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I honestly didn't think that anything could be funnier than the "Frozen" date, but what do I know? This is Ddongie couple after all. They are honestly one of the greatest romantic comedy couple ever :lol:. I'm always amazed at how they make everything they do 10x more exciting and hilarious than usual. Ddongie couple really should open a laughter pills delivery service, seriously, because they never fail to crack me up with their antics.:lol:

Well, here is my review for this week. Enjoy chingus!! :)

  • As expected, Ddongie couple is jjang~ 10 seconds into the episode and I already burst out laughing. Eric is so mischievous hahaha, scaring the daylight out of Solar with a fake earthworm like that. She was running for the hill and screaming like a little girl xD I felt second-hand embarrassment when the camera panned out and the farm owner was standing there watching them the whole time. He must have thought "What are these children doing here in my farm?" :sweatingbullets:



(Run, Solar, Run!)

  • I have to say, watching Ddongie couple play games is the greatest thing. They really know how to have fun trolling each other :lol: Solar is simply the greatest cheater in the world xD Even MBC have to give her the title "Queen of Cheating". Well deserved, my evil Yongsun!!B)
  • That lethal poke though. Solar was honing in on her husband "precious bottom" lol! I agree with the panelist use of the word "punishment" hehe. Yep, this is Solar's special way of showing tough love. You're welcome, Eric! B)



(Target locked-on)

  • I cracked up when Eric sat down to cry after losing to Solar in rock-paper-sciccors and immediately stood up yelling "Ouch!" because something pricked his butt :lol: Then "Queen of Cheating" Solar strike again, tossing his tongs and running away while laughing at him. :naughty:
  • Solar's "Bam bam ba bam!" is so cute! I'm glad to see her so excited and happy fooling around with Eric like that. They aren't just a weekly dose of happiness for us, but for each other as well. :)
  • Eric wondered when did they turn into a middle-age couple hahaha :lol:. Well Eric what happened between you two during Chuseok was no joke. I think she's way comfortable with you now, perhaps too comfortable even.
  • Did Solar just say "I will cook something for you out of love"? Haha I thought you hate cheesy things Solar? What happened? :rolleyes:
  • I have to admit that watching Solar struggle at cooking is simply the most entertaining thing in this world, though I feel terrible for saying that :P Eric was just so mean to her, oh my god. "I can't imagine you on a cooking show" and "You should stick to cooking ketchup fried rice" haha. When the car alarm honked, he basically said "Alert! Alert! Our Solar is about to cook". I thought that was it, then Solar said "My food will be delicious" and Eric shook his head while saying "Yeah sure". Chill out Eric! You gonna make her cry. :joy:
  • This couple can make a harmony out of anything, even from an alarm sound. They are simply daebak~
  • I was genuinely surprised when Solar flipped that pancake successfully. See Solar? You are good, just believe in yourself! (Not your cooking though, don't get the wrong idea...) But did you hear Solar's husky voice? That was funny and scary to me at the same time O_o.




  • Eric enjoyed the chestnut makgeolli too much. He basically finished the drink in one gulp lol. That thing is an alcohol Eric! Even Solar was shocked too.:o
  • Solar wanted an honest evaluation of her cooking, but she got so scared when Eric was about to taste them. She grabbed his arm and wouldn't let go for such a long time (love how natural she's become with these kind of things). Eric gave her a 4 out of 10 for the pancake, and she looked like the world just collapsed down on her lol, then she proceed to give herself a 1. You don't have to do that to yourself, my poor Solar! :sweatingbullets:



(Expectation vs Reality)

  • I think Eric didn't expect Solar to be upset when he gave her an 8 for the sweet potatoes though. Did you see how Solar was slamming her chopsticks on the table? She was really frustrated with herself. :sweatingbullets: I know that feel though, when you try so hard to do something but it always turn out not like what you want. Well, on the positive side, she clearly put a lot of effort into it. You do know what it means when a girl cares so much about cooking something good for you, right Eric?
  • Love what Eric said in the BRI. He was being brutally honest with her because he cares about her and genuinely want to make her become a better cook. It reminds me of this quote:

"A good friend will tell you what you want to hear, but a best friend will tell you the unpleasant truth"

     Well, you are a good cook Eric, so you really should help her out. She will be very happy to see that, believe me.

  • I felt so bad when they took the foods out to share with the farm owner haha. I really wanted to laugh with the owner's funny reaction, but I was feeling so terrible for Solar that I couldn't :sweatingbullets: It's okay girl, it might hurt now, but one day you will look back and thank him for this.
  • Again, they showed their generosity by sending the extra foods to their parents, the panelists, and even 33 Couple. How can you not love these two? They are funny, cute and just simply wonderful people all around.
  • If Solar tried hard to impress Eric with her cooking, then Eric was also doing his best to humor Solar. I think his first joke (the 조호화/조토화 - luxurious/destruction) was actually really funny, compared to his "In Dubai~" one, but Solar disagree with me haha. Actually, I had an idea why it was humorous for her though. I think Solar found the way he said "in Dubai" hilarious and not the joke itself, because I remember her cracking up in an interview when someone said "Whitney Houston" in a funny way. i could be wrong about this, but the most important thing is that Eric managed to make Solar laughed her butt off, and that is enough to make me happy. :blush:



Dubai incoming! I would watch even 4,5 episodes of this, so please put as much content as possible MBC! I will save all the spazz for next week haha,.All I got to say right now is that I truly hope they can have some serious, heart-to-heart conversations with each other during the pier walk and on the yacht watching sunset. The atmosphere seems just right for this. It's great to have fun and dancing around crazily, but it would be such a waste for them to let something like this passes by. :)


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kyaa this week's episode is just as adorable as usual!!

and before i forget, i think this episode was filmed on sept 21st based on eric's snapchat update.. this is the same shirt and place right? :)


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Hello again Chingus!!! Funny thing about this is that i've never in my life imagined myself actually enjoying and be entertained by two people collecting chestnuts and harvesting sweet potatoes :joy: Whatever these two people do is just soooo great :blush: 

  • Kids kids kids~ they remind me of those elementary days when a little boy is crushing on a little girl, he'd be teasing her.. Just like what Eric did :smirk: Okay now Mr. Nam, we know you're crushin on that little cutie patootie. (funny how Yongsun is running away with all her might) Aigoo Nam YoonDo, you little trickster!



  • With that HUGE area full of chestnut trees, was there a need to be right next to each other while collecting those prickly nuts?! 
  • I love the caption though, "In our relationship, is there such a thing?" when Yongsun said "This is my area" 



  • And the Queen of Cheating, Miss Kim Yong Sun :naughty: we see how she is really really comfortable with Eric since her Mamamoo dongsaengs are actually better at cheating her (and they always team up in bullying their kid-leader), Yongsun now have someone she can actually have the upper hand in terms of games and cheating :tounge_wink:
  • And i guess Yongsun is putting Seo In-Young's advice during RaStar in use. About how married life involves some bickering :joy: 
  • When Eric said that they are "becoming like a middle-aged couple", all i could think of is "they must really be close for him to think of it that way" 



  • Isn't heartwarming that despite her knowing that she can't really cook, she still did her best to cook food "full of Love" for Eric. And for a girl who can barely drink alcohol, she actually brought alcohol again.
  • And how nice is it to see her just instinctively grab his forearm


  • I dont know if my eyes are tricking me or did he just taps her on the leg naturally?? And she didn't even flinch just like last episode



  • And ofcourse, they are again displaying their kind nature by sharing their harvest.. isn't this the first time Solar is actually writing to her in-laws? or atleast the first one that was aired.
  • Honestly though, i knew the "in Dubai" pun he made and it was funny but not THAT funny.. And this Mochi just laughed her butt off! With his "american joke"! Can you guys believe it?! Yongsun is actually starting to like Eric's kind of jokes! She even said "this was the funniest as of yet" towards the end. :love:


The hype is sooo strong on this one! Im so so so excited for this next week! And i can't wait for Saturday to come! First because of our Donggi, and secondly i just want 3 of my midterms over and done with :mask:

I actually still not over how MBC-WGM invested and spent so much money on our couple, and with was what shown on the preview was expensive enough, we know that those were only half of the places/things they did.

And tbh, I wonder if it wouldve been the same if another couple won the chuseok special,  I know that it's a "luxurious" trip but would it be the same level of "luxury"??

A bit out of context but


I follow this user on twitter and she basically watches Donggi WGM but only for Yongsun. And i just found it a bit amusing that she/he is actually starting to like them as a couple.

And Yonghee Unnie is apparently the same age as Yoondo.. I hope he gets to meet his sister-in-law by the end of Oct.!


@gureentea Chingu! Great eagle eyes as usual! You can be a detective for all i know! LOL But whose hands are those??? Not his since he's taking the snap...hmmm.. that brown thread could be the hairtie Yongsun was wearing.. hmmm..but neither of them was wearing a watch during that ep...

@enko20 Couldnt agree with you more with those comments, Chingu!!! Love reading them, as usual! :blush:

And to everyone!! thank y'all for all the updates everytime!! Donggi fam ftw!

끝. TDBsUsZ.gif

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MAMAMOO performed at Asia Song Festival



Did she dye her hair? ud: 



@gureentea wow you found it! Kudos to your skills and sharp eyes. Detective ddongie chingu indeed! :lol:

@enko20 @onlybeagles I always love reading your comments/review/insights about the latest eps :wub:

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It's funny - Solar wished for Eric to adapt to Korean humor better, but it's his weird sense of humor that's making her laugh a lot (I dunno if you can call that American humor but it's definitely an odd sense of humor :D ). I guess he took her other wish a lot more seriously than her first one. :)

I'll read all your reviews later when I get home. Did you know I purposely came to work late just so I can download this week's engsub to watch while commuting? My perfect punctual record is gone now, thanks to this couple. :w00t:

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@Le_Sanguinea Thank you so much for your insight on the camera issue. It matches up with what I know about WGM and with @Farfalle articles as well. I would like to offer my own two cents about this:

Just like you, I was at one point very tempted to jump into the "scripted" argument against the naysayers, but soon I realized it really was a pointless thing to do. The "awkward" nature of the show mean that this kind of sensitive subject will forever be a debatable topic. My own intuition from watching many couples over the years has led me to personally believe that it's the couples themselves that determine how "scripted" they look. Yes, I agree with you that those flashcards/cue signs do exist (and WGM themselves admit this) for directional purposes, but really, they do not have that much of an impact on how an interaction is played out between the couple. The dynamic between each couple's identity is simply too vastly different that no amount of script/writing can make that possible (@pwnkl nailed this before when she said that even if WGM have the same format, each couple always play the scenarios out differently).There's clearly an element of naturalness in their interaction, and I think Ddongie couple is a great example of this (Where who you see on WGM is pretty much who they are in real life, with pretty much zero contradiction). I would love to hear your take on this when you have time (because I wasn't around here during PocaGuri era).

Your explanation of the Big Brother effect just makes sense to me personally. I think it's not just Ddongie couple, but pretty much everyone on WGM has suffered from this effect from time to time. It's only natural when you are being thrown into a show where you aren't playing a movie/drama character, but playing as your real-life self. Not only that, it's even more obvious that most idols will be more vulnerable to this compared to actors/actresses. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my thinking is that most actors/actresses are equipped to deal with inhibition as a basic requirement for screening, but idols without acting experience are not trained for it. That's why it's easier for actors/actresses to not show restraint in skinship, even if they don't mean it (*cough* Nam Gong Min *cough*). So when I see someone like Solar saying that she struggles with skinship in front of camera, I can see why it's the case. She's the kind of person that prefer privacy in intimate/personal matters (I think @NitePanda mentioned this?), so that just goes to show that her skinship with Eric carry some sort of real meaning for her, and not just something she does for show. :)


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Ok so here's my review of the latest episode! Sorry I couldn't do it sooner; I couldn't watch the episode until about midnight my time last night because we were coming home from a trip and I just couldn't seem to get the video to play on my phone (probably a user problem, if I think about it). 

Here we go!


To start off, I loved the earthworm chasing scene. You could tell they were both having so much fun. I'm still getting excited about even the slightest bit of skinship, so I thought it was absolutely adorable at the end when Eric showed her there weren't any earthworms in his hands and she kind of smacked them. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm still waiting for some hand holding that it excited me.

Solar also seems a lot more comfortable in her interviews. She was so happy and bright and kind of looked like she was smiling the whole time. 

I don't know who keeps putting Solar in big coats but I want to thank them because it just increases her squishiness by like 20%.

Eric's face when Solar poked him was so funny. I don't think that's what he was expecting when he wished for more sudden contact between him. Solar wasn't even flustered by it at all, which I guess is good because it means he's at the very least on the same level as her members now; she feels comfortable doing all sorts of things with him without being embarrassed now. (Again, I think you all should check out some fancams, just to get a sense of just how comfortable Solar can get with people when her walls come down).

They both looked so good this episode. Maybe it's because they just couldn't stop smiling. I really loved the look Eric had when his sleeves were kind of rolled up. Solar's hair also looked really good. Sidenote: although I adore solar's long dark hair, I'm getting really excited about the idea that she might go blonde for their comeback, mostly because a lot of fans have speculated that their comeback is going to be Alice In Wonderland themed and that means Solar might be Alice, which would be SO CUTE.

Like I said earlier, I'm still screaming over every bit of skinship, so I really loved it when Eric put his hands on Solar's shoulders before picking the left or right bag. Such a short but sweet moment before the teasing began again.

The differences in their interviews are always going to be funny to me. The juxtaposition of Solar clearly and calmly explaining what ridiculous things she's doing with Eric almost falling off his chair laughing about the same thing is just so funny to me. This time, though, Solar was kind of laughing too her whole interview. I'm glad thinking about her time filming makes her so happy.

I love how even when they were teasing each other, Eric still said "Can't you see I'm picking the prettiest ones for you?" Even in their middle-aged marriage they're still so incredibly sweet to each other. It almost makes them feel more like they're younger rather than older. Maybe a kindergarten-marriage would be more appropriate to describe them this episode.

I was also wondering with the panel if Solar was going to give him another kiss before she flicked him. Unlike them, I don't think I would've been disappointed. I'm wondering if maybe that's how she's going to surprise him with skinship on the Dubai trip - disguise something as punishment before she kisses him. I have butterflies just thinking about what might await us on that trip, especially after listening to the Radio Star interview.

They really are the most considerate of the couples I've watched, always giving and sending things to their friends and family. The WGM staff and panelists seem to love them, which makes me really happy because maybe it means they'll get to stay on longer. I'm hoping they'll at least stay on WGM until the end of December, because I don't think anything could motivate me for finals better than they do.

Solar says she hates cheesy things, but that cooking with my love for you line was pretty cheesy... Hmm what is the truth Solar? 

This is a little thing, but I love being surprised by all of Eric's hidden skills. He doesn't really advertise them, so I always end up pleasantly surprised when we watch him do things for the first time like build tables or light fires (really, this episode came just in time because I was at a bonfire last week and the guys there spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to light a fire, so I was very appreciative of how fast Eric got his fire burning - to be fair, though, it doesn't sound like it's as much of a widespread skill in America as it is in Korea, from what the panelists said).

Wow this is pretty long already, and I'm only halfway done, so I'll put the second half of my episode review under another spoiler:


Despite the fact that Solar's not the greatest cook, I was happy to watch them switch roles from Chuseok and have Eric be the assistant this time. I really feel like neither of them feels the need to constantly be in charge of anything they do, which is really more fun because then we can see the different dynamics between them even when they're doing the same activity.

Eric encouraging Solar to flip the pancake and her being able to do it reminded me of her words from last episode about his words of encouragement really making her more confident in herself. She was so excited when she did it, and Eric was excited on her behalf as well. It's really cool to see how the little things can impact her now that we know a little more about what goes on inside her head.

Once again, I got excited when Eric fed her the sweet potato with his hands. Little things.

Solar brought out that bottle and Eric just drank almost the whole thing and it reminded me so much of another show he was on that I had to share it with you. A while ago, Eric went on Amber and Ailee one fine day when they went to visit Jeju. At the end, Ailee turned to him and told him to be more worried about his image, Eric responded "I believe in the power of editing!". I was confused at first, but later on I was watching one of Amber's ASC episodes where she revealed that Ailee and Eric had both had a little to drink that night (not Amber because she had a schedule the next day). It had also been totally fine with the producers. Nothing bad happened, it just showed to me that Eric not only knew what he could get away with when filming (aka. what would be edited out). That's stuck with me as I've watched WGM, especially since Solar and Eric's scenes do have a tendency to get cut.. I'm not suggesting Eric's been drinking on WGM but more that he really sees the show less as promotion and more as a place to have fun with and get to know Solar. I think this means he really is comfortable with Solar, and that he values their time together more than the perfect shot. I don't know, that's just a quick read of the situation.

Poor Solar. I don't think even the kindest of Eric's words could make her more confident with her cooking. I relate, though; I never can seem to make pancakes, even when I try really hard. I'm glad Eric could be honest with her when she asked, though. I think he's right in that his honesty shows he really cares about her. They're close now so he's not afraid that telling her she's not very good at cooking (which is the truth) will make him lose her. I really care about her and that's why I could be honest with her. Such amazing words.

I was laughing so hard when they gave Solar's pancake away to the farmer. That poor guy. His kind but not-totally-honest praise of Solar's pancake really made Eric's words in his BRI seem true, though. I'm glad we have that contrast.

What is their honest relationship to the 33 couple? They seemed friendly on the bus, and then the rap incident happened, and then they crushed them in the competition, called them out last week, and now this week they're sending them potatoes and chestnuts. I don't think our Solar and Eric are very good at holding grudges. They're too kind for that.

Solar's laughter at Eric's joke was adorable. I understood the joke, it just wasn't that funny to me. But, it's just Solar being Solar. She thinks a lot of weird things are funny. That's why we love her so much

Now... as for next week:


I'm so excited for the yacht scenes. I knew I'd be excited ever since I saw the ocean on Eric's snapchat. They're lying down looking at the sky with his arm around her. Butterflies. Butterflies everywhere.

I know the trailer is very silly compared to the romantic getaway we're expecting, but this is Solar and Eric we're talking about. They can go from 0 to 100 so fast. Just think about the winter theme park episode: one minute they were acting like little kids, the next giving eskimo kisses and writing heartfelt letters. I'm sure there will be some little moments in there that we all scream over.

I'm also hoping the Dubai episode will go on for a few weeks, especially since they haven't filmed anything new yet. 

Also: The return of Solar and Skip To My Lou! I don't know why she seems to love that song so much, but it's adorable, especially since they're walking with their arms around each other when she's singing it.


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This "scripted" argument has been going on since probably the start of the show and in many occasions, it has been a huge issue. i.e WooJung couple's thailand trip, as well as numerous couples getting involved in dating scandals with other people while on the show, as well as being in a relationship not long since they ended their stint.. So really, many factors go into this argument, same with the "fake" debate.. So the main thing that would contradict what these negative trolls is saying is how real/natural they look while on this show.

And there is this two little moments that struck me a bit. One is during the mokbang episode where Eric hid Solar's phone and she said "You really should stay away from acting." and when Eric said "Did you just act?" to Solar during last week's broadcast. I interpret this as: they know each other so well that when they do "act", each of them would know for sure. And this is just one of those little evidences that they are just what they are regardless whether on or off camera and they treat each other with so much regard and sincerity. And just as @enko20 mentioned, Solar being honest and saying she struggles with skinship, [on a show that is now, apparently, emphasizes/judges the level of closeness on skinship, according to some trolls], is quite interesting. If she really is acting, she would've *boom* *bam* held hands *boom* kiss. And Eric knowing Solar very well, is very considerate to her because he CARES about her. And i hope that people don't misunderstand her and say that she really doesnt like Eric blah blah, because even with her members (especially Moonbyul), she really struggles with greasy stuff. But hey, she did say that she wanted to give back all the good things Eric has done for her, and we could see her really trying hard to do so. And who would've thought this shy girl actually said "i'd cook something full of love for you"

And with Solar being aware of the camera, i think because she is a very shy person, it sometimes get quite uncomfortable for her with those camera men around, and instinctively look at the camera. But you'll see how this isnt the case whenever it's just the two of them (in the house, car) or when camera men are quite far.

A little out of context but


i've mentioned this probably on my very first post, but this couple does quite remind me of Yonghwa Seohyun couple. How they started off awkward and probably did their first holding hands at like their 30+ episode. And i think, similar to our couple, they got close on an emotional level faster than they did physically. I remember Yonghwa mentioning several times how well he actually knows Seohyun. And when they ended their stint, it was really evident that Yonghwa became a huge part of Seohyun's life since she experienced so much with him. And with this context, we are seeing how important Eric is becoming in Solar's life every single week.. 


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Hi, all! My internet suddenly died when I wanted to post my thoughts :sweatingbullets: I love reading everyone's thoughts too! Guess I'm not the weird one, can't stop laughing from their silly interaction in the latest episode :lol: 

  • Like what chingus have been said, the beginning is funny already! Their part begins with the chestnut farm scenery and calm music, and then suddenly a loud "WHAT WHAT? WHAT WHAT?" came out :lol:
  • Solar's expression when Eric chased her is really funny! She ran with all her might :lol: And Eric's I-don't-bring-anything-though expression hahaha. Solar is so pure, she even checked her bag, just to make sure there's no worm :lol: The caption is also cute, saying that joke is "childish" and "elementary students only". Yes PD-nim, they're just 6 & 9 year-old kids :rolleyes:


  • While they're playing like that, the farm owner just look at them quietly. I wonder what he thought, looking at them playing so childishly :sweatingbullets:
  • Well, now I know that Solar screamed because of sharp chestnut shells? MBC also cut her other screams though, just showing one :mellow:
  • Expectation: A lovey dovey couple is gathering chestnuts togetherSKKMNu5.jpg

    Reality: Fighting for the area filled with chestnuts :lol:

  • Solar's tricks for cheating are funny. She tried to distract him from gathering chestnuts with lying, then calling him, then poking him on his butt! The caption when she did that: "Powerful punishment" :sweatingbullets:


  • I laughed when Solar was looking and comparing her chestnut pocket with Eric's in silence :lol::lol::lol:



  • The official queen of cheating was born since their Frozen date. The small caption when Solar suggested the game: "Queen of cheating Yongseon-ssi". Then when Solar won: "Queen of cheating Yongseon-ssi's victory" :sweatingbullets: And look at Solar jumped adorably after she won :3



  • Eric sat and whined after he got the fewer chestnuts, but his butt got stabbed by chestnut shells! Not a good day for him :sweatingbullets: He's also shocked after seeing Solar's pocket (which is now his), asking her what's she doing for 30 minutes before because there are only few chestnuts in it :lol::lol:
  • Solar's "bam bam ba ba bam~"! The caption: "The winner's song" and "Energy UP" :lol:



  • When Eric said he's hungry, Solar said that she would cook chestnuts for him. Then, Eric like "okay", but I think he didn't really expect she would do it. Solar said that she always means what she said, so can we believe that she really cooked with her sincerity and love? :wub:
  • Their yell exchange is cute, proves that they're really getting comfortable with each other :D 
  • The caption here: "Seat/spot made for hard-working husband" ^_^
  • HAHAHAHA the caption again! :lol:



  • When Solar put the huge sweet potato in her hand like it's a precious thing ^_^ The sweet potato is shining!
  • The PD/staff/editor really put many effects for our Ddongi couple :D Even when they're just digging for sweet potatoes, the editor made the captions and situation like they're a farmer couple who recorded for a documentary :lol:

    Caption: "The new countryside diary of a farmer couple who is harvesting"


    Caption: "Nam Yoon Do (29) / Farming Successor" :lol:


    Caption: "Generous heart farmers Nam Yoon Do ♥ Kim Yong Seon couple"


    Caption: "Kim Yong Seon (26) / Chestnut & Sweet Potato Big Investor" :lol:


    Caption: "Nam-ssi couple, with the love for their neighbours..."


    Caption: "Today they also dig up the sweet potatoes diligently."


  • That EXID's "Up and Down"! :lol: They just never failed to make me laugh!
  • After Solar said that she would made the food with her sincerity and love, the caption when Eric awed at it: "No spirit/soul" :lol:



  • The cooking show which Solar dreamed of :) Hope you can be the main chef soon, Yongseon-ssi!
    Kim Yong Seon | Main Chef
    Nam Yoon Do | Assistant Chef



  • When Solar was cutting the chestnuts, she said "I think it'll be delicious, right?" Eric's response: (while shaking head) "Um, I think it'll be really delicious." The caption that pointed to him: "His words don't correspond to his body."
    He's so naughty! Luckily (or unfortunately? LOL) Solar didn't see him! :lol:



  • Hahaha Eric's playing with the tongs(?) when roasting the chestnuts and sweet potatoes. His chic expression! :lol:



  • Well, although they're now bullying each other, don't worry chingus! When Solar doubted if she can flip the pancake, Eric reassured her that she can do it. Reminds you of something? Yes, that kind of words mean a lot for her :D 



  • Eric still took care of Solar with blowing the hot roasted sweet potato before giving it to her :) Although it's still hot at the end :lol:
  • Guess that chestnut makgeolli is really tasty, even Solar, who's not good at drinking alcohol, likes it. Did you see Solar's expression when Eric expressed his love for the makgeolli? :wub: She kept giggling while looking at his face. Was Eric's reaction that adorable, Yongseon-ssi? ^_^



  • I'm not going to write about their cute argument regarding Solar's cooking score since chingus here already wrote about that. I hope Solar doesn't lose hope with cooking, she only needs more practice *send her a fighting pose* B)
  • I think when Eric said "Thank you for the food", she thought he didn't mean it. She responded with a whine, "I put a lot of effort in it~". Then, Eric said that he knew and really appreciated it ^_^ Just from this scene, it's good to see them expressing their disappointment/sadness/any feelings with each other without hesitating :D
  • Solar stuttered when she went to the farm owner to give her cooking. I guess she's already not confident and nervous with her cooking :sweatingbullets:
  • @Ira Ajja is right, I also noticed that WGM staffs were eating the food at the background while Eric & Solar were approaching the farm owner. Chingu who noticed this got very sharp eyes! B)





  • And Solar's expression when Eric gulped the makgeolli without hesitation :lol: He really loves it and his face turned red after gulping the makgeolli that fast :sweatingbullets: (spotted the staff at the background again)



  • Eric's posture when Solar began to write message for their parents' box hahaha. That polite hands~ :rolleyes:
  • Solar's message for Eric's parents:
    Hello~ Mother-in-law ^^ Father-in-law ^^
    We picked up the chestnuts and sweet potatoes by ourselves. ㅋㅋ



  • Eric's message to Solar's parents (I think it's not finished yet):
    To father-in-law + mother-in-law! Hello! This time we picked chestnuts and sweet potatoes by ourselves...



  • Their message to 33 couple (I zoomed it in):
    We're not poop... We are 'Ddongi'!! >_<!!
    Dear Jin-kyung and Jota
    (there's an ostrich drawing there, remember their rap battle?)
    From Ddongi



  • Solar couldn't stop laughing at Eric's "In Dubaaaiii~" :D I don't know why it's so funny for her. Either Solar has a weird sense of humor or it's so unfunny that makes her laugh because she's so done with him :sweatingbullets:


My conclusion:

  • I can't help but to laugh from the beginning till the end of their part! :lol: They're really my weekly vitamin!
  • Now they like to bully each other, but I love seeing that. Am I weird? Hahaha. But they really portray a relationship goal for me and my future boyfriend! ^_^ 
  • I rewatched the last week's preview, actually there are some scenes which are cut. But I think I can connect the scenes from last week's preview and the latest episode :) 
  • Please don't cut their Dubai footage too much! From the preview, they look really excited there! That makes me happy too, knowing that they're having fun in the middle of their busy schedule :D
  • Just my personal thoughts. As much as I love to see them playing around and being silly, I hope WGM staffs don't forget to include their relationship progress whenever it happens.
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I don't know how this fits into the "scripted" argument (which we're not really arguing about so much as just discussing which is why I love this thread), but I'm watching an old V APP from Mamamoo's Pink Funky/Um Oh Ah Yeah days, and Solar just said, in talking about a story from her trainee days, that she's not very good at saying no to people she's not close with.

That just made me even more happy she was partnered with Eric. If she'd been paired with someone who was more pushy or more into the acting bit of it, she might have had a hard time setting boundaries with skinship and stuff. But since she was paired with Eric, who respects her a whole lot, they've really been able to move at her own pace. And, now, she (like Eric with the cooking) is able to be honest about her thoughts and feelings with him.

Also, I agree that Solar's pretty much the same on/off WGM. Whether it's a V APP, something from MMMTV, a fancam from a performance, an interview, or her time on WGM, her personality is pretty solid. She's scared of the same things, laughs at the same things, and still has the same likes/dislikes when it comes to relationships (like greasiness/cheesiness). She's still doing that Neutrogena commercial everywhere she goes, and still just basically being herself. Solar's as genuine as they come, and, while she may be affected by the cameras skinship-wise, that doesn't change who she is at her core. You can already tell she's more comfortable filming now that a few months have passed (like I said in my review). I think her reactions are all very realistic for the situation she's in, and, despite the fact that she is fairly talented at acting (you all really should watch her scenes in Imaginary Cat), you can tell she's being genuine.

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@zurah90 You're welcome, sis :) Hahaha "youthful oldie couple"! I don't really agree, they're obviously kids in my eyes :lol: And yes, they were wearing dark blue in BRI and their similar beige (or khaki?) jacket too. Btw, that dark blue is one of my favorite shades of blue, sis. How about you? :D

@Ira Ajja You guessed right, if only Solar didn't cheat... :P

@enko20 Your gifs are gold, chingu! :D Agree with you, Eric's play with the word "luxurious" and "destruction" is funnier for me too. Well, maybe Solar has that unique sense of humor or Eric was the one who's weird, I don't know. They're happily laughing after all :D Btw, pardon me, just want to tell you that the correct one is "초", not "조". They look quite similar though :)

@gureentea Seriously, you're the best chingu! *playing MAMAMOO's "You're the Best"* :lol: I'll add this to their timeline. And that reminds me to update their timeline here. Coming soon :D 

@onlybeagles Thanks for the gifs, chingu! And you didn't forget to post your weekly moo gif :lol: Yup, I also thought like you, about Eric tapped her leg/thigh naturally, but it's not that clear. Hope you finish your midterms soon! Well, I don't know if MBC/WGM staffs spent much money for our couple or they're sponsored, but yay because our couple got this special trip :D And agree with your thoughts regarding our couples' sincerity. I also can see Solar nowadays tries to make Eric feels what she got from him.


And regarding Yongseo, yeah, even Solar said that she experienced many things for the first time in WGM and found her new talent. Moreover, they're getting similar now because they met sweet potatoes in the latest episode :P 


@maeryl Thanks for the updates, chingu! :D Solar's bun style, many people called it "ddong style" if I'm not wrong? It's because of the shape :sweatingbullets: Woah, Solar dyed her hair lighter than before, right? And I saw that other members also changed their hair color/style. Prepare for the girls' comeback! B)

@Le_Sanguinea Hahaha this episode will brighten up your day I guess. Btw, may I know which Solar's wish did you mean?

@cinnaminskies Enjoy reading your thoughts, chingu :) Yeah, agree with you! I don't know if Eric now is in the same level with MAMAMOO members for Solar (just because she spent longer time with her members), but for sure Eric is getting near there :D Hahaha agree with you, Solar is getting squishy :3 She said it herself that she's a pro-circle :lol: And 100% agree, they're indeed a kindergarten/elementary-kids couple. Too adorable! And Solar's cheesiness... Maybe she's starting to practice what she got from Radio Star :lol: And Eric's skill for lighting a fire, guess because he did it recently from the jungle? B) Reading about Solar's honest personality, I think the same goes to Eric. His answers are also consistent. Now that I think about it, they're like a match made in heaven, isn't it? :) 

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@Farfalle - She made two wishes right? One for Eric to develop Korean humor, and the other ,to make her laugh to death. Seeing as to how she's becoming used to his ridiculous sense of humor (and odd body gags from time to time), I don't think she really needs that first wish. :D

@enko20 - Sure, maybe I'll try to recreate my post from back then to talk about that. It's been quite awhile since I dedicated time to post long reviews like that, and I usually reserve those posts when 'invaders' come and post in my current OTP thread (trolls and flamers and the like :P )

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@Le_Sanguinea Ah, now I get it. I see the 2 wishes as one haha. Maybe she asked him to develop Korean humor because sometimes she doesn't get his humor and she feels kinda guilty ^_^ And yeah, Solar didn't realize that she's already used to Eric's sense of humor :D 


Catching up their yesterday's updates:


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@Le_Sanguinea I'm looking forward to it :)

@cinnaminskies Hahaha I love how you just go crazy over their subtle skinship lol :D Me too, I just love when these sudden skinship happen, like when Solar just grabbed Eric's forearm out of nowhere. Did you see Eric face when she did it? He really, really liked it hehehe :phew:


But anw, love your review. I agree with you so much about Eric's hidden skills. I think we should really learn to appreciate how great he is at so many different things. Eric isn't the kind of person who boast or show off his talent even though he has plenty of them, and I think this is what Solar admire the most (I lost count how many times she's been in awe of him already). I am just very happy to see that he isn't just a sweet guy, but also a very capable and dependable person that can take care of our Yeba well.

I also lowkey was wishing for Solar to meet his forehead with her lips instead of her flick too, he probably would've been KO'ed by that ehehe :phew: (and I would probably squeal to no end) Well let's hope she has some surprises in store for him during their honeymoon trip, yeah? :P

One more thing, I didn't know about that V App of her. What I do know about Solar is that she's not a nitpicky person and she's very willing to accommodate other people's needs (I think this is what RBW CEO said about her?). But yeah, I did notice that she used to be very timid and reserved with Eric at first. I'm scared at the thought of what would happen to Solar if she ended up with someone who's demanding about skinship rather than Eric. I'm glad Eric took his time to become comfortable with her before making any skinship request, so she doesn't feel forced into doing it with him.

@onlybeagles Yeah i'm honestly quite baffled by some people opinions about "chemistry" and "closeness". So apparently to them the more skinship = the more chemistry and closeness, like really? But I guess people have their own views of what a man-woman relationship is about, so whatever.

And yes, I was shocked when Solar straight up said that she's bad with intimacy in BRIs, and she repeated it so many times too. She might be shy with romantic gestures, but she's very blunt and straightforward with her thoughts. Did you hear her say "I always mean what I said"? Yep girl is dead serious about that. She is as real as real can be. 

@Farfalle Thanks for noticing that. I get mixed up with those two characters all the time while typing in Hangul ahaha :sweatingbullets:

Your review is always something else. I love your translation of the captions, and especially your translation of the contents on the delivery boxes (It's so good that people are even advertising you on Kshowdaily,chingu! B)). I laughed so hard at your Expectation vs Reality bullet point LOL. These two can go from romantic to funny/fighting back to romantic so quick it's unreal. But did you see how Eric was collecting chestnuts where Solar's at even though the field was huge? He simply just want to be next to her at all time hehe :wub:

I agree with you and @cinnaminskies about that Solar's pancake flipping sequence. We can see how much of a confident booster Eric is to her. She was afraid of failing her flip so she hesitated, but the moment Eric said "You can do it!", her confidence switch flipped on and she was like "Yes I can!", and she did it. I don't know why but that scene just made me a bit emotional for some reason :rolleyes:

@gureentea Chingu, you deliver again! I'm really about to run out of praises for you. Stop being so good at these kind of things! :P

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ah i don't have much times these days to check this forum and read your thoughts and reply everyone's... ㅠ wish i could later~

anyway i found this on twitter about solar's unnie

we don't know until when ddongi will last on WGM but can they let them meet yonghee?:")

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What else can I say. I guess everyone already said I wanted to say.
I really enjoy reading all your comments and I'm very grateful to our chingus with hawk eyes, They can see even the thinnest 
thing that's happening in our couple. I need to watch them again to see what they really mean and that's the only time I noticed those things. 

I think since the " frozen theme" the inner child in our couple really came out. Like what someone had mentioned ( I'm sorry I forgot who said it) Eric is like a boy who bullies someone he likes just to get her attention.
I like yong sun's reaction there by the way, the whole running and checking her bag up to the relief face and sound when the earthworm was on there. ( her fear of bugs is really something). 

I am looking forward to next week episode... the whole " in Dubai~~~~~" thing. I honestly don't find it funny but as long as our yeba is happy, I'm fine with that...

친구를  감사 !!
donggie couple figthing!!
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@enko20 Hahaha it's okay, you'll be better after a mistake :) Love to read your review too! You often speak my mind :D Generally I love to read all the captions when watching variety shows, although that means I have to pause for several times because I can't read Korean fast. I don't know but I think most editors of Korean variety shows are creative (and humorous as well) to come up with those captions :lol: Yeah, I know that we (including me!) are curious about their message to each other's parents, especially Solar, who greeted Eric's parents for the first time (on camera) through her message. Thanks to the editor too for including their messages on the broadcast. I'm being advertised? :o Honestly I don't follow comments there, but glad to know that I can help people out there too :D 

When I saw that scenes of them gathering chestnuts together that close, I'm kinda spazzing a bit in my heart. But then the camera zoomed in to them, and then they're fighting over a tiny area of that big farm. From there, I thought "I should make an expectation-reality" hahaha :lol: Yeah, I saw it. He even regretted that he didn't come to a particular spot that has many chestnuts from the start. It's because you're following Solar, Eric. And you know, Solar isn't that good to pick a place that many chestnuts (that's why she got fewer than him) :P 

Yup, that Solar's pancake flipping part. It's not a grand gesture, but I feel kinda touched when I realize a small-but-meaningful interaction like that between them :) Btw, love your screenshot there! Eric looks happy but also naughty (and a bit derpy? :lol:), and Solar also glanced at him haha.

@gureentea Omo, Yonghee unnie is the same age as Eric? Hahaha they have another similarity then beside their understanding in english :lol: If it's in October, I think Ddongi couple will last till then *pray hard*

Btw, I found another:


Guess Yong sisters are similar :D 


Not much updates for both Eric and Solar today, since they don't have schedules too. Eric seems to work at his new song and I think MAMAMOO probably practice/record their MV for comeback? Since their hair colors/styles changed already.

KOLAJ's Snapchat update




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Yonghee sounds exactly like Solar ahahaha :sweatingbullets: I'm happy that she is returning to Korea this month. The Yong sisters are about to be reunited fam.

Can you imagine if she and Eric-Solar actually meet up? (please tell me that a reason why she is coming to Korea is for WGM filming too MBC) As if one Yongsun is not enough of a headache already, now he has to deal with TWO Yongsun? :w00t: Good luck with that :P

Anyway chingus, I have something I'm very excited to share with you all. After seeing how much work many of our talented chingus in here have put in for our couple (@Farfalle incredible translations and zOMG timeline; @gureentea master detective work, @zurah90 sis with hilarious spazz, @onlybeagles gifs, @cinnaminskies + @Le_Sanguinea with walls of texts that I can't possibly ever beat, and a lot more that I can't mention, but you know who you are), I've decided to contribute something myself as well.

As all of you obviously can already tell, I love writing long posts and reviews about our OTP even though English isn't my 1st language. So, I'm currently in the process of writing a three-part opinion column about our couple, talking about their personalities and why they have grown to become my ultimate favorite WGM pairing over time. But since this is my first time doing this, I'm not sure if this is a common thing to do in shippers thread? Also, I think you guys already know that this is going to be an outrageously long series of posts, so I don't know if it will be okay to post them directly on here or not? :sweatingbullets:

I will try to get them done as soon as possible, but since I'm going through quite a hectic month in my univ. schedule right now, I can't promise a definite timeline. I hope I will be able to deliver the first part by the end of this month. Hope you guys will enjoy them!

P/s - In case you guys are wondering what I'm doing... a tiny bit of a preview :3


Part 1: Eric Nam - Beyond The Image Of A Perfect Gentleman



Part 2: Solar - The Enigmatic Yeba



Part 3: Ddongie Couple - A Match Made In Heaven



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