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3 hours ago, kimiwaka said:

Love this drama and the songs on the ost.  Does anyone know the song that plays in ep 2 during the bike riding scene and again in ep 6 when JH and HJ are running to the telephone booth? Thank you.

I also love the instrumental back ground music....does anyone know where to find this or download it. In particular the one played when JH had a flashback of his last meeting with IJ outside the car while its raining....I just love that music!

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Okay Patients it's exactly 30 minutes before we see what happens to our dear Soo Chul (Jisoo)! Gear up and open your links early  @Kasmic @jeonghyang @bebebisous33 @maplekist @drmjs @inshara

Anyone in need of a CHARMING, EFFICIENT, PROTECTIVE, SMART, THOUGHTFUL, & WITTY Doctor with LTE-like Speed skills in Dating? Kindly raise your hand/s, feet, or whatever you can manage ヾ(。>

(Borrowed picture from @MAROSA_JIN's post.) (The sweet/cute/adorable one with KRW and PSH) (Warning: Really long, but totally worth it.)   Translation: Caption: 1. Arcade date

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1 minute ago, Jalhanda said:

I also love the instrumental back ground music....does anyone know where to find this or download it. In particular the one played when JH had a flashback of his last meeting with IJ outside the car while its raining....I just love that music!

Mostly instrumentals are released in the OST towards the end of the drama, so I guess you'll have to wait until towards the end of August? Lol yeah, that'll be a while I guess.

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2 hours ago, andreasofia16 said:


@Nina Nguyen @Nina Nguyen, hi! Welcome to the most special and crazy thread in Soompi. Yeap!, you're right! Music was a special touch. And I think that this scene has a lot of symbolism. The music, the rain, the couple goes on the bike, you could even say that wearing the same clothes. ^_^ It's like reconnecting the past with the present to move into the future. Now, they can do all together. It's interesting because 13 years before, when she gave him the CD, they sheltered from the rain in an open space, in a train transshipment; now they did in the Superman's phone booth,:rolleyes: closed and with limited space, only for the two of them. I love it the use of symbols and this music is an example of that. Imagine how many times he would have heard it the CD during this years.  I'm dying with him! :wub:

I agree with you. The phone booth is one of my fav scenes. They saw a couple biking together and la's there she goes song, all reminiscence of their memories together and it was sign that their relationship deserve a  second chance. For the upcoming episodes, I was hoping for flashbacks of JiHye during their 13 yrs separation. How everything in their daily life remind them of each other. I'm not sure whether HJ has ever remembered JH during her 13 yrs struggle. But I'm sure JH has been always remembered HJ because he's the one who felt regret that he didnt hold on her.

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1 hour ago, wendy50 said:

Hello Patients...I'm one of the LA member (Lurker Anonymous:):))....did anyone notice that YD has the same expression in ep. 6, right after HJ's professional fighter move,   and JH in ep. 1, right after HJ kicked the bucket in front of him?  I think that is when JH realized (as to YD too) that he is in love!!!


LA mmm :heart: that.... i was 1 b4 but became serious due to epidemic that needs to b admitted as a patient :w00t::blush:

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48 minutes ago, alcides14 said:

Maybe we can request to SBS.:blush:

There's no need to do that haha, as I'm pretty sure the instrumentals will be released in August when the drama ends (since most, if not all OST drama releases are the same). When it's released in August, it'll be a physical copy of the OST (with about 15+ tracks maybe), which is the way Six Flying Dragons OST was released after the drama ended (the drama that was in the same time-slot as 'Doctors' is, a few months ago). So basically the OST will be a compilation of the OST songs and instrumentals. Just be patient until the end of the drama. xD (I'm only sure of this since I'm really obsessed when it comes to OST for k-dramas and I've watched k-dramas for a long time lol.)

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2 hours ago, samsam29 said:

All my colleagues are watching drama and waiting every week like me. So i'm not alone at work. Kekke:blush:

Me, too.One of my colleagues is KRW fan.So, we talk about this whenever we meet and others also interested and watched my downloaded files of this.Right now,every Tuesdays and Wednesdays morning is very busy morning for all of us.When I arrive office,they ask me "where's new ep? eng sub out? share us!! share us!!"...wow..i'm so happy..:D:D:D

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Someone mentioned that from the preview, time will span about 3 days in ep.7 since we saw 3 (later corrected to 4) different outfits of JH. So it made me wonder how long has it been after they reunited to the kiss, and coincidentally I found the info elsewhere before setting out to work out a timeline myself. So this person outlined the timeline after they met again, and also wrote a long, thorough, excellent review and character analysis from ep.1-6.

Guess what, it has only been less than 3 days! Our HongHongHong ain't wasting no precious time at all. Triple the speed just as his nickname suggested. Hahaha....

Below is a very brief summary of what that person outlined. Loosely translated, and added some of my own opinion.

July 3rd: - helipad encounter (clarified her status), doing surgery together, boxing ring (clarified his status), walked her home, first brush of affection felt by HJ when protected by him from oncoming traffic.

July 4th: - went to hospital and found out HJ was "tricked" by YD into a challenging surgery, became her assistant to give support. After that, park bench chat to catch up on her life, and throwing in his confession while at it. Evening: - Boss' room incident, then a person-to-person hug before leaving HJ.

July 5th: - HJ waited in front of his office to welcome him and ask for a favor, but was denied the favor although later he changed his mind. HJ met the stepmother, wanted to ask JH to take over the case, but he was away fishing with Dad. JH asked Dad to help with retrieving grandma's file. Evening: - waited for HJ at the park to give the file, ran in the rain together for shelter, danced and kissed her.

Talk about super speed! :lol: 

I don't really have any impression of KRW before this drama, but turned out that I've watched him in My Little Bride and My Love Patzzi. Comparing him then and now, I see that he ages very well. So much more attractive, mesmerizing, and captivating now. :wub:

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