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Okay Patients it's exactly 30 minutes before we see what happens to our dear Soo Chul (Jisoo)! Gear up and open your links early  @Kasmic @jeonghyang @bebebisous33 @maplekist @drmjs @inshara

Anyone in need of a CHARMING, EFFICIENT, PROTECTIVE, SMART, THOUGHTFUL, & WITTY Doctor with LTE-like Speed skills in Dating? Kindly raise your hand/s, feet, or whatever you can manage ヾ(。>

(Borrowed picture from @MAROSA_JIN's post.) (The sweet/cute/adorable one with KRW and PSH) (Warning: Really long, but totally worth it.)   Translation: Caption: 1. Arcade date

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5 hours ago, ash011 said:

healing sex..WOW !!! If it happens then for sure ratings will be a bang more than 30% ? haha  6795.gif

Chingu @ash011..... I am so thinking the same thing Healong SEX FOR Ji Hong.... He reallllllly needs it because he said he is lost 

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You know fellow patients I feel like I have a lot to say about this episode because it's so damn good but you said it all already so thank you so much for your wonderful insights. What I love about this is that each one of us is being touched personally and for me the message that this drama is trying to convey is successful so far. Meanwhile excuse me while my brain is trying to process that preview..i probably will make sense after tonight but lemme just replay that first. Lol Doctors fighting! Patients keep calm okay...

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Kasmic OMG love this gif:heart:



9 hours ago, angelangie said:

 thanks you caught it right there....the raw masculine hunger just right there...the light brush HyeJung gave.....it honestly heighten up everyone anticipation right? :)

embarrassed4-onion-head-emoticon.gif Between the gif and your description...I'm so dead and we haven't seen the kiss yet.


9 hours ago, Hacci_is_a_penguin said:

Slow kiss!!! Just stop to catch breath then go all kill fast and intense hahaha

 Oh yeah!!!! That's what I'm talking about evil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gif

9 hours ago, dhia205 said:

OK let's behave now :w00t:

 Do we have too? panda-emoticon-05.gif

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1 hour ago, am420 said:

The episode was so good but so sad. I'm glad that IJ has grown up over the years..

HJ is my favorite heroine, I like that she's blunt and honest. I like that the problems that our OTP are facing are actual relationship problems and not external factors or stupid misunderstandings. When HJ told him what she wants/needs in a relationship I was like finally someone on television voices what they want instead of taking what they've  been given and getting mad when it isn't what is needed. 

Even with all the sadness there were some cute moments in this episode, HJ jealous of IJ, SH telling JH that he obviously did something wrong and the puppy doctor and the nurse almost chickening out on telling KTH the truth about the car. 

The preview made me scream, I'm excited for them, I'm anticipating a kiss but I hope that this is the official start of their relationship. 

IJ definitely showed maturity and wisdom, especially in shedding light with JH on how a woman views relationship.

I appreciated that HJ verbalizes her feelings and fears with JH - which caused him pause after she left his office and even when he was home.. I feel like JH probably realized how much she's thought of him and how deeply she feels towards him. Obviously we've seen this from her longer, but JH hasn't and it's causing him to properly reflect on his actions.

1 hour ago, SukBin said:

In episode 11 when the nurses/receptionists talk about admiring the patients husband for his complete dedication to one man.... Seo Woo says she also knows such kind of a man who is dedicated to one woman... they ask if its Yoon Do... she says No, he is crap..... The conversation ended there..... but we all know.... the one man who loved only one woman for 13 years even without knowing if he will meet her ever again..... that kind of love and dedication..... Daebak...!!! Near to Impossible to find nowadays...!!!

I agree, only JH has shown loyalty and perseverance in love thru the years.. and she sees this as HJ being lucky to be the recipient and maybe that also contributed to her jealousy towards HJ. 

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Doctors preview for episode still remains securely as the number 1 video on Naver at 9:40 am KST, Tues.......with 262,505 views since Monday morning.....12 hours ago.

SBS YouTube channel ...has nearly 20,000 views since been uploaded 10hrs ago.....

To me it does indicate viewers interest in what's ahead.......

Does it translate into increased viewing for Episode 12 ???

But, irrespective of the ratings......the drama is packed by wonderful performances and at the moment at a most interesting stage in every character's lives.....

Here, is preview once again......I am sure no one will mind watching it yet again....:blush:






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4 hours ago, helenj said:


I'm posting after a very long interval of time...

There is a puppy siberian husky around, needing love and care...

Who is  is going to adopt it? SH is good... (IMO)

Any other idea, my fellow patients?


And no news of SC... Normally SC is tetraplegic now but this is dramaland ... so everything is possible...

Who is going to take care of him? Angry Mom?

I'll adopt Jung-puppy anyday! Ahahahh..., I'll leave him to writer-nim to choose his foster mama. As long as it's not SW I won't mind. SW is in reserve for PYG. While SC can be with SH.

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4 minutes ago, lclarakl said:

Why do I get the impression that the man who abused his wife, may not be her husband? Their wedding rings didn't match at all.

Yes I notoce the diff in rings too...crazy cameo gives me the creeps and it was heightened by the music too. 

There was something about this episode that made Hye Jung and Ji Hong look like a couple and not ex-teacher, ex-student.  Their relationship seemed a little more 'mature' than before.  It's probably just me, but I absolutely love the way Ji Hong gives Hye Jung these little side glances and the way he looks at her as if trying to gage her mood......just loved it....:wub: I hope your right chingue... I havent seen the sub ep as yet but the fact that she calls him "Teacher" I cant help it but cringe I know I shouldnt but I cant help it. I'll be more happy when she calls him oppa...wait she's already doing that in real life. crazy-monkey-emoticon-060.gif?1292792394 Plus we all will be most merry esp @maria1983 whom recommended "yeobo" YES, YES I want that too :P 

@Kasmic, Thank you for showing the comparison pictures of Hye Jung with her grandmother in the hospital and Ji Hong with his father---they have a similar background in so many ways.  I love it too just to show that he's not alone. HJ went thru the same pain and she'll help him get thru this. 



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Ep 12 Text Preview as always I hope you dont mind my SOS!! @parisonheaven @snowglobe147 @stroppyse @rameennoodles @whiteangel25

“선생님 인생에 들어가고 싶어요”

지홍이 미국에 가있는 동안 서로 연락이 없었던 지홍과 혜정. 오랜만에 만난 두 사람은 지홍의 집에서 속 깊은 대화를 나누게 된다. 한편, 지홍은 모터 체크를 하는 도중 수지의 눈에서 눈물이 흐르는 걸 발견하는데...




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I have only watched the short clips on IG and not the entire episode yet and I am crying my heart out about DS dying T_T I can't even imagine how much anguish and pain JH was at that moment. For a regular person it's already very hard to lose a loved one but in his case he was right there, he was a doctor (technically he has a chance to save him) but his father signed a DNR and even though TH gave a go signal to resuscitate, it was still not enough. You have to be a thousand/million times mentally tough to handle that.

I feel so bad for the HHJ's character (bathered wife) i wonder if they will end her story on ep12. What I've noticed so far though is that every surgery brings something out of each character so I am wondering what is it this time:

1. Boss Emergency surgery - introduced HJ and YD clashing

2. Restaurant ahjumma - showed a different side of SW (the caring one)

3. Difficult aneurysm patient - showed JH's got HJ back by calmly assisting here and also made YD admire her (professionally and personally)

4. SC - flashback for HJ that it seems she lose almost everyone dear to her (of course to make it clear to JH that HJ-SC love line does not exist)

5. Olympic archer - showed how different HJ is to SW.

6. DS Surgery - showed how YD is that awesome as a doctor and showed JH weakness.

7. Battered wife - gotta be something related to HJ

@Kasmic i tried to cut and paste to google translate the text preciew and as expected. The translation turned out like an alien laguage LoL. Anyways what I noticed though is that it mentioned of not meeting for a long time while in the US then met at Jihong's house. So seems like there is quite an extended separation. I was expecting JH will be out for a few days mourning but it seems it can be longer. This matches with what SW told YD in the preview on why he was not making a move while JH is not there. If it were just a few days she surely would bot have said it in that context. Or does that while in the United States refer to 13yrs ago and the last conversation in the preview when JH said he almost went crazy waiting for HJ call was at the time HJ left with SC and JH was not able to catch up to them. Maybe in that dinner they were reminiscing what happpened in the last 13yrs?

Direct from Google Translate:

I want to get in life, sir. "

Jihong the jihong and Hye Jung had no contact with each other while in the United States. The two met in a long time is to share in a deep conversation in the house of jihong. On the other hand, jihong is to discover what the tears flowing from the eyes of the resin during the motor check ...

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1 hour ago, littlericeball said:

Wow, so I'm usually a lurker around this forum because I'm too lazy to sign into my soompi to comment. I love everybody's insights and spazzing and we're all good sports to enjoy a drama leisurely yet on edge waiting for the next episode. But I just had to sign into my soompi account after watching ep 11. 

After HJ laid out her heart and her insecurities how she's afraid of being thrown away to JH, and for him to do the same for her, I feel this is a turning point for their relationship. However, since JH's father just passed away and at the end JH narrates how he "lost a part of himself that day" it will definitely bring out JH's insecurities and vulnerability even more. 

JH not only lost his parent at a young age, but now he lost his foster/adopted father. It's twice the blown to him and he will probably revert back to his closed shell like he did before he got adopted. This is only speculation but in the preview JH said to HJ how he's "crazy thinking of her" and "waiting for her to call"...I feel at this point, JH feels he only has HJ left in his life. All of his family members had left him and that leaves HJ (his love whom he has been pinning for over 13 years). He definitely won't let go of her.

If anything, he will either show his vulnerabilities even more to her and a part of him will probably change. We will probably see JH's sullen face for a while and he will prob be even more determine to finish up what his father started. Now, everything JH has run away (politics, any nuisances, etc) will come back to him and he will eventually be forced to face his demons/fears. Only then, will JH be able to mature and communicate ...opening up his insecurities to HJ at the same time. 

For HJ, she's afraid of being thrown away the most. I think for JH, he's afraid of being left alone again. Both souls are perfect for one another and the writer and director does an awesome job displaying healing and developing one's own self-esteem and character each obstacle. And that is life and in a country like South Korea, I feel this message needs to be played across for a lot of the citizens. 


Enough of my long essay, that teaser for ep 12 is really teasing us! You can see JH's raw emotions emoting from his eyes as he's on the verge of crashing. But that possibly kiss scene...oh my gosh..I was grinning so much. 


P.S. Can we talk about YD's little statement to HJ on how he will follow his heart/follow this road...no matter how miserable it will be in the end? Second - lead syndrome...urgh, I hate it when these things happen. If HJ and JH aren't the OTP of this drama, I would definitely go for YD and HJ!  




I love your long essay of the ep 11. I really agree with every point you put up. I do feel bad that it was like somewhat 'necessary' for the JH's dad to die. Because it some sense as long as JH is in a place of safety and feels secure. He would be less incline to show his weakness and insecurities overall. 

As for now how the show will move forward regarding JH's take on what is going to happen to the hospital and its politics I still cant figure it out. But at least with the direction of his relationship with HJ I hope the writers make his character open up and rely oh her. Rather than always being the teacher to HJ, it is time for him to be the one that has to hang on.


And thank goodness for those screencaps! The highly anticipated Kiss scene! Please make it happen!!

1 hour ago, SukBin said:

I like how the writer wrote the conversation between Hye Jung and Ji Hong.... On one hand she is confessing she has feelings for him too.... on the other hand she is laying out her heart bare open for him to see her insecurities.... she is communicating her fears in a relationship... she is explaining herself to him , her reasons behind her actions... what she wants from their relationship.... This is exactly what is missing in most of the shows ... no one is ready to bare their heart to the person they love... instead keep everything in heart and hide behind unilateral actions and decisions thereby creating unneccessary misunderstandings.... This is what makes Hye Jung unique and one of the best Female Characters in K-Drama... She is Genuine , Honest and Frank... And I think this is what makes everyone love her.... 


Indeed, in more Kdrama you see the girl just following the guy along because he just sweeps her up her feet (sometimes literally as well) but with HJ case, what she has gone through in life has made her such a smart and mature woman. True her experience when it comes to love and relationship is indeed limited. but she has the maturity to go about expressing herself. that is really amazing! So i really am so happy that she initiated that conversation. It was a conversation that needed to happen and needed to be done.

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