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[Drama 2016] W-Two Worlds 더블유

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MBC Presents  W-Two Worlds     PROFILE Title : W-Two Worlds Hangul :  더블유 Romanization : W (deobeul-yu) Genre : Romance, Drama    Director Jung Dae


Okay, so a few days ago I promised to share some thoughts/ theories...here's some of what I've been thinking... Did you all watch Queen In Hyun's Man by the same writer? The theme of that drama -

Posted Images

Oh what memories .... especially during the airing of the drama!  I was always a silent reader but it was the only drama I ever followed daily without fail.  Who can believe it was one year ago already.  And it's been the only drama for me, at least, that continues to make it impossible to move on.  

Thank you again to the W Team for an incredible journey.  It made me realize again why I loved and continue to love 'W' .... it truly is a drama that is firmly embedded in my heart and mind.  I admit it was disappointing to think we missed by so few votes.  But in my book 'W' will always be #1.   

Wishing each and every one of us to have a happy ending.    

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sorry for some 'preaching' here.
"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:" (2Timothy4:7)
"We have fought a good fight, we have finished our course, we have kept the testimony." we can translate it this way, from the scripture above, that we did fought thoroughtly and happily, honest, and proud, not shaming the name of being well behaved loyal fans of LJS and HHJ. Win or lost doesnt matter. the journey worth more than the ends. the Happiness in each day fighting against time, the "happy" in the "Happy ending" is none other than that of Fighting a good fight each day, while earning that happy ending. ultimately W-Team happy ending is none other that having W, LJS and HHJ been make known more, been recognised that both can act well, whether are you a shipper, a LJSfan, or HHJfan, if you still ends up liked W, it served that 'end' we laboured for, if after reading our articleS, can make new fans desire to watch it, we look forward for this kind of happy ending in going into this contest, i believed whether, Doctors fans, DotS fans, MoonLover Fans, W fans, we want nothing more to have our Actors/actresses/dramas been loved yrs after it has screened. what are the articles written for, if it is just to garner votes from the mass publics, or to woo mods to cast one precious vote to our side, then the articles are not serving it ultimate purposes in our heart... the chief aim of articles (rather than the votes) is "To Make Them Known". We have fought a good fight, whether is it Doctors, or DotS, or Moonlovers, or W's, all fought wholeheartedly. i remembered i was covetuous, by end of Round 2, praying, Lord , just let me reach Final, write another article fought another fight, goodness know Mods throw out what Final Questions, was worrying they want to throw out fanfic.. i can just die there. fanfic not my things, maybe Frozen or Alleram, or Snow can write fanfic, i can't, thanks God for another chance, to pass into Finale Round, at least another article to highlight the drama awesomeness, didnt see that coming: Villains! i say Brillance!
we, all 4 teams, not just 2, have fought a good fight, kept the testimonies.

"It is Finished." (john19:30)
The above is One of the shortest verse in the bible. Spelled the last sentence said by Jesus Christ on the cross. Its does not sound as it is, as if the hope is gone and every effort finished. No. Instead it means the last effort that are needed to fulfill a justified end is done well. Result may not be expected like by everyone. But there are deeper blessing in disguise. And we can rest with peace. Peace after fought a good fight. don't we felt gratified even now.  my pleasure knowing u girls. and hahaha. sorry for the sudden urge of preaching. last night i was drained, and still drained now. so a sudden urge to many feels.


that was the post i posted last night, sorry, girls, i brought that up here, i felt i need to seek a closure myself, that was my farewell last night already.
Last night, we were waiting for our Happy ending, while deep inside we just knew it, while acknowledging that we are happy all these while, rushing datelines, discovering new info, each praising each other, 'thank you" and 'why i never see this before'... and each encourage each other "i liked  your article, so and so..." that was simple boring happiness, so swift, and it was over....  Good things, happy things, always end when it was at its most illumious happiest time. like i said, tis the daily journey that counts, last nite was calm and sweet, each stand by vigil beside our mobile, our laptop, yaking nonsense, while already sensing the needs to encourage and saying good bye, planning what kind of notes to thanks, drawing out those who lurk all the times ( i looking at me, the one who always lurk at PM group, never like group chat) will unlurk and chat..

to say each of us do not expect to win is lying,  but the reason behind wanting to win will not be diff from ML teams, we 4 teams just want to make our Drama be remembered and highlighted, given a chance, to allow those old fans to reminisce and us, to go back and drool about NUMBER 4 and such...... last night brought out the best in all of us, someone will apologised for letting the team down, the rest will comfort her and rubbished it away, everyone thanks everyone, as we kept tracking the site, its kinda of building up ourselves to accept the surreal ending, the surreal feels that there is nothing else to write, to create...

i liked Ibru that gif, where Jeonjoo asked Chul , "it Really ended right?", Chul, answered "It really ended"....  are we sad that we actually suspected and except that, popular votes are never a strength of W-team right? and we can't covet mods' votes all the time. not when ML wrote such detailed and lengthy articles, fulfilling all requirements. Mods' votes can never be wavered, by any singular verbal flattery of any team, its only by how good you write your articles are.... But our surreal feels comes from feeling its ending, we have genuinely love somehting together, work hard for that somehting together. that deep calm before the 'dawn' was nice last night, another happy memories, after result known, we still lingered on, even if some of us at like 1am, 2am, we refused to go... that was nice again,

let me end this ranting not with our own words, ultimately the journey is all about Chul and his Jeonjoo, OSM.. and "Happy Ending" which to me is another 'protagonist" (ahaha, duno you understand what i mean). Let chul and Jeonjoo words end this page, this Dramacontest, with Happy Ending. the Best Lesson i learned from W, is none other than about the W of "happy ending", What is happy ending, and Why must we seek Happy Ending.


Yeon-joo narrates, “Kang Chul’s story in the manhwa was a happy ending, but the real-life Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-joo’s ending is still unknown. But…”
Kang Chul finishes, “The two of them no longer stand at the crossroads of life and death like a manhwa, and
although boring and ordinary, we hope that they will get an ending that lasts fifty years. Like other ordinary couples.”

May all of us, have our own happy ending, that last 50 yrs with our loved ones, first of all, find your loved ones.

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Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo’s ‘W – Two Worlds’ Wins International Award

by RG Ferrer / May 01, 2017

South Korean dramas and productions have been gaining accolades from various award winning bodies over the years. Recently, the sci-fi drama "W - Two Worlds" that featured the onscreen pairing of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo nabbed a special award at the 50th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

The MBC drama "W - Two Worlds" that featured an intriguing storyline that mixed comic book characters with real world personalities was recognized during the 50th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Held from April 27 until April 30, the said indie film festival awarded the Lee Jong Suk series with a Special Jury honor.

"W - Two Worlds" director Jung Dae Yoon gushed over the said MBC production and even shared how the Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo drama was rated highly by the said event's jurors, Korea Herald quoted the filmmaker as saying. Describing the Special Juror award as a "great honor," the showrunner highlighted the series' imaginative storyline as one of the elements that made it a successful venture.


Apart from Lee Jong Suk's drama "W - Two Worlds," other MBC shows that received accolades during the said event included the variety program "Real Men," as well as "Great One Meal" and "Winning Shot, The Secret of Pitching." The three programs nabbed the Silver Remi award in the entertainment category and the Platinum Remi award in the TV special - documentary and sports categories, respectively.

In other news, Lee Jong Suk has been busy completing photo shoots for various magazines and brands. He has also started filming activities for the upcoming drama "While You Were Asleep." The actor, along with co-star Suzy, were even spotted shooting some of the said series' scenes in South Korea's Gyeonggi Province, Soompi reported.


For the said drama, the "W - Two Worlds" actor will portray the prosecutor Jae Chan who partners with the Suzy's Hong Joo, a young woman who can foresee unfortunate situations through her dreams. The adventures of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy's characters will commence as the two try their best to prevent Hong Joo's dreams from coming true.

"While You Were Asleep" is expected to premiere in the second half of 2017 on SBS. Meanwhile, "W - Two Worlds" aired on MBC from July 2016 until September 2016.

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this is the he 3rd of my 3 last posts to give a closure for the happy ending i give to this W, dramacontest.
it should be more befitting to have Chul and JeonJoo words to be that Last of the Last few posts here.. its ultimately not my words or frozen's words, nor Snow's words, nor ibru's words, Alleram's ,,,etc that matter, it is all and everything about Chul and his Jeon Joo.

presenting to u,..


W-Two Worlds Quotes and Narration

“During his brief life, he never thought that his life would end like this. Kang Chul was angry and felt that his life had been in vain. But in last moment, he suddenly thought of one word: ‘Come-from-behind-victory’. Kang Chul decided to keep fighting until he found the true culprit – he wouldn’t be able to take back his own life. So he will find the culprit before he dies, no matter what.” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“I’d rather eat him then get eaten” -Oh Seung Moo-

“It’s a manhwa – whether he lives or dies, he’s just the main character of a manhwa” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“She saved my life, what stronger identity verification would you need?” -Kang Chul-

“This is a manhwa so it needs a catalyst to move into the next chapter – an incident that can serves as the ending of this chapter” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“How could I leave him as he is? I’m about to get eaten!” -Oh Seung Moo-

“She’s my life saver and I’m certain she’s the key of my life” -Kang Chul-

“Whether it be because you were surprised or whatever, there was a stir created in your heart – that’s the rule!” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“Kang Chul: ‘Why are my feelings important?’
Yeon Joo: ‘Because you’re the main character!’

“Just because what you say isn’t a lie won’t make it the truth” -Kang Chul-

“I am someone who wishes your life to have a happy ending” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“Kang Chul: ‘Are you married’
Yeon Joo: ‘No’
“Kang Chul: ‘That’s Great!’

“Why do I have to dress up according to his personal taste?” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“No one looks at the context, they only see the effect and believe it as a fact.” -Kang Chul-

“Everything that couldn’t be explained in my life makes sense if I fit them together according to Oh Yeon Joo’s nonsense. All the incidents that had no contexts, her story gives them a context that explains everything” -Kang Chul-

“When the main character realized that it’s a fiction, everything in the world of the webtoon stopped… Only Kang Chul survived alone in the world where time stopped – as if it’s a punishment to the one who realized the truth” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“The world that I lived in stopped… except for me. So I came out, leaving everything. I don’t know why I’m the only one living. According to you, I’m the main character so maybe it’s the main character’s special privilege” -Kang Chul-

“No matter how important revenge is, there can be times where love goes beyond that.” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“That’s no formula with love!” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“I did not save you. You were the one who persisted on… I killed you there but you were the one who endured.” -Oh Seong Moo-

“You are an illusion, you’re nothing! Just a character, a predetermined configuration I created. But why are you here standing in front of me now pretending to be human? Why did you go so far as dragging my daughter  in and creating the story to your own liking?” -Oh Seong Moo-

“I predetermined you to be a righteous guy, who lives conscientiously & according to the law… that’s how you have become a hero. I made you to be a man of extraordinary self-determination – the kind of will that would endure & breakthrough every difficulty” -Oh Seong Moo-

“Find the method not the cause!” -Kang Chul-

“I know it doesn’t make sense but I ended up sincerely loving you!” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“I was afraid I won’t be able to see you again” -Kang Chul-

Pay back his life debt with sweet romance” -So Do Yoon-

“Nowadays my heart might be malfunctioning as I’m wavering too easily so stop doing things like crying or confessing if you want to stay with me for a long time” -Kang Chul-

“There are always variables in the world” -Kang Chul-

“The first purpose of the characters are to deliver the story. When the purpose is gone, the character disappears forever. On the contrary, when a character’s purpose becomes clear… then the character becomes one of the main characters by force” -Kang Chul-

“I didn’t know how I was going to live but I know now. I will live according to my given destiny” -Kang Chul-

“Just like how I drew, Kang Chul forgot everything. As he got better & became busier, he doesn’t even have dream anymore… and he forgot me forever. He was lost in life. He who depended on the power of love in order to live… that Kang Chul is gone now. He went back to be the man the readers are familiar with.”  -Oh Yeon Joo-

“No one remembers me there and no one in this world knows what I went through” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“I wanted to stay out of your life so why would you come out & act all caring & kind?” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“The task to do 10 sweet things a day… I wanted to do them on behalf of your husband because you saved my life” -Kang Chul-

“Is your husband who suddenly disappeared… me?” -Kang Chul-

“We should use the variables to our advantage” -Kang Chul-

“Hope is making me imagine again.” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“With Kang Chul coming back to me, W ends with a happy ending. When the cartoon ends, he gets away from W’s character set-up hence he’s no longer the lead character of a cartoon nor does he have the fate of the lead character. He’s just a special person who travels back & forth two worlds” -Oh Yeon Joo-

“Oh Yeon Joo is my only family, she isn’t a family you created out of imagination. She’s my real family who exists. I have memories with her that are real, not fabricated. She’s a part of destiny I chose. That’s why I can’t give up on her. Oh Yeon Joo is a proof that I’m a human too” -Kang Chul-

“Your life is important to me not because you created me but because you’re the father of my wife so you’re already my family” -Kang Chul-

“I will come from behind and win. And the ending will be a happy ending no matter what” -Kang Chul-

“You are free now and you are safe regardless of the ending. You… make the decision, from now on. What kind of ending you want to create and I’ll follow your decision” -Kang Chul-

If you are the happy ending, I am the sad ending… I love you my daughter. Goodbye!” -Oh Seong Moo-

“It wasn’t at Kang Chul’s death but at the instant the villains disappeared that W ended. Readers didn’t get to see the villains’ final ending because helping Kang Chul’s happy ending has conflicts with the real culprit’s purpose of existence. He perished without any logical connection because of the final editing. That’s why nobody knew that Kang Chul did not die and the comic was over before that. Kang Chul knew that the role of the protagonist has ended.” -Soo Bong-

“Kang Chul’s story in the comic was a happy ending but the ending between the real living Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo is still unknown. However, those two people don’t have to thank about being in the manhwa. Even if it might be boring and ordinary, I hope they will meet an ending that will last for 50 years just like any ordinary couple”

-- the End --


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I'd like to share below:D

@Berou I'm pleased to announce the prizes:

1st place - Moon Lovers : 4000 community points, limited viki passes, group titles

2nd place - W: 1000 community points, exclusive banners ( to be confirmed

3rd place - dots : 750 community  points 

We were not waiting for any prize and it was really a big surprise. Thank you to mods! 




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17 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

“Kang Chul’s story in the comic was a happy ending but the ending between the real living Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo is still unknown. However, those two people don’t have to thank about being in the manhwa. Even if it might be boring and ordinary, I hope they will meet an ending that will last for 50 years just like any ordinary couple”

-- the End --


We may not know the fate between the real living KC and OYJ in the reality world. All we know there was a happy ending for both, despite the sad sacrifice by OYJ's dad.  And we hope to have more real happy endings.


On @ibru's announcement with regards to the prize, it was totally a surprise and an honour to be recognized even though W got 2nd place.   I'd like to thank all the fans & friends who voted for W, the W-team for their hard work / contribution and MODs & staff for the acknowledgement.
Once again, Heartiest Congratulations to Moon Lovers, W and DOTS teams!

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W will be airing in Singapore on Channel U (free to air TV) on 16 August 17 10pm. 

I am truly excited and will be supporting the show after reading all the entries for the Kdrama contest. I have always wanted to watch W but have tons of backlog to catch up watching so this is a good time for me to watch the show on TV after reading through the entries. 

I believe that a good show will always be evergreen and last in the viewers hearts always. 

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South Korea to be honored at LA Rochelle 2017 TV Fiction Festival

From the 13th to the 17th of September 2017, the 19th edition of the Festival of TV Fiction of La Rochelle will be held, a must-see event that highlights each year the best fictions and TV series of the year. Created in 1999, it honors French and international fiction. In total, more than 1800 professionals from the audiovisual world attend this event each year, considered the largest of its kind in France.

The prizes awarded are various: Best series, best telefilm, best web fiction, best female and male interpretations, best screenplay ...

This year, South Korea is honored with a special day devoted to it and will broadcast three Korean dramas in the cinemas "Le Dragon" and "La Coursive":

- W - TWO WORLDS , broadcast on MBC, directed by Jeong Dae-yun and written by Song Jae-jeong


The father of the cardiothoracic surgeon, Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) mysteriously disappeared as he wrote the last chapter of his webtoon "W". Yeon-joo, in his office, is horrified to discover Kang Chul (Lee Jong-suk), the main character of "W", bloody, on his father's computer screen. As she reads a message left by her father, a hand comes out of the computer and catches it. She finds herself on the roof of a building, next to the man lying in his own blood. She gets to save him, but is shocked to see that person is Kang Chul. Before she realizes it, she is back in her father's office.

More information : www.festival-fictiontv.com

(Google translate)

Credit:  http://www.france-coree.com/fr/coree-sud-a-lhonneur-festival-de-fiction-de-tv-de-rochelle-2017/

P.S. Hope, W will be prized as well!

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[NEWS] “W” has been invited as the honorary guest to Festival de la Fiction TV, a prominent drama festival funded by the French government..

It is the first time a non-French-speaking, non-European country has been invited as the festival’s honorary guest!Conggratzz




















Via: @LJS_society 



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K-dramas to screen at major French television festival.

Korea has been invited as the honorary guest country to Festival de la Fiction TV, a prominent drama festival funded by the French government. It is the first time a non-French-speaking, non-European country has been invited as the festival’s honorary guest. 

Producers, writers and directors of popular Korean drama series will attend the festival. Three Korean drama series have been invited for screening -- MBC’s “W,” a fantasy romance written by Song Jae-jung and directed by Jung Dae-yoon and Park Seung-woo; tvN’s “Signal,” a sci-fi crime thriller written by Kim Eun-hee and directed by Kim Won-seok; and “The Package,” set to begin airing on JTBC in October, written by Chun Sung-il and directed by Jeon Chang-geun. 

Screenings of Korean dramas are slated for Thursday and Friday. Following the screenings, the Korean guests will lead talks at a forum about trends in Korean drama and exporting formats.They will also meet with executives from major French television companies TF1, Canal+ and Gaumont Television to discuss French distribution and remakes of Korean dramas. Festival de la Fiction TV is a festival funded by the French government and features drama series from major French networks. Some 35,000 festivalgoers and 2,000 TV industry personnel attend the event each year. 

The competition category this year features 41 drama series, including 25 French dramas, 10 European dramas and six drama series from other French-speaking countries. “We hope this event will serve as an opportunity to export Korean dramas to Western Europe, which has been a dry area,” said Kim Rak-kyun, the head of global business at the Korea Creative Content Agency. “It signifies a rise in Korean dramas’ status in the world.” 

The annual festival, in its 19th edition this year, began Wednesday and runs to Sunday in France’s southwestern city of La Rochelle. 

Source. http://m.koreaherald.com/view


Via: http://www.thepicta.com/user/jongjoohoneycouple/2535916238

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October 1, 2017
[Theme of the Month] Escapism vs. Realism

by javabeans



This month we’re talking about dramas that are fantastic and out-of-this-world, and also dramas that are slice-of-life and realistic. More to the point:

Do you watch dramas for escapism or realism? What is your relationship to dramas that aim for one or the other?

This is an open-ended prompt—it doesn’t have to be only about whether you prefer escapism to realism (or vice versa), or whether you think one kind is better represented in dramaland than the other. This is your opportunity to discuss either aspect of dramas as individual ideas, or both of them in relation to each other. Let us know what you think!
To submit:

Email your submissions to hello@dramabeans.com. If you have a registered Dramabeans account, include your handle so we can link to it.
Include at least 1 image, though more is preferred.
Suggested length: Between 500 and 1,000 words.
Deadline: We will post these on a rolling basis, so we’re taking submissions now. We will cut off accepting submissions on October 25. If you miss this month, join us for a new theme next month.




(Tip: Please name your documents and attachments something other than “Theme of the month” or “Dramabeans,” please! Submissions can be hard to track if they’re all named the same thing.)






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