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Air Tv ; Air Movie

Guest MiZzKaEunieee

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Guest MiZzKaEunieee

Air TV ; Air Movie


can't believe there isn't a thread for this!

This is one of my favorite anime ever! It's a really sad story, but it's pretty good.

There are 13 episodes to Air TV, and one movie, Air Movie. You have to watch the episodes first to understand the movie.


Kunisaki Yukito is a traveller, ever seeking the 'girl in the sky' from a legend passed down in his family. His journey takes him to a small seaside town, where he meets Misuzu, a girl who seems eager to become his friend. A story spanning a thousand years begins to unfold against the background of their peculiar relationship. <- credits to animenfo.com

I personally think that description sucks.



There's a legend that there were groups of winged beings, humans with wings, were living on earth. The beings who lived on earth feared them, so they killed all, but one who was pregnant. After the child was born, the people on earth locked the mother of the child in a secluded part of the village and locked her up. The child grew older, but she wasn't allowed to leave the castle where she lived.

She was also cursed. She would die if she ever falls in love.

Then, a man comes who she really does fall in love with. It gives her a lot of pain, but she won't stop loving. Then one night, the pain was too much and it became the day where she would die, but she asked the man to help her make her wish come true.

She wanted to go outside of the castle, fly over the ocean, and meet her mother.

The man helped her and he was killed, but she flew away with arrows in her body. She screamed for her mother, and her mother broke free from the chains, but she was killed by the guards. The girl had too many arrows in her body, so she died while flying. She didn't fall down into the sea, but she just floated in the air and disappeared. She wasn't able to have her wish.

Then, thousands of years later, a traveller came and he met a girl...

(this part ^ is the movie...i think.)

Volumes: 2 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=4620

Anime Episodes: 1st season: 13 + 2nd season: 2 + 1 movie

Wow, that's long. Pictures! Everyone loves pictures!





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Guest Take Five

i think there was a thread before the forum crash. anyway, i liked it a lot even though i had to read about it at animesuki to understand what was going on o_0

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I kind of understood it...it was a really hard anime to get a catch on. But nonetheless, I LOVED IT!! It was really sad, especially at the end... very nice story line too. Also, the way it's told and how they put in the past and the present thing... such a good anime!!! :D

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Guest Golden Zeta Gundam

i understood it.. i also got my Kinokuniya to import the DVDS for me..

it was abit hard to do since there wasnt a ISBN on them..

also bought alot of Art Books and such from this Anime

i sorta cried in the movie :(

AIR Summer is also good :D

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Guest chickyl3aby

i didn't read ur summary in case of any spoilers but my friend was JUST telling me about this anime.... and how said it was... i wanna watch it now....

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Guest kyo_lover

I just love this animation. Though i was a bit confused at times about the past and present thingy, but nevertheless the artwork is cool and the music is really nice. It gors well with the pace of the animation and it is really herat wrenching to watched. I creied a lot of times. It is just so sad. A must to watch with all the heart warming stuff. cannot put all my feelings into words. Wanna know how good it is just go wach it. No regrets. haha

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Guest vanillax33

i watched the anime and i don't get it ^^;; i haven't watched the movie yet though. this anime is soo sad T^T i didn't quite like how things turned out but it was good nevertheless. i love the music & animation. misuzu is so cute =3 and i love how she spreads her arms and lets her hair move along the wind hehe ^^;

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Guest milk tea!

This was a weird, not well-written, yet really good type of anime >_<;; I bawled at the end T^T

Did anyone else find the mood of the town creepy? It basically seems like only the girls and the guy existed even though they mention other people and show some other people but not many or often..

and I saw the movie...but was disappointed, right from the beginning and just scanned through the rest. It's just the anime but all in one shot?

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Guest Golden Zeta Gundam

^ Movie was made 1st

then the Anime series

the Anime drawings are more updated

and in the Movie , you dont see Tohno or Kano (you do at the Festival for a few seconds)

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=) i love the series..

so sad though.. i cried through a lot of the episodes lol.. felt so much like a crybaby but it was so sad..

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