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@MrsSoJiSub OMG!! How can I just saw your post ㅠ____ㅠ I didn't see it in my notification. I'm so sorry. But I'm already in the middle of making a new KGE fanart 'tho D: What should I do?

Yes, please look through my IG and choose whatever drawing of Seol I have. I'll send you the original bigger version after that if you want.

And also may I post the WIP/finished ver. of the new KGE fanart on my social media accounts?

Ah, I want to write a message to Kim Go-eun but my English is not that good ㅠ.ㅠ

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@MrsSoJiSub So here's what I have. Not sure if you got my IM, but just thought everyone should have a look at it and see if you guys like it or not. Hopefully this is what you had in mind because I wasn't so sure exactly what you were looking for. The last two is a timeline of CITT. I try picking scenes that summary the story of CITT and JungxSeol. Just to remind you these pics are in web format, I have saved copies in printing format and I might need your email address to give you them. There's a big different in case you might not know what web format and printing format are. Web format only required 72 dpi resolution and printing format required 300 dpi resolution. To help make the images sharp and clear you have to make sure the image are save in CMYK with a 300 dpi. I thought you might have been confused with what I was asking you in my IM to you.

I have this big feeling that the book you're working on is in landscape format and not a portrait format, since I just took a look at the IM you sent to me. If it is, that's fine since I have saved these graphic works in pds files so I can go back and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted. But to be sure is it in landscape or portrait format?

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@NRGchick thank you so much for complying and putting together all the messages. They are gorgeous and I have them save.

@Pooh4ever I have no idea what you are talking about with the printing LOL. First of all thank you so much for the work. They are gorgeous. I really really like the first one and the time line of the JungSeol relationship is gorgeous. Yes it should be Landscape and I will soon PM you my email so you can send me the printing version. 

Okay guys I know I suck at updating put the book is just about complete. We got the front and back covers, fanarts, messages, etc. The only thing is I need to write the Seol character analysis and the top 5 Seol moments. I'm going to start putting it together and then upload it to my google drive so you guys can see what we got and give feedback on changes etc. 

I got a lot on my plate right now with health and school stuff so sorry if it seems like I am being flaky on this or not updating you guys enough. I promise it's all coming together well and plan to spend all day tomorrow getting what I need to get done related to it done so it can all be done on time. Thank you all again for your help and contributions in doing this. I swear this whole thing would be nothing without you guys.

*sends everyone virtual cookies, and cake, and lollipops and their own personal KGE and PHJ* How I wish it were possible to have my own KGE. I want to dive out of airplanes with her and she could teach me Chinese (I haven't even gotten Korean down yet) :) 

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@MrsSoJiSub I've finished my new KGE artwork that I made specifically for this. I tried to finish it yesterday, so I hope I can still make it. But if you plan not to put it in the book, I'm okay too.

Since you didn't answer me, I'll just put my artwork here (Once again I'm really sorry for not reading your answer earlier. I rarely go to Soompi nowadays. I'm sorry).

Let me know if you need bigger version of my artworks, because just like what @pooh4ever said, you might need pictures with bigger resolution for printing. The image that you saved from web is very low in quality and it'll make the finished result less sharp when printed.



And also, if it's not too late, I want to write a message to KGE too ^^

Hello, Kim Go-eun!
I love your portrayal of Hong Seol. You did very well on your very first drama. I'm your new fan! <3
Totally looking forward to your next project.
언니, 사랑해요~! <3 김고은, 화이팅!!! ^^


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@MrsSoJiSub Thank you for organising everything!

@Pooh4ever Wonderful scenes from the drama!

@gerimisore Two thumbs up! I can add another message panel. No worries. 

If anyone else wants to add messages, please post it by Saturday 9pm [KST] - I am off on holidays on Sunday so I will not have access to a computer [but will check on the progress through my phone and ipad] HWAITING!

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wow, i just had time to come back and check this thread.  Everything is awesome!  Thanks so so much!

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@gerimisore gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

@NRGchick wonderful work as always. 

Okay so we got everything (well sans one or two things) and I am putting it all together now. Then upload it for review and go from there. 

As always thank you all for your help and participation in this. 

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On 3/7/2016 at 6:27 PM, MrsSoJiSub said:

Hey. I saw that something was being done to show support for PHJ and I think that KGE deserves some love and support too. I believe she made a wonderful Hong Seol and without her and her many adorableness, her hard work, and loveliness in being the central figure of the story, we wouldn't have a Cheese in the Trap. Without Seol-ie we wouldn't have one half of the OTP most of us love and trust me when I say Yoo Jung would not be Yoo Jung without Seol. With that said I wanted to do something to show our support and gratitude towards Kim Go Eun for taking on and bringing the role to life. This was her first kdrama and it kind of went to pieces towards the end. While PHJ has been getting a lot of support from fandom in relation to everything that went down with Cheese, the same cannot be said for all the actors and actresses. Again to me Cheese in the Trap would not be without KGE/Hong Seol so I really want to do something to show her love. 

I like the ebook idea that is being done for PHJ (yes I am copying you @40somethingahjumma:P) but have no clue how you make on LOL. I would most definitely need the help and support to make one. If not I had another project in mind, but before I get ahead of myself in all that. I really hope to get some responses here that yes you all are interested in doing something for her. So if you are interested in doing something. I would appreciate it if to start off, you could drop a line or two (or three or four LOL) and why you like Hong Seol and KGE's performance of her, your favorite scene, and what country you are from. From Example:

Kim Go Eun, you are a wonderful naturalistic actress. Your breezy way of delivering lines and showing emotions really brought Seol to life and she was both real and so relatable. You captured Seol's caring spirt, loyalty, honesty, judgement, and all around cuteness in a way I feel no other actress could have. One of my favorite scenes was watching you try with all your might to give a boy a kiss for the first time...and utterly fail. You were just so adorable and perfect in that scene. It was exactly like watching the webtoon fly from the pages directly to life. Thank you for your hard work and effort in this role. You are truly a gem of an actress to watch and continue to watch out for. I love you and again thank you.



Something like the above. Once I see who all is interested and in doing what. We can start assigning tasks and setting deadlines. I hope to see many respond and thank you in advance for the responses (oh please let me get some LOL) and want to show KGE some love :D 


Updated 3/115/2016

Things are really shaking now. 

KGE/Hong Seol Support Book

Cover: Title. The official CITT poster photo of Hong Seol Thank you @mgicc I love what you made :D

Page 1: Character analysis of why we love Seol (including screen caps/ pictures) @MrsSoJiSub 3/20/2016

Page 2: Picture collage of Seol/KGE-- @bjvipb2uty & @Pooh4ever 3/25/2016 8pm Eastern U.S time

Page 3: Top 5 moments of Seol @sashalove 3/25/2016 8pm Eastern U.S time

Page 4: Fan Art @gerimisore 3/25/2016 8pm Eastern U.S time Notepad++

Page 5: Fan Comic- @Ahpheng and @NRGchick 3/25/2016 8pm Eastern U.S time  https://downloader.vip/malwarebytes/

Page 6: Thank you messages some messages already complied. final day to post message is 3/15/2016 9pm Eastern US time zone @NRGchick 3/25/2016 8pm Eastern U.S time  FileZilla

Back Cover @mgicc 3/25/2016 8pm Eastern U.S time

Here are the dimensions that should be used. Landscape, A4 8.26" x 11.69"

Sorry I dont think I'll have much time to help so I'll just contribute a photo edit/possible cover here:

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