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[Thai Series 2016] Kiss The Series รักต้องจูบ


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58 minutes ago, Mel_Rios said:

I think that is not really a translation, but a different fan fiction.... If I am honest, I do not follow it at all.



Actually Pete told Kao already... "I think that I like you..." and after that spend the night kissing Kao... (is there any more to say...??)

But... since he changed later on into "I am so confuse right now"... the only explanation would be Kao wants him to open up his heart truly first, before risking any more rejection and disappointment... after all... this is a matter of choice.

We have this kind of characters before, like Kao... being more passive in their actions... Newbie was like this before in Waterboyy... as Apo... Even Noh in "Love Sick" let always Phum go his own way.... or Korn with Knock in "Together with me"...

This is not new in Thai BL... 

I will disagree with your idea Kao is not showing Pete that he cares about him. I believe he always has done that:

First EP before and after the fight... He went to help Pete (and they accidentally kissed)

In school, with the presentation: Kao did all the work, all the presentation... and Pete just stand by him. Later on as the other gang member claim Pete did nothing Kao argued that he did help him prepare the material.

Kao has been leaving the door open for Pete mostly... even the day the fought he ended it arguing "What is wrong with us doing this"... and laughing at himself. This move created the first huge change in Pete with Kao already... They both dancing arm in arm in the disco and bathing into each others eyes the next day was the first truly happy moment they ever had.

The fight with the gangsters after it gave Kao another chance to take care of Pete... and even talk about it for the first time in the car... driving Pete home... This was such a second move by Kao, that even Pete asked Kao to stay with him that night in his house... What a huge second step...!!

if only Mint would have leave them both alone and Kao would have been clever enough to dispatch her from day one.

And yet... Kao was helping Pete once more, keeping Mint busy and away from Pete.

I was such a good moment, when Mint told Pete the true about the kiss, and about Kao rejecting her... so that Pete could finally believe all what Kao was telling him all the time. Realizing how mistake he was about Kao & Mint most have been frustrating for Pete, as he was not only  wrong, but treated Kao badly because of this.

So... if we summarize this all... it is always been Kao showing to Pete that he does care a lot about him... But sometimes... words are more important than actions... and I believe Pete needs those words now... Kao telling him something like:

"Pete... I like you... I like you a lot... I like you ever since I saw you for the first time in my live... and I have been liking you all this time... no matter how good or bad your were to me."



Thank you P’ for your in depth summary. I feel sorry na for Ai Kao.huhuhu. It has always been him. I want Ai Pete to chase Kao more. Speaking of water boy, is there a gossip for season 2?hehehe. I think I am addicted to Newie, I browse his IG post, stories, etc.:sweat_smile:

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PM, Mel_Rios said:

Too bad we aren't many here... there is plenty to talk about.


Since i discover the Lazy Suber bl cut, i have seen all subbing ep released, and now, gives a real interest into it, but only for bl part. Usually, i test a serie onto a few ep, but with Kiss me again, i really think it was a straight serie, and if i give interest on March (one of my fav actor which have something special, and made me have high emotions into Hormones serie), the only one presence of one actor wasn't enough for me to be a constant serie's watcher. So i have read all pages and watch a few little vids about Kao/Pete moments. For now, if straight people's life don't attract me, i'm more concentrate onto budding story between Kao and Pete. The way it is made ep after ep seems to me enough into credibility, that made grow up my interest. When you add Mel-Rios analyze/sum up among some infos, i only can be satisfied with this part. So it's time for me to thanks all those who contribute to made this thread and maintain it alive, even just a few are in. Maybe in a  close future, i will rewatch the whole eps with a fresh eye!

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This Fan OPV was made in June, but honestly, I thought that SAME that the creator of the video, I was totally convinced that Pluem and Pete (Tawan) would be fighting for Kao. (Newwie) 


Woah! :astonished: 




^ 5555 he cut hisself his hair 


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Just finished watching the ep 10 eng sub by lazy subber and I must say Ai’Khao really know his game.hahahaha. I think both of them are possessive of each other.hahahaha. I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode. P’Sun is really eager to get close to Ai Kao, even Ai Rain has an idea why his brother is still single :D

Cheers to all KaoPete Shippers :wub:

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2 hours ago, Mel_Rios said:

"Love Lie Hide Fake The Series - แกล้งแอ๊บแอบรักซีรีส์"

I didn't know this bl serie exist, so thanks for infos. I will have a look on! I regularly visit GCinee site, so i guess i miss it. For be exact, i have seen the 2.30mn trailer, but without sub, so i think it was a straight comedy. Your sum up have wake up my curiosity! Some french BL dedicated asian site complain there is no news into bl series those last monthes, but i'm not sure they really search at the right place.



Today's quota of Kao & Pete




EP 10 - BoysLove cuts with Eng Subs by Lazy Subber.....!!






Thanks a lot for cut/subbing ep 10. I just regret to not understood the talking with our both guy (for the little vid).  I am always surprised how fast LS can be; A great hurrah for her!

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5 hours ago, Mel_Rios said:

Course, this is a Series... The funny thing is that Pete is playing his "confusing" game... but starts demanding totally "loyalty" from Kao... while still dating Mint... No wonder the way Kao just pushed Pete into making up his mind.


This story is gaining already power... Course, we know how it ends already, and that takes part of the fun away... but seeing how they will become a ONE is still wonderful. Amazing...!! I think already that after having this prequel, we should (like with Korn & Knock) get the openly dating 3rd part of the story...!!


Pete is not really confused (IMO), he is more as what we said in France: "he need about getting to have your pie and eat it too!" But this is too much into Kao's eyes! As he says: "i'm still free to see those i need to see!" This create this complex situation, and i guess if Pete becomes less possessive, things will turn as "clear" as it need to! For me, after the Pete kiss lesson to Kao, things have take another dimension and be more explicite. Since that we have to wait how both will untie the knots between them! How passionate will be next eps!


@Mel_Rios says:

"Most people concentrate only on 2 of the 4 lead charactes; the boy-girl relationship, and didn't notice there is another 2 leads... a boys love relationship - LOL"


I was part of this people, maybe because trailer wasn't enough explicite or i didn't yet visit your channel, so i will does asap. So thanks for the reminder!

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2 hours ago, shinlovesmkm said:

Sawadee Krap. I keep on re-watching the ep 10.hahaha. I feel sorry for P’Sun.


After Pete's talking at street restaurant (into ep 10), where he was less than kind with Sun, i think the message is done. Don't touch to my "future boyfriend"! That's the point Pete abuse. There is not yet "official" relation between them (Kao/Pete, Kao/Sun), but he act as it is already made. Poor P'Sun, who never think to start a "war" between him and Pete. Yes, innocent can be victim at the same time. Hopefully, Kao is not blind, and is able to find the right words to fix this actual state. I guess there 'll be no third wheel, and as Kao says, he see P'Sun as a friend, which he knows before to knows Pete. So, another point when Pete said he is confused toward Kao. Confused, my a**! Stupid is more adapted to this situation. He blow hot and cold into their relation, then he complain to not know what to do. With so much lack of coherence, he have lot of chance Kao is able to manage the whole thing. But Pete's indecisiveness is the pepper that made us salivate over what will happens in next eps!

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Have try to watch the whole "Love Lie Hide Fake The Series - แกล้งแอ๊บแอบรักซีรีส์ep 1, but without eng sub, it's more than difficult to appreciate it. It seems to also have some humour into it, however, i miss dialog which can satisfy and complete my pleasure. Must wait for eng sub!:(

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