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[Drama 2016] The Master of Revenge 마스터-국수의 신l


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The Master of Revenge 마스터-국수의 신



Kim Jong Yeon

[Blade Man, Golden Cross, Cheer Up Mr.Kim]


Park In Kwon (Comic)

Chae Seung Dae (Screenplay)

[Inspiring Generation, Witch,A Faded Memory]

Broadcast Network

KBS 2, 16 Episodes

Twitter | Facebook | Website | Youtube | Instagram | KBS World

ViKi (English Subs)

Official Streaming Site

Broadcast Period: April 27,2016-June 23, 2016, Weds. & Thurs. 22:00

About the Show

The child is walking with a limp as his body was cut everywhere. The next thing he notices is that he finds himself at two crossroads. On his left is the police office and on his right is the orphanage. Should he step up or hide himself? That night, his parents are burned to death. He has to change his name in order to survive. As he decides to go to the orphanage, he has a new name, 'Mumyeong', meaning 'no name'. We all have our own name. After being born, the first thing we get is a name. We cannot choose our parents or birthplace. This is same for our name. But, here, there are people who choose their name by themselves. There is someone who steals another person’s name. This man steals his name as well as his life. Because of him, every tragedy begins. And, there is someone who throws his name away. This man puts his name out of his mind to fight against a monster who takes away his father’s name and life. (KBS World)

When Moo-Myung was young, he had an once-in-a-lifetime event. He walked into orphanage by himself. To take revenge, he attempts to become a God of Noodles. {Asianwiki)

A story of a man who learns how to make noodles for revenge.  (Hancinema)

The story of man who, for the sake of revenge, must become a master chef of noodles. (Dramawiki)


Cast of Characters

(Credit to KBS WORLD)

Cheonjeongmyeong (The Nameless) Photos Mumyeong (Chun Jeong Myung)

Mumyeong is a chef who has a very sensitive palate. He specializes in making noodles. To make the most delicious noodles in the world, he reaches out for the boiling soup without hesitation. This chef with great passion even has painful memories of the past. When he is young, he has to watch his parents die in the fire. Poor Mumyeong is raised in an orphanage afterwards and erases his name in order to hide his real identity. Like that, he becomes 'Mumyeong', which means 'no name' in Korean. As Mumyeong knows that Kim Gildo is the one who killed his parents, he spends the rest of his life getting back at him. Getting prepared to make a revenge, Mumyeong happens to become like a monster, like Kim Gildo.


Gimgil degrees (Cho Jae-hyun) Photos Kim Gildo (Jo Jaehyeon)

Kim Gildo is more than a noodle chef. He is a celebrity who can be seen on the screen everywhere. Kim Gildo is, however, a two-faced person. He is highly respected by many people but his real face is the opposite. He is a 'monster'. Still, Kim Gildo has a huge influence and power. Could Mumyeong win against him? What would happen to Kim Gildo in the end?


While Dauntless (Jung Yu-mi) Photos Chae Yeogyeong (Jeong Yu Mi)

Yeogyeong is raised in an orphanage when she is young, same as Mumyeong. Back then, she is not treated properly by the school teachers. Not only does she always have to starve, but the place where she sleeps is too cold and old. However, she grows up to be a strong woman. She takes care of other young children in the orphanage. One day, she discovers corruption which is hidden deep in the orphanage. As the director of the orphanage notices this, she tries to stop Yeogyeong by force. To survive, Yeogyeong writhes herself and ends up killing the director. For Yeogyeong who is panicking, Taeha decides to cover up her crime. He tells her to become a prosecutor and solve this case for both him and her. This is how she becomes a prosecuto


Park Tae-ha (Lee Sang-yeob) Photos Park Taeha (cast: Lee Sangyeop)

Park Taeha is raised by a drug addicted father. His father kills Yeogyeong's parents on the street. He sees Yeogyeong on the TV news for the first time. At that time, her eyes are filled with anger and resentment, which he thinks is their similarity. Taeha struggles with deciding whether to fight against Kim Gildo or to become like one.

Devoted Kim (Gong Seung-yeon) PhotosGong Seung-Yeon - Kim Da-Hae

Kim Jae-Young - Go Gil-Yong
Baro - Kim Gil-Do (young)

Choi Jong Won as Go Dae Cheon
Lee Il Hwa as Go Gang Sook
Jo Hee Bong as Dokku
Kim Byung Ki as So Tae Sub
Woo Hyun as Goo San no-in (Elder/Old Man Goo San)


Production Information

Based on cartoon series "Kooksooui Sin” by Park In-Kwon (published from September 26, 2011 to May 27, 2013 in Joongang Newspaper)

Image result for Master: God of Noodles

More of the Manhwa discussed by @jadecloud

 Lee Je Ho0n was first offered the lead role, but declined.

Early working title was "Yasooui Sigan" ("Time of the Beast")






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Actor Cheon Jeong-myeong is coming back with the new KBS 2TV drama "Master - God of Noodles" as Moo-myeong.

"Master - God of Noodles" is based on the comic "God of Noodles" which is about distorted passion and fatal love as well as humanism.

Cheon Jeong-myeong's role of Moo-myeong is one who abandons his real name to get back the destiny he was rid of. As a young child, Moo-myeong experiences an incident that changes his life forever and enters an orphanage himself where he gets the name Moo-myeong. He then sharpens his knives to put his desires to action.

He inherits his father's blood as the master of noodles.

Expectations are high on how Cheon Jeong-myeong is going to portray Moo-myeong in his darkest of times. Cheon Jeong-myeong has outperformed every character he's played despite genre and character type.

Cheon Jeong-myeong said, "I wanted to be Moo-myeong and his powerful desires. It was good chance for me to show something new".

While the production company is expecting the drama to be highly successful, the first episode can be seen on April 20 at 10PM.

Source: news.donga.com/3/all/...
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And the castings keep rolling in for the redundantly titled Master: God of Noodles, the upcoming KBS melodrama adapted from a manhwa that combines noodle-making with revenge. Well, they say revenge is a dish best served cold. (Badum-ching!) Now Jung Yumi (Maids) has been cast in the leading lady role, and Baro (Angry Mom) is set to portray a childhood counterpart to a lead character.

Jung Yumi’s character is described as having suffered through a difficult childhood and adolescence, which toughens her up, though she’s got a soft heart underneath the outer shell. It doesn’t say explicitly that she’ll have a loveline with our hero, but this is a K-drama so is there really any chance she won’t? That would be the character played by Chun Jung-myung (Heart to Heart), and he’ll be out to reclaim his stolen identity and mete out revenge on the wrongdoer. While also learning how to make a killer bowl of noodles, of course, since he’ll also be aiming to become the master at that.


He’ll have stiff competition in Jo Jae-hyun’s character, another master of noodles who happens to have stolen his identity when they were younger in a desperate bid to change his life and pull himself out of dire straits. Baro will play the young version of the character, which is great casting because even though we’ve seen him play the richard simmons before (Angry Mom), he’s really best at being the sweet, innocent youngster that you can’t help but feel for (Answer Me 1994, God’s Gift—14 Days). That will go a long way toward humanizing our future villain before he decides to toughen himself up to survive in the harsh world, growing into an ambition-filled adult.

Master: God of Noodles will dish out its revenge starting April 20, airing as a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

Via Joy News, TV Report.

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Jo Jae-hyeon is starring in the new KBS 2TV drama "Master - God of Noodles" as Kim Gil-do.

Kim Gil-do is a vicious character which is the result of his poor childhood growing up in a sewer-like environment. He is great at imitating people and uses that talent to steal other people's lives.

Kim Gil-do is expected to become a character of great ambition thanks to Jo Jae-hyeon. The coming together of the two alone will be a highly anticipating point of the drama.

Jo Jae-hyeon said, "I am excited to become this exciting character. I always think of new characters as a new challenge and I am going to do my best".

Kim Gil-do is wise and favorable on the outside and many are fooled by his smile but his insides are dark and evil. His character is going to overwhelm the viewers and the synergy between Jo Jae-hyeon and Kim Gil-do is expected to be outstanding.

Source: news.donga.com/3/all/...


Another title change? Make up your minds, KBS!

The drama formerly known as Time of the Beast, which was previously known as God of Noodles, has re-embraced its old title and tacked on a prefix and is now going by Master: God of Noodles. Why they couldn’t choose one and just call him a Master or a God, I don’t know, but maybe he’s just that good. Or they just like redundancy.

The cast is also falling into place, with Chun Jung-myung (Heart to Heart) finalized to play the leading role (previous contenders included Lee Je-hoon and TOP, both of whom declined), and Jo Jae-hyun (Punch) also confirming the villain’s role. Well, we certainly know he’ll be good at that.


Chun Jung-myung’s main character will be a man who sets out to both “reclaim his stolen fate” and become a noodle-making master; it’s not clear how those two goals are related, but it does seem they will be. In his youth he was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change his life and voluntarily entered an orphanage to take on a new identity. Starting out from nothing, he takes up the knife as a tool to foster his ambitions, and the story will track his fierce struggle to succeed and also claim his revenge.

Jo Jae-hyun, meanwhile, plays a man who steal’s another’s life in order to change his own. He grew up in the gutter in the worst circumstances, and decided early on to toughen up and become even more vicious than the cold world in order to survive. As an adult, he’s full of ambition and willing to do whatever it takes, and as he is also described as a noodle master, it pits him directly against our hero.

Lee Sang-yub (Bluebird’s House, Would You Give Love Away) has also been cast, though no description of his role has been released.

Master: God of Noodles will be written by Chae Seung-dae of Age of Feeling and directed by Kim Jong-yeon, the second PD on Iron Man. It will follow Descended From the Sun as a Wednesday-Thursday drama beginning April 20.

Via: Osen

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@suchadiva42, Thank you so much, chingu - for starting this thread, and all the information you provided.  I beyond look forward to this drama, mostly because I love Jo Jae-Hyeon and Lee Sang-Yeob, as well as the culinary-revenge aspect.


Food manhwa God of Noodles greenlighted as KBS spring drama


Read more on Dramabeans



One More name change and a confirmed cast for Master: God of Noodles



for start  Read more on Dramabeans



Jung Yumi, Baro added to Master: God of Noodles



Read more on Dramabeans

Lets shoutout to some of our good friends here,  @ororomunroe, @valsava, @evie7, @jadecloud@Orion,@Lmangla, @LavelyShai, @bebebisous33, @40somethingahjumma, @liddi, @plappi, @andy78, @LyraYoo, @larus, @Mico Ricco@rubie, @Ginaaaa, @yumenas, @mdj101, @drmjs, @jongski, @trust71, @zagigirl, @hrkharis, @angelangie@Misstwilightfan1416


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Guest rainmoon

@irilight Ahh I guess you're not following Six Flying Dragons then .. Both her and Jung YuMi are in it. Will be a tight schedule for the two. I am looking forward to this :)

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On 3/11/2016 at 6:02 AM, irilight said:

thanks @irilight  for shouting out my name join you after DOTS....FINE WITH ME IT SEEM LIKE  THE LAST TIME I SEE CJM  IS WITH CKH IN H2H.

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@irilight, @rainmoon, Thanks chingu's for more updates on the cast of actors/actresses who'll be appearing in this drama.

I'm looking forward to seeing CJM, LSY, Jung Yumi along with the rest of the cast, and as I was reading the synopsis it certainly had me to give this drama a try. In which I already know have 1 too many dramas to watch but I'm willing 2 squeeze this one right in :D

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Thank you @LyraYoo. You have helped me in the past too. You always do such a magnificent job of it. I do think there is an error, though - in the information about the director?  Kim Jong-Yeon has only directed "Cheer Up Mr. Kim". 

I have been looking for the manga link, @angelangie - with no luck, so far. :(    I hope if someone finds it, they will post it. I know I have loved prior adaptations of Park In-Kwon's manhwa - Yawang (the other 2 - Daemul and War of Money are on my to watch List.)

I find it interesting that there are different descriptions interpretations of the story. Some interpretations led me to believe that the one seeking revenge and is the noodle-Master is Moo-Myung, but according to the article at Kaede+Jun, it is Jo Jae-Hyeon's character - Kim Gil-Do, who become the master chef.  I hope they are right, I'd love to see Jo Jae-Hyeon as the chef. Of course, it also leaves us with many questions, the top of which is why would have KGD steal a child's identity....

Thank you to all of you who answered my call.... 


Master of Noodles on KBS Secures Cast of Chun Jung Myung, Jo Jae Hyun, and Jung Yumi


According to the article, there is an addition to the cast, Kim Jae-Young.



Read more on Koala's Playground



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Hi everyone! I'm new here, I feel confused about the information of the female lead. Some said it's Jung Yoo Mi, others said Gong Seung Yeon. So who is female lead of this drama? I hope it's Yoo Mi.


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1 hour ago, Bich Le said:

Hi everyone! I'm new here, I feel confused about the information of the female lead. Some said it's Jung Yoo Mi, others said Gong Seung Yeon. So who is female lead of this drama? I hope it's Yoo Mi.


To my knowledge it clearly states that Jung Yumi is the leading lady for this drama.

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On 3/11/2016 at 4:02 PM, irilight said:

Lets shoutout to some of our good friends here.. 

Hey chingu @irilight  A drama plot theme based on mastering cooking and noodles? I'm IN :wub: Thanks for the shoutout, and esp for bringing my attention to this upcoming drama. :) *waves* to familiar chingus :) 


8 hours ago, irilight said:

I have been looking for the manga link, @angelangie - with no luck, so far. :(    I hope if someone finds it, they will post it.

Fret no more chingus, there're two other options, apart from the NAVER link that @LyraYoo has posted in drama intro (thanks for updating the info. AND of course, @suchadiva42 chingu... you are pretty quick these days with new dramas. THANKS for starting this thread.:wub:)

However, for these options...only the first two chapters are FREE. Well, better that than nothing, right? LOL. And these two do give a lil idea of what to expect. I hope it will not turn out to be another One Hundred Year Inheritance, where noodles was the theme but very little of the whole drama was about noodles.

The weblinks if interested to read if you understand hangul, or at least flip through for a pictorial gist of the story. There are also the detailed and beautiful comic drawings to look at ... :P I'm not really a fan of anything re comics - webtoons, mangas, animes, etc - except those that dramas are based on, like this one. 

Chapter 1 LINK and Chapter 2 LINK (ALPACACOMICS.com) Chapters 1 - 54 LINK  (only 1+2 are FREE)



Chapter 1 LINK and Chapter 2 LINK (ZZAMTOON.com) Chapters 1 - 54 LINK (only 1+2 are FREE)



 ...there seems to be a difference between NAVER (27 chapters) and these(54 chapters). Perhaps condensed into 27? IDK. I couldn't look at NAVER's whereas for the other two options, you can register or log in via one of your social medias(Twitter/FB/G+).

Did a quick run-through, from the lil I can understand of the free chapters, it does look like noodles and competition are the main premises of the plot theme. I do hope the production will not veer too far away from the original manhwa, even though the drama's screenplay will be written by another writer.

Some observation+trans from the manhwa... it will begin or reference the time period of Joseon Era to 1950s, to the present day?




^^RHS Top Left 4 characters = 조선후기 joseonhugi / Joseon Period / 朝鲜时代



1950년 마산 / 1950 nyeon masan / Year 1950, Masan (city) 

Prob reference this Masan? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masan 



And er.... are we going to get to see the abs-solute chesty bareness of this character MM? LOL




So many questions in the air... Have fun reading :) 


8 hours ago, irilight said:

I find it interesting that there are different descriptions interpretations of the story. Some interpretations led me to believe that the one seeking revenge and is the noodle-Master is Moo-Myung, but according to the article at Kaede+Jun, it is Jo Jae-Hyeon's character - Kim Gil-Do, who become the master chef.  I hope they are right, I'd love to see Jo Jae-Hyeon as the chef. Of course, it also leaves us with many questions, the top of which is why would have KGD steal a child's identity....

I think CJM is the protagonist and will be Moo Myung? while JJH will be the antagonist and will be Gil Do? There are actually two aspiring masters-to-be, and I guess JJH is the senior chef while CJM is the rookie newbie? There will be a tournament of sorts and one of them will emerge as the Noodle God eventually? That's the gist I can deduce from the online manhwa. But who knows if this drama will be based strictly on the original manhwa? Interesting to see how it all will play out :) 

Some more observation+trans from the manhwa...



제1장  je 1 jang  / Chapter 1

서문 seomun / Introduction. 


제2장 je 2 jang / Chapter 2

승부의 손가락 1 seungbuui songalag / 胜负的手指 1 / Success or Failure Fingers Of The Tournament 1


그래서  하나의 geulaeseo hanaui / So, one day

방법을 잦았다 bangbeobeul chajassda / I found a way 

(I guess this will happen to Moo Myung?)


그답을 찾았다 geudabeul chajassda The Answer is Found.

(I guess this character will be Gil Do? which means JJH may have to put on a snarly face and add some pounds?)

And I can't yet figure out the other characters...awaiting new press info. :) 

On 3/10/2016 at 10:08 AM, suchadiva42 said:

When Moo-Myung was young, he had an once-in-a-lifetime event. He walked into orphanage by himself.

This is what I want to know... how does a child walk into orphanage and be admitted if he/she isn't an orphan? What will this once-in-a-lifetime event be?

Btw, this is current day Park InKwon, manhwa author  박인권, 만화가 of Master: God of Noodles. (screencap off his quite recent interview with sportsseoul for his earlier project). His past projects, as some of you have already stated, are awesome manhwas-turned-into-kdrama productions, and I've enjoyed all of them, from War Of Money to Daemul to Yawang. My fave among these faves, is Daemul, with Go at the helm as the first female SK president. Soooo looking forward to this new adaptation. 





CR: screencaps from manhwa's links as posted above.  Btw, feel free to correct any mis-trans. Still learning...hehe

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@evie7, The noodles first got my attention... (esp. when based on Park In-kwon). Then - like you - when they announced Jo Jae-Hyeon - I was in 7th Heaven....

@jadecloud chingu,  I am so thrilled you are joining us, and so very grateful for all the information you provided.
ahhh.. I was hoping to find the manhwa with English subs...  BUT I LOVE all the cooking pictures...  Thank you so much for wetting our appetite!  
:wub:   OMG, I am so ready for this drama...!  Chuckles at the shirtless cook picture...!  Thank you for answering my question about the chef.. wow. We will have 2 chefs, and a tournament, to top it all.. I am doubly in...!  Jo Jae-Heyon with a fat mask?  No....!

I see this picture, which includes Lee Il-Hwa in the cast, but I have not seen her mentioned elsewhere....


Cr: GSY International.


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