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ROUND 3: Soompiers in Paradise: Shippers' Contest

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Hi shippers!

Welcome to round three!

Round 3: Fan Fiction
Entry Period: 3/20-3/26 (11:59PM KST)
Voting Period (News Site Only): 3/28-4/1 (11:59PM KST)

In 1,500 words or less (excluding the title), write a short story featuring your couple, using one of the following prompts:


1. An ideal day in their life

2. Love conquers all

3. The struggles of first time parents

4. Mysteriously getting thrown into a movie of your own chosen genre [but imaginary bonus points for an action film! lol]

5. A surprise event

6. Include all of the following words: twinkle, lemon(s), midnight, red, skip [Highlight the prompt words in a different color within your story]


The fanfiction can be of any genre and element, but we want to be able to see and/or feel the love between your couple. Remember to keep it appropriate for Soompi audience. If you would like to incorporate more than one prompt, you are more than welcome to do so as long as the maximum word count is not exceeded.


We will allow the first names of your couple to count as one word (i.e., Jo Jung Suk will be considered two words. Jo, the last name, as one word, and Jung Suk, the first name, as another word.)





Please compose a short, two to three sentence synopsis of your fanfiction. This will serve as the hook to make voters click into your full fanfiction in the voting article, so please take extra care with this step as well.




Members will compile their entries on the forums, but we will, once again, open voting on our news site. Just like round one and two, we will not be counting votes on the forums. The entries will be posted as an article and everyone will be allowed to vote, even non-Soompiers!





- Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon (SiSo Couple)

- Jang Woo Young & Park Se Young (YY Couple)

- Park Bo Gum & Hyeri (SunTaek Couple)

- Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun (Gaeddeok Couple)

- Ryu Jun Yeol & Park Bo Gum (YeolGum Couple)

- Park Hae Jin & Kim Go Eun (JungSeol Couple)

Lee Jong Hyun & Gong Seung Yeon (GongLee Couple)

- Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (ChangMin Couple)

- Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo (Spartace Couple)


Only the ships/couples listed above are eligible to participate. Please post ONLY your entries in this thread. All questions should be posted in the discussion thread here.


For this round, there WILL be one elimination!


Good luck, Shippers, and may the best couple win!

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One Night In Busan

Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (ChangMin Couple)


Celebrity dating in secret has always been a pain for K-stars. For new lovebirds Ji Changwook and Park Minyoung, how are they going to circumvent the intense media and fan scrutiny to make their one month dating anniversary their most ideal day yet?


17 April 2015

Stolen moments. That was what one month of secret dating amounted to: stolen moments in their cars, at her apartment, at a nearby 24-hour café drinking coffee at 3am, lots and lots of Kakao Talking and hurried hushed phone calls while working. Always looking out in fear of getting caught by the paparazzi.

Ji Changwook thought it was a heavy price to pay for fame. And yet fame and attention  kept on increasing for him despite the moderate success of his latest concluded drama, Healer. It was amazing, this “Healer” effect, which remade him into the latest Hallyu star. If this had happened six months ago, he would have been delighted and enjoyed basking in the sudden intense interest from fans and media alike. Before he fell in love, before he started dating. Now all he wanted was for the camera flashes to go away. He wanted the space and freedom to be with the woman he loved, but he had responsibilities to his agency, his staff, and he couldn’t trash his career just when it was starting to take off after so many years of slogging in this industry. It was the worst of timings.

With fame too came instant scandal. A female acquaintance tried to latch onto his burgeoning fame by creating fake relationship rumors just weeks after he and Minyoung confirmed their feelings for each other. Media scrum picked up on rubbish matching items on Instagram, and the next thing he read, he was dating some skinny ex-Ms Something for over a year. He had his agency refute those rumors in no less than FOUR different languages, and held an impromptu fan meeting to clear the air, but not before he worried himself sick thinking how the scandal could hurt his tender, budding relationship. He had a heart to heart talk with her all through the night the news came out, and thank god, she trusted him fully.

But he was not going to think about those painful moments today, for today was going to be a special day. Changwook stepped out of the car and dashed through the hotel lobby, his manager Bang, by his side. They had just arrived in Busan for his musical performance of The Days tomorrow, but this was not why he came to Busan a day earlier. Finally, he and Minyoung were going to meet outside the jail-like confines of their usual dating places. For their first month anniversary, she was going to meet him first in Busan, and then together they would go to Namhae after the curtains fall on his performance tomorrow.

His heart leapt at the thought of her being on the way to meet him now, smiling like a dork to himself. It was going to be a perfect day.


The night was their friend. Always they met after dark, taking comfort that the darkness would somehow shield their calandestine meetings, even though they could never completely let their guard down. There was chatter flying all around about their “extreme chemistry” since working together on the set of Healer, which their respective agencies tried so hard to tamp down by buying over a few of those persistent reporters.

Park Minyoung gazed out onto the docks where private yachts were anchored as the car rolled to a stop. She squeezed the hand of her long-time friend Kim Minseo gratefully, who had accompanied her to Busan on the pretext of a BFF road trip, and said, “Komawo.”

Minseo smiled and replied, “Enjoy yourselves. You have earned it. Minyoung-ah, I think you have found a really good man. And, I’ll take care of Zzup, don’t worry.” The Pomeranian in the backseat yelped upon hearing his name.

She did not need to take too long to find the swanky yacht that he managed to borrow from his friend – that familiar lean figure with the impossibly wide shoulders – back lit by the lights on the boat that he was standing in front of. She couldn’t yet see his handsome face, but already her heart rate started racing crazily, as her breath hitched. How could she have fallen so deep, so quickly? Had it ever been this way with her past relationships – this constant missing and regret that their time together was always not enough?

He threw his arms wide and she went into his warm embrace immediately, inhaling his fresh scent that had become so much a part of her. He buried his face into her hair and gave a sigh of contentment. “Finally. Together.”

She raised her head to look into his soulful, loving eyes. “Perfect.” She whispered.

Changwook pulled her down into the interior, away from possible roving eyes, where they could be sure they were absolutely alone in their own little world – leaving their public identities behind. Not caring a wit about their lavish surroundings, he gathered Minyoung tightly in his arms and drew her close for a long hungry kiss, one full of missing, of waiting too long, of pent-up desire, of love.

Minyoung gave it as good as she got, but finally withdrew, breathless. “I thought you said there was dinner?”

Eyes a little glazed, he furrowed his brow and pursed his lips, creating those marvellous cheek dimples she so loved. “Dinner? Ah yes…Me.” He lowered his head towards her again.

Minyoung laughed and smacked his shoulder. “I turned down dinner with Minseo to come here. You better feed me!”

Changwook finally flashed her a cheeky grin and led her into the kitchen. Minyoung sniffed the air and gasped, “Ramyun??!”

He wagged his finger at her sternly, a gesture she always found unfathomably cute. “Not just any ramyun. It is a special JCW recipe prepared with the purest heart, and the freshest ingredients.” He gestured with a flourish at the two piping hot bowls of ramyun at the small table.

Minyoung, who dined regularly at Michelin restaurants worldwide and could whip up a three course Italian meal herself, threw her head back and laughed heartily. She remembered talking about his noodle cooking on set, and how he kept insisting all the time she had to try them but there was never the opportunity. Finally, he had gotten his wish to cook for her.

She sat down and dug in. The noodles, like the man himself, was warm and comforting, with a large dose of deliciousness. Changwook stared at her, looking a little worried, waiting for the reaction that she refused to give. “Well?” He finally asked impatiently, but she held up her hand and continued eating and finished her bowl within minutes. Contrary to her wispy frame, she was a hearty eater. And he loved that about her because he was an eating machine too.

“Best ramyun ever.” She declared finally, and he broke into a beautiful smile, happy like a little kid who had been given a new toy. How easily he gave his smiles, he who did not withhold his emotions from her, who derived happiness from the simplest things in life. Watching him scarf down his own bowl of ramyun, Minyoung could easily imagine spending the rest of their lives together like this, but in public, under the sun. Would it happen – an ideal day with her ideal man? She wondered.

After their dinner, they lazed around the deck in the lounge chairs gazing up at the Busan night sky awashed with twinkling stars, his arms around her and him raining random kisses on her head, her cheeks, her neck as she giggled. Changwook simply could not get enough of her. How grateful he was that they would get to spend the next two nights together! How precious, this stolen time. “Happy one month anniversary,” he finally murmured into her ear.

Minyoung turned up slightly to gaze at him. “Is it midnight already?” She asked. One month, she mused to herself. So short, and yet it seemed like they had been together forever, despite the fact that their dates were always short and hurried. They no longer had the excuse of sticking around each other 24/7 now that the drama had ended. And they could not risk going public – not just yet with so many things at stake.

And yet, Park Minyoung had never been surer. She had found the man of her dreams. As she traced a finger along the sharp angles of his face, she whispered, “Happy anniversary, ne Sarang.”

Ji Changwook’s eyes darkened and without another word he captured her soft red lips in a lingering kiss that stretched on for an eternity.

It was a beautiful night in Busan.


Prompt: An ideal day in their life

Credit:  @tehlimau



FF Blog


and @fyeahjcw for the image





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A Midsummer Night’s Grill

YeolGum (Ryu Jun Yeol Park Bo Gum)

A barbecue, a shower, a campfire and underwear in Africa. Come with us, we’ll show you the way. Hakuna Matata.



The sky turns a dark violet while the sun teases its reddish goodbye. The desert watering hole nearby is visited by giraffes, zebras, elephants and foxes quenching their thirst. The cast of Youth Over Flowers in Africa pitched their tents in a camping spot overlooking the watering hole. They had been in Africa a couple of days already and in between missed flights, incredible views, and a tiney winey car crash which scarred a corner of the car and Bogummy’s soul, they had become very close. Junyeolie in particular, wanted to make his dongsaeng light up and feel warm again.

Chef JaeHong and shirtless sous-chef KyungPyo are busily set up a braai, a South African style barbecue, right beside their tent. Springbok, a type of South African antelope, is the main feature of the night. Under Chef JaeHong’s detailed instructions, Bogummy slathers on a generous amount of herb butter onto the springbok while sipping his beer and then slaps the meat on the grill.

Close by, Junyeolie is taking a shower in an outdoor shower stall with a full view of the braai.  This was an experience of a lifetime for Junyeolie because where else would he enjoy the smell of springbok barbecuing while taking a shower? Sometimes he couldn’t believe that he and the rest of the boys were whisked away to Africa by the slightly sadistic producers of this travel show, who had cruelly left Bogummy helpless in the airport, causing him to miss his flight and spend hours at the airport looking at hats.

Flushed from the barbecue, Bogummy walks toward the shower stall to wash his butter-coated hands. He reminds Junyeolie that dinner should be ready in a few minutes as he lathers his hands with soap.

"Bogum-ah, can you pass me my underwear?" Junyeolie said while motioning at his underwear hanging on a nearby tree branch. Bogummy shook water off his clean hands. As he is reaching towards the undies, he turns to look at Junyeolie with a playful glint in his eyes.

"Yah! Don't. Don't do what I think you're going to do," Junyeolie said. Working with Bogummy on the Reply 1988 drama has taught him that though typically quiet and reserved, with a small dose of alcohol Bogummy would get a twinkle in his eyes, signalling the transition into mischievous maknae.


With a skip in his step, Bogummy grabs the underwear and runs toward JaeHong and KyungPyo, shouting that he has taken Yeolie's underwear hostage. The boys play hot potato with Junyeolie's underwear, while Junyeolie looks on pathetically from the shower stall begging the boys to stop. The boys toss the underwear gleefully among themselves. KyungPyo gives it a swift flight to Bogummy, who dashes to grab hold of it. Carried by a sudden gust of wind, the underwear changes course. As if in slow motion, all four boys watch wide-eyed as the underwear descends into the fire. Scrambling to salvage it, Bogummy rescues it. The innocent underwear now bears a large hole in its front.


With their minimal supply of clothing and limited budget, a pair of underwear is a hot commodity to the boys, a cherished belonging that is almost sacred. Guilt weighs down Bogummy. "Junyeolie hyung... I'm sorry. I caused an accident again..."

Junyeolie takes a few deep breaths to calm himself. He is not mad at Bogummy, rather the thought of his sole pair of underwear now charred and unarmed with a backup pair distraught him. As an apology, Bogummy decides to lend his own underwear to Junyeolie. Upon his reunion with the boys, they had given him an extra pair of underwear as a welcoming gift and consolation for missing his flight.

Quickly, he runs to the Fortuner to get the back-up underwear. With a smile on his face and underwear in hand, he jogs to the shower stall. His eyes are so focused on Junyeolie that he fails to notice a rock in his path. The rock sends him tumbling and he tries his best to hold on to the underwear while fighting his contorting body. His grip loosens as he hits his nose on the ground, sending the underwear flying helplessly into the campfire. Nobody moves a muscle. JaeHong and KyungPyo watch like a pair of meerkats with their mouths agape, tongs in one hand and half a lemon in another. All focus is on Bogummy while the silver grey smoke from the burning underwear curls into the air.

Junyeolie, forced to go commando, pulls on his shorts and t-shirt hastily, and moves as fast as he can to check on Bogummy. Relieved to find Bogummy with only a scraped knee and mouthful of sand, albeit scared and silent, Junyeolie bridal carries Bogummy into the tent. There, away from the mosquito attacks attracted by the moisturising lotions, the hyung tends to his dongsaeng’s wound.  


Catching a glimpse of Bogummy’s growing pout, Junyeolie asks if he is fine while continuing to fuss over his scraped knee. Bogummy’s bottom lip starts to quiver and tears form in his deer-like eyes. “Hyung, why can’t I do anything right in life? I missed my flight, crashed our car, and burnt our underwear. Why am I this way with life?”


Finding him adorable, Junyeolie ruffles his hair. “Bogum-ah, it’s okay. YOLO - you only live once. You’ll get there, Confucius said it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop. Life is not about getting things right or wrong. Everything is an experience, regardless of it being right or wrong it will become a treasured memory in your life. Hakuna Matata.” He shoots Bogummy a finger heart.


Bogummy can’t take the worry in his hyung’s eyes anymore, nor the idea that he is only a maknae to be fed and looked after. Determined to prove he is capable, he takes charge of the braai. The bandaid on his knee and his heart-to-heart talk with Junyeolie has infused him with newfound courage, and he prepares the most delicious springbok Africa has ever seen. As he serves it to his hyungs, his efforts are met with disbelief and admiration. Bogummy’s shoulders lift at his first successful midsummer night’s grill.


Hungry after an eventful day, Junyeolie is very grateful to Bogummy for the delicious meal. He savors the divine spare ribs and soft honey thighs, making satisfied moans with each bite. “That’s what friends are for,” he exclaims as he finishes his meal and licks the sauce from the corner of his lips. Clunking their half-empty beer cans, Junyeolie and Bogummy yell “Cheers! Cheers!” Their laughter mixes with the sounds made by the animals in the night, creating a heartwarming ambience. Under the midnight sky, the two best friends happily break into drunken song:

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem free philosophy, Hakuna Matata

Index: The braai


Na PD says : The braai

When preparing to have a friend for dinner, everything needs to be carefully chosen.
A good braai has secret ingredients that maximise the taste. You can’t grill with just anyone and expect the food to taste the same, you need to do this we people you already have in your heart.  The braai’s flame needs to be a long steady one, that’s ongoing beginning to end and maintaining it is the secret weapon of a good chef. The meat you choose needs to be fresh which is why many recipes favour springbok. Add the chosen sauces in the end to maximise the taste. But more important than anything is that braais are there to make you happy. So keep things simple, don’t try too hard or overdo it with the sauce, and the result will be a glorious meal. If the meat is good, no fancy marinate is needed.


writers: @toera@callmegiggles @lala14 @ihate0ni0ns @papulichan @balladblue

gif: vannyahm



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Precious Moments

Kwak Si Yang ❤️ Kim So Yeon

A newlywed couple with unsurpassed love for each other. What could possibly happen when life gives them the chance to experience one more precious moment in a pair of gifts (and troubles to follow)? From the moment on, it’s not just the two of them to walk beside each other…



by Chumills DejaVu on March 2016


I kiss her lips lightly, and finger-brush the hair strands that hide her face.

I’ll never get bored watching this face. Never. She will always be the first person I want to see when I open my eyes every morning.

“Five minutes,” she mumbles hoarsely, snuggling closer to me. I kiss her forehead, adjusting my position to make her more comfortable in my arms. I stroke her spine gently, and she sighs gratefully...

Her days have become tougher, lately. She’s been having a sleep disorder due to her mature pregnancy. I’ve tried many ways to ensure that she sleeps comfortably, and it breaks my heart that I haven’t been able to help much, yet she neither whines nor complains. I know she doesn’t want to make me worry, but I feel guilty somehow.

We decided to get married a year ago, and we didn’t need to wait too long for the babies to come. So Yeon was pregnant three months after our wedding. Later, the doctor confirmed we were going to have twins. Being pregnant and having to give birth to twins in her later years had me worried, but the doctor convinced us that it wouldn’t be a problem. There’s always the caesarean option when a normal delivery might be too risky. However, So Yeon has been too excited with the idea of having a normal delivery. As much as I support her, deep inside I feel like it’s maybe safer to choose a c-section. But I know her too well. Once she insists on something, nothing can stop her.

I give her another ten minutes. Then, I kiss her lips again, a deeper kiss to wake her up. “I’m sorry, baby. I really want to let you sleep longer, but our morning exercise is waiting.”

I wash up in our bathroom, then return to the bedside and wait until she opens her eyes.

“Good morning, yeobo.” She greets me sleepily, raises her arms to hold my neck. I smile, knowing what she wants and I give it to her. She kisses me back, long and sweet. Mmh...We fly into the heaven where there’s just the two of us... but we have to stop ourselves, anyway, and we laugh together. This isn’t the right time.

I walk her to the bathroom. Once she’s in, I go to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast and two glasses of milk. She shows up in our kitchen looking as fresh as the spring season.

“Gomawo,” she smiles as I serve her her meal. She eats her breakfast heartily, but her expression changes when she sees the milk.  And I completely understand that face.

“See, I drink the milk, too.” I show her my glass, then gulp the white liquid down, trying to keep my smile. I’ve learned to show my best smile when she has to drink her high-nutrition pregnancy milk, trying to convince her that it tastes good. She finishes her milk without saying anything, though her expression says it all. She barely consumed anything the first three months of her pregnancy due to the terrible morning sickness, and I was so worried that I couldn’t eat much, either. That’s why the doctor prescribed the milk, and I decided to drink it with her. We should try whatever we can to make sure our babies and their mother are in the best of health, even if that means I get a stomach ache every morning.


The doctor predicts our twins are to be born around early November. So Yeon was so excited to hear this and said that it’s going to be the best gift of her life if the babies were born right on her birthday. Of course, whatever date the twins choose to see the world, it’ll always be the best gift for us.

“Uri wifeu, jinjja yeppeo,” I tell her as I fix her coat’s collar. She blushes and hits my arms playfully.  It’s amazing to me that after all this time, she’s still blushes at my praises.

“Kajja!” I reach for her hand and put it into my jacket pocket. A morning walk has been part of our daily routine for some time now.  Since finishing my last shooting a month ago, I planned to keep my schedule low in activities for a couple months ahead. I need to be with Soyeon when she delivers our twins. I need to make sure she’s in good health. We both need to adjust our lives as first-time parents together. The twins’ births will be another precious moment in our lives, just like our small private wedding we decided to have after we dated secretly for a year.


We stroll along the garden near our home. We sit on our favorite bench there, watching the neighbourhood’s elderly do their morning exercises. Our fingers interlock and she lays her head on my shoulder, when, suddenly, So Yeon squeezes my hand tightly.

“Yeobo, I think we have to go to the hospital now.”

“What?! Ottoke?!”  Panic rushes inside me, seeing her expression. “Halmoni!” I call the elderly loudly. “Please, accompany my wife for a while. I have to get our car. She’s about to give birth to our babies.” Some elderly come to us while shushing me to go get the car.

I run as fast as I can. Once at home, I grab the hospital bags that we’d prepared beforehand, throw them into the car, and drive faster than usual. When I arrive, I rush to So Yeon’s side to help her into the car, making sure her safety belt is put properly but comfortable enough.

“Thank you, thank you,” I bow to the elderly. They wave, urging us to go quickly.

All along the way, I brace myself not to look too often at her. I have to concentrate on the road and get us safely to the hospital. Once we arrive, the medical team quickly takes over. She is moved to the delivery room. Her gynecologist comes to check her, and explains to us about her labor and the process of her delivery. Her words float above my head. I barely understand a thing. My panic attack dulls my brain this time.

The doctor tells me to stay calm and to contact the immediate family members, with the estimation that we may see our twins by this afternoon. I call my mom, So Yeon’s mom, all my sisters, and So Yeon’s sisters as well. I suppose I could just group-message our sisters, but it is good talking to them and receiving their calming words.

I calm down enough now. I can’t show my panic face to So Yeon when she needs me to be her pillar of strength. In-laws are among the first to arrive when the doctor comes out to explain further. So Yeon is at a seven now, and her contractions have been intense.

“Do you want to accompany her right now?” the doctor asks me.

“Of course, I will,” I said firmly.

I enter the delivery room with So Yeon’s mom, and my heart wrenches when I see  So Yeon grimacing.

“Eomma,” So Yeon calls her mom and they hold hands, as if to share her pain. She reaches for me, and I brace myself because all I can do is just hold her hands and give her words of encouragement. In her pain she still looks at me lovingly. How I love this angel. It’s all in her effort to bring our babies safely into our lives. And I respect her even more, seeing her struggle in great pain without a thought to surrender. She goes through it for us, for our love, to complete us as one happy family.

When the twins are finally born, the feeling is so overwhelming. I cry, she cries, the twins cry… What we have been waiting for nine months are finally here in our arms. So tiny, so perfect, so beautiful.

The nurses give us some time to hold our baby boys, and I watch in awe when, without difficulty, the twins manage to get their first sip of milk. My wife is so natural in doing it, as if this is not her first time, as if she’s forgotten all the pain she has just gone through. It’s such a beautiful sight.

The nurses take our babies to clean them up. I hold So Yeon’s hands and we kiss, feeling more connected than ever. She tells me she is sleepy. I tell her to sleep, that I‘ll wait until she’s asleep before I share this happy news with our family.


Our babies’ births... I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day. They have just given me a reason to work harder for them. Now I need to not just be a good husband for Soyeon, I have to be a good daddy to our babies, too. The first step to do is to decide on their names..

Hmm...Where does So Yeon keep the name list that we had made that time?



prompt : the struggles of first time parents, and Love conquers all


Thank you for the author of the fanfic @ChuMills DejaVu and to the other berries who have helped to make this possible : @alou @merryluna88 @kappy.. Our warm hugs and thanks to them!

This fanfic is selected internally among several beautiful Siso fanfics made by our berries for the purpose of this contest. We have share the result of our internal voting pool in our shipper's thread, page 495. Feel free to check it. Thank you.

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Jang Wooyoung   Park Seyoung


Despite their busy schedules, the young couple made time for a quick getaway together. In an unsuspecting turn of events, their time in paradise became a memorable moment that they would cherish forever.  

Prompt: An ideal day in their life



 Promises and Paradise 

A gentle breeze blew from the sea as a couple napped peacefully underneath the shade of palm trees by a white, sandy beach. The few rays of evening light that escaped through the leaves shone into Wooyoung’s eyes, waking him up from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes with one hand and looked down at the tanned figure sleeping on top of him. Seyoung stirred, snuggling her head in between the crooks of his neck. Carefully, Wooyoung adjusted his position on the hammock and reached down to caress her hair while glancing at his watch. It was 5pm, Thailand time. It had only been an hour since they had fallen asleep after their afternoon hike.

Wooyoung placed a light kiss on her forehead and Seyoung’s eyes fluttered open instantly. She looked up at him who was smiling his trademark, boyish grin at her. She blushed underneath his gaze, embarrassed by her sleepy face. “Did you sleep well, princess-nim?”

Seyoung nodded while chuckling at the long-forgotten nickname from their We Got Married days. She closed her eyes again, wrapping her arm tightly over his waist. They stayed there momentarily, legs tangled together in the cramped hammock.  The past two days which they had spent at Koh Munnork, a private island just 3 hours away from Bangkok, was exactly the holiday the both of them needed. While Seyoung had just successfully finished filming her drama; My Daughter Geum Sa Wol, Wooyoung is in the midst of preparing for 2pm’s Japan Tour. They wouldn’t be able to spend as much time together in the next two months, and it was simple moments like this that carry them through weeks of being apart.

They were the only people in the vicinity, with only the sound of waves and seagulls around them. Wooyoung sighed wordlessly, taking long, deep breaths as if he was breathing the peaceful moment in and holding onto it forever. After a while, Wooyoung broke the reverie. “Seyoung-ah,” he said, pausing dramatically. “I have something to tell you.”

She eyed him suspiciously. “Your arm is numb, isn’t it?” she guessed.

Wooyoung looked at her with a bewildered look on his face. They have known each other a little over two years now and it still puzzles him how she could read his mind. Seyoung laughed at his confused expression and raised her head to release the arm she had slept on for the past hour. It wasn’t so much that she could read minds; it was just that she has a perceptive character.

Wooyoung sat up on the hammock and stretched his arms over his head. “Let’s go kayaking now. The sun isn’t as bright anymore.”

“Shall we each ride our own kayak and race?” Seyoung suggested.

Wooyoung shook his head in protest, and began lecturing her on the importance of doing things together as a couple. But before she knew it, he suddenly broke into a dead run towards the shore to the nearest kayak, leaving her behind. “Race you to the buoy!” Wooyoung shouted over his shoulders while laughing manically, pleased with himself.

“Oh my god, Jang Wooyoung!” Seyoung scoffed as she chased after him. And just like that the two of them began their playful, yet competitive kayak race. Neither played by the book, of course, and took every turn to sabotage the other. Their energy was wasted on laughing and using their paddles to splash water at each other rather than rowing.

Seyoung couldn’t believe how childish they were being but she loved every second of it. She cherishes the days that she spends with Wooyoung as there is never a dull moment. Wooyoung brings out a playful side of her and has a way to get her out of her comfort zone. Wooyoung on the other hand, who is usually cold around other people turns into an aegyo-filled machine whenever he’s around her. Together, they compliment the other.

Despite Wooyoung’s head start, Seyoung was approaching the buoy that marked their finishing point first. But the next thing she knew, Wooyoung had vengefully rowed his kayak into hers leaving her kayak capsized and herself chest-deep in the water.  She stopped laughing and pulled an exaggerated pout, making Wooyoung feel guilty that he let go of his own paddle and raised both his hands in the air in mock surrender. “Jalmot hasseo.”

Quick as lightning, Seyoung took the chance to tip his kayak over with her weight, and Wooyoung fell in the water. She broke in a loud laugh when he resurfaced, his drenched hair covering his forehead in an unflattering way. She splashed water at his face for the last time before floating lazily in the water, and looking up at the sun that was beginning to set. Wooyoung stayed where he was and watched his girlfriend from a distance. It didn’t matter what she is doing, he loves looking at her. Right now, she had a serene, almost child-like expression on her face.  

Yeppuda!” Seyoung sighed in amazement at the colourful horizon, oblivious to Wooyoung’s stares.

“I know, right?” Wooyoung agreed quietly to himself, referring to her instead of the view.

Just as the sun was about to disappear, Wooyoung swam towards her, grasping her waist and pulling her closer to him while she wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. They bobbed in and out of the water in silence, with Wooyoung supporting both of their weight. He touched his forehead to hers, their eyes locked. Seyoung recalled a moment in the past when she couldn’t look at Wooyoung in the eyes out of fear that he could read the feelings she had for him. But now she wasn’t scared anymore. In her eyes he sees the endless amount of love she has for him and the same is reflected in his eyes.

They stared at each other’s faces silently as waves lapped around them, examining every freckle and flaw intently like they were seeing the other for the first time. Seyoung is a perceptive girl but nothing could prepare her for the next words that came out of Wooyoung’s mouth.

“Marry me.”

The two words caught Seyoung off guard. She pulled away slightly to search his face to see whether he was joking. “What?”

“I knew it from when we got virtually married. I knew you would be the one I want to marry for real.” In the spur of the moment, Wooyoung blurted everything he has been thinking for a long time now. The events of today had only reaffirmed his feelings and led him to this moment. He smiled at her blank face and continued, emphasizing each syllables with emotion. “I want to be by your side forever; sleeping in, going on adventures together, and making you laugh. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you, Park Seyoung.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as if breathing in his words. When she opened her eyes again, they were welled up with tears.

“Marry me?” he asked again.

Seyoung bit her bottom lip, almost like she was holding the rush of happiness inside her from bubbling away. She gave him a shy nod.

“Is that a yes?”

“That’s a yes!” Seyoung answered loudly this time, her voice cracking.

With a beaming smile, Wooyoung grabbed Seyoung’s face in between his palms. Their lips intuitively found each other’s, like two magnets that were drawn together. Wooyoung pulled her closer towards him while they shared a passionate kiss, his fingers tangled in her wet hair. When their lips finally parted, he stuck his tongue out and made a face. “Ugh, salty!”

Seyoung broke out in another fit of laughter, punching his bare shoulder lightly for ruining the romantic moment. The two of them stayed in the ocean until the stars came out, giggling like two kids in their own little wonderland.


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Prompts used:

2.     Love conquers all

6.     Include the words: twinkle, lemon (s), midnight, red and skip


Summary: She loves him more than anything and he is dying to make her his. But, so many things are coming their way that they decide to keep their feelings to themselves. Read this fanfic to know what happens to our Running man's secret couple one night- when their managers are late to pick them up.

The Confession


"I love you."

There was silence.

It was already past midnight yet the both of them were the only ones left in the filming location. The other members and crews have gone back. Their managers were late, again, to pick them up.

When he realised there was no one around, he grabbed her hands slowly and placed it carefully on his chest.

"Can you feel this heart beating?"

Her heart skipped a beat with his sudden action.

Dead silence.

Just a pair of eyes blinking repeatedly. Oblivious to the surroundings.

They have always been very close to each other off-screen. They both knew they had feelings for one another but neither took up the courage to express themselves, yet he decided to do it that night. He could no longer contain his feelings.

"Normally... it doesn't beat this fast."

She was about to say something but her mind wandered when her hands sensed the nervousness in his heartbeat.

"Is your heart beating fast too?"

She lowered her gaze and nodded, not knowing what to say.

"Then say something. I feel as if my heart's going to explode."

She knows he isn't the type to confess boldly to a girl about his feelings. She cautiously brought her eyes to meet his. She's trying hard to control her tears.

It's truly hard to comprehend when there's a person you love so much and have been pursuing for a long time, who has been playing hard to get, finally admits that they are in love with you. To her, she has been the only one who was going crazy after him and she was even 95% sure her love was unrequited. Never in her wildest dreams has she thought that this could happen... That he felt the same way towards her.

"But why?" finally she spoke, her words were too soft but he knew exactly what she was about to ask.

"Why? I don't know why. Lately, everything has been pointing towards you."

"Like what?" she wondered.

"It's difficult to explain. Some things are easier to feel than to explain in words. To be honest, I have always felt a weird connection with you whenever you appear before me, whether in reality or in my dreams. However, I ignored these feelings because of reasons such as we work in the same programme and we each have a person we are being related to romantically on screen. But... no matter how hard I try, I keep falling hard for you and it hurts to keep this feelings locked up inside me. There's a song that keeps reminding me of my love for you... You probably won't know the singer but the lyrics go like this....


Aren't you somethin' to admire?

'Cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror,

And I can't help but notice,

You reflect in this heart of mine.

If you ever feel alone and;

The glare makes me hard to find,

Just know that I'm always parallel on the other side.” [taken from Mirrors by Justin Timberlake]


Tears kept rolling down her cheeks, listening to that mellow tone of his voice.  She could no longer control herself from crying uncontrollably.

He looked around to make sure no one was watching them.

He took a step closer to her. Closed the gap between them. Placed both his hands gently at the sides of her neck and pulled her head forward. He placed a warm, loving kiss on her forehead.

Though she was taken aback, she remained silent and stood still. That kiss gave her a weird feeling, she felt so happy inside yet she didn't know how to react to it.

He, then, took out a lemon colored handkerchief and wiped off her tears. Deep inside, he felt guilty for making her cry at this wee hour.

"So? Do you love me?" he asked nervously after wiping her tears.

"Will it be okay?"

"Why not?"

His eyes locked into hers. He was trying hard to figure out what was going on in her mind.

"What about work and the loveline thingy," she swallowed hard to say it. In her heart, she was already screaming 'I love you too silly!' a million times.

"Do you love me?" he asked again.

She wondered why he kept asking her the same question repeatedly without giving an answer to her questions.

"I'm confused..."

He gripped her hands tightly and said, "Don't be… Just answer my question."

Her big eyes widened and her cheeks started to blush. 

"Yes," she confessed.

He brimmed in happiness and hugged her in joy. He brought his lips closer to her ears and whispered, "Then, you've answered your own questions...."

She enjoyed this feeling of having him too close to her yet she doesn’t get what he has just said.

“When we love someone, nothing else matters. Career, lovelines, gossips and the people around us won’t be able to come in the way.  We can get through even a hundred or thousands of hurdles! You know why? Because of the trust we have in this relationship.”

“Oppa, are you lecturing me right now?” she joked. A mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She was actually touched by what she just heard him say but she just felt like saying it.

“Yah! Don’t spoil this romantic mood I’m having right now.” He sighed at her while giving a glare.

She chuckled.

It’s been a dream come true for her. For her to be in love with her TURBO idol, the guy she has always looked up too, fangirling over his songs, dance moves, jokes and almost everything he does, this seems surreal to her.

“Oppa, so what are we now?” With him so close to her, their bodies against each other, she knew what this relationship is but she wants to hear it coming from his mouth. She bit her lips in nervousness.

He stared at her red lips. He felt as if it was teasing him. He could no longer hold back his feelings.

“I’ll tell you..,” he said and swiftly took her face in his palms, brought it closer to his face and within seconds his lips were on hers. The warmth of his mouth sent chills through her body. Both their hearts stopped for a moment while the world around becomes a blur of color that melts to gray.


When he pulled away, her knees felt weak and she realized that the only thing keeping her standing were his strong, muscle packed arms that were placed behind her back.

When he looked into her eyes, she shied away and was for loss of words.

“Is someone feeling shy right now?” he teased her, knowing exactly how she felt.

He can be the world’s strongest guy but as Jae Suk has said before, he is weak when it comes to love. He feels really shy too that he kissed this beautiful girl for the first time. The girl he has been having a crush on since he first met her on Family Outing, yet was unsure of his feelings for her till recently.

“Oppaaaa!” Her face blushed even more.

The both of them started walking by the Han River which was quite close by the filming location. Hand in hand, they strolled by the beautiful river.

“Ji Hyo yah, can I tell you something?”

“Yes, oppa?”

“It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be really hard. We’re going to have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want to be with you.  I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.” [taken from The Notebook]

She tightened her grip and pulled his arm closely to hers.

“I love you too, Jong Kook oppa.”

~The End~



Credit to @jihye_spartace7012 (author) and @WanZ for beta-ing the work. The pic used is a fan-edit. It is NOT REAL. credit to the original artist @namlaanh from IG.

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Team Cheesy Briegade proudly presents








Three years after their break up: a university campus in the frigid

winter; an unexpected present and a homecoming.

The incomplete story of Jung and Seol coming full circle where their love first began.


Written for the prompt: A surprise event





>>PS: We recommend clicking on the link below for a better reading experience:





Thank you for reading ! :)




Full Circle


Three years had passed since Jung had packed his bags, tied up loose ends in South Korea and left everyone behind.

“You can’t handle the burden on your own, Seol,” he had said. With downcast eyes, he had declared, “let’s break up”, and explained that he could not understand why she had continued trying to understand him despite getting tired, weary, and hurt.


Seol put on her coat, preparing to leave to meet Bo Ra and Eun Taek, when a glimmer on her finger had caught her eye. It was their couple ring, and it made her remember things from the day they broke up. Like how his fingers were bare that day, the promise he made to never take it off distant, like a dream. Or how his once joyful smile was replaced by that stoic look, which masked the tension in his shoulders, and his determination in telling himself to hold it in for her. 

“I want to be able to love you properly,” he had said with unwavering eyes, while tears rolled down the corners of her eyes.

Yet three years had passed, and not a word from him had been heard.

Nights ago, Seol had thought that she had seen him at the crossing. But three years was a long time, and she no longer had the will to hope.

During this time, she had sent him an occasional email, but none of them were ever read nor answered.

On the same night, he had read her latest email.

She had stared at her screen in bated breath, her heart pounding hard against her chest, hoping for a reply, or more emails to be read, anything that could give her a sign that he was ready to return home.

She checked her email inbox in every waking hour, but one day passed, and then two, and eventually it became a week. Nothing happened, and her poor heart that threatened to leap out of her chest whenever she received a new email notification, finally wrung itself dry.

She stared at the ring on her finger. It was worn now, having weathered a myriad of knocks for the past three years. She pressed her lips together in determination and took it off with one final tug. A faded band of lightness surrounded her ring finger, a testament of the promise that had come and gone.

She left the house.


After a long train journey, Seol arrived at the wooden promenade by the lake near the university. She wondered why Bo Ra and Eun Taek wanted to meet here, of all places in the university. Why this promenade, where she had met with Jung countless times?

“Hong!” Bo Ra shouted enthusiastically from behind.

Seol turned around, happy to see her friends bounding up towards her, but something about them was bothering her as well.

“Are both of you up to something? Why did you tell me to meet all the way here when you know how far my house is from the university?”

Eun Taek gave her a meek smile and rubbed the back of his head nervously, but Bo Ra merely flashed her a bright smile and grabbed both of Seol’s arms.

“All I want for you is happiness.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Seol asked.

This time, Eun Taek, who never could keep a secret, suddenly burst out, “Ah noona! Until how long are you going to keep it from Seol?”

“Ya! Don’t you dare . . .” Bora said through gritted teeth.

“Honestly, noona, remember last week–”

“Do you want to die?” Bo Ra threatened, but Eun Taek grabbed onto Bo Ra’s wrists, effortlessly keeping her at bay.

“Remember last week when we said we’ll give you a present? Bo Ra noona arranged a matchmaking session for you, and your date’s about to arrive in ten minutes.”

Seol froze as she began to understand the situation. She narrowed her eyes at Bo Ra, not forgetting the matchmaking mishap three years ago in which Bo Ra’s recommendation turned out to be a total pompous twit, who had mocked her lack of class and less privileged background.

Bo Ra must have seen the look on her face, but she was always good at ignoring Seol’s displeasure, and instead smiled coyly at Seol.

“It’s a present! And it’s a totally awesome one. You’ll know what I mean when it arrives!”

“Bo Ra!” Seol exclaimed exasperatedly and took a step forward, and Bo Ra instantly ducked behind Eun Taek, afraid of what Seol would do to her.

Before Seol could say anything, Bo Ra gripped tightly onto Eun Taek’s arm, and started groaning, “Ah ah Eun Taek-ah, my stomach hurts. Ah I need to go to the washroom– Hong we’re going first!”

Seol looked on in frustration as her two friends scampered away, Bo Ra apparently having miraculously recovered, judging by the speed in which she was walking.

She let out a sigh, knowing that she could still back out simply by leaving, but felt guilty knowing that her matchmaking partner might continue to wait for her in the cold, thinking that she was going to show up.

Seol decided that she was going to meet him and tell him politely that she was not interested before leaving. She did not feel good staying for too long either, as she looked on the familiar lake which Jung and her had stood by many times.

She had not returned to the university for two years, because it simply held too many memories of Jung. There were the times when she had first doubted his sincerity, then the moments when he had persistently asked her for a meal everywhere on campus, and finally the overwhelming joy she had felt whenever he paid her surprise visits during his internship, whereby she had bounded up happily to him each time, always with a wide smile.

Seol dug her hands deep into her coat pockets, and she wrapped her fingers around a metallic object inside before taking it out, staring at it sitting on the palm of her hand.

She may have taken off the ring, but she could not bear to part with it.

She took a shaky breath as her gaze swept across the campus, feeling the stinging sensation of tears at the back of her eyes.

The ache in her heart that she thought had dulled, seemed to return with a life of its own.

Suddenly, there was a change in the atmosphere, and the chilly breeze that had been blowing previously seemed to have stilled.

Seol knew that someone was standing behind her.

Her matchmaking partner must have arrived, and she was about to turn around to reject him when–

"Seol ah."

Seol froze at mid-turn, momentarily thinking back on Bo Ra’s words previously.

It’s a totally awesome present...

A strange ache bloomed across her chest, and the tears that had threatened to fall previously slid down from the corner of her eyes.

The way that voice said her name, with a familiar lilt at the end, often comforted her like a gentle caress. For the past three years, the desire to hear that smooth and deep voice had been so strong that it haunted her dreams. And now that Seol finally heard it again, an onslaught of emotions hit her so hard that her hands trembled and her breaths came out as quick puffs of mist into the wintry air.

Yet amidst the overwhelming emotions was also hope.

And Seol grasped onto it.

She held on before it disappeared again, and finally turned around to face him and the possible future awaiting her.

There Jung stood, wearing a long coat and a turtleneck, his hair sideswept, looking unchanged, almost as though three years had not passed from the last time Seol saw him.

But she noticed that this time his eyes were different, they were bright and hopeful, and the only thing betraying his confident façade were the whiteness of his knuckles from his clenched fists.

He saw her tears, and his face instantly crumpled with emotion, a sheen of wetness shining from his eyes.


Seol-ah,” Jung repeated, his voice cracking slightly. “Do you . . . want to have a meal together?”


And there it was, that question, floating above them across the wintry air, bringing Jung and Seol back to full circle – where it began, it will also end.

Seol found that no words were good enough to express her true answer.

So she walked up to him, slipped her arms around him, and hugged him tight.

Jung stood stiffly for a moment, but soon wrapped his arms around her and held on as though he never ever wanted to let her go.

Seol smiled against his chest, breathing in his familiar scent, relishing in the warmth of his heartbeat.

As she clenched her fist tighter, warming the precious ring in her palm, Seol thought that this was not the end.

This was just the beginning.





@sunblind for the fic and #teamcheesybriegade for proof-reading, providing feedback, and generally being awesome. And thanks to @NRGchick, @bluesky2323, @lorac529 & @Ahpheng for all the extra help at the end \o/ 


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From My Eyes


She is his oasis. He is her rock. Through their son's eyes, he's witnessing how they keep renewing their love through thick and thin



As we’re walking down the hallway, I held Omma’s hand. But as soon as I saw the right turn that looked familiar, I let go and immediately ran and opened the door. As I opened it there he was …

“Appa!” I screamed. When he turned to me his face brightened flashing a smile that showed his dimples that is the same as mine. He spread his arms and I ran to him, he hugged, lifted me and let me ride on his shoulders. I saw my Uncles standing up as Omma entered, they all greeted each other but Appa and I were playing as he pretended to be a plane.

“Hyeongun-ah, did you greet your Uncles?” Omma asked and  immediately Appa put me down. I put my hands on my belly button just like how Appa taught me. 

“Annyeonghaseyo Uncles,” I said. Everyone laughed and Appa patted me on the head looking down at me with a smile. He then hugged and gave Omma a kiss.

“Hyeongun-ah, come here,” Uncle Yonghwa called. I immediately ran to him. I sat beside him and he gave me chocolate. As I unwrapped it I looked at Omma who was also looking at me.

“Omma, Uncle Yonghwa gave me a chocolate. Can I eat it?” I asked. I had a sore throat so Omma was telling me to avoid sweets for a week but since I’m feeling better; thanks to Appa's homemade Juk and Omma's honey lemon ginger tea, and of course their endless care, I prayed that Omma will say yes.

“Does your throat still hurt?” Appa asked me.

I shook my head, Omma nodded with a smile. I turned to Uncle Yonghwa.

“Omma, Appa you want some too?”

“Yah, Lee Jonghyun! What did you give this kid to be so good, so different from you,” Uncle Yonghwa said. Uncle Jungshin and Uncle Minhyuk laughed.
“What are you talking about?! I was nice too. He just has so much Seungyeon in him,” Appa said.

He then turned to look at Omma and I saw again how they looked at each other, their brown eyes looked like twinkling stars. It was as if they forget about the people around them. Auntie Jeongyeon always covers my eyes whenever they look at each other like that, so I look away, but before I can look away I saw Appa kiss Omma on the lips.

“Did you enjoy the concert Hyeongun-ah?” Uncle Minhyuk asked.


“Was Uncle Minhyuk awesome?”


He flashed a smile and his eyes disappeared, I touched his eyes. “It disappeared again haha,” I said. All of them laughed.

As I played with Uncles, I saw Omma massaging Appa who was seated on the chair near the table. Appa was smiling as Omma massaged  his shoulders. Now that I am 8 years old, I can understand the hard work my parents put in raising me. When I was born, I was premature and was always sick. Auntie Jeongyeon said that I was really small when I was born. When I asked Auntie why, she said that it was because Omma’s body was weak, but she fought hard with Appa by her side. That’s why Auntie Jeongyeon always tells me to be a good son to them. When I was little, I remember how Omma and Appa would wake up in the middle of the night because I was crying. Appa would calm me down and I would touch his face. He always knew that it was my way of saying “thank you”. As time went by his face started have these lines beside his eyes when he smiled, also sometimes he would whisper to Omma how his back hurt.

But Appa is still strong; sometimes he is just too tired from all the work. He is so cool whenever he plays his guitar. Omma told me that whenever Appa plays the guitar she gets a heart attack—I searched heart attack on the internet but I read it was deadly, so my thought was Appa’s guitar was deadly. I cried to Appa that he can’t play the guitar anymore because it might kill Omma. They laughed, I didn’t understand why so Appa explained what Omma meant. Since then I understood that the heart attack I found on the internet was different from Omma’s heart attack. Though both can make Omma’s heart skip a beat.

“Jonghyun hyung, isn’t your anniversary coming up?” Uncle Minhyuk asked. 

We all looked at Appa and Omma. Appa’s eyes grew big and I think Omma saw it as she slightly slapped Appa’s shoulder, Appa chuckled and grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“I won’t forget it Honey,” Appa said to Omma and she smiled.

Appa turned to Uncle Minhyuk, “Why do you ask? Want to celebrate it with us? Do you want to double date?”

Uncle Minhyuk laughed and waved his hand saying “no”.

“Hyung, you know Soojung isn’t ready, SM won’t allow her yet,” Uncle Minhyuk answered and I saw Omma nodding her head in agreement.

“Has she talked to her CEO?” Omma asked Uncle Minhyuk.

“She did, but because f(x) has an upcoming world tour they told her - us, not to go public until the tour ends.” He sighed, everyone shook their head.

“You must feel really good Jonghyun hyung, going on dates not worrying about hiding,” Uncle Jungshin said.

“Right now yes, but back then it was hell,” Appa said.

I know what they were talking about, because I remember Grandma Lee telling the story about my parents hiding from people before I was born. She said that because of Omma and Appa’s work, they had to hide their love for each other. I didn’t understand it at that time but then I learned that there were people who loved Omma and Appa so much they wanted Omma and Appa for themselves, so they didn’t agree to their relationship.

Manager Uncle knocked and peeped from the door.

“The cars are ready. Jonghyun are you driving yourself?”

“Yes hyung, are we ready to go?”

“Yes, there are just fans waiting outside. If you would wait a bit it’ll be better.”

“No it’s fine, I think we should go home. It’ll be too late, it’s almost midnight. Hyeongun needs to go to bed soon,” Appa said as he stood up. 

Omma was fixing some of Appa’s things that the coordi noonas was giving her.

“Just in time. Hyeongun-ah, say goodbye to your Uncles, we’re going home,” Omma said as she was beside Appa now. I put my hands again on my bellybutton and bowed.

“Goodbye Uncles and take care,” I said and Uncle Yonghwa patted my head.

“Arasseo, take care all of you,” Uncle Yonghwa said.

“I still can’t believe Jonghyun hyung has a family. The kid Lee Jonghyun who needed more attention than anyone else,” Uncle Minhyuk said shaking his head.

“I know right,” Uncle Jungshin said.

“Nothing changed, Seungyeon is just good with kids,” Appa said as he bragged with a smile then he looked at Omma. Her face turned red as she rewarded him with a smile.

“Aigoo, just go! The kid needs to rest,” Uncle Yonghwa said. We all said goodbyes as they are going to wait until the fans outside disperse.

Appa and Omma were holding hands as I ran to the parking lot where Appa’s car was parked. I heard screaming people outside, but I know they were the people who love both Appa and Omma, and because of them I get to eat delicious food whenever they send Omma and Appa gifts.

As we all got in the car, Omma sat in front and Appa drove, I saw him grab Omma’s hand and put it to his face as he smelled it, he sighed.

“Ah charging.”

-The End-

prompts used: 2-love conquers all & 3-the struggles of first time parents


Credit to our writer @trisha02brownie thanks a lot for you stories!!! :) and other writers who share theirs for this contest @IAmSoulReader @shinesun @littlesparrow plus our contest team (@pepsigolda @Ellie_Tanne @rainmoon @Aileen4ever @ss040993 @Izza AN @Netka85 @b8l8)

Hope you can enjoy it. BEAR HUGS everyone!!!


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Midnight in Ssangmundong

Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun (Gaeddeok Couple)



Love conquers all


"Why didn't you let me choose?" Deoksun's finally asked Junghwan the question after years of burying her feelings. What will Junghwan's answer be?



Seoul, 1995

Junghwan’s expression was different when Deoksun got back to her seat. He and Dongryong had been whispering nonstop when she left to help Bora changed from her wedding dress. Now, as they were eating their dessert, his gaze was focused on her. He didn’t even blink when she asked him if he wanted to finish her lemon cake—she was too full to eat it.

She knew what they were talking about and she wasn’t sure she could face another friend turning on her. Dongryong assured her that Sunwoo wasn’t mad at her, just feeling bad for Taek. That was why she was leaving, to give them time to get over it.  

Junghwan waited until Bora and Sunwoo drove off with Taek behind the wheel, before he offered to give Deoksun a ride home. Looking around to see everyone still drinking, she took him up on the offer.

They were silent for a while until he asked, with a serious look on his face “Why did you break up with Taek?”

She knew he’d ask, but she didn’t expect it to hurt like it did, “Why is everything about Taek?”

“Yah, I’m worried about you, not him. Tell me.”

She sighed and leaned her head against the window, “We all know how Taek is, but when we started dating, I thought he’d make time for me when he didn’t have a competition. But there was always a competition. When he prepared, he needed constant attention—getting him water, making sure he didn’t skip his meals or sleep. He forgot almost all our dates, it got to the point I didn’t even bother to get mad. I realized that’s not how I wanted to live my life, as someone’s afterthought. So I broke things off.”

He seemed to hesitate as he asked, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. It’s not like there was that much to get over. It’s hard to miss someone who was never really there.”

It came out harsher than she intended it to be, but she didn’t care. He wouldn’t tell anyone. He didn’t meddle with someone else’s business, she knew that much. The fact that he asked about her relationship alone wasn’t like himself.

“Say something,” she finally bugged him.

“I thought he’d treat you differently.” He chose his words carefully, she could feel it.

“Me too. I guess we were both wrong.” She sighed, looked out of the window.

“Do you want to take a walk? It’s hard to talk if I’m driving like this.” His suggestion caught her off guard. She nodded slowly, not sure what to say. He smiled slightly when he changed direction and finally parked his car near their old home in Ssangmundong.

It was raining as they parked and Junghwan stopped Deoksun before she got out of the car. He took an umbrella from the back seat and walked around the car to open her door, holding the umbrella so she wouldn’t get wet.

She smiled as she climbed down the car and they walked toward their street, silently taking everything in, reminiscing their youth. Seeing that blue gate and walking beside him under an umbrella, she felt a tug at her heart. She remembered how they waited for each other every morning so they can go to school together. God, it was such a long time ago.

“You’re really going to Germany?” He suddenly asked as she stepped closer and leaned on the gate. He stood so close next to her, their shoulders touching. She nodded,she had hesitated to take the job offer when she was with Taek, but now she had no doubt about it.

“Because it’s still awkward with Taek?” He asked again.

“Not only because of that,” she frowned at him.

“But it’s one of the reasons, right?” He insisted, making her roll her eyes.

“Not just Taek. Sunwoo and Dongryong didn’t actually side with him, but they’d never hurt his feeling either. It’s just easier for everyone if I leave,” she answered, shrugging her shoulder.

“Do you have to go abroad, though?”

“Yah, I’m a flight attendant. I have to go abroad everyday,” she teased. Sighing she continued, “With Taek, everyone expects me to yield, to be considerate of his feelings. I don't want to do that anymore. I’m done taking care of him. I want to take care of myself first from now on.”

She perked up with a grin. “Besides, Germany will be interesting. It will be nice to have a fresh start, a chance to start over.”

The corner of his lips raised slightly. His eyes twinkled, he was admiring her and it felt good. She can't help smiling back at him, “Things will be fine, it will all work out.”

“What makes you so sure?” he scoffed at her confidence.

“Well, you ran away from me, but we’re fine now.”

He froze instantly, his smile disappeared. His voice was dry as he asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What? You did,” she didn’t expect his reaction. They had been a bit awkward after his confession, but they got over it. He was fine when she and Taek started dating, or he was just that good at hiding his feeling?

“You think I was fine this whole time?” He looked hurt, but struggled to pretend he was fine. Just like he did when he confessed to her a year ago.

“How would I know? You never talk about anything!”

“Why would I be fine? You started dating him a month after I confessed!”

“A confession you made everyone aware wasn’t sincere. You gave up on me, first, you didn’t even let me respond! You decided everything by yourself—you never cared about what I thought!” Her frustration with him finally blew up. She couldn’t think straight, she just threw out the first thing that came to her mind.

She could see everything he was feeling just by looking into his eyes—when did they become so clear to read? Hope, regret, happiness, sadness—they all blended together. She averted her gaze, how could she stay mad if he looked at her like that?

“What did you think? What did you feel about me?” His voice softened when he asked her, taking a step towards her.

“Why do you think I insisted going to that concert with you? Why did I wake up at dawn just so I could go to school with you? Why did I even give you a birthday present, separate from the guys? I liked you too. I loved you too.”

She felt weird and relieved at the same time giving voice to her feelings out loud, after years of burying it. Maybe it was time to confess everything, “It took years for me to get over you and when I thought I was finally fine, you suddenly confessed to me. What was I supposed to do?”

“Don’t pretend Taek didn’t have anything to do with it—you chose him over me!” Junghwan’s words never felt this cold before. Tears choked her as she felt his glare on her.

“Because the last time I tried to get your attention, you rejected me without any explanation.”

The silence following her words was so intense, even stronger than when they accidentally ended up on the same bed in the midnight hours, years ago. She held her breath without even realizing it, regret washing over her. They should've had this conversation years ago.

“It was Taek. You know he liked you back then.” Junghwan sighed, not sounding angry anymore.

“What about me? Why didn't you let me choose?”

He leaned closer, never taking his eyes off of her, “I can’t change what happened, but now you know.  Will you choose me, now?”

She didn’t hesitate. She cupped his cheeks and pulled him closer for a kiss - the seven years overdue kiss. She kissed him deeply with all of her heart and he responded with equal passion as his tightly held emotions burst through. His arms held her tightly, flush against him and the evidence of his desire as an old memory of an alley ran through her mind..

She pulled away slightly and they laughed awkwardly when they looked at each other. Junghwan was smiling ear to ear, barely believing the kiss was real. He touched her red lips and kissed them lightly, making her smile. She leaned her forehead to his, soaked in the intimacy of being so close together.

“I-I’m still leaving." She whispered to him.

“For how long?”

“About a year,” she conceded.

“I'll still be here when you come back. I won't go anywhere.”

The one she thought had gotten away was waiting for her all this time-it felt overwhelming and calming at the same time. She smiled as she held his waist and buried her face in his shoulder. She still had so much to ask, so much to tell him, but it could wait. They had all the time in the world.


written by me and @b020. Thanks to all Team Gaeddeok for the ideas and help, as always :)!


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Deok-Sun wonders if she can juggle it all – her career in the air, her home on the ground and Taek who grounds her – when she realizes that she and Taek have finally done it.

They are expecting another baby, and their family of three must make room for another; a cause for celebration but her concerns overwhelm what she knows in her head to be true.

Taek reminds her of what she has forgotten – that the obstacles they face are surmountable because she always has him, and he in turn, her.


For better reading experience please go to this page: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6362230

It's the nausea that tips Deok-Sun off; a season past late spring, she’s fifteen days late. And she’s painfully slow at counting these things, so of course it’d hit her in the tail end of her shift. Neither here nor there. Deok-Sun greets the passengers trudging off of the flight from London and tries not to recalculate the days.

By the time she gets home, it’s well past one. The foyer light is on when she opens the door, but the apartment is silent. Soft light trickles into the otherwise dark hallway from Mi-Yeon’s bedroom, and when she peeks inside, the day’s fatigue disappears.

Father and daughter are curled up on the bed, the Tortoise and the Hare open over Taek’s chest. Careful not to disturb them, Deok-Sun plucks the storybook from Taek’s sleep-loosened grip, and brushes a hand over their daughter’s hair, pressing a kiss to the top of her silky head. When she pulls the blanket over them, and combs her fingers through Taek’s hair, he begins to stir, his eyes blinking open. Deok-Sun points to Mi-Yeon and presses a finger to her lips. I’ll come in a while, he mouths, and she tiptoes out of Mi-Yeon’s bedroom, leaving the door open behind her.

She takes one of the leftover pregnancy tests Unni had unceremoniously dumped on her when Deok-Sun had mentioned that they’d been thinking of having another, and sinks onto the cold tile. Rubbing the goose-bumps dotting her upper arm, she leans against the shower’s glass door, eyes glued to the indicator.

It hits her then: just what were they thinking when they decided they were ready for another child? At the time, it’d seemed reasonable. Most days, she makes it home before Mi-Yeon’s bedtime. And Taek is wonderful with her—sometimes, she wonders if their daughter doesn’t prefer staying home with him, yet. It’s impossibly hard. Every time she leaves on a business trip, she feels like a failure of a mother, neglecting her child for simple peace of mind. It isn’t like they need the money from her job, but she can’t bring herself to give it up—they might be comfortable now, but what about the future? Money can disappear in mere moments, there’s no such thing as having too heavy a savings account. But what right does she have to a child when her job doesn’t let her compromise?

Ten breathless minutes later, there’s another line on the screen, and she’s just. Frozen.

It’s not that she doesn’t want another; she’s always had her heart set on an even number of children, and Mi-Yeon should have a sibling. Just—she hadn’t expected it to happen so fast. Not after how long they’d had to wait for their little girl. This is a blessing, it is. But she’s allowed a minute to catch her breath.

And she needs it.

This is how she finds Taek when she comes out of her shower: sleep-rumpled and sitting on the bed, watching a late-night rerun. Deok-Sun clutches the plastic test, tucking a half-dried strand of hair behind her ear. He turns off the TV, and when their eyes meet, he gives her a slow smile. As if by magic, her anxiety begins to dissipate. Not entirely, but. There’s this calm that comes over her.  

“Did you have a good day?” he asks, scooting over to make room for her.

The springs creak when she sits, setting the test on top of the blanket. “Yeah,” she says softly, “It was a good day.”

His hand moves slowly, she can see the gears turning in his head as he picks it up with the tips of his fingers. When he has the test in his hands, his eyes widen, belying a surprise he never concedes when he plays baduk. Just as well; baduk is his profession, but at home he’s just Choi Taek, husband and father. And he’s about to become a father all over again.

His face lights up. “Really?”

“Yeah,” she swallows around the lump in her throat, “I took the test when I got home.”

He holds his arms out to her, and she wraps herself around him as tightly as she can. Deok-Sun closes her eyes and breathes in the spicy, comforting scent of his sandalwood soap, letting it ease her raw nerves.

“When?” he whispers into her neck, his voice hoarse.

“I don’t know,” she mumbles, resting her chin on his shoulder, “I figure I’m six weeks along, and I mean. Nothing’s confirmed, we haven’t gone to the doctor, but I just...I know, you know?”

“I couldn’t have even…” he takes a deep breath, “Thank you.”

They settle into bed, Deok-Sun snuggled against him, her head pillowed on his shoulder, his arms encircling her, a hand resting protectively on her stomach.

“What’s on your mind?” he asks after a while.

There’s a beat of silence, and Deok-Sun sighs. “What if…I don’t know,” Deok-Sun bites her lips, “It’s already hard with Mi-Yeon, and I’m not around all the time like Omma was. And we had a village to raise us. But everyone’s busy now, and our kids won’t get to grow up the way we did, and just... Won’t they resent me?”

“Hey,” he presses a hand against her cheek, “There’s absolutely no reason for you to doubt yourself like this. Dong-Ryong’s Omma worked, and he doesn’t resent her—look how proud he is of her! And you’re more involved than she ever was.”

“Am I?” she asks, helpless, “I mean, I know I’m not bad, but... There’s so much that I miss with Mi-Yeon, that I’ll miss for this new baby too.”

“It’s good for them to see you work,” he kisses her forehead, her nose, and when she looks up at him, he cups her face with a hand and brushes his lips against hers. “I love you, Mi-Yeon loves you, and this baby will too. Just ask them if you don’t believe me.”

“I really want to believe that.”

“You should. I’ve never lied to you.”

This is how they fall asleep: curled around each other, Taek’s arms wrapped around her stomach, keeping them warm.

The next morning, Deok-Sun reaches out for Taek, but instead finds a scrapbook filled with memories collected on their walks that year; starting at spring and finishing with the red-gold maple leaves from autumn’s first stirring.

Father and daughter bound into the bedroom just as she finishes and after their morning kisses, they pull her out of bed. Taek covers her eyes with his hands, Mi-Yeon clutches her fingers with her tiny palms. He murmurs endearments in her ear, guiding her into the dining room, and she’s about to squirm out of their grasp when—

Arranged neatly on a white tray is a multitude of chocolate-covered fruit, and in chunky letters—bananas aren’t the best building blocks—they’ve spelled: Omma jjang!

Mi-Yeon tugs on her pant leg, and when Deok-Sun crouches, she throws her arms around her neck. “Happy Birthday, Omma.”

Deok-Sun squeezes her tightly, breathing in the sweet strawberry scent of her shampoo. And when Taek looks at her with those warm eyes, telling her to ask, she says, “You aren’t mad at me for going on business trips and coming home late?”

She pulls back, puzzled. “Why would I be?”

Taek sits beside them, tucking a flyaway strand of hair behind Deok-Sun’s ear. “Omma takes care of airplanes, and Appa plays baduk. But…” he prompts, and Mi-Yeon grins.

“They’re Mi-Yeon’s parents first!”

They take their seats at the table, digging into the colourful cereal and beautifully decorated fruit.

And the anxiety disappears. Mi-Yeon may only be five years old, but she’s also grown beyond her years. She’s going to be the best big sister, and Taek. He plucks leaves off of strawberries and places them on her plate, takes a nibble at Mi-Yeon’s cereal when she offers him a spoonful, carefully guiding the rest into her mouth. He’s going to be the best father all over again.

“I have a surprise too,” Deok-Sun announces, pushing her chair back.

She returns a moment later with the family set of turtle pyjamas she’d bought on impulse a few months ago.

“What’s this?” Mi-Yeon frowns when she pulls out the infant onesie, “Omma, this is too small for me!”

Taek scoops her up, and draws Deok-Sun close, wrapping his arms around both of them. “Yeon-ah, those pyjamas are for your little sibling. You’re going to be a big sister.”

“Really?” she chirps excitedly, “We’re getting a baby? Yes! Jin-Ah’s going to be so jealous!”

“You’ve done well,” she whispers to Taek, leaning her head against his collarbone.

It won’t be easy; they’ll have to juggle two children this time, take care of an infant while making sure Mi-Yeon never feels neglected. But, Deok-Sun is learning, the best things never are. And whatever else is true, she knows this little family of hers is worth every drop of sweat, every tear.

Every smile.



Words: 1496.



Prompts: surprise event + love conquers all.



 Credit goes to:@gerimisore + @ladyfriday  + #TheChosenOnes



 Thanks to everyone who's loved us so far, and here's to hopefully bringing about more love all around :) 

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