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[Thai BL Series 2016-2018] SOTUS The Series S1 & S2 พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง


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On 3/13/2018 at 11:33 PM, dhyperion said:

I've now watched the final episode of Sotus S and have been reading some of the feedback on the forum. There's been some criticism and some of it may be justified but rather than rebuff or reiterate what has been said, I thought I'd just throw my two penneth into the conversation instead. What I'm about to say may be highly controversial - but in my view season 2 is actually better.


Before you get shocked into near cardiac arrest and start to hurl a barrage of insults my way, hear me out. As a continuation of season 1 it might not work very well, for many of the reason that have already been mentioned - so again, I won't reiterate them. But in isolation, ie if you ignore season 1 for a second (if that's possible), then season 2 is in my view a better storyline. It is more believable, better acted and deals with many issues that in season 1 were more or less brushed aside in favour of the cutesy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I liked season 1 - it was entertaining, lovey and fun to watch - but very much a typical BL storyline which is amusing and fun but not very realistic.


Season 2 actually depicted a situation and storyline that in many ways isn't far from reality.  If they had become a couple just as Arthit graduated and started working, many of the struggles and issues they faced would be quite realistic (based on my own experience) - and the storyline actually makes a lot more sense. As a gay person who works in an office environment I know all too well the difficulties of being in a gay relationship in a very hetero-normative environment. There is a regular worry about what colleagues will think of you and how you will be perceived. Gay "jokes" are all too common and casual homophobia can be a real issue - and this coming from someone who lives and works in what is probably one of the most liberal and gay friendly countries in Europe. I'm not Thai or live anywhere near Thailand, but my understanding is that Thai society is still somewhat conservative (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) where a "gay lifestyle" is generally frowned upon, and there is pressure from family not to embarrass or do anything "shameful" (having said that - you still get this in Europe as well, but it can be a bit more manageable over here).


Anyway, back to the topic at hand before I digress too much and get carried away with these other issues.


As I'm not fluent in Thai I can't read the novels (unless they get translated), so can only base things on the TV show - but compared to Arthit's character, Kongpob's seems to be much more at ease with himself, who he is, his feelings and importantly with being in a relationship with another man. Arthit is still too conscious of how he will be perceived by others and probably only takes sneak peeks on what goes on outside the closet before locking himself back in again. The only place where he is comfortable being himself and with his boyfriend is at home, in private. This is much more common than you think, and the show actually touches on issues which are very real and experienced by many homosexual couples around the world. This disparity in a gay relationship - ie where one is more open and comfortable compared to the other - can be really challenging to deal with, as is shown in episode 7 when Kongpob asks how much distance he should keep in order for Arthit to feel comfortable.


The setting of Arthit starting a job for the first time and trying to find his way in a new chapter in his life, while having a boyfriend who is still in university can be a challenging one for a number of reasons - such as worrying about finding your role in the company, where you fit in, worrying about making mistakes, how well will you perform etc. In the meantime you're also trying to get your relationship to work when your lifestyles are very different (studying vs working). Throw in the issues raised above and it becomes even more difficult.


I liked the fact that the show brought up a lot of these issues - as well as the cutesy stuff- and applaud them for doing so. They were quite subtle at times and maybe not picked up by everyone, but for someone who has lived and still lives this reality, I identified a lot more with the characters and their situation - for example: being with your partner on a company social event (I can tell you it raises a few eyebrows!). In the end you have to decide for yourself what's more important to you - the person you love standing next to you or what people think of you. It may seem like a an easy decision but that isn't always the case.


And yes, we would all like to have seen more touchy feely stuff between the two (who wouldn't  - they're both gorgeous!), but you know what - it didn't massively bother me that there were just insinuations instead.


For me season 1 and 2 are almost two different stories with the same characters - standalone as opposed to one being a sequel to the other. I'm fully aware that wasn't the intention, and for that reason I can understand the frustration many viewers feel. At first I was also a bit bewildered by how the relationship didn't seem to be at the expected stage considering the timeline. But in the end I actually ended up enjoying the season 2 storyline more than the first, simply because it presented a more realistic setting - for me anyway. It was by no means perfect, for instance I would have preferred for the "extra" Bl couples to have been omitted altogether (I actually fast forwarded those bits) and to see more interaction between the two main characters. But nothing is ever perfect.


So I choose to reconcile the show by seeing the two seasons as two distinct storylines with the same characters. Maybe this can help people enjoy season 2 a bit more as well :)



I, too, think that the story line in SOTUS S is better than SOTUS THE SERIES. AT first the disparity of my 'like' for both the dramas is quite wide, like 2 and 9 (9 for SOTUS S) on the scale of 10.  After nearly a year and watching many of their videos and reading some parts of the translation, the fanfictions, I decided to rewatch both the dramas again.  I am now at episode 10 of SOTUS S.  I must say that my opinion on the first season changed for the better, improved to the scale of 8.  I understand their relationship and Arthit better now.  Kongpob is a constant in their relationship and never waver except towards the end when he was really heartbroken.  Arthit, sadly due to social pressure nearly gave up but with the strong love of and for Kongpob, decides to push himself out of the closet.  That was a defining moment and it showed Kongpob how deep is his love for him.  Their episode in Our Skyy gave a happy closure to their love story.  I have watched this episode twice and I still cry at the same parts of the story.


Anyway, watching BL dramas made me understand gay relationships better.  I hope in time to come, people will realise that homosexuality does not equal sex only and that the parties involved would also need a strong foundation of love, understanding and mutual support to thrive. 


I also hope that in the very near future everyone and the whole world will treat heterosexual and homosexual relationships to be at par with each other.  There should be no ban on such dramas, no jail time for being caught in a gay relationship, equal rights laws to be changed, people should not be forced to marry the opposite sex, etc.  In short, mind sets need to be changed.  

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On 2/18/2018 at 12:57 AM, Kittypur said:

This is my observation so far.....

In season one Arthit said to Kong something along the lines of how hes not sure how it’s going to work out between them, but he’s willing to try even though they are both guys. As we can see from the flash backs it was working out quite well for them as they had similar friends and were both Hazers, etc. Everyone around them knew they were a couple so they were comfortable with each other. Also they have hinted that they have “done it”  on multiple occasions so I don’t think it was there first time in two years kissing; but I’m assuming they don’t kiss as often as normal couples do. 

Now coming back to present day; Arthit has a job and is really busy with work and Kong is busy with School and his internship. Both Arthit and Kong  are at fault for how things have been between them for the past 2 years because they just can’t fully open up with each other. They are still technically in the closet (especially Arthit) because he can’t accept it fully that he loves a guy and is too scared because he works for a company and it might affect his work if everyone knew (basically overthinking everything like he always does) They are still in a push and pull relationship because it’s no longer a University romance it’s transitioning to “if I’ll be with you for the rest of my life relationship ” and that scares Arthit because he was “straight” until Kong came along, but Kong is probably all for it. The reason why Kong probably doesn’t tell people he’s in a relationship with a guy is because he knows how Arthit feels about their situation; and I’m pretty sure deep down it hurts him a lot because he can’t be himself with his lover. I think this is why they don’t talk about issues and just move on quickly without a second thought. ( but I do wish the writers didn’t leave so many plot holes; they could’ve done a better job explaining somethings)

-on a different note, the kiss- 

I see a lot of people complaining how Kongpope forced Arthit to kiss him... but that’s not true at all.... in the novel when they are about to kiss, Arthit doesn’t move away he just lifts his head up higher so he and Kong can kiss better. I don’t know if the director told Krist to move away and then ease into the kiss like how we saw or it’s just something he added on as an adlib having considered his character in mind.

It is unfortunate that we don't get to read the book as  I understand that a lot details are left out.  In fact I just read a YouTube comment yesterday and quoted @Smirking Cat as follows: 

"This is from the novel Sotus S. the pause in the kiss is to signify Arthit's wish. Arthit wishes " To be like this with Kong for eternity" when the shooting star falls. I am wrIting this because the director didn't keep it, which is a huge drawback. They missed like these small details in series from the start."


Well, isn't Arthit as besotted with Kong as Kong with him?


Also a lot people assumed that they never spend a night together.  If anyone could recall, Kong actually hinted that Arthit might be needing something more from him after the shower and then the next scene are the 2 toothbrushes side by side in the toilet and then both of them getting into the lift together.   hint? hint not good enough?

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On 9/9/2016 at 4:01 AM, erngust said:

There were also exchanges between Krist and Singto in Krist's instagram post... while expecting it to be full of cutesy fan-service, it just kind of dampener that Krist was actually spending time with that other guy.

I know it's shallow and superficial, but i'm a bit disappointed and admittedly felt sad and jealous for Singto :( - most especially so, that Krist seemed to be more having fun and spending more personal time with that other guy, even stating something about finding the right one in one of his older posts with that guy. :(:(   

Tsk tsk tsk, as a BL fan, for now I'd rather that Krist-Singto be more of a Ohm-Toey than Ngern-August coupling - i.e. less angsty, more feel-good. I really disdain going through the feeling of seeing one of my faves to be looking like just a reserve for fan-service by the other.

Apologies for that other guy's fans - but for now, he's a nega-vibe to me. 

Just curious whether Krist is still with the other guy?  I don't mind a picture of them both but the caption left a bad taste in my mouth.  He might as well stay with his ex gf if he is not trying trying with Singto. I don't like the look of him and of course I felt like as though Singto had been cuckolded.  I think the guy appeared in Waterboyy the movie or drama as the old coach's lover.

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On 2/15/2017 at 5:00 PM, aeislaeigh said:

Credit:   kanglin_zlFinnian-色色
节后一点都没有余生滴感觉 sada_org.gif
还是说 只有俺一个在昨天仍旧饱受着一边忙工作一边为腐女同胞造狗粮的凄苦境遇? sada_org.gif


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So cute and well done!

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On 1/9/2017 at 9:02 PM, dustinmyeye said:

On PM Delightful has added a screed about what happened after the 15th Episode finished.

More meaningful glances. Arthit being shy again. The kiss on the cheek. "But it's not my bed time yet"

The telling phrase : [Arthit's] heart was starting to race, it didn't matter how many times they've been intimate.

I have repeated many a time that I am not an expert on all this stuff, but is this a failing in the style of book ? There are heap loads of comments about how cute the guys are, and oh my goodness did you see how he blushed ? So the text and images portrayed are obviously popular with the readers.

By the end of the story, however, we are talking about two men in their (now) twenties who are passionately in love. Two men who don't get to see each other very often. Two men who have been having a sexual relationship for perhaps a couple of years.

I think I need a second opinion from some other men in here. Perhaps they are too shy.

I rather think that blushing and coy glances went out the window many a month ago. These guys should have been showering together with every intention of behaving like love starved rabbits for hopefully longer than rabbits can manage.

By Episode 15 the two guys are no longer falling in love, they are already there. Sexual interaction is no longer a possibility it has become standard practice but that doesn't seem to sit well with some readers so Arthit and Kongpob end up getting caught in this time frame where Arthit can still be shocked by Kongpob suggesting that they go to bed as opposed to having already dragged him into the shower and picked up the soap.

Perhaps this style of writing doesn't handle the aftermath too well. The dog has caught up with the car. Now what ?

If Arthit can manage fifty-four times around the track, Kongpob is in for a sleepless night and whilst he might get a bit red it wont be through blushing  :)

After watching the dramas twice, this forum is like a memory lane to me.  It is so nice to read through all the past postings and also discover little titbit of information that I did not know.

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