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Rania Zeid

[Drama 2016] W-Two Worlds 더블유

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I know I will get this scene (as we got so many pics about this stills)


Ice cream date

but I've been wondering, in which episode I will get :




and this


also this



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the corpse YJ saw at the police is not KC; some people say it's him bc of the ring he wears NOW

but the moment YJ saw the corpe, his body is still stuck in the water of Han river;

like she said to SB " when KC jumps and drowns in the water, time is stopped; the webtoon is stopped

W world too ......

and , in ep 7, they don't return in to the past but.... the story continues... so why KC is so sad bc everything around him is .... fake 

So Hee, DY; his penthouse ...... all are not real.... you see he looks around with sad feelings.

So now he wears a ring but he is not the corpse in the real world.

but, I don't knos who , in the real world, can be the one who " draws" the webtoon  ???? maybe So Boong ?????? 

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1 hour ago, maryofbethany said:

thanks, @evelynray i forsaken KD for a while, nice to see u here. yes, very nice to see u here. had not read any recap thus far. Ok, going to back read yours.
(can tell that "hello monster' characters Lee Hyun, Ji-An, and Lee Min imprint that deeply into you. haha. your contact pics tells alot. its worth-it. hope W's Chul-Joo couple imprint into some of us like that way too. Healer, Descendent of the Son, Reply 88, all have that qualities. think W2W is in the same league already.)


Nice to see you here too, @maryofbethany! Hehe, IRY definitely has imprinted that deeply into me >< I am sure W will too, since im liking it a lot now!

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I'm in this mode right now Q50k5Ml.gif

I try not to read update from this forum, not open any social media, spend my time doing something productive to distract my thoughts and desire to take a peek about tonight episode so i can enjoy watching the latest episode later without seeing spoiler cos last week i feel my excitement a little bit tone down watching "W" episode 5-6 after seeing many gif and read spoiler from sns and this forum. So i try to contain myself before the latest episode get uploaded to where i usualy download it.

BUT i accidentally got DM from my friend and got picture of uri honey couple kissing(you know the one KC wearing that damn sexy gorgeous blue suit 4lbCdsy.gif)

I ALMOST GOT HEART ATTACK, i quickly throw away my phone and right now i just refresh this forum from the last page i'm in 461 and got to see it reach 476 page already.

I need oxygen, i need...

My hands is really itchy right now to open those pages or open my sns but i try not to and its RREEEEEEAAAAALLLLY HARRRD!!!!  Ottoke...ottoke...ottoke... What this drama have made me become

No reaction gifs




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2 hours ago, sebnem said:

i want to see how will KC act when he realise that his fake darth vader can appear on real world to kill YJ too  :vicx:


he'll FREAKOUT!!! and he will know from what I heard in the preview!! 

I knew that we will go back to angst and fear and dispair but it all came crushing on Kang Cheol's dream to have any happiness!! :bawling: and I don't know how he'll be able to stop that hooded man from harming Yeon Joo and him and reach his happinss with her?!! :bawling: 

2 hours ago, lainey98 said:

Hmm I don't think Kang chul is using so hee to get yeon Joo to leave him, I think he's showing genuine concern (YJ looked quite worried too), maybe he realised that once sohee leaves her job as his secretary she is now irrelevant to the story and will disappear, and he treasures her as a friend and so that hug was an act of concern and friendship. After all YJ has always known that KC was never interested in SH, so i doubt he was proposely trying to make her upset by hugging SH 

I think so too!! and he told her in the preview to draw him a picture so he'll wake up from the dream (of having happy ending with her) and to forget him so he doen't need to play that card plus he knows she would know his true feelings when she'll read the manhwa in her world so lying and hiding won't be useful!! 

he's like accepting his reeality being the main lead of the manhwa and taking responsability over everyone who got tangled in his life including Yeon Joo and Soo Hee!! :bawling: 

2 hours ago, Rania Zeid said:


Hashtags #leejongsuk #HanhHyojoo #WTwoWorlds are Trending in twitter Korea

WTwoWorlds trending at nbr 3 on Naver

via: @Airen_Hyolic


thank you so much for the updates!! :wub:  I'm so happy and proud for our drama W and its entire team!! :heart: 

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That moment when KC AND YJ on bed got caught was so hilarious OMG

and I LOVE how YJ panicked, doing random things, stole the book from KC's hands and suddenly flipped the pages fast to make sure they didnt seem do "anything" lolololololol i repeat this scene over and over and over and still crack up :D

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2 hours ago, nonski said:

OMG we're halfway through the drama and we already have this... what's in it for us till the end of the drama?


@nonski  re: ending and the intensity to come.
to be honest. i am secretly worrying about that too. sometimes script writers intentionally withhold some skinship, esp those epic kissing and skinship scenes, til almost the third Quarter of the drama, so that show can churn and grind out our greed and thrist for MORE and More... and lock us into the show and bind us there, not to wander to other dramas aired same timing. am going to mention the few Fav of all times, like My Love from the Star, Healer, and Descendent of the Son, which has actually kissing scenes very early into the show, not withholding the fondness of both, having both really recognised their feelings about each other in their heart, and start the kissing quite early into the show. WOW. it makes fans wanted more, more intensed kisses or " you know what" .... what if show can't deliver that intensity, and fans started not able to be satisfied,. by ep 10 or 12, we will be asking 'what more intense can they get", what else do we ask from them... then writers really has to watch what fans wants, else the rating wil speed downhill, and before long, fans will wander else where. 

hope writernim continue her excellent writing. write us an epic love story, above all, must have a good ending. i don't go for crying and drooling a good 8 weeks, then to be cursing and devastated for the next 8 months. hope the ending together with the Skinship scenes, as well as both actor actress Jongsuk and Hyejoo chemistry becometh their best pairing to date (because i become greedy and desire them to pair up in real, huh. naive and selfish and childish right. but i jsut can't help it.
Writernim, give us a good happy ending please. i know some crap people keep saying Hollywood dramas always has sad ending then can achieved Oscar qualifies, some even say sad ending is fine as long as it give some class or special stuff to the drama ....., nay. beg to differ. just liek what KC said to crazy-dad, what make him have the right to make him sad and angst and hate for nothing. jsut a happy ending is it really too bad and will it really take away the 'high qualify" of a show to just give 'shallow happy ending"? as much as KC rooftop kiss claimed my loyalty to the show. It also what KC said to dad that set me thinking, can writiernim so what Crazydad didnt do, and Writernim of W2W surpass the selfishness of Dad and give the characters that make us cry and laugh at the same scene panel , be gratified at the closing credits.

does any Writernim, hold the rights to just write what she think fix the "arty-standard" of any drama/movie, and just for "angst actually make us remember show better, than happy ending", then kill the character and  part the couple. " ? i had some arguments over "happy ending or sad endings" quite some times ago with some fans of another dramas, ... and i was thinking. oosh, its Deja vu, and i earnestly want ChulJoo couple to end well now. Chul is not real, neither is YeonJoo, but what the Drama W2W has stir up questions beyond that of a simply romantic love story. its about our concept of Happy ending and the needs for it, and "sad ending lauded in name of art-house movie" and "comics-means-can-write-anything" and "love story or romance not needed  in thriller, so can make the hero stay alone forever"... attitudes. will these kind of thoughts also creep in esp in the later part of the dramas. i saw that intensified in some other drama, when fans started wanting OTP to part or break, or writernim to downplay OTP moments just because they find Love is unnessarily or that the Female actress have no chemistry with the hero. wow. its saddened me.
nuff said, such a long passage, actually simplified into one plea: Chul deserved Joo who loved him, and only Joo knew how to love him, vice versa, only Chul can fill up Joo, be it comic or not comic characters.

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WHAT AN EPISODE !!!! I think i need a doctor here; first he needs to check my pulse because i stoped breathing, then check my vocal chords because i screamed a lot and loat my voice and then maybe give me some pills to wake up because i'm still swooning in W world !! 

That was sooooo awesome !! And the fact they used PUUUNG's illustrations OMG i almost cried OMG OMG OMG !!! Like i loved these illustrations since the day i knew about it which is long ago and had them all downloaded on my phone because they're so freaking romantic ... just looking at them made me drool but having my LJS portraying it .... oh heaven is this you welcoming me ???????????????

i'm so in love with todays episode and really really wishing to see all the illustrations portrayed in the coming episode... i know we'll see more with the stills of their date but i want MORE and MORE !!

and thank for everyone for your posts and contributions you guys are doing an amazing job !!


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Whooooo. I'm back on soompi for the 2nd time of my life! And this time this is for W! I just want to share my thought on the preview for episode 8 :

Please do not separate our OTP and use SH ! I like her and don't want to hate her and she's already suffering.


Except this, I found this show so refreshing!! I will go back to my silent reading of this thread! Thanks to all of you !

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Hello chingus... Havent been on threads for quite a while and im missing it!!! But then i have to go and swoon with all of you....


goodness me!!! That is onehot swoon-worthy, inside-melting, heart warming kiss!!! With a seeeter follow up of the hand cuff kiss!!! Cant get better kyaaaa!!!!!! I need high flow oxygen to breath!! 


And that room to bed scene is just so good... A good mixture of awkwardness, funny moments and sweet moments!!! I love it! The reactions on their faces are so spot on.... I love the snuggle inbed and the look when kc seemed to plant a soft kiss on yj's hair awww!! Oh my heart!!!! 

Yj must really be in a cloud nine floating in a dream of this person she loves in her dad's manhwa!!! Its really a dream come true!!!

line me up to thise waiting for the next scenes shown in the picture book!!! Writernim please just keep it a but slow for our heart and not give us a overfilled happiness before making us cry!!!! No!!!! 

But i need the subs now pali pali!!! Got too curious on this mystery hooded man.... Its not yj's dad... So who is this??? Is this like the inner fear of kc that materialized???? Argh!!! We are almost halfway and yet too many questions!!!!


@nonski unnie thanks for the roll call though i wasnt able to settle my seat earlier as my links gave up!!!!



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Lee Jong Suk Shows How Excited He Is for ‘W’ to Air with Han Hyo Joo

Ben Cho, Aug. 10, 2016, 9:01 a.m.



Lee Jong Suk recently decided to post on his personal Instagram on August 10th to get his fans excited for the upcoming episode of the drama ‘W’! The post shows that he strikes a pose in the most cute picture ever with his co-star Han Hyo Joo with the caption, ‘Is today broadcast day?’ and the two can be seen wearing matching pink sweaters and looking cute. 

Are the couple sweaters going to be a plot device for the upcoming episode of ‘W’, or is it just one of the cute and fun hijinks between Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk? We have no way of knowing until we watch this week’s episode of ‘W’!




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