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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Love O2O 微微一笑很倾城

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lol from ep 25: "Are you really going to let me use your room(/house)?" "I don't have faith in my self control. It's a good thing I can still move back to my parent's house other wise I could o

I watched 21 and 22 yesterday and I must say - I feel like our main female "villains" if you can even call them that - wouldn't even be that bad if they didn't have such a toxic friend squad. I mean M

oh oh and this one i have a feeling they will change the angle to the roof as soon as our OTP touch the bed ='= and if i calculated correctly, we still have 2 more kisses before this scene, sooooo the

On 1/29/2017 at 5:54 AM, phuong1317 said:


i prefer the drama im not a big fan of angelababy i feel like zhengshuang and yangyang have better chemistry and i love all the friendship interaction the movie cut out too many parts and felt choppy like it was missing parts and because it was so short it didnt develop the characters and the relationship well


i am not a fan of angelbaby too. her acting still needs a lot of improvement...

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19 hours ago, sebastian27 said:


the series is way better than the movie. 


The movie is not without its charms, but I prefer the drama series.  For one thing, the drama series follow the web novel more closely than the movie.  Second, because they were trying to fit so much into the movie in a short amount of time, it almost felt choppy such that I'm not sure had I not watched the drama series and read the web novel first, that I would've been able to follow the movie.

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1 hour ago, themarchioness said:


The movie is not without its charms, but I prefer the drama series.  For one thing, the drama series follow the web novel more closely than the movie.  Second, because they were trying to fit so much into the movie in a short amount of time, it almost felt choppy such that I'm not sure had I not watched the drama series and read the web novel first, that I would've been able to follow the movie.


i know that they usually chopped the story because of the limited time for the movie. 

for me, casting angelbaby as weiwei is not that good of a choice. then she portraying weiwei as tomboyish is not in the original source material.

jingbao is ok with me as xiaonai. but yang yang is better in looks and everything... :):wub: 

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Yang Yang mentioned Zheng Shuang (Xiao Shuang) in his interview. Currently I'm updating Yang Yang's news and interviews in his soompi thread, please visit there

[TRANS] Yang Yang’s Q&A on Divas Hit the Road Wechat group

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 头条传媒 | Requested post

YY: Hello to all the older brothers and sisters, I am Yang Yang, please take care of me
Reporter: Yang Yang how many times do you look into the mirror every day? Is the powdered foundation you borrowed from Jiejie nice to use? Will you have an idol package
YY: I look into the mirror because when I was younger and training in school, because I face the mirror daily, it’s a habit of mine to look at wherever there is the reflection of a mirror, I have an idol package, I am a person who’s slow to warm u[, but afterwards when I’m familiar with everyone I’m really uninhibited

Reporter: That kick Jing Boran gave to you, did it hurt?
YY: That kick from Jing Boran kicked me awake, what’s hurt is my face

Reporter: When Zheng Shuang wasn’t in condition yet, we saw that you were already tidying up the living room, were you helping Zheng Shuang clean up? You’re usually very clean and tidy, do you have the OCD of Virgos?
YY: I guess I do, back then I saw that the thing son the table were quite messy so I couldn’t help but tidy them up

Reporter: For next week’s trailer broadcasted on last week’s show, I felt that you weren’t very happy, what happened?
YY: Why did you guys think I wasn’t happy, I’m really someone who’s happy when traveling, maybe because I’m someone who warms up slowly, and that day I really was quite tired, I’m actually a very sunshine boy

Reporter: In the show you said you matched well with Ivy Chen, that was when you two were searching for sheep together, what do you think? Do you like girls her style?
YY: She’s like my older sister, and she’s hyper everyday, whenever we see her everyone becomes excited as well, quite happy being with her

Reporter: When Ning Jing became very angry, you chose to stay silent at the side, were you shocked due to her aura? Or did you feel like you couldn’t stick a sentence in~ In reality when you encounter something awkward or uncomfortable, how will you handle it?
YY: I chose to stay silent back then, but afterwards I gave Jing-jie a big hug

Reporter: How was Xiao Shuang as a tour guide? Are you the kind to create more hassle before her or are you a warm guy?
YY: A bit of both, I think you have to ask her that, I think Xiao Shuang did well

Reporter: Right now you’re probably also rushing to film dramas, you just finished traveling and you have to throw yourself into work, do you feel unadapted?
YY: Right now I’m getting more and more work, even though I feel kind of unadapted, I will work hard
Reporter: So this means you didn’t interact a lot with the tour guide during your travels? Did you handle all your problems by yourself?
YY: No, but she’s a girl, I need to learn how to take care of her, the lesser problems I have, the lesser she’ll have to work

Reporter: What is your role in this team? To negate the atmosphere? Or a human GPS?
YY: My main role in the team is to be the human GPS

Reporter: Then if Xiao Shuang and Jing Boran drops into the water, who will you save?
YY: Of course I have to save the girl, the hero saves the damsel in distress, Jing Boran knows how to swim

Reporter: In what circumstance will you seek the tour guide for help when you can’t handle it yourself?
YY: If I want to handle it myself I will do that, I don’t want to trouble the tour guide even more

Reporter: From The Four to Divas, after that to Tornado Girls, it feels like you’re taking over the screens of Hunan TV, hahahaha, how do you feel?
YY: So happy to take over the screens of Hunan TV

Reporter: When did you feel the closest to breakdown during traveling?
YY: Probably when I couldn’t get used to food overseas, wasn’t full

Reporter: Ning Jing-jie said before that because she was afraid she won’t be able to eat for the next meal, she ate a lot, and everyone on the team gained wait, are you troubled like this?
YY: Of course, I ate a lot for every meal, although it wasn’t nice, but in the end I feel like I gained weight as well

Reporter: Have you experienced being hungry/not having anything to eat?
YY: Yes, every single day I wasn’t full, and sometimes because I had to save money, so I rather be hungry to save money, but sometimes when I see ice cream I wanted to eat I really craved for it, but you can’t bear to buy it, do you know those kind of feeling, that’s why the first thing I did when I came back was to eat rice

Reporter: When Xiao Shuang was the tour guide has she been “fierce” to you? What’s your deepest impression of tour guide-jie?
YY: I don’t think I consider Xiao Shuang’s as “fierce”, I feel that, as a tour guide, she’s really under a lot of pressure

Reporter: Miemie, you’re one of the younger ones in the team, were you nervous because of this and couldn’t express some of your thoughts while you were traveling?
YY: Actually before I went I was nervous, plus the fact that I’m someone who warms up to people slowly, that day when I reached London, I actually did some homework in advance, I was thinking if the tour guide will be there to pick me up, I already prepared to not have a tour guide pick me up, and having to take the underground to the hotel myself, and when I arrived, my luggage was lost as well, after I walked out from the airport, I originally thought that not a single person will call out my name but then I heard Zheng Shuang and the rest calling for me, I felt like I found relatives, so at that time I was super happy, but later on it was quite regretful because everything was very hurried that day, when we met I didn’t have time to do a self introduction, and I’m the kind who’s slow to warm up

Reporter: You had fun having a pillow fight with foreigners?
YY: I feel like during the pillow fight, because we’re supposed to be targeting others, but in the end it became a fight between ourselves, that’s something I didn’t expect, and when it was about to end I prepared to buy some things at the convenience store beside it, but I saw a lot of foreigner friends see me and charge towards me to hit me, at that moment I was dazed, and then I ran many many rounds, after that fighting with the foreigner friends, I really felt very very happy that day

Reporter: When did you become familiar with everyone? In the team who do you match with the best?
YY: At first when I just entered I was the most familiar with Zheng Shuang, because our ages are quite similar, and when I lost my luggage it was her who lent me stuff, after that I became very close with her, and during the journey, because I’d borrow the tour guide’s iPad to use the GPS, but that time I accidentally dropped her iPad, so I felt very very guilty then

Reporter: How will you comment on your responsibilities in the team? How many points will you give yourself?
YY: As a Virgo perfectionist, I want to give myself full marks, what do you gys think

Reporter: After Jing-bao came did you feel like you were being left behind, because in the show it feels like Xiao Shuang and Jing-bao interacted more
YY: Not at all, I didn’t feel left behind, they’re the proper couple (proper = Zheng Jing), I know

Reporter: Who did you think was more popular among the older sisters? Why?
YY: Probably Jing-bao, I’ll spill some beans, during the trip he often did stand up comedy in a North-eastern accent, and it was very funny

Reporter: What kind of stand up comedy?
YY: You should leave this for when you’re talking to him next time and ask him, he really has a lot of jokes up his sleeves I’m telling you guys, really.

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On 1/22/2017 at 5:22 AM, lynne22 said:

@winterbubbletea Thank you for the fanfics <3

@fluffychim1013 the drama is the better adaptation which is why we love it more :wub:... but the movie is quite ok as long as you don't make too many comparison :D 

You are quite welcome. XD

On 1/23/2017 at 11:09 PM, sebastian27 said:

re-watching this after reading the novel...

wish they had included the bit with the joint epilogue with shan-shan and feng teng's kids...

It would have been nice but I think the cost of hiring actors for the other series would have cause confusion and they probably wanted to keep the worlds separate


On 1/21/2017 at 8:37 PM, fluffychim1013 said:

Have you guys seen the movie as well? which one do you like better?

I would like the Drama better than the movie. For one thing the acting was a bit weird in the movie though very cartoonish so it makes sense since it is the game world. The movie portions that I found likeable was they beat up the guy that ditch Wei Wei. The funny part is Guang Cao guy in Drama is the same guy in the movie, though they combined his part with that of Zhen Shui. Also Angelababy acting feels the same is almost all series and she looks weird with her mouth open and laughing when the white flying horse comes at her to pick them up in the game.

Title: TIRED
Author: WinterBubbleTea
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KO/Hao Mei
Summary:Three portion of Pork.
Title: Hao Mei's Alluring Smile
Author: WinterBubbleTea
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Hao Mei/KO
Summary: That bright smile.
Chapter [1][2][3]


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On 1/21/2017 at 10:37 PM, fluffychim1013 said:

Have you guys seen the movie as well? which one do you like better?

I like both but the drama is definitely better in terms of actual getting all the details and significant moments in. Although I get the movie wasn't able to work with much due to time constraints, I felt like they used many insignificant moments that could have been replaced with moments that actual showed more character involvement and development, but that might have been even harder to edit well.

However, I do think I would have liked it more had I not watched the drama adaptation first because I think the movie sets up the stage well for the drama adaptation. But, I realize not everyone enjoys going through 40 eps (I am one of those people but recently with even better C-dramas and my growing interest in Korean family dramas, that's changing), so the movie serves a lot better timewise (and probably feelings wise LOL).

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omg guys, my parents are watching this Vietnamese drama. I can hear it from my room and I swear I heard Yang Yang's OST - but sung in Vietnamese by a Vietnamese 

I freaked out thinking they might be watching Love O2O dubbed or something but no :/ 

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I miss Love O2O. :bawling:

Every time I've watched a frustrating drama I would always watch episode 10 or other episodes after.

This is like my happy pill along with Weightlifting Fairy. 


On 6/27/2017 at 0:20 PM, bluerosear said:

Hi all....does anyone know the link where i can download the torrent files and the subs? Thank you :) 

Avistaz. However, you'll need to wait for their registration to open again. You could download DL's from Kiss though.

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2 hours ago, cherubstomato said:

Sorry I cannot find a thread for her but anyone know ZS weibo account? I read she doesn't have a official one but she has an account she uses 

I am not 100% sure of this but I think this is her studio's weibo: http://weibo.com/u/5461016454?is_all=1

I've read before that she's posted on her dad's weibo before, and I think this is his weibo: https://weibo.com/zhengchenghua?is_hot=1

I'm not sure if these are the right accounts because I'm not familiar with weibo, but that's what I got after searching. Hopefully someone else can confirm that the two links are right or give you an accurate answer.

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