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Okay Patients it's exactly 30 minutes before we see what happens to our dear Soo Chul (Jisoo)! Gear up and open your links early  @Kasmic @jeonghyang @bebebisous33 @maplekist @drmjs @inshara

Anyone in need of a CHARMING, EFFICIENT, PROTECTIVE, SMART, THOUGHTFUL, & WITTY Doctor with LTE-like Speed skills in Dating? Kindly raise your hand/s, feet, or whatever you can manage ヾ(。>

(Borrowed picture from @MAROSA_JIN's post.) (The sweet/cute/adorable one with KRW and PSH) (Warning: Really long, but totally worth it.)   Translation: Caption: 1. Arcade date

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31 minutes ago, sweetbloom74 said:

“I should film an action movie with her next time.”

oh god i missed this the first time i read the article on naver. i hope this happens sometime in the future. i love ji hong and hye jung but it'd be nice to see them act together as characters that aren't a total rinse and repeat from doctors.

with the final episodes  fast approaching i'm sad to let the show go but honestly i'm half glad it ends here too. having an extension at this point would slow down the story and a second season is out of the question. tbh i'd rather just see krw and psh do another project together sometime in the future (or for that matter yks and lsk those two make such a stunning couple even if i don't really care for their characters potentially ending up together on the show). regardless of how much i enjoyed doctors and the amazing cast it came with, i truly believe it's possible to have too much of a good thing lol.

although i do think know it'll be happy ending, i'm curious to see how the writer mapped out the conclusion. will we get a proposal, a wedding or a glimpse of their future? my bets on for the first of the three but i'm not gonna get my hopes up for the others.

tbh i want grandma's wrongful death to be properly acknowledged by seo woo's dad possibly more than anything else at this point. i saw a clip of his so called apology and lordddd i couldn't take it. thank god my frustration won't be prolonged since i'm going to watch the last 4 episodes right after the finale finishes airing tuesday super proud of my self control i think this is the first time since doctors started airing that i haven't watched the episode as soon as the raw was posted online haha

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15 hours ago, maria1983 said:


you , guys, are  amazing like always . :):heart:


this new hair stily is for the drama ? or for his vacation ? :)

he looks so young .


credit to the owner



A new hairstyle?

Will we have another time jump? Is he holding a walkie talkie?

Waaa, tomorrow is our party v.1 since we will have two episodes and then tuesday the finale. Hopefully the rating will jump drastically since it's two hours of Docs.

Buhuhu, I can't believe it's the end.

Hopefully they will air the wrap up party and we can see all the cast and crew having fun and enjoy their success happily, because no matter what people say and all the pros and cons, Docs is already a success; a dark horse who surprises a lot of people.

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I agree, i prefer KRW and PSH in a new project rather than Doctors season 2, an action movie like what KRW says would be nice !

I think someone said here before..PSH can be a spy who kicks richard simmons like Jennifer Garner in Alias and KRW can be the detective sent to catch her and along the way falls in love with her ! Haha ! Dont wanna waste the chemistry we see in Doctors so they need to have some love lines :w00t:

1 more night to go, cant wait for eps 18 and 19 but sad that its ending soon :tears::tears:

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I just realized that I can't livestream tomorrow. I need to work late for a project. Oh crap. That means I have to marathon episodes 18 and 19 on Tuesday (hopefully with subs) so I can catch up with the final episode on the same day.

how quickly time has flown! We're now at the end of the series. I'll miss Ji Hong, Hye Jung and everyone. I just hope the PD and writer won't give us a cop-out ending just to get things over with. And please. Don't give us the last five minutes for the OTP wrap-up scene. I've been through kdramas who think getting the leads back together only near the end is romantic. 

Give us a kiss. And make it a damn good one. So much better than the last one and enough to last us a lifetime and make KRW and PSH's partnership one for the books. :)

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On 21 August 2016 at 1:52 AM, ritasimona27 said:

Hi everybody,  I've been a silent lurker for a while and I'm glad there are inetz who are  enjoying Doctors. I have been reading comments from other forums and as you already know there are many people who try to put doctors down because their fave drama has lower rating. I just brush off such comments but there is something I would like to ask since I am fairly new in dramaland: I know a high  rating is important but what about international fans, do  they really count?  people argue that doctors has higher ratings in Korea but says that ifans prefer other shows meaning that international success is more important And ratings in Korea are not.  I'll give you an example , they blame doctors for the cutting of episodes of another drama wich according to some international fans is way more popular among ifans and therefore is more successful. 

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say,  English is not my first language and I want to understand all the comments about succesful or not so succesful dramas.

Welcome to Doctors thread!!! Yes, there are many other drama fans who try to put this drama down. I have been to those forums and from what I can see there are a number of reasons. 

1. They compare Doctors to all the other popular/unpopular dramas out there. All I can say is each show has their fans. I am only watching Doctors. I never managed to finish the other dramas as I couldn't relate to them.

2. They compare Doctors to another medical drama which aired at the same time in SK but lost big time in ratings and was cut off abruptly by the airing station. That drama is a totally different medical drama and it had its own following internationally. That particular drama's ifans need to realise if their drama doesn't get the ratings in their home country they don't get the same commercial revenue as a more popular drama so I guess the broadcasting station cutting it off was reasonable. There probably was other reasons why the channel cut the drama abruptly but we would never know unless they divulge.

3. Park Shin Hye's dramas are generally very popular, however because they are so popular there are always many differing opinions on her dramas. For example, Heirs was loved by China fans but PSH herself was panned by some ifans as CES. These ifans became very unreasonable and argued it was PSH's acting which in fact was a poorly written female-lead role. Pinocchio started off as a good promising storyline drama and PSH's acting shone in it, but towards the end some ifans complained the story lost momentum. Now, in Doctors PSH has proven to us her acting has improved and matured in leaps and bounds. This leaves some ifans with nothing to complain about but to pour bitterness on how boring the story-line is. These ifans just want to complain which is fine by me. I don't have to love a drama they love and vice versa but these ifans can not complain that Doctors is a well-made drama and it didn't have any media-play, no big-budget filming, no famous writer, and no male-lead flower boy which many of the other dramas have. Doctors has defied the odds in many ways. 

4. Doctors is a matured-themed, deep meaning healing drama. It is not to everyone's taste which I totally understand. I managed to read a very well-written Chinese reviewer of this drama which no international reviewer has done so far. I will only roughly translate the main parts. This reviewer states he/she is an older person.

'For the past few years have been only watching American dramas, K-dramas watched when I was much younger, but in the last few years can't seem to continue watching them. Maybe, because they are too fantasy not to my mature taste ~ the famous MLFTS only managed a few episodes, DOTS only watched one episode but never had the urge to continue watching until the end, maybe its because I am getting older'

'Watching Doctors was purely accidental. Looking for films to watch online strolled along this drama. Found out it was KRW who starred in it, many years ago watched Lovers in Harvard. I have watched a few of KRW's previous films, My little bride, Sunflower and Mr Socrates, felt his acting is quite good, not gorgeous-looking but yet appealing. PSH on the hand, is aware of her but not familiar. As a more matured viewer, haven't watched one of her previous hot dramas yet'

'Looked at the synopsis, medical drama - my first thought was totally boring. Six episodes had already aired, didn't feel like watching a drama which is still airing. Only watched the first episode because I wanted to see what KRW looked like now, since I heard he became chubby'

'The first scene of episode one was female lead YHJ fighting with gangsters in a hospital. My initial thought was: What is this? isn't it a medical drama?!'

'The first few episodes were fast paced, when I still hadn't acknowledged what kind of drama this was, I had already become addicted to this drama. The attraction are the characters. I don't like characters that are indecisive and torturous storylines, the good point about this drama is the male and female lead are very clear, to the point, no ambiguity with second leads, no misunderstandings, even if there was the air is cleared very quickly'

'Story-line is quite old-fashioned, but for some un-explainable reason the male and female lead have so much OTP feels. Making this mature person feel like fall in love again. For such a simple drama, for me to follow episode by episode till the end is purely because of the OTP. I don't care about anything else, the storyline, the hospital politics not interested at all. I only want to watch the two of them together' 

cr: 这货是來㘢围观的

I will stop here because the reviewer goes on to write about his/her opinion on episode 17. My point is there is no drama which will suit everyones taste. Doctors is very popular in its home country and abroad. PSH has brought with her many young fans to this drama and with KRW, he brought back mature Kdrama viewers which it lost years ago.

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On 8/21/2016 at 6:53 AM, usforever said:

Shin Hye with Doctor's Staffs...
Good rapport with everyone :)








CR: Naver



She really nice... and i thnk a bunch of guy tend to have crush to uri shin hye.. kekeke!

don't quote images, gifs, videos

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don't quote images, gifs, videos
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