in half so they got one each :D


anyone loving the background songs on the latest episode? i love like all the bgm they chose for ddongi and really fit the atmosphere. i tried to search them up so.. here they are :"D

1. The beginning of ddongi's part - It Must be Autumn




2. The photobooth - Kiss Kiss Kiss




3. The ending - For a While Without a Wordgiphy.gif


the contrast of emotion between the happy ending of yesterday's episode and the preview for next week just break my heart. and this song just fit the situation perfectly.. i found no translation for the lyrics of this song (since he's kind of indie singer) but the song's description is :

"For a While Without a Word" describes the breakup of a couple, of an unfamiliar story unfolding in a familiar place."

so tragic and sad T___T


And i think they probably really went for a drink together that day. my theory is..


Eric had a private event to attend that day, but i guess the event was held in evening/afternoon, while ddongi filmed in the morning and in the afternoon-night time. I noticed the change of solar's clothes and hair too. She did definitely re-doing her hairstyle and makeup between the picnic and shopping time. She probably did it when waiting for eric to finish his schedule. At that time, she also did the V-app and visited EunAh to plan for the hidden camera.

conclusion: Eric had no schedule after the wgm filming that day.

and i noticed they were talking with EunAh from 7:25 until 8:07 pm (see the clock behind EunAh lol) so for sure there are lots of talk that didn't aired.



we all know that one person who is a representative of puppy and elephant in real life, right? kkk

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@gureentea That song really, really made me so emotional already... omg you are right, everything about that song, from the title to the lyrics, it really describe the scene and the feeling of uri-Ddongi :bawling:

Thank you for your detective info. Now I'm confident Eric and Solar really had a makgeolli drink together, and for sure they talked about a lot of things with Eun Ah.

For those who think they can handle the feels, here's the words of the final episode song: (most pronouns are implicit, so I've translated it within the context that I think make the most sense)




For a While Without a Word - Bily Acoustie

I've been looking at you silently for a while

A me whom you've never once seen before

Many people walk by us

Time seems to have stopped between you and I.


Amidst a familiar landscape

Lies your unfamiliar eyes

A cold voice resembling you

From behind, your view is faint.


The words hidden in our hearts that could not be spoken

The tears that we've suppressed, they just won't pour out


On that empty street, there we've been left alone...


hancham-eul mal-eobs-i neol bogo iss-eoss-eo
na-egen hanbeondo boin jeog eobs-eossdeon ne moseub
sumanh-eun salamdeul ulil seuchyeogado
sigan-i meomchwo beolin deus meoj-eobeolin neowa na

igsughan pung-gyeong sog-e
nachseon neoui nunbichgwa
neoleul dalm-eun chagaun mogsoli
huimihage boideon ne dwismoseub

malhal su eobs-eossdeon mam sog gip-i sumgyeodun geu hanmadi
kkeonaeji moshago aesseo cham-a on nunmul heeojineun uli

teong bin geoli hollo nam-a meoj-eobeolin nae moseub



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