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[Drama 2016] W-Two Worlds 더블유

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MBC Presents  W-Two Worlds     PROFILE Title : W-Two Worlds Hangul :  더블유 Romanization : W (deobeul-yu) Genre : Romance, Drama    Director Jung Dae


Okay, so a few days ago I promised to share some thoughts/ theories...here's some of what I've been thinking... Did you all watch Queen In Hyun's Man by the same writer? The theme of that drama -

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I reworked on the original screenplay files published by screenwriter Song Jae-Jung.

Here, episode 1, after some work, so the auto-translation give better results.




suspense melodrama


two worlds


Written by Song Jae-jung

W character

1. Kang Chul's World ----------

Kang Chul (Male protagonist, 30 years old, venture entrepreneur, Olympic shooting gold medalist)

Yoon Soo Hee (Female, 30 years old, Kang Chul's secretary and best friend)

Seo Do Yoon (Male, 35 years old, bodyguard from martial arts, right arm of Kang Chul)

Han Chul Ho (Male, 55 years old, Member of Parliament, former prosecutor, static of Kang Chul)

Son Hyun Suk (Male, 52 years old, director of the investigation program <W>, junior of the deceased Kang Chul's)

2. Oh Yeon Joo's World ---------

Oh Yeon Joo (Female protagonist, 30 years old, 2nd year resident in Thoracic Surgery, General Hospital)

Oh Sung Moo (male, 62 years old, father of Yeon Joo, famous cartoonist)

Park Soo Bong (male, 27 years old, student of Oh Sung Moo)

Gil Soo Sun (Female, 54 years old, Yeon Joo's mother, real estate agent)

Park Min Soo (male, 42 years old, professor of thoracic surgery, boss of Yeon Joo) 

Kang Suk Bum (Male, 30 years old, 2nd year thoracic surgery resident, colleague of Yeon Joo)

Gil Soo Young (Female, 49, Yeon Joo's aunt, real estate agent)

W Main Background

1. Cartoonist Oh Sung Moo's studio

A studio made by renovating an old yard house in downtown Seoul.
Main sets: students' studio and living room, Sung Moo's personal studio, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

2. Hotel Penthouse 

Where Kang Chul stays.
I am staying in a luxury hotel penthouse for a long time, so I do most of my work here.
Main sets: bedroom, parlor, meeting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, guest room, etc.

3. Myungse Hospital Thoracic Surgery 

Oh Yeon Joo's workplace. General hospital thoracic surgery ward.
Main set: Thoracic surgery department, resident sleep room, Prof Park room

4. Yeon Joo's House

The house where Yeon Joo and her mother live.
An old outskirts apartment of 30 square meters.
Main set: Yeon Joo's room, living/kitchen, Soo Sun's room. 

5. Others 

Office of Parliamentarian Han Chul Ho
The recording studio of <W>, a violent crime investigation program,

#1. Athens Olympic material screen insert

SUBTITLES - August 2004. athens olympics
Korea national team game live broadcast data screen.
The semi-finals unfold for a while, and then they quickly move on to the screen and the studio.

#2. Broadcasting studio (past, night)

Olympic Broadcasting Studio. A male MC is in progress with the Athens Olympic emblem and mascot in the background.

MC - Okay, let's change the sport for a moment. The 50m pistol men's final is being held at the shooting arena. South Korea's Kang Chul is said to be performing unexpectedly. Kang Chul, who is only a sophomore in high school, will head to the shooting arena in anticipation of a surprise gold medal.

Go to screen, relay screen.

#3. Shooting arena + broadcast screen (past, daytime)

The Olympic shooting stadium where the men's final 50m shooting pistol is being held.
It is broadcast live around the world with a heated atmosphere, full of spectators and cameras everywhere. There is also Kang Chul, the fifth player standing in the middle of the eight finalists standing side by side, wearing their national team uniforms, goggles, and holding pistols to catch their breath. A large number <1> appears in the center of the screen, overlapping and disappearing.

CASTER - (E) Yes, this is the Marco Polo Olympic shooting arena. The men's 50 meter pistol event has already started, and South Korea's Kang Chul is challenging for the gold medal. Kang Chul finished 5th in the qualifiers, but is currently leading the way with seven out of ten finals!

Among the big Western players in their 30s and 40s, Kang Chul, a young, slender, and innocent-looking boy, wearing goggles and loading a gun. 
CASTER - (E) Commissioner Park, in fact, Kang Chul is not the expected medal candidate, is he? Right now, next to Kang Chul, there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the World Championships.
COMMENTARY - (E) That's right. Kang Chul is a player who was selected for the national team for the first time this time, and it is also the first time to experience the international stage.
CASTER - (E) A 17-year-old inexperienced student is now playing against the world's No. 1, 2, and 3. Your face looks very cute too, right?
COMMENTARY - (E) Yes, what are you talking about these days? But, handsome boy? Yes, he is a very handsome boy.
(Both, laughing)
CASTER - (E) Will you be able to create a high school gold medal once again following Gab-soon Yeo from Barcelona in 1992? Kang Chul, Goji, is in front of us.

A trigger signal sounds 

CASTER - (E) I'll trigger the eighth now.

Eight players, each shooting at their own timing. 
The screen shows Kang Chul and the current second-placed player in two divisions, and the two shoot side by side.
After Kang Chul, with his unshakable eyes, fires his gun, a black dot appears in the center of the target picture below the screen, and the audience applauds.

CASTER - (E) Ah, Kang Chul's score is... (excited when the score appears on the screen) 10.2! Kang Chul scores 10.2! World No. 1 Yoshimov is 9.5. This widens the gap even more!!

The second-placed player shakes his head with a small sigh when things don't go his way, but only then does a boyish smile appear on Kang Chul's face. 

CASTER - (E) Now it's a 2.1 point difference! It's not an easy score to reverse with two feet left! Ah~ Kang Chul is smiling as if he is sure of victory!
COMMENTARY - (E) Yes, but you can't celebrate ahead of time! Kang Chul, you have to stay calm until the very end!

Among the Korean coaches, Kang Chul (mid 40s) shouting at Kang Chul is caught on the screen. 

CASTER - (E) Yes. The coaches seem to be ordering them to calm down now.
COMMENTARY - (E) Coach Yoon Kang, who you are looking at now, is Kang Chul's father.
CASTER - (E) Oh, right?
COMMENTARY - (E) Yes Yes. It is said that he came here after only three years of teaching as a hobby to increase concentration.
CASTER - (E) Oh, he was also a born gunslinger who inherited blood. Kang Chul. (He lowered his voice when everyone was aiming.) Now, this is the ninth shot. 

The trigger signal sounds, eight players fire.
After a moment's silence, black dots appear on the targets of Kang Chul and the second player.
Kang Chul The dot on the target, off to the side is displayed, and the dot on the 2nd target is displayed in the center.

CASTER - (E) Oh, what's this?! I think I missed a lot!

A score of 7.9 is displayed on the screen. 

CASTER - (E) Ah...! 7.9! 7.9 came out. The crucial mistake comes from the ninth! (2nd place score) Ukrainian player Yoshimov shot 10.2.
COMMENTARY - (E) Reversed by 0.2 points..!

The ninth leaderboard is displayed on the electronic board.
1st place Yoshimov 653.4, 2nd place Kang Chul 653.2.

CASTER - (E) 653.4 and 653.2. With only a 0.2 difference, there is now one final shot left to change the medal color. After all, the power of age comes out at the end. Kang Chul, is it an indication of your inexperience?
COMMENTARY - (E) Yes. Probably because I have no international experience... But I can do it! You have to focus all the way to the end!

Boo Kang Chul, 'Dude! Wake!' I scream, but Kang Chul doesn't even look back.
Kang Chul prepares for the final blow with a recalled face. 
The expression on the veteran Yoshimov's face next to him doesn't even move.
Two people, being caught in two parts on one screen... Two, aiming and aiming

CASTER - (E) This is a tense moment. Last tenth shot.

Shortly after the trigger signal sounds, Yoshimov fires first.

CASTER - (E) 10.4..! Shot Yoshimov 10.4.
COMMENTARY - (E) Ah.. He is also a player with great potential.
CASTER - (E) This means that Kang Chul must shoot 10.7 or higher.

Kang Chul, still aiming at the target without triggering.
In the meantime, all the other players have been blown away.

CASTER - (E) Kang Chul is still aiming.
You have to shoot within the 75 second time limit, so you must have been very nervous.
COMMENTARY - (E) You must empty your mind. In fact, it's great to have come this far.
CASTER - (E) Ah.. Everyone finished the game, but Kang Chul is still unable to trigger. 

The timeout is displayed in seconds and exceeds 55 seconds.
The crowd is buzzing... Kang Chul's hands are sweating. My son can't hear it from far away, but he keeps saying 'Shoot!' 'What are you doing to shoot RickRoll'D?' muttering and scratching his head

CASTER - (E) It's over 55 seconds..! Kang Chul shakes a lot..!
COMMENTARY - (E) Now you must shoot! You should even get a bronze medal!

Yoshimov next to him, looking at Kang Chul with his arms crossed with a smile as if he was sure of victory.

CASTER - (E) 5 seconds left. 4 seconds 3 seconds!
COMMENTARY - (E) Oh, you have to shoot!! 
CASTER - (E) 2 sec 1 sec

With one second left, Kang Chul fires. A buzzer sounds at the same time as a percussion sound.
Momentary coaches, Kang Chul, Yoshimov, tense expressions. Kang Chul lowers his gun expressionlessly.

CASTER - (E) Ah.. I shot with 1 second left. The result is...

After a moment of silence, the crowd suddenly resounds.
A black dot appears exactly in the center of the target on the broadcast screen.. 10.8 is displayed.

CASTER - (E Excitement) 10.8!!! I shot 10.8!! Kang Chul player!! 10.8!!
COMMENTARY - (E Excited) Reversed!! Reversing by 0.2 points! It's a gold medal!!
CASTER - (E) Yes! Korea Kang Chul!! Gold medal!!

Kang Chul, as soon as the choking moment passes, he returns to a 17-year-old boy. After checking the score, excitedly, he takes off his goggles, throws it in the air, and runs to the coaches. The coaches and players who ran out first, hug Kang Chul and slap him on the head with joy, but Kang Chul pushes him away and runs to his father behind him, jumping and hugging him. Yoshimov, shaking his head. The audience cheered and applauded, and on the relay screen, <Shooting Male Pistol 50m Kang Chul (17) Gold Medal> roared loudly along with fanfare CG and a typical anthem of victory.

COMMENTARY - (E) That's great Kang Chul! Aren't you only seventeen years old now? Usually, in that situation, you fall under the pressure, but where did such boldness come from!!
CASTER - (E) Yes!! Kang Chul played a double play against the world No. 1 player with one last second left! A new star is born!!

Kang Chul and his father's touching hug scene while still being stolen.
Then, if you flip through the screen like a bookshelf

#4. Kang Chul's House Living Room (Night)

Living room in an old house.
Kang Chul's parents, Kang Chul's younger sister (high school girl), and younger brother (middle school student) are watching a soccer match.
Atmosphere to be sucked into the TV by putting it in front of chicken and beer after eating, immersed in the broadcast.
SUBTITLES - 2 years later. June 2006. Seoul
The 2006 World Cup in Germany is being broadcast. 
The number <2> overlaps the screen and disappears.
Kang Chul's gold medal and commendation, newspaper clippings, and family photos with gold medals are hanging on the decoration. 

FAMILIES - shoot shoot!!! (They jumped up and started talking to each other in disappointment) Ah!! / What are you doing!! / Are you going there like that!!!

The family is excited and talking, when the front door opens and you hear someone coming in.

KANG CHUL MOM - (Probably Kang Chul) Are you iron? Why are you here now (get up and go to the front door)
KANG CHUL DAD - (eyes fixed on the TV) Where did this RickRoll'D go when it's all over? 

At this time, the words are cut off by the sound of a thump, and three, turn around.
Kang Chulmo, who was heading towards the front door, fell backwards and fell to the floor.

CHILDREN - Mom?! (Runs in surprise)

A small hole is finally visible on Kang Chul's forehead. Blood is oozing out around him.
At that moment, Kang Chul's gaze turned towards the front door, and in the darkness towards the camera, someone's hand with a pistol was seen, and before Kang Yun could say anything, someone's hand pulled the trigger. At the same time, a goal scene appears on the screen, and shouts that seem to leave the whole place. A killer who moves as fast as lightning and shoots three shots in an instant. All buried in the sound of the TV broadcast that seems to be leaving and the shouts of the neighbors. Then, the screen goes like a bookshelf

ANCHOR - (E) First news.

#5. news video montage

C#1. Newsroom (Night)
A male anchor is on the news. 
A picture of Kang Chul's face and his family, including his parents and younger sister, appeared next to him.
The number <3> appears large and overlaps and then disappears.

ANCHOR - Two days ago, I was informed of the pistol murder of a family in Sangdo-dong, Seoul, and the police have identified their son Kang Chul, a gold medalist at the Athens Olympic Games, as the prime suspect in this case. (Calls a reporter who is out at the police station) Reporter Park Sang-min!
REPORTER - (Reporting on-site, in front of the police station at night) Yes, this is Dongjak Police Station. 

C#2. In front of the police station (afternoon)
Kang Chul, an adult who is handcuffed and dragged into the police.
I was dragged out in a frenzy, but the reporters gathered and had a fight with the police, and it was a riot and said, 'Mr. Kang Chul! You killed your family, right?' 'What's the reason?!' Kang Chul, on the screen that goes straight into it without even having time to answer

REPORTER - (E) A little while ago, former national team representative Kang Chul was arrested on charges of murder.

C#3. Kang Chul's home living room (morning)
the day after the incident. A whole family is shot down here and there. Blood filled the floor. Police officers scattered around the area collecting evidence such as footprints and bloodstains.

REPORTER - (E) It was the morning of the 15th that the national shooting coach Yoon Kang, wife Yoon Mi-ho, and daughters Soo Yeon-yang and Jun-seok were shot and killed in the living room of their home.

C#4. news release
CG and maps depicting the incident

REPORTER - (E) The police are said to have discovered many questions about the whereabouts of the day while investigating the eldest son, Kang Chul, who was not at home at the time of the incident.

C#5. Alleyway (morning)
During the search, the police found a pistol among the piles of garbage and pulled it out. 

REPORTER - (E) Another pistol used in the crime was found among a pile of garbage 500 meters away from the scene of the crime.

C#6. Police station press conference room (night)
The Inspector is at a press conference reporting the situation. Reporters sitting with laptops or notebooks.. Police, showing photos of evidence.

INSPECTOR - This is the pistol used in the crime. It is a 5.56mm caliber made by Morini, Switzerland, and many of the victim's blood and son Kang's fingerprints were detected.

C#7. news material
Pistol photo presented as evidence + Pistol scene from Olympic video
There is also a picture of Kang Chul firing at the Olympics with a pistol. It is clear at a glance that it is the same pistol on the close-up screen.

REPORTER - (E) Police also confirmed that the pistol used in the attack was from Kang Chul, used in the Olympics.

C#8. Prosecutor's Office Investigation Room (Night)
Kang Chul, across the table, is interrogated by prosecutor Han Chul Ho (then in his 40s) in a shirt. Chul Ho, standing with a dignified feeling, is asking forcibly, but Kang Chul, with a firm expression, repeats 'no'.

REPORTER - (E) Prosecutors are concerned about destroying evidence and fleeing, so they have decided to detain Kang Chul, and are focusing on revealing the motive for the crime and what happened at the time.

C#9. Newsroom (Night)
An anchor talking live with the reporter on the monitor. 

ANCHOR - It's really shocking. Gi-ja Kim, don't many people remember the touching moment of the Athens Olympics? The image of the boy running to his father and hugging him is still vivid.

At the same time, the touching scene of the rich hugging at the time of the Olympics appeared

ANCHOR - If Kang Chul was the real culprit, what was his motive?
REPORTER - The exact motive has not yet been revealed, but according to testimonies from those around him, he quit shooting after the Olympics and entered the computer science department, resulting in a conflict between the father and the son. 

During the reporter's explanation, subtitles such as <Conflict immediately after the Olympics over the issue of going to school> <Game addiction> <Suspicion of psychiatric problems> appeared on the picture in which the rich and the rich were quarreling.

ANCHOR - I don't think that alone would explain the horrendous depravity of an Olympic star.

C#10. Detention Center (Night)
Kang Chul squatting in a shroud in a dark prison. 

REPORTER - (E) Yes. For this reason, public opinion against the hasty arrest of the prosecution is also not strong. However, the opinion of experts is different.

C#11. Expert Interview Video + Flashback – Kang Chul's Living Room (Night)
through the eyes of a murderer. A scene in which a family is shot one after another as a jump cut.
All fit exactly in the center of the forehead.

EXPERT - (E) All 4 shots hit the forehead. There were no misfires against moving targets. This is the work of an expert.

C#12. Reminiscence – Alleyway (Night)
People wearing red tees holding Taegeukgi, drinking and shouting and honking horns make a noisy atmosphere. A man in a black silhouette with a gun, a shadow with a gun, leaves Kang Chul's house and quickly walks away, throws a pistol with a gloved hand on a pile of garbage bags and disappears.

REPORTER - (E) In other words, even if the third culprit was going to frame Mr. Kang, he is also a terrific gunman.

C#13. Detention Center Visiting Room (Night)
Kang Chul in a shroud, and Hyun Suk (in his 40s at the time, a junior in Kang Chul's club, a broadcaster's PD) who couldn't even shave his beard through the window. 

REPORTER - (E) While all circumstantial evidence points to Kang as the culprit, attention is focused on how this case with no clear motive for the crime will be concluded.

As you approach the camera, you hear a conversation between Kang Chul and Hyun Suk.

HYUN SUK - Han Chul Ho, the prosecutor in charge. He was a man of great ambition. It looks like you're trying to get into politics, but you're trying to get your name out there this time. got it wrong
KANG CHUL - ...... 
HYUN SUK - And... (Hesitating because it's hard to say) I couldn't wait any longer, so I had a funeral.
KANG CHUL - .....! 
HYUN SUK - (Avoiding eye contact) Don't worry too much because we've all put you in a sunny place..
KANG CHUL - ...... (I can't hear more and cover my face) 
HYUN SUK - (Heartbreaking) Don't become weak. I'm working hard, so give me strength. it'll be fine dude
KANG CHUL - (Shoulders shake when sobbing)

#6. Court (daytime)

The number <4> rises and overlaps and then disappears. 
Kang Chul's case in the courtroom. 
If you fall out of the image of Kang Chul, who was exhausted and exhausted from the one-year process, 
Chul Ho is reading outdated material. I see Hyun Suk nervous in the audience..

CHUL HO - Considering the time and method of the crime, it is difficult to see it as an accidental crime, killing a family member under a careful plan is a shocking crime that violates humanity. Big enough to not be there, in order to awaken social awareness (for a moment, glance at Kang Chul)
KANG CHUL - ...... 
CHUL HO - We strongly demand that defendant Kang Chul be put to death.

The audience murmured over the sphere... Hyun Suk was bewildered too... Kang Chul, who had been calm the whole time, shook violently. Kang Chul's gaze collides with Chul Ho's cold gaze. In a moment, the reason he has endured until now is cut off, and he rushes towards Chul Ho.

KANG CHUL - You crazy RickRoll'D..!! How could that be the conclusion?!

The police jump in, grab Kang Chul, kneel on the floor, and become a courtroom, mayhem.
A still from burning anger, intense Kang Chul's eyes. 

#7. title insert

SUBTITLE - W : W – Two Worlds

#8. Thoracic Surgery Resident's Office (Daytime)

SUBTITLES - 10 years later. Seoul in 2016.
A small room with several bunk beds.
It's a mess with messy clothes, crumpled sheets and various belongings.
Yeon Joo, lying crumpled up on the first floor of the bed. Yeon Joo's classmate Suk Bum (male, 2nd year resident) is sleeping on the second floor without knowing the world. Yeon Joo wakes up when Suk Bum's cell phone vibrates on the desk.

YEON JOO - (only seeing) Pick up the phone.. (Suk Bum, not moving) Hey, answer the phone.. It's your phone.. 

When Suk Bum didn't move, Yeon Joo jumped up in the end.

YEON JOO - Oh really~ (Let's go and look at the phone on the desk, let's say 'Crazy Dog') Huh? hey are you crazy?
SUK BUM - (!! Automatically jumps up to that sound)
YEON JOO - (Teasing while handed over cell phone) You're dead Now~ It's already rang more than ten times, how come?
SUK BUM - (Receives a phone call from Honbi Baeksan) Yes, Professor! This is Suk Bum! yes no that's...
YEON JOO - (Lying back and complaining)
SUK BUM - Oh Yeon Joo?
YEON JOO - (blinking eyes) 
SUK BUM - I'm right next to you. Well, I don't know why you didn't answer the phone even if you died.
YEON JOO - (??! If you take out your cell phone from your gown pocket, there are 10 missed calls, !!!!)
SUK BUM - All right. (hangs up the phone) Are you looking for me?
YEON JOO - Crazy! Why is this on silent?!
SUK BUM - (teasing) What do you do? Is ten times out of office the minimum angle of death?
YEON JOO - (Hurrying on a robe) Why, why, why are you looking for me?
SUK BUM - I don't know. Rest in peace~ (Lie down on the road)
YEON JOO - Mr. Ha (runs out in tears)

#9. Hospital corridor (daytime)

Yeon Joo, running away in a hurry while taking off the mucus. Nurse Kim (female, early 30s) who was passing by said hello and passed by

YEON JOO - Ah, thank you, thank you (Laughs and wipes saliva and runs downstairs to the elevator)

The scenery of a large general hospital passes along the path Yeon Joo runs.

#10. Thoracic Surgery Intensive Care Unit (daytime)

The automatic door opens and Yeon Joo hurriedly enters the intensive care unit.
Thoracic surgery patients are being treated, and there are only a few nurses.

YEON JOO - (panting in) Prof Park..!!
NURSE1 - You're not here.
YEON JOO - Huh? (They say it's the emergency room and run off the road)

#11. emergency room (daytime)

Yeon Joo, the emergency room is quiet when your breath hits your chin and slides in.
Only other doctors are visible, there is no Prof Park. Nurse 2 passes by

YEON JOO - (???) by Prof Park
NURSE2 - You didn't come down
YEON JOO - (???) Our patient?! do not have?
NURSE2 - None. (and pass by)
YEON JOO - (whispering) What...?

#12. Prof Park Room (Daytime)

Prof Park, in her early 40s, is sitting at her desk and reading a book seriously.
<Park Min Soo, a thoracic surgeon> I have a plaque. with a knock

YEON JOO - (E) Professor. Oh Yeon-soo
PROF PARK - Come in.

Yeon Joo, coming in, holding her breath and tidying up her messy hair.

PROF PARK - (raised head) How many minutes has passed since this appeared? Disney?
YEON JOO - (running polite end) I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here...
PROF PARK - Makes you make several phone calls. 
Is your professor funny? Did you just chew on the professor's phone?
YEON JOO - I'm sorry, I'll make sure this doesn't happen again! Sorry! (Unconditionally empty)
PROF PARK - (OL) Are you the daughter of writer Oh Sung Moo?
YEON JOO - (While crawling at an unexpected question ?) Yes..? (raises head)
PROF PARK - I heard you're the daughter of cartoonist Oh Sung Moo. I heard it for the first time today?
YEON JOO - Ah...
PROF PARK - Could it be? isn't it?
YEON JOO - You're my father.
PROF PARK - Really? (He then scans Yeon Joo up and down) But why are you like that?
YEON JOO - Yes..?
PROF PARK - My father is writer Oh Sung Moo, but why is my daughter only Oh Yeon Joo??
YEON JOO - (It's the way I always crave, crying) I'm sorry. Just because Oh Yeon Joo.
PROF PARK - Didn't you draw too? What kind of trouble is it to study as a doctor with no talent?
YEON JOO - .....
PROF PARK - Dad would clean the road, and it would have been easy.
YEON JOO - I wanted to do it too...
PROF PARK - But why didn't you?
YEON JOO - My mother was against it. It's hard to make a living with cartoons.
PROF PARK - (chuckles) Oh. Your mother read the rhyme wrong. A cartoonist would have been better in a world full of doctors like today. Especially uncompetitive doctors.
YEON JOO - ...... 
PROF PARK - So, do you live with your parents?
YEON JOO - No. I live with my mother.
PROF PARK - Who is your father?
YEON JOO - ..... My parents got divorced.
PROF PARK - Yeah...? (persevere) So you don't see your father often?
YEON JOO - I see you sometimes... (begins annoyed) But why?
PROF PARK - (OL) Give me some spoilers.
YEON JOO - Yes..?
PROF PARK - (Laughing then, showing the cover of the cartoon <W> I was reading) I'm obsessed with this these days. your father cartoon.
YEON JOO - (Awkward)
PROF PARK - (singing) You thought this was so much fun? I knew it was a hit, but the webtoon was so awkward that I didn't watch it. But this week is the last episode. So, I didn't want to go backwards, so I went to the bookstore yesterday and bought a book. All thirty three volumes. (pointing to comic books piled up like a mountain under the desk) I've been up late for two nights. Why is this so funny?
YEON JOO - (Looks embarrassed) That's why you called me..? (Then I am relieved)
PROF PARK - (showing the book he was holding) Kang Chul was sentenced to death with 4 books now? shocking.
YEON JOO - (I have more free time) Baby, I won't be executed. Don't worry.
PROF PARK - Okay~ I'm reviewing for the third time now.
YEON JOO - (It's strange to see a crazy dog with a bright smile for the first time)
PROF PARK - (Looking at the cover) I like the main character. Kang Chul This kid~ He has guts~ He’s a cool guy even from a man’s point of view~
YEON JOO - (Suddenly in the fan spirit) Even a woman looks cool!
PROF PARK - (sighs) Are you a Kang Chul fan too?
YEON JOO - Of course. (and) You're sexy.
PROF PARK - Sexy? (Pause for a moment)
YEON JOO - (Oh, I guess I went too far)
PROF PARK - Hahaha~ (Laughs out loud) What do you know about being sexy?
YEON JOO - (playing with fingers) I know a little bit. 
PROF PARK - Is it? Hahaha~ That's not sexy~

Meanwhile, Suk Bum comes in with papers. 
The two of them, their eyes widen in surprise at the strange sight that suddenly smiles harmoniously with their fans.

SUK BUM - Professor.. this is an autograph...
YEON JOO - (I just smile like I'm bored)
PROF PARK - (without looking at Suk Bum) But who the hell is the culprit? 
YEON JOO - I don't know about that.
PROF PARK - You said it's the end of the week and you haven't come out yet. (Suk Bum signs the paper he handed out) Did you hear anything from your father?
YEON JOO - I don't have it. 
PROF PARK - Don't you talk like that with your daughter?
YEON JOO - Don't ever tell us about our father's story.
PROF PARK - Get some spoilers.
SUK BUM - Professor, I know a little bit, but their father doesn't seem to be a good person.
YEON JOO - Yes. No spoilers whatsoever..
PROF PARK - (OL) Did you never open your chest during surgery?
YEON JOO - (Pause) 
PROF PARK - I'll Open Your Heart
YEON JOO - (!) Really? (Looking at Suk Bum in surprise)
SUK BUM - (What is this??)
PROF PARK - Find out who the culprit is. 
YEON JOO - But you wouldn't tell me...
PROF PARK - You also close your chest.
YEON JOO - (!! Without hesitation any further) I'll get the spoilers right away! (Outstanding)
PROF PARK - Hey. If you want to open up your chest, you'll be blown away.
YEON JOO - Don't worry!! (excited to go out)
SUK BUM - (Unfortunately) Professor, I don't think this was fair. 
I haven't even opened the chest yet.
PROF PARK - If it's unfair, you too have a writer's father. (Gives the papers) Get out.
SUK BUM - Ha... (depressed)

#13. Hospital corridor (daytime)

Yeon Joo, who got an unexpected pleasure, went to one side and took out his cell phone

YEON JOO - (whispering) What's the matter? Life would have been easier if I had known right away that crazy dogs like cartoons~ But still, where did you know? (He hums and calls)

When I press the speed dial, 'Dad' comes up, let's go to the beep Yeon Joo, change my mind and hang up.

YEON JOO - No. I said it for nothing, but I can't even find it..?

pressing another number. The name 'Park Soo Bong' pops up. The signal goes on and you get it right away.

SOO BONG - (E) Hello sister?
YEON JOO - (Nice to meet you) Soo Bong-ah~ It’s been a while~
SOO BONG - (E, fierce) noona!!
YEON JOO - (cutely) Are you very busy~? I know it's going to be crazy because it's the deadline... You know, I have one thing to ask you, because it's a matter of my life~? I keep it a secret from my dad.
SOO BONG - (E, interrupting) I was just trying to get in touch with you! My sister has grown up!
YEON JOO - (?) Is there a big deal? 
SOO BONG - (E) The teacher is gone!

#14. Sung Moo's living room + hospital hallway (daytime)

An old house converted into a cafe and used as a studio.
An old tree-lined garden can be seen from the window, and the living room is set with the work desks of three of Sung Moo's students. The bookshelves are full of comic books and various data books, and the monitors and photo materials on the desks are frantic. Soo Bong (male, 28), who is younger than Yeon Joo, who has a generous belly and a bandit-like beard, is receiving a cell phone. Sun Mi and Yoon Hee (female, mid-twenties) sitting at another desk are seriously watching Soo Bong calling.

SOO BONG - (Looks out of spirit) You haven't seen me since last night, I can't even contact you!
YEON JOO - (Surprised for a moment and then said it's not a big deal) I again... Where else are you drinking all night?
SOO BONG - No! I checked all the regulars, but they didn't come yesterday. I've tried contacting all of my friends, but they don't know. (Holding Sung Moo's cell phone) He left his cell phone too!
YEON JOO - Put your cell phone down?
SOO BONG - Even the keys! Put your wallet on it! Just lost contact!
YEON JOO - (...! Then it gets serious) Where are you going then...?
SOO BONG - (Sighs) It's four o'clock and no instructions, we don't know what to do. There has never been a time when the teacher missed the deadline. What do you do?
YEON JOO - (Face)

#16. In front of Sung Moo's house (daytime)

old residential area. A taxi comes in, stops in front of Sung Moo's house, and Yeon Joo gets off.
Sung Moo's car is parked in front of the house. 
Yeon Joo, OK Car Look into the car and ring the doorbell. 

#17. Sung Moo's living room (daytime)

When Yeon Joo came in, Soo Bong jumped in. Two female students got up from their seats.

SOO BONG - Noona!! (Looks like you met the savior)
YEON JOO - Long time no see, everyone. (and) Dad?
SOO BONG - (shakes head)

#18. Sung Moo's Studio (Daytime)

Sung Moo's private studio. It is an unchanging landscape that we have been familiar with for over 20 years.
There is a desk where Sung Moo writes by himself, and countless materials and notes are piled up and stuck around him in his own way. A bottle of whiskey and a glass of sake, which I always enjoy, on one side. On the wall, a friendly picture of Sung Moo and Yeon Joo and three pictures that seem to have been taken every 10 years are hung side by side in a frame... Favorite albums and old audio on one side.
The only difference from before is that the LCD tablet and large monitor occupy the center of the desk instead of paper. Coming in with Yeon Joo and Soo Bong

SOO BONG - Didn't you talk to your sister?
YEON JOO - (Looking around the room) It's been a while since I've called my dad because I've been so busy.
SOO BONG - (with messy hair) Should I contact the editorial department? I still haven't been able to speak.
YEON JOO - Let's wait a moment. There is still time until the deadline.
SOO BONG - But what's so strange about noona, we worked all night outside yesterday and you never left this room?
YEON JOO - (? Looking back)

#19. Reminiscence – Sung Moo’s Workshop (Night)

Sung Moo is sitting on a chair in front of his desk. 
Concentrated drawing on tablet under the lights... Soo Bong peers in. 

SOO BONG - Sir. Shall I add some coffee water?
SUNG MOO - (Looking up at the clock, it's now 9 o'clock) It's 10 o'clock.
SOO BONG - Yes. (Hurry out)
SUNG MOO - .... (continues to be absorbed)

#20. Reminiscence – Sung Moo’s Living Room (Night)

Soo Bong, Sun Mi, and Yoon Hee, each sitting at their seats with serious expressions, are working on the background. 
There is a heavy silence. Light leaks into Sung Moo's room, which is slightly open.

SOO BONG - (E) We stayed outside. by the way

#21. Reminiscence – Sung Moo’s Workshop (Night)

Soo Bong comes in with coffee 

SOO BONG - Sir. Coffee.. (if you do)

The scenery is the same as before. Only Sung Moo, who was sitting there, disappeared.
A chair that turned crookedly. A pen is hanging from the desk, and a few sheets of paper are on the floor. the clock is past 10 o'clock

SOO BONG - Teacher? (Looking around)
SOO BONG - (E) I went in at 10 and he wasn't there. I didn't see anyone leaving.

#22. Reminiscence - Sung Moo's Living Room (Night)

Sun Mi and Yoon Hee checking their shoes at the front door

SOO BONG - (E) The shoes were still there. 

#23. Reminiscence – Sung Moo's yard + Sung Moo's bathroom + In front of Sung Moo's house (Night)

Soo Bong opens the bathroom in a split screen, and Sun Mi looks behind the garden bushes.
Yoon Hee checking the inside of the car in front of the house 

SOO BONG - (E) So I searched the inside and outside of the house to see where you fell. 

#24. Sung Moo's Studio (Daytime)

SOO BONG - But there was no trace. Is it weird?
YEON JOO - (It's really weird) It's strange... It's very strange.
SOO BONG - (frightened after talking) Shall we report it to the police?
YEON JOO - (I can't decide, for now) It's not even 24 hours yet. Let's wait.
You may have gone out to cool your head for a while because you were so upset.
SOO BONG - Without a word in the middle of the night? Barefoot too? Don't you have any money? Without a cell phone?
YEON JOO - (I feel like crying more when I'm afraid of those words) Hey, your father is also a human being~ You must have been sad to say goodbye to the main character you've been drawing for 10 years, aren't you?
SOO BONG - Are you a teacher? I'm sorry. I wanted to kill him because it was so jingling.
YEON JOO - Who Are You Killing?
SOO BONG - (as if speaking lowly) Kang Chul. They said you killed Kang Chul in the ending.
YEON JOO - (?! What are you trying to say to an unexpected word?)
SOO BONG - (turning on the large LCD tablet on the desk) I only look at my sister. This one.

When I turn on the tablet, the picture that Sung Moo was working on appears and brightens.
There is a large picture of a man falling on the dark floor, bleeding bright red blood, and the location is also vague. The man's face is hard to see in the dark.

YEON JOO - (My eyes widen as soon as I see it) What is this...? 
SOO BONG - Kang Chul. Look, he's dead.
YEON JOO - (Laughs) Why? Why?!! Why is our Kang Chul dying?!
SOO BONG - (Nice to have someone to talk to) So. It's our Kang Chul! I can't say it~
YEON JOO - (Unbelievable) Really dead?
SOO BONG - Look blood. How do you live with blood spilling like that?
YEON JOO - (It's absurd, for a moment, forget about your father and just focus on the picture) 
SOO BONG - How opposed we were. I've never sat on a real teacher's words, but this time I was against the resignation. Sun Mi just cried. But the teacher's stubbornness is really... ha... (shaking his head) It means that he will kill you unconditionally. I will kill you horribly. That's a lifetime wish.
YEON JOO - (...!)
SOO BONG - If this pops up, the internet will be uproar. Everyone was expecting revenge after catching the culprit, but instead of getting revenge, they get killed.

Only then did Yeon Joo see someone with a black silhouette in the picture.
Someone with a knife looking down at Kang Chul who has fallen. It was clear he was the culprit.

YEON JOO - Is that the culprit..? who?
SOO BONG - (shakes head) We don't know. You didn't tell me.
YEON JOO - (...!)
SOO BONG - You disappeared while drawing this far. 
YEON JOO - (Looking at the picture) Aren't you conflicted about killing him? So I'm thinking about it again...
SOO BONG - (firmly) Probably not. How determined were you?

#25. Reminiscence – Sung Moo’s Workshop (Night)

Soo Bong opens the door slightly and looks into Sung Moo's room.
Sung Moo at work under the lights of a stand.
Sung Moo, drawing directly on the LCD tablet with a pen.
In the scene of Kang Chul, who collapsed, he sees Sung Moo smiling with red blood on his face... Soo Bong, with a puzzled expression. Sung Moo has a strange smirk on his lips.

SOO BONG - (E) You were definitely smiling.

#26. Sung Moo's Studio (Daytime)

SOO BONG - Because you really enjoyed it. 
YEON JOO - (I feel like I'm falling into a labyrinth) Why...? Why do you enjoy killing the main character?
SOO BONG - I don't know. How do I know what's inside the teacher?
YEON JOO - .... (suddenly) Just in case... There are a lot of fans of this manga. Where did you find the ending and hear that the psycho geek kidnapped your dad?
SOO BONG - (Eyes stinging) Like a fool..?
YEON JOO - Yeah, stupid! Misery was a madman too, wasn't it?
YEON JOO/SOO BONG - (Looking at each other for a moment, the suspicion gradually becomes more certain)
SOO BONG - Noona then...!
YEON JOO - (Heart rushes) I can't. I feel bad when I report it to the police.
SOO BONG - (!!)

#27. Sung Moo's living room (daytime)

Sun Mi and Yoon Hee gossip seriously, but Soo Bong kicks out the door.

SOO BONG - Where's your cell phone!!
SUN MI - Why Why? what did you find bro?
SOO BONG - You have to report it to the police. This is not normal Mr. (Hurry to dial 112)
SUN MI/YOON HEE - (looks scared)
#28. Sung Moo's Studio (Daytime)

Yeon Joo, I'm suddenly nervous and I don't know where to start or what to do.
I put my cell phone next to my desk and looked at the scribbled notes, and a note from a post card popped out. When you pick up the postcard, you see a note written in your father's familiar handwriting.
<I'd rather catch it than be eaten> 

YEON JOO - (whispering) I'd rather eat than be eaten..?

Yeon Joo, when you do something and turn it over, it's a picture postcard.
Goya's painting <Sartnus devouring his son> was printed.
The image of a mad god who is full of madness and eats human flesh... As if he could hear his father's low voice.

SUNG MOO - (E) I'd rather eat it than be eaten.

Yeon Joo peers into a painting that evokes gloomy emotions. At this point, behind Yeon Joo's back, in the cartoon on the still-lit LCD tablet, a line drawn by the man's crimson blood-stained hand appears to be moving. Yeon Joo who is turning his back doesn't know at all...
The hand of the man who had fallen down was clearly twitching again...!
Yeon Joo, stopped while walking to pick up another note..!
Something is pulling me from behind and I can't go any further.
Yeon Joo, who thinks that the hem of her clothes is caught in the chair, inadvertently puts her hands behind her back and tries to pull the collar out, but becomes stiff in a creepy feeling. The feeling of being held in his hand, not at the hem, but soft and hot. Yeon Joo, goosebumps in the back of the moment. Feeling an ominous premonition, he slowly stretches his hand forward and sees the stain on his hand. Vivid red blood.
Bright red blood that can't be understood is on Yeon Joo's hand...!
Yeon Joo, after a few seconds of hesitating with the feeling of being frozen in her heart, she looks back trembling in fear, ....!! A blood-soaked hand is pulling Yeon Joo's hem.
It wasn't his father, it was the hand of a strong young man.. The moment Yeon Joo was about to scream in surprise, he pulled the man's hand, Yeon Joo, strongly...! 
Yeon Joo, framed out in an instant without screaming
When it comes to cameras and fans, there is no one sitting in Yeon Joo’s seat right before it.
The postcard he was holding was lying on the floor. 

#29. Hotel Rooftop (Night)

Yeon Joo, who was fainting, wakes up to the sound of a car passing by.
The black night sky came into Yeon Joo's field of vision... 
Yeon Joo, who was dazed for a moment, opened her eyes wide and jumped up and sat down.
An unfamiliar landscape. On a dark night, he is lying in the corner of the roof of an unknown building.

YEON JOO - What...what...? 

Confused Yeon Joo, confused. I don't know what it is.
Judging by the light of the N Tower that you can see nearby, you only know that it is the roof of a building close to Namsan.

YEON JOO - (absurd) Where is this place...? Why am I here..?

Yeon Joo, suddenly frightened, got up and stopped while trying to find the exit. 
Something catches on your toe. Yeon Joo, looking down....!!
A man is lying on the floor.
Jeans and a simple T-shirt or shirt are stained with blood to the extent that it looks as if they were originally red. The man looks like he's dead in the dark...

YEON JOO - (Surprised momentarily backs away and after a while) Hey..?? (Wakes up when there is no answer after calling carefully) Hey! Calm down! Can you hear me?!

When there is no answer, Yeon Joo, the doctor's familiar motion, places her right ear against the man's nose and checks her chest to confirm that she is breathing. Then look at the carotid artery
It's dark and it's hard to see, but the shirt is torn here and there and there are stab wounds in between. As if I was in a hurry to block the knife with my hand, there are deep cuts on the palm of my hand and blood is oozing...!
Yeon Joo, as soon as I checked the condition, I immediately looked for my cell phone, but there was no cell phone in my pocket. 
Only a few crumpled business cards, chewing gum, and a few thousand won came out.
Yeon Joo, hastily rummaging through the man's pants pocket, when a cell phone appears.
I'm trying to hang my phone, but there's a fingerprint lock. I pick up the man's hand and take a thumbprint, but both fingers don't work because the blood is entangled.

YEON JOO - Mr. Ha...!! (Throws cell phone, to unconscious man) Hang on!! (Looks for an exit and runs away)

#30. Emergency Exit Stairs (Night)

Yeon Joo, who came down with the roof door open, rushed down without knowing where it was.

#31. Corridor behind the kitchen (at night)

Narrow hallway with trash and liquor boxes piled up. Loud music is heard in the distance. Yeon Joo, who finds the door and runs

#32. Hotel Sky Lounge Kitchen (Night)

The kitchen of the hotel's Sky Lounge during busy times.
 - It's bustling with the sizzling sounds of grilling meat, the sound of knives, the sound of music coming from the lounge due to the spicy smoke, and the movements of the busy chefs. Yeon Joo, running in.

YEON JOO - (Laughs) Hey!!

The waiter who was chatting with the chefs turned around at the sound and stopped moving at the same time.
Seeing Yeon Joo smeared with blood all over the place brings tears to my eyes.

YEON JOO - Someone call 911!! People are dying on the roof!!
ALL - (...??)
YEON JOO - Didn't you hear that? People are stabbed to death! (He quickly picks up clean towels and scissors as soon as he sees it, while pots and cookware fall to the floor) He said there was a lot of bleeding!! Hurry up because you can't stand it for long!! Hurry up!! (Going out of the road)
ALL - (Surprised for a moment, blankly Yeon Joo until it disappears, then belatedly) Where's your cell phone?! / Hey, call the manager! / Someone follow me!! / Hey you go!! (becoming noisy)

#33. Hotel Rooftop (Night)

Yeon Joo rushes back and runs to the man. 
Get on your knees right away and make sure you're breathing. still alive
A quick cut of the cotton cloth with scissors to stop bleeding from the external bleeding.. 
At this time, a male waiter in his 20s in the kitchen chases after him using his cell phone as a flashlight.

WAITER - (surprised) What is it? Why are you hurt?! Who are you?
YEON JOO - (Defeating) I don't know, light a light this way! What about an ambulance?
WAITER - (Turns on at the light and sees blood) Ugh!!
YEON JOO - Ambulance?!
WAITER - (shivering) I called. And there's a surgeons conference downstairs, and they come up!
YEON JOO - (at that sound) Conference...? What are you doing here?
YEON JOO - (hurriedly hemorrhaging) What is this building?
WAITER - (I don't understand the question) This is a hotel...? Namsan Prime Hotel..
YEON JOO - (whispering and muttering) Is this a hotel...?
WAITER - (anxious) But what do you know? I'm waiting for the doctor to come
YEON JOO - I'm a doctor too. I don't have any talent

At this time, the man's breath suddenly becomes rough...!
If you look closely, you can clearly see that the chest is bulging.

WAITER - Uh! Why are you here?
YEON JOO - (touching) I think it's a pneumothorax... 
WAITER - Yes? 
YEON JOO - (He keeps muttering to himself to keep calm) Pneumothorax, right? That's right, then... You have to drill it. But there's nothing to break through..? (While looking around, a ballpoint pen in the waiter's pocket caught my eye...!! I stopped trying to catch it) No, it's dangerous. what do you know

At this point, the man's breathing gets louder and louder.

WAITER - (surprised) Lord.. aren't you going to die?!
YEON JOO - !! (Grabs the ballpoint pen and then pauses again) What if I do it for nothing and die sooner? Are you flipping it all over? (While disassembling the ballpoint pen quickly) Oh, I don't know, you do it in dramas, right? I'm just saying what (Breaks and sharpens the remaining Taiwanese ballpoint pen with an empty center)
WAITER - (excitedly) Wait, are you a real doctor?! If you're not confident, just leave it alone until someone comes!
YEON JOO - I'm not always myself, because I have no talent..! (Looking at the man's last breath as if he's about to die) But let him die...? (Looking at the waiter once, he grabs a ballpoint pen and inserts it into his chest without waiting for the waiter to dry)

The man wakes up with a painful moan at the sudden shock.
The man instinctively grabs Yeon Joo's arm and looks at Yeon Joo.
Yeon Joo gets scared when she meets a man..
Did I haveten this man's death..?? Is this person going to die like this...?
After a moment of suffocating silence... Man, he closes his eyes. 

YEON JOO - (...!!) 
WAITER - (frightened) Are you dead?! are you dead??!!

At this time, the hotel manager and some middle-aged male doctors in suits rush in.

DOCTOR1 - (Looking around) Where's the patient?
WAITER - (crying) He died..!! People are dead here!!!
YEON JOO - (on expression)

#34. In front of the hotel main gate (night)

A luxurious luxury hotel from the outside. A lighted ambulance is standing.

#35. Hotel Rooftop (Night)

In the image of Yeon Joo sitting on the floor, exhausted and dazed.
If you follow Yeon Joo's gaze, you can see the doctors, hotel staff, and paramedics crowded together. As the camera goes through them, paramedics who have completed first aid are putting the man on the bed. Man, you're alive...!
Paramedics, 'Careful!' Move it 'to the right'...
Towards Yeon Joo, who watched as she wiped her blood-stained hands with the towel in her hand. 

YEON JOO - (A proud smile spreads across his lips) I should have seen the crazy dog earlier.. Oh Yeon Joo, whom you ignore, did a great job.. Natural Bone Doctor? (Laughs as he speaks)

At this time, when the hotel manager (male in his 40s) approached Yeon Joo, Yeon Joo quickly fell in love.

MANAGER - (Greetings) Hello, I'm Park Ho-Young, the manager of this hotel. (Gives a business card)
YEON JOO - Oh yes.. (Received)
MANAGER - He said he would have died if he had acted a little too late. If there's a murder case in our hotel... (wiping sweat) Thank you so much. Thank you.
YEON JOO - What is it? (As if I was shivering alone, seriously) As a doctor, I was doing my duty of course.
MANAGER - How did the doctor just find out. That person is lucky~ (and) I think you'll have to testify when the police come,
YEON JOO - Yes... it should be.
MANAGER - The teacher's respect...?
YEON JOO - Oh me... (pulls out a crumpled business card from her pocket) My name is Oh Yeon Joo. 
MANAGER - (Looking at the business card) Yes... Are you a hotel guest?
YEON JOO - No.. 
MANAGER - So how did you get here?
YEON JOO - Yes..? (pause)

Yeon Joo, come to think of it, she forgot why she was here.
Why was I here...? Yeon Joo, who was searching for memories, belatedly recalls the previous situation.
The scene where he was looking for his father in his father's studio, 
I remember the moment when I was drawn by someone's bloody hands.
Yeon Joo, after an urgent moment, all of a sudden, everything is strange... What is it...?

MANAGER - (Yeon Joo is stunned) Sir? I wonder why you came up here...
YEON JOO - Yes...but that's... (I hesitated because I have nothing to say)

At this time, there is a buzzing sound from the side the patient was moving from.
The manager and Yeon Joo turn their attention to the sound, but the waiter rushes over.

WAITER - Manager! That's Kang Chul!
MANAGER - What..??
YEON JOO - (...?)
WAITER - (contemplated) That's right! Representative Kang Chul! Oh, I didn't recognize it because of the blood! What should I do!!
MANAGER - What do you mean Kang Chul?! (Your expression completely hardens and runs with the waiter)
YEON JOO - .....?

The manager, paramedics, and peering over. 
When the paramedics wiped his bloody face, the man's distinct facial features were revealed, Kang Chul.

MANAGER - (Surprised, gasping, panicking as soon as he saw it) What the hell happened to this!! Call the secretary's office right now!

In Yeon Joo's ears, paramedics and doctors murmur. 
'That person is Kang Chul??' 'What really??' 'Why is Kang Chul stabbed?'

YEON JOO - (At that sound) Why are you surprised..? Who is Kang Chul..? (Had mumbled) Kang Chul is the main character of a cartoon...? (No one comes to mind other than that) Celebrity...? (Hadah) Oh, one of the singers, Kang Chul... (Hadah) No, that’s strong.

Yeon Joo, who was tilting, suddenly something flashed through her mind.
In the picture Yeon Joo saw, Kang Chul, lying bloodied, comes to mind.
The bloody figure when I found a man one after another comes to mind...
The same clothes and the same posture are recognized. Yeon Joo, facial expression.
The bloody male hand that was holding the hem of his robe rises again..!! 

YEON JOO - (whispering) What... nonsense...

Yeon Joo, bewildered by the thought that just came to mind, hurriedly to the gathering place. 
Meanwhile, Kang Chul wakes up to the shaking as he lifts the bed.

MANAGER - (Contemplating) Representative Kang!! do you mind??
KANG CHUL - (People looking in clearly and blurry, trying to say something, but no words)
MANAGER - (No fuss) Don't try to talk. We have contacted the company! Sorry we should have been the bodyguard!!

While Kang Chul, manager's Soo Sun's voice sounded like an auditory hallucination, Yeon Joo, who slipped through the members of the crew, caught his eye.
Kang Chul recognizes Yeon Joo who stabbed her with a clearer gaze.
Looking at his face, which was clearly revealed unlike in the dark, Yeon Joo's expression.
It overlaps with Kang Chul's eyes, and Kang Chul's eyes pass by in a cartoon cut.
Those eyes so familiar. He was obviously Kang Chul..! Yeon Joo, facial expression.

PARAMEDIC - Come on, get out of the way!

Kang Chul is no longer visible in Yeon Joo's eyes as paramedics move, pushing the manager and others, obscured by the crew. 
Yeon Joo, hard as stone, unable to believe what she saw.
Kang Chul, taken by paramedics, disappears through the roof door...
Yeon Joo, who was dazed, is following after it, and suddenly a big sign appears in front of her.

YEON JOO - What is this...? (Surprised, he pauses)

Then, it becomes a 'recipient' character.. One after another, 'ㅅ' appears and then becomes a 'recipient'. 
The words <Continue> float in front of Yeon Joo's eyes, like three-dimensional subtitles, between the spaces. (CG)

YEON JOO - (????) What is this...?? (moment of doing)

#36. Sung Moo's Studio (Daytime)

If the camera falls out of Yeon Joo's bewildered expression...
The noisy sights in front of me disappeared in an instant. 
No paramedics, no Kang Chul, no hotel staff... 
Yeon Joo is standing there before being dragged in. 
The sun is shining brightly through the window. Postcards are on the floor.
Yeon Joo, who was dazed and stayed there for a while and then turned around..
The picture you saw before is floating on the tablet as it is.
Kang Chul's painting, which seems to have collapsed and died in the dark, seems to have moved at some point.
Yeon Joo, trembling hands at the monitor in fear. But a finger ticking against the monitor. It's not three-dimensional, it's just a picture on a flat screen monitor.
Yeon Joo, I'm feeling goosebumps, I'm afraid I'm staggering backwards

SOO BONG - What are you doing, noona?
YEON JOO - (! Looking back with a smirk)

Soo Bong opens the door and looks in. 

SOO BONG - What are you doing? Why do you call and there is no answer
YEON JOO - (shivering) What happened...?
SOO BONG - What is it?
YEON JOO - Am I missing here..? for a while
SOO BONG - It's gone? when?
YEON JOO - (expression) I was alone in the room.. You go out to report it to the police
SOO BONG - (interrupted) I didn't call the police! Teacher, be safe, sister!
YEON JOO - What...?
SOO BONG - (Happy) Sir, it's over now!
YEON JOO - (!!)
SOO BONG - I don't know where you sent it, but you just sent it anyway!
And you brought Kang Chul back to life. Noona was right. I was about to kill him, so I was conflicted and went out to think again. I didn't even know that, and I called my sister for nothing.
YEON JOO - (Face)
SOO BONG - See me~ 
YEON JOO - (dazed) Dad...?
SOO BONG - You haven't contacted me yet, but I'm sure you'll come in soon~ You've already finished~
YEON JOO - (Face)

#37. Sung Moo's living room (daytime)

When Yeon Joo, bewildered, opens the door, Sun Mi and Yoon Hee are excited to get beer and snacks from the kitchen. Soo Bong, showing the latest issue of <W> on the monitor of his desk

SOO BONG - See you here, noona. (returns the monitor)
SUN MI - (Excited when Yeon Joo comes out) Sister! Our Kang Chul lived!
YOON HEE - It's not even the last episode
YEON JOO - (What are you talking about) 
SOO BONG - (Going to the kitchen) Oh, I'm so hungry all of a sudden~ Let's eat Jajangmyeon~
YEON JOO - ..... (looks at the monitor)

The cartoon begins with Kang Chul answering someone's phone call in a hotel suite.
Yeon Joo, scrolling with the mouse
Kang Chul is cut with a knife behind his back.
Kang Chul, a murderer with a fallen and sword, watches and disappears.
Up to this point, Yeon Joo must have seen the scene before.
But the moment I scrolled down the next time, Yeon Joo stopped..!!
There is a scene where an unknown woman who can only see her back suddenly appears and looks at Kang Chul.
A speech bubble on the back of a woman, <Hey, calm down! Can you hear me?!>
Literally what Yeon Joo said. Yeon Joo, ...??!
An unknown woman enters the sky lounge kitchen and shouts to call an ambulance.
The cut is followed by cutting a dishcloth to stop bleeding and inserting the waiter's ballpoint pen into the chest.

SOO BONG - (Picking beer in the kitchen) He added a new character. woman doctor.
YEON JOO - (I can't believe it, muttering) It's ridiculous...

Kang Chul was carried on the bed and found Yeon Joo, who woke up and looked at him. 
With Kang Chul's gaze, as if trying to remember the woman who saved his life,
The woman's full body cut is finally revealed.
Hair tied in a ponytail, striped shirt, white pants, and orange sneakers. 
And the huge letter that appeared before Yeon Joo's eyes, <Continue>, is embedded in the last cut. This is nonsense. But isn't that the obvious truth?

YEON JOO - ..... (Looking at her reflection in the wall mirror, muttering) Is this... it's me..? 

Yeon Joo, I think I'm crazy even when I'm spitting it out.

#38. In front of Sacred Heart Hospital in Korea (daytime)

SUBTITLES - after a few days
Female fans praying for Kang Chul's recovery are crowding around with flowers and placards, and the police are protecting them from entering. A reporter is reporting in front of it.

REPORTER - Kang Chul, who underwent two surgeries, is fortunate to be recovering in a stable condition, the hospital said. Right now, the front of the hospital is filled with citizens who are worried about President Kang, and there is no time to step.

#39. Hospital corridor (daytime)

Yoon Soo Hee (30 years old, Kang Chul's secretary) heads to a special room in a neat two-piece outfit. Two security guards guarding the front door of the inpatient room

REPORTER - (E) The police are continuing to pursue the suspect who attacked Kang, but it is known that no clear clues have been released yet. 

#40. Inpatient room (daytime)

Kang Chul, with bandages, ringers, and medical devices here and there, is lying obliquely watching the news about himself on TV, and bodyguard Seo Do Yoon (35 years old) is sitting on the sofa As soon as Soo Hee enters the TV reducing the volume

KANG CHUL - Did you find it? 
SOO HEE - No. They searched the area, but their whereabouts are unknown.
There was no CCTV footage before or after the incident. 
KANG CHUL - (Strange) Nothing stamped?
SOO HEE - (Come over) Yes. That girl is kind of weird. He said he would testify to the manager.

<Reminiscence Insert – Hotel Rooftop>
A few police officers and a manager who came late are looking for Yeon Joo...

SOO HEE - (E) The police came and they disappeared.
SOO HEE - And he called himself a doctor at Myungsae Hospital. 
KANG CHUL - Where is Myungse Hospital?
SOO HEE - There is currently no Myungse Hospital in Korea. 
KANG CHUL - (?) 
SOO HEE - So you're pretending to be a doctor. Look at this. (Gives Yeon Joo's business card to the manager)
KANG CHUL - (receiving and reading the crumpled business card) Thoracic surgery resident Oh Yeon Joo..?
SOO HEE - I must have dug up business cards. All the cell phones and emails written there were fake. (And) The police were suspecting this woman as an accomplice.
KANG CHUL - (thinks for a moment) I don't think that's it (and resolutely again) It's not.
SOO HEE - How do you know? that I don't remember anything.
KANG CHUL - by intuition. 
SOO HEE - (?)
KANG CHUL - You must find it anyway. Because this woman seems to hold the key to my life.
SOO HEE - (I feel offended for a moment by that word) CEO, the key to life..?
Ugh~ It's such a grand expression that it's a bit cramped.
KANG CHUL - (pretending not to hear) Look for it.
SOO HEE - I'm making a montage right now. Paramedics say she's pretty
KANG CHUL - No, I'm not a beauty at all
SOO HEE - You say you're a beauty? 
KANG CHUL - (resolute) If that woman is a beauty, then both dogs and cows are beautiful. 
SOO HEE - (squinting eyes) But how tall are you in life?
KANG CHUL - Do you know that I said I was the height of my life because I was pretty? 
SOO HEE - I thought you were in love with one glance.
KANG CHUL - What the hell do you see me as?
SOO HEE - A rare playboy.
KANG CHUL - (absurdly) Have you ever seen a secretary talking to the boss like this? Bro, have you seen it?
DO YOON - (Laughs) No.
SOO HEE - Otherwise, how does the first woman you meet become the height of your life?
KANG CHUL - The reason for my existence.
SOO HEE - (...?)
KANG CHUL - I think she's tall enough to reveal the reason for my existence. done?
SOO HEE - (...!) It's crazy. (Suddenly slurred) Can I reveal the reason for your existence? It's simple, because your parents love your sperm and egg to combine.
KANG CHUL - (Interrupted) Montage You can never draw pretty. Then even if I die, I can't find her. (And) And half-mal was only when there were two of us, right?
SOO HEE - (something rises about) Yes I see. I'll pass it on to the police. The woman who will be the height of the CEO's life is never a beauty. (I greet you politely and leave)

When Soo Hee closes the door and walks out 

KANG CHUL - (sighs) Do you feel like you're sprained again?
DO YOON - The expression “the key to life” is a bit harsh. (and) Do you think she's very beautiful?
KANG CHUL - (absurd) Because she's not a beauty.
DO YOON - (Unbelievable smile)
KANG CHUL - Ha ha. (then looking at the business card again, muttering) Oh Yeon Joo..
(seriously) Oh Yeon Joo.. where are you now..?

#41. Resident Sleeping Room (Daytime)

Kang Chul lying on a hospital bed looking at his business card, as it turned into a cartoon cut.
Same speech bubble, <Oh Yeon Joo.. Where are you now..?>
Yeon Joo in a gown reading a webtoon on her cell phone, with her mouth wide open.

PROF PARK - (E) Oh Yeon Joo Where Are You? 

Prof Park picks up the phone and looks through the open door. 

PROF PARK - Here it is. (Angry, waving his cell phone) Man, I fully understand the father's love for his daughter, but how would readers like me see a cartoon character like this, if they openly call it Oh Yeon Joo?
YEON JOO - ......
PROF PARK - Look at this, Myungsae Hospital Thoracic Surgery, if I say outright that she is my daughter, would a quack like you, Kang Chul, be absorbed in saving my life? And what, Oh Yeon Joo is a beauty? I almost threw my phone the moment I saw that line
YEON JOO - (like breaking your head) Professor, we'll talk later. This is not what I want either.
PROF PARK - Did you pressure your father? You want me to put your name?
I don't get spoilers telling me to get this, and I repainted the masterpiece with Oh Yeon Joo 
YEON JOO - (getting up and pushing Prof Park) Would you like to get out there? Because now is not the time to listen to the professor.
PROF PARK - (absurd) Uh, did this push me? push me now
YEON JOO - Oh please please!! Just go out!! (He pushes it and locks the door)

#42. Hospital corridor (daytime)

Prof Park that is pushed out. Suk Bum is surprised when he arrives.

SUK BUM - Professor? (He jumps and supports him so he doesn't fall)
PROF PARK - (Stunning) Did it spin around? I'm very dizzy

#43. Resident's Sleeping Room + Sung Moo's Living Room (Daytime)

Yeon Joo, who is lost in thought, is in a hurry to dial the phone.

SOO BONG - (E) Hello sister?
YEON JOO - Soo Bong, did you see it too? Kang Chul is looking for me. It's amazing that you're looking for me!
SOO BONG - (E) Yes?
YEON JOO - Because you are looking for me with my business card!! That's the business card I gave you!
It's the business card I gave to the hotel manager?! Really my business card!!

Soo Bong also has a cartoon on the monitor and is talking on the phone while eating cup noodles.

SOO BONG - Huh? (Without understanding Yeon Joo's words) Anyway, the story seems to be getting a little weird. Suddenly, the focus is too much on the new female character.. The teacher cut off contact with me and I wondered where you were drawing this.
YEON JOO - (with messy hair) This isn't my dad's drawing..!!
SOO BONG - (I don't understand) So who draws? 
YEON JOO - This is a spontaneous thing..! I'm saving Kang Chul!!
YEON JOO - As Kang Chul, who was supposed to die, comes to life, the story is progressing by itself!
SOO BONG - (stupid) noona, you keep making strange noises since last time...
YEON JOO - Don't you know what I mean? Kang Chul is alive!! Alive looking for me!!
A different world exists in W?! The real Kang Chul's world!! I saw it!
SOO BONG - (E) Noona, calm down.. What am I talking about?

Yeon Joo hangs up the phone because I don't understand.
Outside, Suk Bum knocks on the door, 'Hey open the door, are you round?' I hear a sound.
But Yeon Joo doesn't hear anything... 
Yeon Joo, looking back at Kang Chul's cut from webtoon
Yeon Joo, fear comes rushing in as everything feels so obvious.

YEON JOO - (like talking to a living person) Why are you looking for me...? What are you going to do to find me...?

Kang Chul in the picture, no answer.

YEON JOO - Why am I the key to your life..?

Yeon Joo asking about a cartoon without an answer, Kang Chul in a cartoon that seems to be talking to Yeon Joo, and then Kang Chul's cut and live action... 
Kang Chul and Yeon Joo, who are curious about each other, split up.
End of 1st round.





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cr My Lee Jong Suk  @MyLeeJongSuk2



Hello World!
Hello Monday! Good Morning!
W Two Worlds Special Have a nice day ahead 

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Good morning @kembie Though it's been some years since the airing of this drama, I still re-watch it from time to time. It's nice to know that you are still keeping this thread alive. This OTP is one of my favourites and everytime I watch the sceen with Yeon Joo eating her ramyeon after getting hit by the door in Yoon So-Hee's apartment, and crying in frustration, I feel her.

I am still thinking about whether to buy the Photo Essay book and Puung's Love Is Illustrated book....  do you know how to get a copy of the manhwa that was sold with the director's release pack?



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@sc2019 sadly the manhwa was only sold with pre-orders of the official DVD/Bluray. So it's not available. (I own the DVD but did not preorder so mine didn't come with the manhwa.)


Puuung's book is out there, though! Check your local online bookseller to see if it's easily available in your country. If not, you may be able to order it via some site that sells Korean media (like yes24 or gmarket).


Poor Oh Yeon Joo. That scene always makes me teary, too. 






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@frozentundra so nice to get a reply from you! Yes, that's the scene I was talking about. I still recall being relatively new to the Kdrama scene at that time and it had only been released up till E06 and I was held captive all the way, binge-watching all 6 episodes in one go, and then waiting painfully for the subsequent episodes every week.

Wrt the books, yes, both are available onine. I even found versions of the Photo Essay book translated into chinese from the Taiwanese market, but I would much prefer the original Korean version, just for authenticity's sake. Thanks for informing me about the pre-order. Oh well, I suppose if I ever do get it I will have to make do with the photo book.

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@SC2019 The fact that the manwha was never freely available is always a small sadness I have. I really loved the art; it rekindled my own interest in drawing and whenever I've had a small paid illustration job, I smile and think of Oh Seung Moo. (However, none of my drawings have ever come alive, unfortunately!) 


It's impossible to go back and watch this drama again for the first time, but I do love watching friends discover it (and become completely addicted!) I love stories that make me both think and feel, and this one did both, in great quantities.


And because any time is a good time for another W picture: 




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@frozentundra I can understand why you say the drama made you think and feel. For myself, I notice how over time, Yeon Joo's tone of voice changes and the way she says "I just want you to have a happy ending" evolves from the very beginning where it is bright and chirpy to the latter episodes where she becomes more sombre and the voice loses its brightness. [even looking at that picture you posted above, her face isn't completely happy.]


I remember reading somewhere that the script writer apologised to the actress for making her experience such sadness as the storyline progresses and I thought to myself, "But why? She's an actress and she's paid to play the part." But after re-watching it over the years, I realise that for Oh Yeon Joo to have looked that sad, Han Hyo Joo must have had to experience some level of sadness and there were many sad scenes, culminating with the death of her father. And even when she could finally spend the rest of her life with Kang Cheol, a part of her would always have that remorse and the guilt that her father gave his life so she could spend it with him. Even if it's a job, Han Hyo Joo would probably have to experience all those emotions, and I suppose that was what the apology was about. Eversince that show, I've gone to look for her works and loved her to bits in The Beauty Inside (the movie version), so I am looking forward to her dramas this year (though I am not sure I want to watch a zombie-type drama - Happiness) and am eagerly waiting for Moving (ooh, Jo In Sung is going to be there!)

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@SC2019 yes, Han Hyo Joo is a really excellent actress, I feel like every one of her characters are so different, but they feel completely believable as real people. I like her bright, humorous side as well as her serious side (feel like she is perfect in sad scenes because she never overacts, yet gives real emotion). Oh Yeon Joo sort of got what she wanted in the end of W, but at a very high cost, and I dunno, maybe we just needed a bit more with her character at the end to resolve it. Oh Seung Moo had a complete arc and ended with a tragic sort of redemption, and Kang Chul became a real person. But Yeon Joo's arc wasn't firmly settled in the end, which leaves her glad to have KC but not quite put together again after losing her dad. It just feels a bit unresolved, and I think the writer realized that.

In the picture above, though, heh--she had another day or two of shooting left, but that was his last day on set. Oh Yeon Joo was supposed to seem a bit relieved that the manhwa stuff was over and they were safely in real life, but Han Hyo Joo herself was crying and saying, don't go! and Lee Jong Suk kept wiping her tears and saying, don't cry! It was really sweet.

As for infectious diseases spread by biting people...yeah, I'm super curious about Happiness. And (as this is a W thread), I can't help but think of this, lol: 


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@frozentundra yes I know the BTS video you were talking about. LJS couldn't believe that HHJ was crying and he was comforting her. It was really sweet and he was grinning while she was sobbing away. I saw her in Hometown Flex with Lee Seung Gi (pix in spoiler) and she was such a dear, very genuine and down to earth! She is someone I really admire and am secretly cheering her on. I hope she is happy and continues to do what she loves.




credit: A Koala's Playground


I sometimes try to imagine what it's like being an actress, and whenever they end a drama, they always thank the audience and say that "I've received much love this last few months because of this drama" and I used to think of it as love from the audience but sometimes I can't help but feel that it's also the 'love' that they received in the drama. It's acting I know, but good actors/actresses actually get into character, so which means there would surely be scenes where your heart moves a little, where you actually feel like being in love? At least I recall in the beginning, LJS's heart beat went up in the hospital scene (after he was stabbed) in another BTS video and they had to place the sensor on the finger of a crew so that the heart beat would be normal (wrt the Electronic Vital Signs Monitor by the bedside). He was a little embarassed but I recall HHJ was one of the actresses that he liked/admired as a person so acting with her and getting so many kiss scenes must have really made his day. (LOL)


Thanks for that pix, lol, it depicts a zombie-eating playful scene spot on!

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Lol, he did not seem to be complaining about all the kissing scenes... 


And yes, while I imagine most actors and actresses are normal people trying to do a good job telling us a good story, I just especially like Han Hyo Joo as a person. From what I can tell, she is a shy, but warm-hearted person who is quite down-to-earth and bright with the people she is close to, and just very genuine. I'm cheering her on as well.

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On 7/5/2021 at 10:37 AM, SC2019 said:

Good morning @kembie Though it's been some years since the airing of this drama, I still re-watch it from time to time. It's nice to know that you are still keeping this thread alive. This OTP is one of my favourites and everytime I watch the sceen with Yeon Joo eating her ramyeon after getting hit by the door in Yoon So-Hee's apartment, and crying in frustration, I feel her.

I am still thinking about whether to buy the Photo Essay book and Puung's Love Is Illustrated book....  do you know how to get a copy of the manhwa that was sold with the director's release pack?



Hi @SC2019  I am sorry for the late reply.  Not always on Soompi.

Yea, you can get the Puuung's Love book online , as mentioned by @frozentundra - yes24 or Gmarket.

Or you can go to Puuung - Official Website , for the "Puuung  - Love is" collections

They do ship overseas, depending on which country.

I got my W DVD from GMarket, by the way but that was way back 2016.  

As for the Photo Essay book - I hope you can find it in the market.  
I googled and got this link - hope it's still available @SC2019


The Poetry Book which JS collaborated with Poet Na Tae Joo was available in my local bookstore.  There was only 1-3 left.  That, too, was like 2-3 years back.   Hopefully can still get them online.


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Our Captain Jong Suk looking so dapper in Navy uniform - tall, fair and handsome !

Together with Commander Kim Rae Won

8 July 2021 - JS posted several photos on his IG today including the story below.

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cr  https://twitter.com/ mariabcdefg





Source credit to hanhyojoouniverse IG - https://www.instagram.com/p/CRMATEptZYC/

with her caption below
Actor Kim Eui Sung (Oh Yeon Joo's appa in "W") commented on Hyojoo's last IG post: "I miss you, daughter!! "
Aw, that’s sooooo cute

Gif made by me 
Kim Eui Sung will always be our beloved Appa! 
How tenderly sweet !  

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On 7/5/2021 at 2:32 PM, SC2019 said:


But after re-watching it over the years, I realise that for Oh Yeon Joo to have looked that sad, Han Hyo Joo must have had to experience some level of sadness and there were many sad scenes, culminating with the death of her father. And even when she could finally spend the rest of her life with Kang Cheol, a part of her would always have that remorse and the guilt that her father gave his life so she could spend it with him. Even if it's a job, Han Hyo Joo would probably have to experience all those emotions, and I suppose that was what the apology was about. Eversince that show, I've gone to look for her works and loved her to bits in The Beauty Inside (the movie version), so I am looking forward to her dramas this year (though I am not sure I want to watch a zombie-type drama - Happiness) and am eagerly waiting for Moving (ooh, Jo In Sung is going to be there!)


As I had to make screenshots of the drama (2.5 frames/second), I can only say that Han Hyo Joo is exceptional.
She has an extraordinary range of different expressions. I could compare with other dramas that I have screenshot.
And by the way, her role in this drama involves a very large number of situations. From comical situations, with mime, clowning, dramatic situations, crying scenes or great sadness.
It was an intense and difficult drama for the two main actors. 
As I study the original screenplay of the drama, I can also see how she adapted and rendered the lines. Some with attitude cues, some without.

Apologies or not, it have to be like that ! :wink:

After watching W, I watched others dramas of this actress : Dong-Yi, Shinning Inheritance and even Spring Waltz.



On 7/10/2021 at 7:14 PM, kembie said:



cr https://twitter.com/MyLeeJongSuk2

W Two Worlds Special
Have a nice day ahead






Here the translation wasn't accurate. The original line is better. I'm happy to give you that.


KANG CHUL - (stupid) Ha, she's a woman with no context. She suddenly appear without context, slap me without context, force kiss without context, disappear again without context, and now take off her clothes and point guns without context again.


In my traduction, "context" was also a word replaced by "logic". But Kang Chul say often "context" in the drama. He always need to find the context. 





By the way, if you want the W screenplay, PM me.

Translation is not perfect (it's auto translation), but still good because I reworked some part before, like the scenes header or the characters name. There is errors, but less errors than without that.


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There is only one scene I don't like in "W", it's in episode 8.
Oh Yeon-Joo dreams that she is in a limousine, then she goes to dance with Kang Chul.
However, it's aesthetic, and it's good fan service.
The scene ends with a gag, Yeon-Joo twists her ankle and falls off the bed.
It was a bit too long a scene for such a simple gag.


However, I remind that the screenplay contains 17 episodes, and they had to be shortened to 16 episodes.

There is little deleted content, cuts.
Sometimes the cuts have a positive effect, removing something that slows down the action.
Other times, some interesting lines were removed.

If I had to make an overall assessment, the best was done to adapt the drama, despite these constraints.

And not much was removed. Even many parts was better in the drama.

Some examples :

- The whole montage in episode 1 (after the white screen when Yeon-Joo read the manhwa) is from beginning of script 2. But I prefered to get that in episode 1, because it explain who is Kang Chul. And I remember at this point, I was a bit confused. We saw Kang Chul at the start of the drama, then we don't understand why he is a CEO on a rooftop.

- The cliffhanger of episode 1 was so good there is no way to replace it with another thing, it's why the Montage scene was advanced from script 2 to episode 1. To add a delay.
- The cliffhanger of episode 2 was better in the drama.
- On the other hand, the cliffhanger of episode 3 was better in the script (it is the moment when Kang Chul shoots Yeon-Joo). You can see that in the drama, after this moment, there are many other scenes before the end of the episode. Effect of compaction. The cliffhanger of drama episode 3, so, is from script 4. But the perfect scene was spoted for that. As you read the screenplay, you have the feeling this scene could be an ending episode. You even have a strange feeling, like it's not natural the episode continue after. Let's say, the script is so dense and fast paced, you can easely find potential cliffhanger everywhere. Ooops, I start to speak too long about another thing, sorry.


In the case of the limousine scene, it is a radical cut.
- The sequences initially planned was much too long.

- That's why, in the end, there is this wobbly side: it's shortened, but the shortened passage is also a bit long.
- In addition, it's not content that advances the story, it's a pure comedy scene.

- Maybe too, the scene was a bit too hot. :wink:

However, it is so excellent, that it would have deserved to appear in the drama, if there had been enough time.

I post here the whole series of sequences, from the screenplay (episode 9 in the script, episode 8 in the drama):


Note : the script zone here don't allow line breaks. It's maybe better if you copy past it in a bloc-note, so you can read it more easely than drag-n-drop to see the end of lines here.


#5. Yeon Joo's Dream - Inside the Limousine (Night)

Yeon Joo, wearing that dress as it is and sitting awkwardly...

#6. Yeon Joo's Dream - Road (Night)

Limousine on the road.

#7. Yeon Joo's Dream - Inside the Limousine (Night)

When the camera is out, Yeon Joo sits in the limousine holding a glass of champagne. 
Kang Chul, in a tuxedo next to him, is busy talking on his cell phone.
Yeon Joo, sipping champagne and looking out the window, bustling.

KANG CHUL - I don't think I'll see you today. I'm going to your event. 
Yes, I'll see you tomorrow morning and call you. Yes Yes.
YEON JOO - (My heart is pounding, half, three and a half)
KANG CHUL - (Puts in cell phone and looks out the window as the car stops slowly) We're here. 
YEON JOO - (Shocking) 
KANG CHUL - Come down with a smile. because the camera (holding hands)
YEON JOO - (I was looking forward to it, but my heart was about to explode when I left) 
What should I do?

The door opens from outside, and Kang Chul gets off first and reaches out to Yeon Joo. 

YEON JOO - (whispering) Does this make sense..? Does this situation suit me now...?

Frightened Yeon Joo trembled and took Kang Chul's hand as she walked out... 
All white with flash baptisms pouring into Yeon Joo's gaze. 
It feels like being the main character in a movie.
With romantic music (** It's not a Blue House dinner, but it's Yeon Joo's imagination, so it's okay to be unrealistic)

#8. Yeon Joo's Dream - Broadcast Screen + Talk Show Studio

The next scene is on video.
Yeon Joo, who appears like a goddess with Kang Chul's arms crossed, comes out and the flash is pouring out. 
The screen only focuses on Yeon Joo and then stops.
<Kang Chul's wife Oh Yeon Joo finally appears in public> The title is floating.
The three panelists are chatting while watching Yeon Joo in the video. 
(Atmosphere like Ssuljeon)

PANEL1 - Oh Yeon Joo, who was wrapped in a veil, has finally appeared. 
First of all, the first impression is that she looks like a pretty girl at first glance, right?

<Oh Yeon Joo Intensive Analysis. 1. Appearance > With subtitles
The video shows Yeon Joo's dress and face and features one by one.

PANEL1 - That's not the level of an ordinary person. To be honest, I am a top star among actors.
PANEL3 - Yes. Isn't the mask classy and luxurious? 
I can understand why Kang Chul had a secret marriage in America in such a hurry. 
It's definitely a different style from the women who have had scandals so far. In a word, she is a wife.

#9. Yeon Joo's Dream - Penthouse Living Room (Night)

Yeon Joo, who has just returned from the party, is watching a talk show on TV, 
wearing a dress and wearing high heels with sore feet, unable to hide her laughter. 
At this point, Kang Chul came out of the kitchen with a tuxedo robe in his hand and a wine bottle, only wearing a shirt.

YEON JOO - (Unlike when I was scared, I was excited) Look at that~ I'm coming out.
KANG CHUL - (Looks) 
YEON JOO - They say that I am a perfect beauty~ (Laughs) You look at me and say that I am a high-class person~ 
KANG CHUL - .....
YEON JOO - Look~ There are only people who say that I am a dog or a beauty~
KANG CHUL - Do you believe those pros? 
YEON JOO - All three are like that~ Kang Chul said he caught a goddess~ 
(Say) And didn't you hear that earlier? Even the president looked at me and said I was beautiful. 
It's a beauty recognized even by the president of the Republic of Korea.
KANG CHUL - (pretending not to hear) Won't you come in? (I grab my arm)
YEON JOO - (Excited and persevering) Ah~ Am I not exhausted? 
I'm Mimon who can relate perfectly here, but I must have gotten married without looking at it too much hahaha~ 
I guess I should have beaten the doctor and entered the entertainment industry (though)
KANG CHUL - (Hugging Yeon Joo to stop talking)
YEON JOO - (!) Oh my~ 
KANG CHUL - It's a waste of money, so it's a big deal. (Turning off the TV with the remote control and holding it)
YEON JOO - Wait a minute, I have to watch that more~ Today's Oh Yeon Joo special~ 

#10. Yeon Joo's Dream - Penthouse Bedroom (Night)

A bedroom with soft lighting. Kang Chul comes in with Yeon Joo, and the roommaid prepares wine and some snacks and sees it.

YEON JOO - (Continues chattering) Oh Yeon Joo is the theme of an hour-long special broadcast. 
I'm so ridiculous~ I'm so famous~ I'm a style icon~ It's ridiculous~
KANG CHUL - (to roommaid) All right. Go and rest.
MAID - Yes. (Hurry out)
YEON JOO - (!! Talking about not knowing there is a roommate, I'm nervous, I'm shy) Drop me down..

Yeon Joo lays down on the bed.

KANG CHUL - (throws into a suit chair) I must have been very stingy just because I was a RickRoll'D or a beauty.
YEON JOO - That's right. It's perfect. 
KANG CHUL - Just because you're beautiful doesn't mean you're attractive. You said you were attractive.
YEON JOO - Even with the same words, it's nice to hear that you're attractive because you're pretty. 
Does it have to be called a sickly charm to make you feel cool?
KANG CHUL - Pretty things don't last long, but the bad taste lasts forever, so that's better.
I mean, you don't get tired of getting old.
YEON JOO - (stupid) Is that what you call it now? no what...
KANG CHUL - (Laughs and rolls into bed, sitting next to Yeon Joo)
YEON JOO - (...!)

A strange atmosphere flows... Yeon Joo, shy and shuts her mouth.
If you point the camera somewhere else and then shine Yeon Joo again... 
The moment Kang Chul lowered one shoulder of Yeon Joo dress with one hand,
Yeon Joo suddenly opens her eyes. With something on your face

#11. Yeon Joo's Dream - Thoracic Surgery Clinic (Daytime)

Nurse Kim sits in front of the monitor and screams of joy.
Other female interns 1 and 2 were sitting at their desks while working

NURSE KIM - Aaaaah~~~ 
INTERN1,2 - Why? 
NURSE KIM - Bed scene, bed scene!! (pointing with finger) Finally!! Kang Chul bed scene! I'm here, I don't know
INTERN1,2 - Where are you? / I want to see you too! (jumping)

I rushed in front of the monitor and looked around.

#12. Yeon Joo's Dream - Prof Park Room (Daytime)

Prof Park staring at the monitor. 
Suk Bum walks in with papers 

SUK BUM - Professor, please sign this... 
PROF PARK - ..... (suddenly) Oh my... Mr!! 
SUK BUM - (surprised)
PROF PARK - Ooh, (suddenly sits with his back and rubs his eyes) Oh man, I cut my eyes.
SUK BUM - Why? (He looked at the monitor) Oh~~~ Wow!
PROF PARK - What's wrong with the reader!! What crime did the readers have for me to see? My eyes are rotting now!! 
Do you know why Korea is only like this? Blood ties and academic ties delay!! 
Do you know why W is going bankrupt? Blood ties and academic ties delay! 
A non-stop bed scene with a daughter descending on a parachute to her father's work and marrying the main character!! 
W. Mangjo is the reality of Korea! (Excited to salivate in my mouth)
SUK BUM - (listening, wiping away the splashing saliva)

#13. Yeon Joo's Dream - Sung Moo's Workshop (Daytime)

Sung Moo is staring at the monitor with a smashing expression.

#14. Yeon Joo's Dream - Penthouse Bedroom (Night)

Yeon Joo, after even imagining my dad, I was so scared

YEON JOO - (Grabs Kang Chul's hand as he lowers the dress laces) No way!
YEON JOO - No, wait, no, this isn't it! 
KANG CHUL - What is it...?
YEON JOO - No no.. Turn off the lights first, I don't think it's this one.. 
(confused) I'll be back someday... I know too many people there... If this happens, I can't go and carry my face. 
(Embarrassed, she tried to put out the light on the bedstand with his hands, but she lost his focus and fell from the bed) Oh!

#15. Penthouse Bedroom (Night)

Yeon Joo, wearing a comfortable dressing gown, falls out of bed just like in a dream. 


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