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[Thai Series 2016] Kiss The Series รักต้องจูบ


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I'm feeling bad for March and Fon, I feel they don't have chemistry... all the others couplew are trying to be close, but they just standing... I hope a good change in this "tramo" of the episodes...



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6 hours ago, Mel_Rios said:


Your welcome...!

Too bad we aren't many here... there is plenty to talk about.




Sawadee cup!


We can start the conversation, maybe they are just like me..a lurker.hahahaha. Do you have a youtube channel cause your avatar seems to be familiar? I am a BL fan so most probably I have visited your channel. :D

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I really love Pete and Kao :), and to think the series will be like 16 episodes, what a torture to wait for each week. :(     I also love the chemistry between those two boys, best couple, best storyline among the other's story :).  Can anyone give me the link to watch it live for each episode? because lazy sub often post it on Thursday, i cannot wait that long :(

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15 hours ago, Mel_Rios said:


Hi orochan...!

Here the link to EP 9, so you may like to watch it from there. Take a look.



Enjoy it...!

- - - - - - 

Hi everyone...!

I know posts and polls sometimes don't tell a true, specially with few people taking part on it... but still:






Thank you P Mel_Rios, cannot wait to see the eng sub of ep 9 and the ep 10, 

and wow, Our PeteKao keeps getting attention aren't they? they worth the fame :) hhhhh.


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5 hours ago, orochan said:

Thank you P Mel_Rios, cannot wait to see the eng sub of ep 9 and the ep 10, 

and wow, Our PeteKao keeps getting attention aren't they? they worth the fame :) hhhhh.



OMG!!!! Thank you for this. P’Sun is a bit mature and good looking. I want to  ship this team too much. 

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21 minutes ago, Mel_Rios said:


I just check with Lazy Subber Eng Sub progress for EP 9 ... and she posted this picture out of it:





OOOHHHH MYYYY GAADDD!!!! P’Sunnnnnnn, i love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Your smile melts my heart. Thank you for the info. ☺️

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19 hours ago, Mel_Rios said:

Checking out the FanMade MV for this week I found this one... with a real great song by Potato...

BUT I think it is too early to use this song due to its meaning now... but nonetheless is good to have it already.

As you know... I think Pete is still searching about his true feelings, and he is pretty confuse having found Kao & Mint kissing. The punch was really for Kao... only the meaning (that Pete doesn't know himself yet) was more like: "You are my boyfriend now; so don't just be unfaithful to me...!!" LOL

This situation made me remember Gu Hai's words to Luo Ying in ADDICTION EP 15: "You are mine now. I can tolerate and consent you without limits; and fulfill all your needs and desires. There is just one thing I won't tolerate: If you ever betray me; I won't go soft hearted on you. I am serious about this. If I get cruel with you; you will remember it your life long.





Going on thru the last punching scene I finally get Kao's idea. Testing Pete's feelings for Mint.

Course... the test go it all wrong... as the one being tested by Pete was Kao... and not Mint.

Pete really couldn't care less for Mint... she is a burden for him since high school....


And now there is even P'Sun... taking over his sweetheart...!!


I can't get over that short moment as P'Sun went to pick up Kao at the university, and meet the gang all at once...

Pete and Kao were already arguing because Kao was leaving to help up P'Sun.

Then P'Sun just shows up.

June says to Kao: "Oh... So that is P'Sun. He is so handsome. You know what: We should join then for diner." - LOL

And Pete is like "What the f*** are you talking about" - LOL

So Pete goes all aggressive to P'Sun because of Kao leaving with him - LOL


The very last line in that group talk is June to Pete: "You are jealous" (of Kao being taken away by Sun)

And Pete: "Jealous my a**" - LOL


This story is getting better, and better.



Hahahaha. Thank you for the translation, I really can’t wait for the next episode. Eveytime I see Pete, i see jealousy.hahahaha

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8 hours ago, Mel_Rios said:

Teaser for EP 11 showing next Sunday 1 July 2018



The Pete & Kao dialogue:


Kao: Hey Pete. What are you doing here my house...??

Pete: What's wrong with you? You don't take my calls, don't answer my messages...

Kao: I have been busy helping P'Sun... (...) 

Pete: I am done with Mint already.

Kao: I can't believe you...?


There is a line by Kao that I can't solve properly. It is like "you made plans with Mint, so I made plans with P'Sun".


This scene seems to be - like with the teaser for EP 10 - edited, and the dialogue is not really like this for real, like to line... 




7 hours ago, Mel_Rios said:

Kao & Pete decided to remain good friends

Scene EP 10 - from minute 37:25

Kao - Thank you man.
Pete - Wait a moment. (...)
Pete - I am sorry man. Because of the misunderstanding between you and Mint.
Kao - Then...
Pete - I still don't get well what is going on with you (and me)...
Pete - I am so confuse right now.
Kao - I understand you well. (silence) Being like this... staying friends is also good for us.
Pete - Are you alright with that....?
Kao - Humm (meaning yes). Since you aren't truly sure what you feel... is better this way.
- Pete doesn't say anything else -
Kao - I go now.



And so it comes they "decided" to stay friends....
Course... this is important for both of them now... as Pete needs to clear up his feelings.
Also... we haven't hear Kao tell Pete anything yet... like "I like you" or anything about how he feels for Pete.
That moment in the car was a good chance to tell him... but he just leaved that out.


We are going to enter the new fighting field: Pete against P'Sun much more than before... and Kao is going to feel like Pete is toying him together with Mint.

If we think of this... Kao is the one who needs to be braver now, and tell Pete how he feels about him... and since when... and so much more... It can't be just Pete.




Thank you so much for this P’. We know for a fact that Ai Kao really cares for Ai Pete since the accident kiss but still he is not showing it to Ai Pete. Maybe Kao wants Pete to confess first before him.lol  

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