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Ma Ke 马可 Mark Ma (Mainland Artist)

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Name:        Ma Ke 马可 Mark Ma
DOB:          February 9, 1990
Birthplace:  Henan Shangqiu City China
Height:       186cm
Weight:       65kg
Education:  Central Academy of Drama
Agency:      Ci Wen Media Group (Tsu-wen Media Group)






Television Series

Sun Zhongshan 孙中山  2001  
Book of Love  爱情宝典 2001
Love Legend of the Tang Dynasty  大唐情史第 2002
Women Are No Longer Silent    女人不再沉默  2003
Absolute Plan 绝对计划 2003
Empty House  
空房子       2004
Dreams         圆梦         2005
Silent Tears  女人不哭   2006
Hua Xu Yin City of Desperate Love 2015
The Journey of Flower                  2015           TJOF Soompi thread
The Journey of Flower 2                2015  (You can find TJOF 2 after episode 50 of TJOF on Viki)
When Apple Meets Cherry   水果总动员   2015
Soul Ferry 2  灵魂摆渡2                2015
Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations 寻找前世之旅  2016
Hot Girl          麻辣变形计                2016      HG Soompi thread
So Young 致我们终将逝去的青春  2016
Song Of Phoenix     思美人           2016          SOP  Soompi thread
The Reborn of Super Star (Revive)  重生之名流巨星 TBA

New Dragon Gate Inn     2018
Heroic Legend  2018



Cat and Mouse 老鼠爱上猫 2003
Oriental Chinese Dream 东方中国梦 2013
The Sword Identity 倭寇的踪迹 2012    
My Daddy My Father  拼爹年代 2012
Let's Shimmy 让我们西米吧 2014


Variety Shows

06-27-2015     Happy Camp 快乐大本营
07-02-2015     We all love to laugh 我们都爱笑
08-08-2015    Happy Camp 快乐大本营
10-04-2015    Gold Line 黄金线路
12-04-2015     Run for Time 全员加速中    
12-11-2015     Run for Time 全员加速中



The Journey of Flower 2 Ost 两生缘 2015


Awards and nominations

2015 Fashion COSMO
2015 China Top Ten Influential People
2015 Esquire Festival Hot Actor
2015 National Drama Festival Favorite New Actor





Photo Credit : Weibo










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Ma Ke - Annual Ring 年輪 Live - The Journey of Flower Ost (2015) Starts @ 3:01:44



Ma Ke - 两生缘 The Journey of Flower 2 Ost (2015)





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I cant believe he has been acting since he was a child but it took him this long before he got really popular. He is young but very talented. I'm looking forward to the new dramas he has that's coming out. :)



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sometimes it take one film or one series to shot one into stardom :) glad it did for him :) 

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I like Ma ke as ya long most in the journey 

Love u ya long:heart:

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