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@papaxmoo I'd just delete it. It's not relevant to your video and if they get upset then it's their fault for clicking on it. I personally really enjoyed your video because it was a lot more fun to watch than hunting for little bits and pieces in various fancams. Also, I got to everything really clearly which made me happy!

I think another teaser pic is about to drop, so when it does I'll let you all know.

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@Farfalle Thank you for the updates. Yeah I hope you will enjoy it. I also loved how happy Solar looked hehe :`) She seems to be in a really good mood before/after filming with Eric, and that's a really good sign.

And that SJY's article is very interesting. I think that confirm the talk we have about celebs using WGM as an excuse to have a dating feeling with someone else. Celebs are human too, they also need to experience romance and that kind of stuff, there's nothing wrong about that.

@gureentea I always have mixed feelings whenever I see something like that tbh. I'm glad that Eric get more exposure and all, but these are the kind of things that enforce his "Nation's Boyfriend" image even more. I personally want him to move away from that because it can really hurt his dating/marriage life in the future :(

@papaxmoo That's really unfortunate to hear. Well I guess now you can imagine what Eddie experienced when he posted stuffs about Eric-Solar on his SNS. Honestly if it doesn't bother you that much I suggest to just ignore it. Many of us intl. fans still support and love these kind of contents so it's okay.

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@cinnaminskies I never really understood people going round looking for content they dislike just to poop on them. I remember watching videos similar to the one I made and how it made me so happy, thanks for letting me know I really appreciate it as a creator. :heart: 

@enko20 it's so unfortunate in general, I wish the (crazy) fans would realise if they backed off their 'idols' would probably open up more and we'd all be able to see beautiful friendships between groups/artists. I agree with you on the video of the event, well it's 'fan service' not sure he could ever stop doing that sorta thing but indeed it does fuel his 'nation's boyfriend' image. 

chingus I think the AAA is serious, I thought it was some dodgy award thing Mamamoo is performing. it would be so great if they could win as well.



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Fresh from the oven 



Appreciate your detective skill about chopstick and yass they have korean instant ramyeon and ttopokki.

No halloween eps? ~ yas one more dubai eps left. 

I think eric goin back to atlanta to celebrate brian 20th bday, eddie posted about it before eric spotted in airport

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11 minutes ago, 407801baby said:

Fresh from the oven 


Eric's touching the mochi cheeks again :blush: Let's hope they don't cut it again.

I don't know what has me so in love with this promo pic, but it looks like they're standing so closely and it's throwing me off. Also, he's kind of bending his knees so he's at her height again. And Solar's shirt-dress thing is really really cute. I'm glad they're having fun


I mean also him touching her cheeks with both hands like that reminds me of the beginning of a few of my favorite kiss scenes but let's not go there right now.


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Official Pics are in!


OMG Eric is touching her cheeks. Gosh if he start pinching them I'm gonna die from excitement~ :wub:









And they are massaging each other too :dizzy:

It seems they will only air bed and pier scene, which mean that there will be more parts to come! :D

@papaxmoo That AAA event is going to happen just one day before Eric's birthday, so be on the look out. Something serious might be going down on those two days :)

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More ddongi preview pics... yoohoo~ maybe they will air the halloween part too






Full post (with other couples) here


Is it posted? Eric appeared on Tag TV "Item Show" he's handsome *fangirling mode* ㅋㅋㅋ


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The preview pics are so cute, sweet and romantic at the same time! I don't wanna spazz too much right now but I can't help esp with the korean dinner that eric prepared for uri yongsunnie! Where can I find a guy like him!  I really can't wait for tomorrow's episode!!!


Btw let us all support mamamoo and eric on mama2016, they honestly deserve those awards! 

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Thank you for all the preview pictures..

I like how comfortable these two are- the way they hold each other and even the way they dress. I think most idols or singers care more on their appearance but these two I guess really don't care as long as they are comfortable and that's enough.

I can't wait to watch them tomorrow. I will definitely watch it even if it's raw..:wub:

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@407801baby @enko20 @gureentea for the updates! these two I cannot, they could have all the luxury in the world but Eric? chose for their dinner to be ramen and tteokbokki? doesn't this just show how simple they are? gosh I will not begin to gush about the previews but I admit my anticipation is through the roof. cannot wait to see how all this plays out.

Also have you guys voted? Eric and Mamamoo are sorta killing it. makes me so happy. as of 28.10 11pm kst


#1 - best vocal performance group 

#13 - hotelscombined artist of the year

#17 - hotelscombined song of the year



#1 - best vocal performance male solo





to be honest with you chingus 50% of the peeps on there I did not know so I just clicked I knew and whichever name sounded better for everything else.


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Yeorobun~ :blush:

As I promised, here is part 2 of the series. Hope it will give chingus something to kill time while waiting for raw/sub of this ep :)


  • All of the negative comments about Solar that I’m going to quote only serve to further explain the narrative I’m trying to get across. I have zero intention of witch-hunting anyone by bringing them up, and for that reason, I will opt to keep the usernames and sources anonymous.
  • I had an internal debate with myself during the writing process on whether to talk about other members of Mamamoo at the risk of drifting away from the main focus which is Solar herself. I came to a conclusion that it’s critical to make these inclusions, because quite frankly, Solar is Mamamoo, and Mamamoo is Solar.
  • My greatest hope in all of this is to inspire more debate/curiosity about Solar as a result of my own observations. I love her and I know that many of us share the same sentiment. At the end of the day, my only wish is for you all to help me and help each other appreciate Solar (and Mamamoo) more.
  • As I mentioned before, I am by no mean a psychologist, nor do I claim to have a good understanding of human behaviors in general. I hesitated quite a bit before writing this, but I felt that it would be impossible to talk about a girl like Solar without doing so. Please feel free to dispute or add on to any thoughts I have.
  • And as always, any feedback regarding my writing technique/format/language are more than welcome. Thank you and enjoy!


“Dragon girl, Squirtle, Yonggary, Dragon line… *Yeba*”. Just like how the line of nicknames ended at the word “Yeba”, my initial impression of Solar only extended as far as that, a “pretty fool”, and nothing more. However, as I began to take a deeper look, I slowly came to a realization that, all this time, I myself have been the foolish one. Behind the simplicity shown in all the bright laughter, the hyper appearances and the charming stage performances, there lies a woman with an incredibly rich and much more complex tale to tell. This is the story of Kim Yong Seon, the beautiful Goddess of the Sun that only truly emits her warm sunlight after rising up from the darkest night

Part 2: Solar – The Enigmatic Yeba

by enko20


For me, Mamamoo, the name itself has become a turning point in life. Before, I used to be a dark person and had to go through many bad things, but with the birth of the name and the group Mamamoo, good things happened. Things have changed, and I have changed too…” [5]

- Solar


There is a classic adage that says: “Do not judge a book by its cover”, and even though I’ve heard those words so many times in my life, I keep on falling into this trap again and again. First impression sometimes can be a very dangerous thing, for it might form unwarranted prejudices and misunderstandings about a person that could prove tough to overcome. In the case of Solar, that was exactly what I did, only to realize later on that she is almost certainly nothing like what I perceived her to be.

In my early days of getting to know Mamamoo, I kept on hearing stories of how wonderful their group members are personality-wise, and that it was a huge reason why their fanbase could have such an inseparable bond with them. Initially, Mamamoo was, to me, a group of four gifted entertainers who know how to light up the stage and give the fans what they want. However, that is something I could say for countless other idol groups in the industry, so in that sense, there really isn’t anything special about Solar as a person and Mamamoo as a whole.

My opinion quickly turned around when I began listening to what Mamamoo have to say about the lives they have lead that has gotten them to this point. Hearing those inspirational words about themselves, it finally dawned on me why they fully deserve the love and outpouring support from an ever-growing, passionate fanbase they have.

For the purpose of this piece, I will keep the narrative strictly to Solar’s perspective. I will only include snippets of her members as analogies to support and highlight Solar’s narrative, in hope that it will show how has she changed over time and what exactly has made her into the woman she is today.

Scars of the Past           


♥Solar’s Emotion Part I – Lived Like a Fool♥

One day, at the sound of leaves falling
I saw my empty mind

Felt the fleeting times
That flew by

Like the falling leaves
Have I lived my life

I lived foolishly
I lived foolishly
I lived foolishly, I lived foolishly

Is it lost?
Is it too late?
To return the times that have passed
Wouldn’t it be great?

I lived foolishly
I lived foolishly
I lived foolishly, I lived foolishly

I lived foolishly
I lived foolishly
Foolishly, foolishly
I lived foolishly

Foolishly, foolishly
I lived foolishly

     Living in Loneliness and Doubt

(1) Tendency of a loner; A preference for personal space

Although we do not have many accounts of Solar’s childhood story, there is an actual snippet of what she was like in her early days, revealed by none other than her own older sister, Kim Yong Hee. In a call made to her on Melon Star DJ, Yong Hee let us know that Solar used to be very shy as kid, and that she would locked herself in a room singing and sleeping and wouldn’t come out. [*]

[*Note: This story was provided by @NitePanda, but an actual source could not be found]

Secondly, Solar on her 25th birthday’s V-Live App told us why the birthday celebration event held at Chemi Concert carried such a special meaning for her:

“…Thus far in my life, through school days I should say? I have no experience of holding a birthday party...in elementary and middle school years, kids usually hold birthday parties with their friends, but I have not experienced that…” [16]

The third account of Solar came much later on, when Wheein and Moonbyul reminisced about the early days spent with their eventual group leader:

Wheein: “Since we weren’t that close, unnie sat by herself. She’d spread out a yoga mat and do yoga by herself.”

Moonbyul: “There were other trainees, but I noticed that she wasn’t very close with them.”

Solar herself also added: “I’d be by myself. Do things my way.” [17]

The most important fact that can be drawn from these snippets is that Solar isn’t quite the most social person through most of her life. From her early childhood days spent alone in her own room singing, to growing up without having a birthday party with friends, then her later years staying away from other people to do things on her own, there were hints along the line that indicate to us that Solar is the kind of girl who prefers to live in loneliness.

To clarify, being a loner doesn’t necessarily mean that a person always wants to be alone and to not make friends. Simply put, a loner prefers a lot of privacies for themselves, and usually, they will only approach and open up to people who interests them.

(2) Inferiority complex stemmed from incompetence and self-doubt

     "My parents don’t really express that they’re happy. In front of me, they go: "Yeah right, as if you’re ever gonna become a singer.” [12]

Imagine yourself as a girl who just love to sing all day in her room, who find delight in the vocal gift that the heaven has given to you, only to be told by none other than your own family: “You’re not as talented as you think you are, stop thinking you can compete with many other people out there”.

That kind of hurtful words alone could be enough to cause severe damage to anyone, let alone for a girl who is, as you will soon find out, as sensitive and paranoid as Solar. What kind of thoughts would a child have hearing something like that from their own mother and father?

“Is my singing voice not as great as I thought?”

“Am I not good enough to stand in front of a crowd?”

“If even my parents don’t believe in me, who else in this world will?”

There is nothing more mentally painful than living while thinking that you are inferior to other people around you. It’s easy to take negative opinions of strangers with a grain of salt, but from your parents, the words they say about you might leave a deep scar that will take something monumental to heal.

The mental trauma that a person could suffer from the lack of trust and support from their loved ones is nothing to joke about. To compound on this even further, seeing Solar as she is today, it’s easy to notice how much of an accident-prone person she could be, and from there, we can only begin to imagine what she was like as a child. Even though it might appear cute or funny for us to see Solar makes a mess out of many things she does, not everyone have the ability to laugh at themselves for screwing up over and over again, and especially not Solar, a girl who will easily let failure creeps into her mind and makes her thinks lesser of herself.

WGM Sidenote 4Do I have what it takes?


To explain the reasoning behind why I believe Solar has been suffering from inferiority-complex, I will provide many WGM evidences to make my case clear:

#1 – Intimidated by Eric’s linguistic skill

NDXAakX.png 2LqBar4.png

One of the things that a person with inferiority-complex afraid of the most is when they are around someone who likes to show off, or basically, a person who likes to assert dominance.

Even though Eric already gave her the impression that he’s not one to go around and flaunts his skills, her subconscious mind still made her wary of a man who seems like a know-it-all. She couldn’t help but feel that Eric’s standard might be up there somewhere, and a girl like her will be looked down upon.

#2 – Concern about Eric’s personality preference

dPSNG5i.png eFYp2Ay.png

(Pay attention to her facial expressions during this sequence)

There is nothing that screams “inferiority complex” more than when a person gets triggered by the word “competent”. When I first heard Solar say those words, I didn’t quite understand why Eric’s personality choice was so problematic for her. However, now that I know her better and being able to look back in hindsight, it’s easy to comprehend why she would be afraid of his choice.

That is because she’s a person who believes that she can’t do anything right to save her life. If Eric is looking for a competent person, then perhaps she is not the girl that he wants, because in her mind, she will only end up looking like an idiot rather than a reliable woman if he let her take charge of everything.

#3 – Cooking

i63iFxr.png c5O8n6d.png

1X5UuZz.png jEZm9pp.png

Seeing Solar cooks tell me right away that she isn’t the kind of girl who has done a lot of kitchen work. Perhaps in the earlier years, she would only focus on singing or studying for her future, or maybe she used to not like cooking that much when she was a kid. Either way, it’s clear that she isn’t the greatest cook in the world.

However, the most noticeable thing about this is the thought process that runs in her mind while cooking for Eric. From the very first time she cooked for him, she already had a negative mindset, thinking that Eric must have been sarcastic when he praised her cooking. The most depressing part was Solar’s reaction to Eric making fun of the way she cut radish and the way her kimchi tasted. She became excited at the thought of making something good for her sister Yong Hee, but Eric’s negative reaction got in her head, which made her confidence went down the drain and she thought she shouldn’t cook anymore because quite frankly, she will never have what it takes to be a good cook anyway.

#4 – Her own name


When I heard her say this, I suddenly remembered something.

Back when rumors of her being a North Korean defect surfaced, many netizens, including K-Moomoos had a running joke that Solar is not from South Korea because her name (Kim Yong Sun) sounds like she’s from the North. Even she herself admits that her name is very unusual for a Seoul girl.

It’s not unreasonable to think that she probably was made fun of during her childhood for having such an odd name. Even though many of them probably only did it in a joking manner, being mocked by people because of her own name would only make a shy girl like her even more afraid to approach them, in thought that if they believe she’s a North Korean, they would isolate her like an outcast, or even worse, bully her for it.

#5 – Like to be flattered/coddled

xqUZ3ve.png 9kcT01d.png

Make a note for this point, because I will touch upon it much more in the final part of this series. At this point, I will say that one of the biggest signs of an inferior person is when they constantly find the need to be validated, or to be pampered/coddled to. For a girl like Solar, words of encouragement like “You did well” or “You are good” get her excited and keep her motor running, but feed her with negative words and she will retreat back to into her own fearful mind. (see: #3)

(3) Paranoia/Insecurity

You may think that I’m repeating the point I just made above, since inferiority complex is also known as being insecure of one’s self-worth, but that’s not necessarily the case. What I’m referring to here is the difficulty that Solar faces in trusting other people around her. This is split into two ideas: her tendency to make hasty judgement about others and her paranoia about what people think of her/what she’s capable of, which goes hand-in-hand with (2).

The earliest account that showed her skeptic side was when she told the story about her early impressions of Moonbyul, who eventually became her best friend:

“When I first met Byul, I didn’t have a very good impression of her. I didn’t like her at first…I let her borrow them [heels], but… she didn’t give them back to me… so I thought I shouldn’t get close with her.” [17]

Without knowing who Moonbyul is, she already made an assumption that Moonbyul ought to be an untrustworthy or disrespectful girl. This is the first impression trap that I myself tend to fall into very often, and in hindsight, we all know how wrong Solar was with her judgement at the time.

WGM Sidenote 5What is this guy up to?


And with her appearance on WGM, this side of her really started to come out:

#1 – Early preconceptions of Eric

TDrW6tA.png acGTSXV.png

The whole talk they had at the clinic was very interesting to me, and this was another one of the details that caught my attention. Think about this: What made Solar think of Eric as a serious person?

I was quite surprised that Solar got caught off guard by how funny Eric is. This tell me that she definitely already had some preliminary notions about Eric even before becoming acquainted with him on WGM. I can think of a few reasons why she believed this:

1 – Eric is an American, so he couldn’t possibly be adept at being funny to a Korean like her (she brought this up later with her wish for him to learn Korean jokes).

2 – Eric seem like a stuck-up guy because of his popularity worldwide (remember her talk about him being famous with Hollywood celebrities)

3 – Eric is too classy for the kind of humor that Solar is attuned to ex: body gags, imitations, and even innuendos (perverted jokes).

Either way, knowing that Solar’s ideal type is a funny guy, we can infer that Solar initially did not think Eric was one to fit in that mold. That’s why, when she found out this charming side of him, she realized right away: “Ah, so Eric is actually not like that… I think I can become close with him then.”

#2 – Refusal to show her bare face

sOip09U.png 0T7NpVv.png

This is a very common insecurity that many girls have, that is the fear that a man will judge her appearance once she takes off her heavy makeup. What makes it interesting is that a girl as beautiful as Solar is actually not very confident about it. I’ve also read many interviews before where Solar admitted that she considers herself to be inferior appearance-wise compared to other female idols, and that she shouldn’t be known for her visual.

If you notice carefully, Solar seems to always have a lot of heavy makeup on for her WGM appearances. It’s an indication that she is worry Eric will judge her if she shows her natural face, and also because she’s not confident enough to appear on a public show without makeup (whereas when she’s with Mamamoo on V-live app for example, she would have no qualms about this).

#3 – Defensive behaviors against Eric’s approach

9pFODmd.png Koe2a6Z.png

KgsKpyg.png njWCRVB.png

This has a lot to do with the “inhibition” topic that I have talked about before. Because of that, I will use the opportunity to further elaborate on this issue

During the earlier episodes of Ddongie couple, these behaviors of Solar really stood out to me. Because I didn't understand her back then, I was quite shocked that she seemed to be very afraid of Eric's approach. Now that I've given this a second thought, these behaviors lined-up with her paranoia characteristic. What exactly was she paranoid about here?

Camera – Just like she herself admitted in Episode 12, Solar is terribly bad at doing skinship in front of camera. A detailed explanation for this was already made here before by @Le_Sanguinea 's Big Brother Effect. After all, this is no movie. She’s playing as herself, Kim Yong Seon, and her real self isn’t actually the kind of person who’s into PDA, even if her behavior with Mamamoo might seem to suggest otherwise.

Solar also said in an interview with Moncast that she actually does have fear of camera. [11]

Eric’s motive – To put this in a very blunt way, she was fearful that Eric was approaching her with an ulterior motive. Right before Eric made his wish at the pool, she was already mentally prepared to be asked for a kiss, and had he done it right there, that would have put her in a ton of trouble, because Solar isn’t the kind of girl who can say no to someone she isn’t close with [15] (plus saying no to a kiss on WGM mean it’s game over for her). This would also explain why she also used to curl up and defend herself when Eric tried to wrap around her shoulders or hugged her, because if she appeared open to his advance, Eric might become more aggressive with skinship and a shy girl like her wouldn’t know what to do about it. However, over time, this has no longer become an issue because she finally understands how much Eric respects her.


(4) Predominantly Introverted

The culmination of her personalities discussed (1), (2), and (3), coupled with other factors that I will provide more below has led me to this conclusion about Solar. I believe that, by nature, Solar is a hybrid of an extrovert and an introvert, leaning very heavily toward the introverted end of the spectrum. Here is a visual to help clarify my point:


What do I mean by this?

Solar, at first encounter, can appear to be a very enthusiastic and outgoing person. From the way she talks bluntly to her bubbly appearance, not to mention almost excessive laughter (that even Wheein recognized), all of that tend to give off a vibe that she’s a very straightforward, care-free, and easily approachable person, which are the characteristics of an extrovert. But that’s only true to a certain extent, isn’t it?

It didn’t take long for me to notice that she became very defensive even if Eric did very well in leaving a good impression on her. The introversion inside her took over once their relationship got past the beginning, heart-fluttering stage (some point after their wedding episode). Eric realized right away that Solar exhibited signs of distance from him, which ultimately led him into making a game-changing decision by sending her a message through the Jeju pool’s wish.

One of the most common misconceptions people have about an introvert is that they have to appear quiet, reclusive, and emotionless at all time, but Solar is an anti-example of that. She can talk aloud enthusiastically, but it doesn’t mean that she’s a social creature. She can jump and dance around excitingly, but it doesn’t mean that putting her in a crowd of strangers and she will light it up. She can laugh and joke around everything, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be hurt or turn paranoid/sensitive by being teased or mocked, so on and so forth.

Externally, she was laughing with Eric while doing the MC Ding-Dong handshake and all, but inside, she secretly crawled into her shell and put Eric on her watch. This is the kind of wall that an introvert like her will put up on another person that try to enter her personal space, quite simply because, at that point in time, she had to see if he’s truly a person that’s worthwhile for her to open her mind and heart to, or in her own word, having a relationship “without bluff” with her.

I will discuss in greater length the progression of Ddongie Couple stage-by-stage in the final part. At this point, I think this will suffice to make my case regarding Solar’s weaknesses.

WGM Sidenote 6On that day, I realized how much you mean to me...


Because her real-life snippets are not quite enough to draw this conclusion, I feel the need to include more WGM moments to support the claim that I made above:

#1 – Placing an emphasis on liking a sympathetic person


From my personal experience of getting to know introverted people, they tend to avoid people who are short-tempered, and who are quick to start assuming things about them, quite simply because they really can’t be bothered to explain why they prefer to stay away from the crowd to do something on their own, or to take a very long time to open up to someone else.

This was what Solar meant. She prefers a person who can empathize with this nature of her, even if sometimes she can appear very aloof and disconnected. She already struggles so much internally with trusting herself and expressing her feelings that the last thing she needs is for someone to compound on those issues even further.

Also, consider every other things she’s been through that I mentioned above, it’s quite easy to understand why she would prefer to have a man who can understand her and not be too quick to judge her characters from the get go.

#2 – Suffocation feeling of being around other strangers

uagwzs9.png w48pidr.png


If I didn’t learn about the fact that Solar’s shy, I never would have noticed this about her. The presence of a crowd around Solar really makes her feel engulfed/suffocated over time. Even the panelists noticed how shocked she was when she saw them. Also, she made a comment that she was out of her mind by the end. That wasn’t because of the Pepero game, but she meant that she was drained mentally by hanging around the panelists and having to do romantic things with Eric publicly in front of them.

What was most striking to me during those moments was that Eric had the presence of mind to run over and comfort Solar. At first, I thought that he kept hugging Solar over and over because he’s shy himself (or because she’s just that adorable), but turned out, it was his way of telling her “Don’t be afraid, I’m here with you”. This tell me that he definitely must have a very good emotional/psychological understanding of her. If he doesn’t, he would have been swept up by the presence of the people that he’s actually acquainted with (unlike Solar) and completely forgot how she was feeling at that moment.

#3 – Loud and confident socially… only with people who she’s comfortable with.

SQ6i4w5.png 11kj0Yg.png

To expand on #2, I think the point Solar made about her feeling for Eric during Chuseok competition said it all. It’s not hard to notice that she always turned to Eric and socialized with him because he was the only person she felt comfortable with. This is very similar to when she’s with Mamamoo. When they are together, they feed off each other’s energy and become hyper, but take them apart and their batteries turned empty. The presence of someone comforting next to her in that sea of strangers was just so crucial that even Solar herself began to see Eric in a different light from that point on.

It’s also important to mention that the fact that she even had the courage to confess this to Eric speaks volume to the level of comfort she has around him. This isn’t the kind of confession you often hear from an introvert, because they would rather keep it to themselves for the most part. However, in that inflatable pool, we saw how openly and happy they became when it’s time for intimate talk, because he knows, and she knows that their level of trust has reached the stage where they can open their inner mind up to each other. The last time they held this kind of talk (panelist visit), the words they told became a special memory for the other person as well.

Also, if you pay attention carefully, her BRIs are also a reflection of this. In the earlier episodes, she used to be very reserved and softly-spoken, but over time, she’s become more descriptive with her thoughts and more animated with her body expressions as she became closer and more interested in Eric.

#4 – Picking up cues

ExfRObd.png prmUlXz.png

This is a giveaway for me. Like I mentioned before, Solar always goes through a multitude of different thoughts inside her head whenever she takes in something from an external source. For an introvert, it’s very easy to be stimulated internally by doing deep reflections and thoughts on other people’s inputs, sometimes almost to the point of over-thinking it. To put this in an easier way to understand, this is exactly what happens when Solar feels something “click” in her head. When Eric made the first wish in the Jeju pool and the second in the inflatable one, the floodgate of thoughts in her head opened up, and she picked up the cues right away as to what exactly Eric was trying to tell her. This is why every time he wishes for something, Solar always takes it very deeply into consideration, because it allows her to connect with him mentally as she tries to fulfill those wishes of his.

*WGM Sidenote 7* -  Viewpoints of Solar


Since we are currently in the discussion regarding Solar’s weaknesses, this is going to be the appropriate time to bring up the criticism that WGM viewers have had against her in the past. As I said in the beginning, this is not simply a “Haters gonna hate” section, but rather, an objective attempt to help us understand why there are polar opposite opinions about a girl like Solar.

(Note that I have already filtered out comments that I consider to be pure troll/flaming with no constructive criticism for this discussion. All of the comments here are the ones that, in my opinion, have some sort of merits for debate)


“Solar avoids so much having skinship while Eric is trying to get closer to her I think he just gave up and now they look more like good friends “


“I watch WGM because of Solar but tbh her yeba personality doesn’t fit in with the show. I wonder why she join the show when she is so uncomfortable with skinship. Poor Eric…he kinda gave up.”


“I kinda pity Solar because most people blame her for being slow, unreal and distant from Eric. Perhaps it’s a wrong move for her to join the show as her unpredictable and weird personality doesn’t fit into this kind of show.


I feel so bad for Eric! Solar is unbelievably reserved to the point where they only feel like friends, seems really forced! I love Mamamoo and Eric but Solar doesn't seem to have a romantic bone in her body lol.

Before I delve into this and address anything, I feel like I should talk about what I meant when I said I used to have a wrong perception about Solar. As an Eric fan and someone who pretty much didn’t know a thing about her before she came on WGM, I initially based a lot of my opinions about Solar on how she appears whenever she’s with Mamamoo. What I used to see was a girl who have zero problem being touchy and playful with her members, and I thought she would carry that same flamboyancy with her into WGM, but that wasn’t true at all.

Even Eric felt the same way I did about her:
“I thought Solar was a playful person but it surprised me that she was the total opposite.”

And I as read through the negative comments, I realize that a lot of these commenters are actually not just haters. Some are actually Eric/Solar/Mamamoo fan, but they carry the same false expectations about her that I also once had, and thus became frustrated/disappointed when it turned out to be wrong.

But unlike many who jumped off the so-called “Solar Ericlipse” bandwagon, I decided to try to understand Solar better, and I’m glad I made that choice, because I now realize that through her, I have learned to be more careful and considerate in my judgement of people instead of jumping the gun.

With that, I will go ahead and explain some of the most common criticism against Solar and why people view her this way:

Solar isn’t comfortable with Eric/doesn’t want to open up to Eric (in term of skinship)

I would like to use the point I made about Solar’s paranoia and introverted personality to make a case for this. A lot of viewers are fooled into thinking that Solar is a gullible girl because of her “Yeba” side. Even though she seems like a very naïve person, Solar is actually extremely cautious and calculating when it comes to placing her trust in someone else, and this shows consistency in her characters that I described above.

This is why, even for a guy that is as decent and respectful as Eric, it still takes her a very long time to believe that he will take care of her well, and I think a lot of people have had a difficult time understanding this, or simply just don’t have the time and patient for it.

Also, as most of us have already known, having to deal with extreme fans in real life also put Solar in a very sticky situation. She has to be considerate of herself, her members, and her fans in everything she does with Eric As time passes, not only has she become more comfortable with Eric, but Solar has also become more mature and cool-headed in this matter, and slowly she is learning the limit of how much she can show with Eric on camera.

However, this isn't something I expect a neutral viewer/non-fan to understand or know about, so it is only understandable that they would make these comments purely base on their perception of Solar on-screen.

Solar doesn’t like Eric romantically

This is not for any pro-Solar or anti-Solar to judge really. Only Solar knows her true feelings for Eric, and vice versa. Critics seems to come to this conclusion based on the fact that she’s reluctant about skinship. While it isn’t wrong that she does hesitate a lot about skinship (in the past), it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to do it with him. Again, it goes back to the matter of trust, and at this point in time it has become evident that their level of skinship does scale with how close they’ve become.

Solar’s personality doesn’t fit into WGM

Simply a matter of personal preference. There are no standards or set rules to determine who belong to WGM and who doesn’t. I admit that skinship really does sell, because it’s the kind of thing that makes us squeal, but a romance (which hopefully is what WGM should be about) is much deeper and more intricate than just skinship. With a girl like Solar, there’s so much more stories to tell than just a simple weekly spazz session filled with gifs, and at least for me, this is the reason why I came for Eric, but stay for her. Not that I don't find Eric's story interesting (of course everything about him is interesting to me), but I feel Solar's story is very deep and what she brings to WGM every week really makes me think long and hard.

Solar has no romantic experience/She doesn’t know how to be romantic

Yes and no. I think that Solar’s behavior does suggest to me that she is not very experienced in romance, and perhaps like many new things she’s been trying out, this is also the first time she’s been in a relationship as well. Either that, or she has been in a bad relationship before, and finds it very difficult to open her heart up again. However, I have to disagree with anyone who says that Solar has no “romantic bone”, because she can be romantic, but her way of being romantic is simply not so hot or flamboyant enough to be noticed if all you are waiting for is skinship.

For an introvert like Solar, there are two biggest signs of romance that she has shown thus far. The first lies in the many romantic ideas she has for him. From writing a song for Eric, to cooking food for him, all the way to her recent surprise event, those are things that show she is willing to go out of her way to do something for a person that matters to her. The second, and most important one, is the fact that she admitted that Eric means a lot to her as a person (like I mentioned in #3 of the previous Sidenote). That kind of statement alone is already romantic enough, but for an introvert to say that, it carries ten times the romantic implication.

I've also read some comments that said Solar seems to have zero reaction/weird reactions to the nice romantic gestures that Eric has done for her. A lot of people were referring to Episode 18 when Eric gave her a rose for the first time:


Now at first glance, it did seemed like she wasn't very enthusiastic about it. However, when they went over to the table, she stared at him through the rose and said "Oooh" in awe. Her reaction was very similar when he made hallabong ade and beef intestine soup for her group in Episode 22, except she exaggerated it a bit more.

What's my point in mentioning all of this? Because of her introverted nature, it's very easy for her to be misunderstood. One of the characteristics of an introvert is that they don't show immediate, emotional reaction externally to something that is touching for them. Usually, an introvert feels this kind of impact more inside, but they struggle to express out how they really feel (and this is exactly why Solar keeps telling Eric that she's sorry she's not good at expressing herself), so people take that and run away with the idea that a girl like her has no idea what romance is.


Even though I am a novice in psychology, I am still learning every day to help myself understand people better. To me, the saddest thought I have seeing all of the negative comments is that, it’s not just WGM viewers, but many of us in this world are also very quick to judge introverted/shy people around us instead of trying to understand them. Sometimes I can’t help but feel that this is the same kind of prejudice that Solar received as she grew up, which only makes it even more difficult for a shy girl like her to grow closer and to trust other people around her.

Turning the Tables

Even though Solar had already picked up on singing as her childhood hobby, her career was actually heading toward a different trajectory altogether. Before the age of 21, Solar was set on the path of becoming a stewardess [1], only to realize eventually that it wasn’t for her (and from this, I finally understand her dream of being able to travel the world and why she started studying English).

After giving up her desire at being a flight attendant, Solar decided to go back to what she’s always loved: singing [6]. Burning with a desire to finally express to the world her virtuoso mind even at the late age of 21, Solar began the auditioning process hoping to quickly find herself a place in the industry world. Soon, she realized that her path to stardom were going to be filled with nothing but prickly thorns instead.

    Overcoming Adversities

(5) Passion and hunger for success

If there is one thing that not many people can be skeptical about Solar despite the many weaknesses she has, it is her work ethic. Many people, including her own members has made comments on how much vocal and choreography training she put in individually on a daily basis to improve herself.

One of Solar’s favorite artists is Amy Winehouse, because she’s someone who devotes herself to music despite going through drug and alcohol addiction which left her life in shambles [10]. We can see that Solar wants to take after her in this regard, by becoming a woman with an ambition and drive to build a great career on what she’s good at no matter the obstacles.

Mr. Eh made another appearance, this time on Simon & Martina’s Eat Your Kimchi. A question was then asked: “What is your ideal type of girl, Mr. Eh?” to which he replied calmly: “For me, people who I can just connect with, who are easy-going, laugh a lot, smile a lot, and whatever they do, they do with passion"

(6) Perseverance through trials

It is by that steadfast determination that Solar was able to stay with her dream of becoming a singer, despite being turned away so many times. We’ve heard this story before, of how Solar kept auditioning and got rejected over, and over, and over, and over again. [12]

For more than forty times…

Let that sink in for a moment. This beautiful girl with an angelic voice was actually shunned times and times again by countless agencies throughout the country. Can you even begin to imagine how she must have felt? Being denied once, twice, or even three times, still, there might be a chance you could improve and try again. Being denied forty times, at that point, you ought to realize that, perhaps, this life wasn’t meant for you after all.

All the while of going through that, she also had to be in a constant struggle against her parents’ objections. For someone who kept facing rejection times and times again by the world around her, hearing them telling her “As if you will make it” only further bring all kind of negative thoughts into her head and made her lose trust in herself. At the age of 21, which is considered late for debut by K-Pop industry standard, and still drifting around from one agency to another, Solar was staring at a hopeless abyss in front of her with no one there to support and help her find the light.

Yet, while many would have given up, this Korean girl named Kim Yong Seon kept coming back for more. The passion for music inside her heart wouldn’t let her walk away, and she decided to keep on showcasing herself. She could only hope that one day, if there is any justice left in this world, someone out there - anyone who have keen eyes and a heart big enough to look beyond her shortcomings (whether it be her appearance, or shyness, or clumsiness) - will give this wandering girl a chance to realize her dream.

     Acceptance and Liberation

And as the saying goes, “Justice will be served”.

On a fateful day in Hongdae, Solar received a lifeline in the least expected place. While she was singing for a public event, a person affiliated with a certain agency in the crowd noticed her. This time, she was finally given the time and the tools to succeed that no one else has ever given her before. [1]

Against the many mainstream agencies in Korea that tend to stick with the status quo, this agency stood out from the rest with their different visions for talents. Instead of recruiting prospects and make them go through the process of “survival of the fittest”, the agency becomes a haven, an “incubator” for many failed and wandered talents who desperately seek for a place they can call home. [19]

Just like Solar’s own words, it was by “a brush of fate” that such an agency came for her, and it happened just in the nick of time before what little light of hope left in her fizzled out. The agency that had the heart to take in this wonderful angel is known today as Rainbow Bridge World.


“We rescue artists that are not being given their agencies’ total attention.”

-      Kim Jin Woo, CEO of Rainbow Bridge World (RBW)

     (7) Staying faithful to herself

As I was reading through the history of Mamamoo and RBW, a revelation finally came upon me. Even though each one of Mamamoo members have a distinct storyline from Solar, they all share one single common denominator that unite them together under the banner of RBW: Every single one of them had fallen victim to the dark side of the Korean entertainment industry at some point in their lives.


Story of Moonbyul


An aspiring female rapper hailed from Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Moonbyul told the story of her humble beginning spent with her family in Mamamoo’s “My Hometown”. As she grew up seeking for a music career, however, she soon found out that the path to debut wasn’t quite as rosy as it looked.

The bright and charismatic Moonstar that we see today actually experienced fraud in her youth days while going through the auditioning process, and in an interview with VIVA100, she recalled what happened then:

“I was really sad when I suffered from the fraud. I held on to my mom and cried.” [20]

But it didn’t end there. During her time as a trainee in SM Academy after bouncing around from one agency to another [7], she was quickly cast out again for not losing enough weight. The mistreatment she received back then light up a fire in her to come back stronger, and eventually, she was recruited by RBW one month after Solar did. [17]

Story of Wheein & Hwasa


Wheein and Hwasa, the two childhood friends from Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do grew up sharing the same passion for music together at a young age. They met through a dance in middle school, and formed an extremely close-knit bond that has carried them together through thick and thin

Ever since their younger years, the two have always had each other, from ditching school to go sing together, to, once again, ditching school and moving to Seoul to become singers, everything they do, they always do together as a pair [8]. One day while chasing their dreams, they would run to the Han River and yelled “We will soon conquer this river!”, and on that same river, Wheein said that if Hwasa passed away, she wouldn’t be able to live on without her. [9]

However, as soon as they started their trainee lives away from home, each one of them was faced with a brutal reality of their own:


Because of her shy nature, Wheein suffered from anthrophobia being around other strangers of a group in the very first agency she stepped into. After being ruthlessly shown the door for her mental weakness, she went around auditioning alone and got rejected over and over again for more than ten times before RBW finally took her in to be reunited with Hwasa. [20]


A bright and cheerful soul who loves to sing and freely express herself, Hwasa dreaded of being restrained and molded into someone she doesn’t want to be. In an interview with KBS’s “K-Pop Planet”, Hwasa recalled the story of how happy she was at becoming a trainee, only soon to be mocked and judged while dancing for being overweight. She got hurt so much that she was bawling her eyes out while running back home. During that time, Beyoncé became her inspiration to carry on with her dream. Soon, she returned once again to Seoul better than ever, and together with Wheein, they finally made it into RBW. [8]


Those four girls who share a similar drive to overcome their dark pasts for a brighter future soon realize the thread that binds them all together. Among all the trainees, they understand each other’s hearts best, and through their days training with RBW and living together on the rooftop, they have become like sisters who will have each other’s backs in good and bad times. [13]


The vision RBW has for four girls who bring joy and healing to the world through their life stories and music has finally bore its fruits

For RBW, they finally have in their hand a group of girls who are eager to share their love for music with everyone else. In their hand, they have found four girls who love to be themselves, to have fun with each other, and to make other people believe that they can achieve anything in life if they refuse to give up [14]. Now it is up to RBW to provide a platform of freedom for Mamamoo to express themselves, and giving them the words of encouragement that people all over the world will want to listen to the stories they have to tell.

And everything that they envisioned has certainly become a reality


Because of the overwhelming acceptance and love countless Moomoos have given to Mamamoo over the years, Solar and the girls are finally liberated from the ghosts of their past. With every passing day, their own painful tears and sadness of the yonder years are slowly being replaced by newer and brighter memories made by a surrounding fanbase that embrace them for who they are.

Gone are the gruesome trainee days when they were shackled by the chains of a society that demanded them to look a certain way, to act a certain way, and to be molded into a box, a puppet with flawless facades for the audience to see. Now they can walk on the stage singing in delight while yelling “We are who we are, and we are not ashamed of ourselves”, and their fans will be roaring up together in approval of them.

Gone are the forgettable days when the hurtful words of Solar’s parents broke her poor heart in half. Now, as they see Solar sings her heart out on the very Moosical stage that she has been working with her members for years to earn, they can finally walk around and tell people “That’s my daughter!” with pride.

Especially for Solar, gone are the days in despair and loneliness when people would turn their cold shoulders and let go of her when she reached her hands out for help. In the loving arm of her fans, she has now found a haven she can call home, and through them, she has finally found people who share her pain, people who are willing to amass with signs telling her “Even if you were let go before, don’t be sad, because you are here with us now, and we, your Moomoos, will never let you go”.


“Me, whom you know better than I do…”

What past is past, and now, Mamamoo is ready to write a new chapter in their book of life. Scars and wounds might heal over time, but without the love and support of the community around them, it would never be possible in the first place. For Solar, the once pouring rain has made way for the sunlight in her life to shine bright, and the girl who used to live in fear of being put down and mistreated can now take baby steps out of her comfort zone to show the world what she is truly made of.


On a fine sunny day, Mr. Eh, who recently found out that his best friend was due for a comeback, went on his SNS (Instagram) and did what he always does best: showing support for his peers. The message he sent out to her? “Jimin, you are great, no matter what anyone say about you.”

WGM Sidenote 8 Even though I’m not a perfect wife, thank you for taking care of me and understanding me.



And all of that finally bring us back to this particular moment, which I consider to be the most heartwarming memory in Eric-Solar relationship thus far.

Out of everything that Eric have told her, Solar chose those words as the unforgettable ones. If we bring the context of her life and everything she’s been through into play, then the reason why that sentence left such a deep impact on her becomes crystal clear.

It’s because she has always been living in fear that Eric would not think highly of her. Time and time again, even though she tried to look good doing things, because of her clumsiness, she always ended up making a fool of herself in front of Eric. She tried to cook for him, and it always turned out bad. She helped him hang the lights, and she hung the extension cord the wrong way (then she got angry and frustrated in front of him). She decorated his promotional car, and there were wrinkles and bubbles everywhere. Put yourself in her shoes, and imagine being around someone as capable as Eric, how would you feel? I personally would be very embarrassed and concerned of how I appear too.

Yet, Eric looked at her in the eyes and said “Solar, to me, you are good at everything”.

As a young girl, Solar never quite received this statement of support and acceptance even from her parents. When they once told her “You aren’t good enough to be a singer”, Eric tells her “You are good at anything”. Even now as a leader of Mamamoo, she is still being passed off by her members and fans, though in a light-hearted manner, as a walking accident who bounds to cause disasters wherever she goes (beside music). Wheein who recognized Solar’s sweet and kind intention in making jjajangbap for her could only nibble on it out of courtesy [13], yet Eric not only ate all of kimchi bokkeumbap with her, but told her to cook it again for him. It’s not because the food was that good, but because he believes in Solar and wants her to believe in herself, that she is greater than all the worries in her head that has been holding her back.

This was the moment when Solar realized that being with Eric gives her a similar feeling she has around her loved ones. In Eric, she has found a man who sees perfect in her imperfection, and in Eric, she has found a man who can be her source of strength and confidence when she needs it the most.

It is because of his kind words that Solar was set free from her doubts and fears she once had being with him. Even if she fails spectacularly, Eric will smile and tell her “I can see your heart and sincerity in all of this”. Even when she panics or grows impatient, being around his cool and collected presence will calm her down. Most importantly, even when she thinks she isn’t competent enough as a woman, Eric will tell her that she is more than good enough to take care of a man like him if she could learn to trust herself more.

Eric made this powerful statement back then, and by god has he lived up to his own words ever since:

ZWYAlpz.png PanZ8ts.png

Finally, I will let Solar sums up how Eric made her feel with these beautiful words in her self-written version of “Wish List”:


A guy who likes my favorite dishes (even though they are bad)

A guy who laughs even when my stories are boring

A guy who hides me in his arms when I floss my teeth

Even if I am broke, he still wants to see me

Even if I am rude, he still responds with a smile

I like that kind of guy ♥


Toward the Sunlight

     Love Heals All Wounds

(8) A kind heart filled with deep compassion

Because of everything she has been through, Solar can now look back and sympathize with others who have to deal with hardship in life. This is why she and other members would always open their V-App, their fancafe, their SNS to connect with their fans, to answer their questions about life and giving out counseling sessions in order to help people around them deal with the difficulties they are going through.

The true beauty of life is that, even though it can hand out lemons in a very unfair way, being able to live through that will allow a person to learn many valuable life lessons that they can, in turn, be able to share and support others who follow suits. That is something Kim Yong Sun herself understands very well.

In order to recapture her life in a nutshell, and to give us the full picture of Solar, a girl who has grown to have a big, loving heart, I would like to re-quote a beautiful quote that one of our friends here provided in the past:


(9) Confidence gained from excitement

If you ever wonder why a bunch of shy girls with anthrophobia like Solar and Wheein can let go of everything the moment they hit the stage filled with a massive crowd, here’s two of the secret reasons:

Even though they are actually very nervous in front of other people [4], Mamamoo have been given the tools and the green light by RBW to go out and express themselves freely [2]. Their choreography are very free-form and filled with their own ideas [18]. Improvisations and ad-lib are more than welcome. Even mishaps and hiccups could be a natural part of their performances as well. Basically, anything that allows them to display their own flavors and colors with pride is encouraged, because they know that only through freedom can those girls be at their best, and only through their true images, even if they aren’t flawless, could their fans grow to love them even more.

But the most important reason that allow all of this to happen in the first place is because they always have each other on that stage. Standing side-by-side, Solar and other girls can have comfort knowing that they are next to their best friends who share the same passion for freedom, and the same wavelength in term of hype and quirkiness. They feed off each other energy and gain confidence as a group, and in turn, that same energy is channeled toward the crowd that are just as passionate as them.

Knowing that, it’s easy to understand why the moment the spotlight shines on them, the stage becomes theirs.

I think by this point, you should be able to see the striking similarities beginning to surface…


Does this mean that they can’t do things on their own then? Not quite. Over the years, Mamamoo and RBW have come up with training techniques and meditation methods to improve their stage presence and confidence individually. Also, the girls have been given opportunities to do work on their own in other to break them away from the familiar feeling of being together. From Solar and Wheein’s individual appearance on King of Masked Singer, to dramas project for Solar (Imaginary Cat) and Moonbyul (Start Love), they are slowly gaining exposure to the world of entertainment that is much bigger than the comfortable music stage back at their home. After all, one of the ultimate dreams that this group of self-sown idols [3] want to achieve one day is to mature and produce their own contents without having their hands held by RBW anymore. [18]

(10) Humor and quirkiness that can brighten up anyone’s day

When Solar is at her best and happiest state, she is as bright as the Sun itself. Solar possesses a humorous, playful attitude that can make people laugh and become excited with her. It isn’t easy to get her going, but being around the right kind of people, and she becomes a hype train that won’t stop once she’s in the mood. From her high-pitch dolphin laugh, to her trademark “Neutrogena foam cleanser” advertisement (Speaking about that, can someone get this woman a Neutrogena CF already?), Solar is definitely one of the funniest and quirkiest girl you will ever encounter, and even her own members agree.

Having a happy Solar around you simply mean that there will never be a dull day in your life.

     A New Adventure Awaits

On the subject of breaking away from comfort zone to grow on their own, Solar, as the eldest member of the group, is due for an opportunity to show everyone that her true Yongseon personality is much more than what is shown on the musical stage.

What could possibly be a platform for the so called five-year-old leader to showcase this then? Knowing her penchant for shyness, it’s certainly isn’t easy to just throw Solar out there for the wolves that once left her in tattered, but sometimes, risks must be taken in order to reap rewards.

Finally, Yongseon has landed herself on We Got Married, a show that could go from a fun playground to a trial by fire in a matter of seconds. What kind of fate then will await her on the other side? Will she once again have to face a storm that she had spent years to overcome? Or will she meet a man that will allow her to take the next step in her life, to experience happiness, to gain the strength to overcome her weaknesses and mature into a beautiful and great woman in her own rights?



Mr. Ambiguous Era

[1] Solar – My Name Is… (Tenasia)

[2] Rookie Who Is Not Like a Rookie – MAMAMOO (Oh My Star) – [Original Article]

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Oblivious of the fact that their destinies would soon be entwined together after the first encounter on After School Club, the man and the woman carried on chasing after the dreams and aspirations of their own. However, on that fateful day in Hongdae, the stars finally aligned to tell us a wonderful story about two people who once resided on different sides of the globe come together to make each other whole. In the third and final piece, we will examine the tale of funky-boy-meets-quirky-girl that has not only produced nothing short of top-notch comedies, but also entailed many heartwarming lessons to be learned in love.

Finale: Ddongie Couple – A Match Made in Heaven


(To be continued…)

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OMG! You write so well! I'm TRULY A FAN victory-onion-head-emoticon.gif cheer2-onion-head-emoticon.gif


It's Ddongi DAY! 
*manse manse mamanse*


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@enko20 ahh that was so beautiful!! As a Solar fan, I found so much joy in reading your piece, and I think your analysis was really accurate! I think I'll definitely be reading and re-reading this, especially as their relationship contunues to develop.

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6 minutes ago, NamSeoYeon18 said:

currently on top dont forget to vote them

Chingu-deul, How to vote? :sweatingbullets:

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The translation of official preview text for today's episode from WGM website


 ♥ We Got Married ♥ Episode 345 (will be aired at October 29th, 2016) 

Eric Nam ♥ Sola 'Luxurious' Dubai Trip (3)

Eric ♥ Solar who entered 'luxurious' hotel and changed into couple pajamas!
Eric waited for Solar and prepared something alone...
What was the identity of Eric's 'startling surprise'?

Two people who gave a massage to each other as they finished the dynamic day!
Solar, who gave Eric a massage, suddenly said
"This is real man style!" and surprised... So why did she do that?!

Two people who revealed a honest talk, lying side by side on the bed.
Pit a pat~ How was their first night in Dubai which was filled with strange atmosphere?

The next morning, Ddongi couple who were walking on the private beach where the crystal clear sea shined!
Felt uplifted by the beautiful scenery, Eric said "Yongddong-ah, I love you!",
Confessing out loud surprisingly... How was Solar's response?

In relation to Halloween season, they transformed into cute witch and adorable dracula!
Two people who visited the largest indoor theme park in the world!
How was their appearance when they handed out candies to other tourists,
And also when they rode thrilling ride?


Ugh, finally I can visit the thread after spending time with my assignments :sweatingbullets: So here is the preview text for today's episode! I haven't caught up with the thread, but thanks for all the updates! I'll read the all the updates first before replying, and I'll read @enko20's article later since now I want to catch up the live streaming first :) And glad to see both Eric & MAMAMOO are acknowledged by people for their vocal performance B) 

@pwnkl You can vote here http://mama.mwave.me/vote by logging in to your social media accounts! :D 

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kyaaaaaa~ they were lying on the bed prepare to sleep then Eric suddenly said Thank you for marrying me (CMIIW) :wub: omo.. uri-yeba was startled kekek~ didn't understand what she replied but she replied shyly yaaa! I'm over the moon :w00t: but It's so nice of MBC that they left them both alone in the room ;) jalhaesoo~ MBC!

*They're walking, early morning*

Eric shouted, "Saranghae!" green-scarf-emoticon-39.gif

Edit: @Farfalle Orayt!! Thanks my friend :wub: Good thing, MLSHR made me create several social media accounts :lol:


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I wrote kinda quick summary :) I'll put it in a spoiler, maybe other chingus prefer to not read a spoiler before they watch it?

  • Solar also said that she felt awkward before when they changed into pajamas for the first time, but now it's more familiar.
  • I was right about the cup noodle, omg :lol: The preparation makes me remember when Eric prepared for his proposal. Solar waited impatiently again while Eric was on the kitchen. This time he nagged about it because it disturbed him when he's doing his best :lol:
  • So Solar said "real man" because of Eric's leg hair :lol: She said that Eric looks like a baby from his face, but his legs look manly. And she's so cute, patting his leg hair, and Eric said that she patted it like she pats a dog :lol:
  • Now they could lie down close with each other like that :o And when he's asked about what he remembered the most, he said about Solar's appearance when she wore hijab :D It seems that Solar was surprised because of Eric's unexpected answer. @pwnkl is right, Solar responded like "Why did you suddenly thank me?" 
  • When they walked together, they're like a drama couple :wub: Solar couldn't see because the sun was too bright. She's like joking around, with her hands reaching anywhere and her closed eyes, but it turned out kinda romantic? Hahaha and then she's shy :lol: And I'm thankful they didn't cut the "skip to my lou" scene :D
  • Eric said that it would be difficult if they went to amusement park in Korea because of their schedule and other people. But they could enjoy amusement park more because Dubai people didn't see them as celebrities (although later kids asked them if they're popular because of the camera :sweatingbullets:). 
  • Oh and I noticed Eric gave his hand to Solar when they rode the scary roller coaster, but it started so sudden hahaha. Solar's scream... As expected from MAMAMOO main vocalist :lol:
  • Next time, yacht scene! :wub: Solar said she had a wish though, I wonder what it was. And the fountain show! Eric said that it's regretful that they had to go back to their daily life and Solar said like this trip would be an unforgettable memory for her.


Highlight clips!




Next week preview!


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@enko20 i get teary while read it...as child and teens we tend to play with our friends and enjoy our youth without worry...i'm glad solar has mamamoo member as her bestfriend now

@Farfalle i'm waiting your translation since last night...thanks for your work even you get busy with your assignment

@NamSeoYeon18 thanks for the info...and i read ifans can't vote for Melon Music Award only can stream at Melon site 

@pwnkl your post full of excitement make me can't wait tomorrow patiently

Mamamoo will record IS2 at 31th and broadcast at 12th nov and their hobbae Vromance will join in too

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