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Guest myasally

I'm a fan of PSH, and a fan of KRW.... but never ever thought they will be lead together in the drama... for acting, I don't think there will be a prob coz both are amazing, but yup I'm in a sinc with some comments for the writer... anything can happen in drama...just hope the story evolve nicely...btw I miss PSH so much.... and glad KRW have a romance drama this time coz punch is quite on politic based.

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Okay Patients it's exactly 30 minutes before we see what happens to our dear Soo Chul (Jisoo)! Gear up and open your links early  @Kasmic @jeonghyang @bebebisous33 @maplekist @drmjs @inshara

Anyone in need of a CHARMING, EFFICIENT, PROTECTIVE, SMART, THOUGHTFUL, & WITTY Doctor with LTE-like Speed skills in Dating? Kindly raise your hand/s, feet, or whatever you can manage ヾ(。>

(Borrowed picture from @MAROSA_JIN's post.) (The sweet/cute/adorable one with KRW and PSH) (Warning: Really long, but totally worth it.)   Translation: Caption: 1. Arcade date

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From 2013 to 2015, there was one actress who was dominating both Korean television and film at the time, Park Shin Hye. The K-drama actress who gained international recognition for her lead role in You’re Beautiful worked extremely hard during those of years, acting in a number of K-dramas and K-movies. Pertaining to the former, Shin Hye played the female lead in Flower Boys Next DoorHeirs, and Pinocchio. As for the latter, Park Shin Hye had major roles in The Royal Tailor and The Beauty Inside.

Halfway through 2015 though, many Park Shin Hye fans were saddened to find out their favored Korean actress was taking a leave from Korean television and film to finish her degree that she started back in 2009. Shin Hye, however, made sure to stay busy outside of her studies, modeling for Millet fashion and taking care of her family.

Now, Park Shin Hye is making her return to acting starting with a role in the upcoming K-movie, Brother. Her return to K-dramas has also been recently announced as Park Shin Hye will play the female lead in the upcoming series Doctors.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/2954192/park-shin-hye-popular-k-drama-actress-will-make-her-return-in-lead-role-for-doctors/#M2DuRUURWrfQORIH.99



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South Korean Actress Park Shin Hye And Actor Kim Rae Won Join 'Doctors' To Play Lead Roles

upcoming-sbs-drama-doctors-will-have-sou Upcoming SBS drama "Doctors" will have South Korean actress Park Shin Ye and actor Kim Rae Won. In this handout image provided by the South Korean Presidential House, South Korean President Park Geun-hye talks with doctors during her visit to the U.S. Am (Photo : South Korean Presidential House | Getty Images Korea)

According to Span Entertainment on Friday, South Korean actress Park Shin Ye and actor Kim Rae Won will join the upcoming drama on SBS TV, "Doctors" to play the lead roles. Kim will play Hong Ji Hong while Park will portray the female protagonist, Yoo Hye Jung.

It was reported weeks ago that the two stars were the possibilities of the upcoming SBS series. After some articles countered or confirmed the rumors, it is now finalized. "Doctors" is penned by the writer of "Could We Marry" and "High Society."

The upcoming TV series will explore the realistic relationship between doctors and patients as well as the elitism of the Korean society's academic side. "Doctors" is South Korean actress Park Shin Hye's return to TV after 18 months of wrapping "Pinocchio" up while Kim was in hiatus a year ago after "Punch."

The negotiations are already finalized, and actress Lee Sung Kyung is likewise expected to join the cast, said Soompi. Kim Rae Won's character, Hong Ji Hong, is a respected expert of neurosurgery, a hard core realist who is friendly and liked by all.

According to Dramabeans, it is a role Kim can endearingly deliver. He will become the sunbae that helps turn around the life of the cynical heroine, a woman who does not trust people and shuts her heart from others due to painful childhood experience.

Park's character Hye Jung is a tough bully in school who became into a studious and smart doctor. She has a tough personality and always goes wayward. However, she will change after meeting her mentor who will make her put the past behind and become a doctor. She is remorseful of and is shadowed by her past but thanks to Hong, she slowly changed, reported The Korea Times.

Both South Korean actor Kim Rae Won and actress Park Shin Hye have not worked in a TV drama for over a year, hence, the netizens want to see them on the small screen again. Their casting in one drama makes their fans excited for the project, said Koreaboo. The Monday-Tuesday drama, "Doctors" will air when "The Royal Gambler" finishes.



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On 4/3/2016 at 9:56 PM, thao_2512 said:

I can't see the picture so I'm repost it

MOD EDIT: Please do NOT quote images.




Thanks for all sharings ..Love to read all your posts about the couple ... and love the above match-pic of both alot :wub::wub:

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yeah,that mean many crush on our princess shin hye.these crush ,those crush with many crush are include in this drama.CAN'T WE NAME '' DOCTORS CRUSH' instead of doctors.lol lol lol kidding .just for fun haha:wub:

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Some fanarts for Doctors



I particularly like this one... the possible PSH looks for "Doctors" is making me evermore excited. Cant wait for June ;)


cr. PSH DC gallery

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Seems I like all characters in this drama for now. =)

From Ji Hong and Hye Jung. Special their age gap make a fresh chemistry to me. Infact, feel more attractive and mature than same age  =) 

I like the way second male lead avoid his heir to become a doctor. Also second female lead character. And now is .... "third male" =)) He clearly has a goal and interesting hobby (I see blogger is kind of interesting thing)

I'm a bit curious about grandma. Seems she has a story behind her life.

Trully, these characters make me into the story already. It's good when all character show up and link together smoothy. 

And thanks for who cast these actor/actress together. I love this cast. =)


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Kim Min Suk to Join Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won in “Doctors”

Kim Min Suk to Join Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won in “Doctors”

Actor Kim Min Suk, who is currently starring in the drama “Descendants of the Sun,” has decided to star in his next drama “Doctors.”

According to affiliates on April 5, “Kim Min Suk has will be starring in ‘Doctors’ as Choi Kang Soo.”

This new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctors” is about the reality of the relationship between patients and doctors.

Actor Kim Rae Won will be playing Hong Ji Hong, a neurosurgeon, and actress Park Shin Hye will be playing Yoo Hye Jung, a student of Hong Ji Ho who decides to become a doctor thanks to him despite her dark past.

Kim Min Suk will be playing Choi Kang Soo, a neurosurgeon who is a colleague of Yoo Hye Jung. In the drama, he sets up a blog and writes about Yoo Hye Jung, becoming more and more popular as a blogger. He also likes her, making fans curious as to how their love line will progress.

“Doctors” will air in June after “Jackpot” finishes its run.

Source (1)

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Descended’s Kim Min-seok eyes Doctors as next drama

by javabeans | April 5, 2016 


Nice to see his stint in Descended From the Sun is doing Kim Min-seok some good, since he’s now up to join the upcoming SBS drama Doctors, which recently confirmed Kim Rae-won (Punch) and Park Shin-hye (Pinocchio) as its leads.

The role Kim Min-seok is up to play is a neurosurgeon (with that baby face? He’s a 1990-er!) who graduated from a top-rate university and develops a one-sided crush on Park Shin-hye’s character. The character also writes a popular blog under the handle Bad Doctor and includes stories featuring the heroine, which, ha. I hope you’re prepared to deal with the fallout when she figures it out; Park’s character is described as both gangster-like and tough with her fists, which means I’m putting my money on her in that fight.


The drama centers around a closed-off, cynical heroine who starts to change upon meeting a mentor, played by Kim Rae-won. He’s a well-liked, warm neurosurgery specialist who draws her out of her shell, helping her to turn her life around as she grows as a person and as a doctor.

Kim Min-seok has had a few small drama roles in recent years, like High School: Love On, Who Are You—School 2015, and Imaginary Cat, though his most successful was probably his debut drama, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, where he played the cute, bubbly keyboard player. It took a while, but he finally got a little bit of traction with his recent turn in Descended From the Sun, playing the youthful delinquent whom Jin Gu takes under his wing as a rookie soldier.

Doctors is scheduled for the Monday-Tuesday timeslot following Jackpot and premieres in June.

Via Joy News

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Here comes a "phishing" article from DramaFever, to see if there is enough interest for them to bring this drama. Please show your support by clicking on "Awesome" button and commenting on the article.

Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, and Kim Min Seok confirm roles in Doctors


Park Shin Hye's comeback drama Doctors has finalized its cast! Park Shin Hye, Kim Min Seok(Descendants of the Sun), Kim Rae WonLee Sung Kyung (Cheese in the Trap), and Yoon Kyoon Sang confirmed to star in the SBS K-drama series. Kim Rae Won will star as Park Shin Hye's mentor, and Kim Min Seok will star as a hopeless romantic in love with Park Shin Hye.

Doctors revolves around neurosurgery fellow Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye), who after a tough childhood, develops a gangster-like personality and finds it difficult to trust others. Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won), a neurosurgery specialist and high school teacher, advises Yoo Hye Jung to abandon her dark past and become a neurosurgeon.

Choi Kang Soo (Kim Min Seok), a neurosurgery fellow in Yoo Hye Jung's class, falls in love with her. He doubles as a popular blogger who writes about Yoo Hye Jung. Lee Sung Kyung will play a neurosurgery fellow who becomes Yoo Hye Jung's rival.


Read more and comment on DramaFever Blog that you want to see this drama.



Waves to @only*rae won*   hi-hand.gif

Thank you all for updates and POV.   Love the fan-art from Park Shin-Hye's supporters!


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