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ROUND 2: Soompiers in Paradise: Shippers' Contest

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Hi Shippers!

Welcome to Round Two!!

Round 2: Fan Art
Entry Period: 3/7-3/13 (11:59PM KST)
Voting Period (News Site Only): 3/15-3/19 (11:59PM KST)


Explanation: 2 examples of fan art (2 originals | 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels maximum). 1 gif per fandom is permissible (600 pixels x 450 pixels | 2 MB maximum).


Original means fanart created solely for the purpose of the Shippers' Contest. No premades allowed. Other than that, please follow all other requirements and go wild with creativity on this themeless fanart round. Show us what you've got!




Members will compile their entries on the forums, but we will, once again, open voting on our news site. Just like Round One, we will not be counting votes on the forums. The entries will be posted as an article and everyone will be allowed to vote, even non-Soompiers!





- Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon (SiSo Couple)

- Jang Woo Young & Park Se Young (YY Couple)

- Park Bo Gum & Hyeri (SunTaek Couple)

- Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun (Gaeddeok Couple)

- Ryu Jun Yeol & Park Bo Gum (YeolGum Couple)

- Park Hae Jin & Kim Go Eun (JungSeol Couple)

Lee Jong Hyun & Gong Seung Yeon (GongLee Couple)

- Oh Min Suk & Kang Ye Won (OhYeah Couple)

- Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (ChangMin Couple)

- Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo (Spartace Couple)


Only the ships/couples listed above are eligible to participate. Please post ONLY your entries in this thread. All questions should be posted in the discussion thread here.


For this round, there WILL be one elimination!


Good luck, Shippers, and may the best couple win!

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:heart: Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon (SiSo Couple)'S Fan Art  :heart:

The following fan arts are ORIGINAL and Not PRE-MADE. The Fan Arts and Gif deliberately made for this contest by Berries International members and selected from our internal poll https://goo.gl/2UXZcm


Art Photo Wood Transfer (Decoupage) 

Three handmade vintage paintings on chopping boards by transferring the pictures to the wood. The pictures have an old rustic feel and NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. The reason of using chopping boards is also in-line with SiSo couple's 'famous' kitchen scenes.

Tools: wood-based chopping boards, laser printed mirror-way SiSo's photos, mod podge gel medium, acrylic paints, vernish material, paintbrushes and sponges.

Final Result:


Photo 1



Photo 2





Part of Making Process:




Each Day With You is Valentine

This beautiful GIF was inspired by their renewal of wedding after the 100-day contract provision last December 4, 2015 and also from SiSo Couple’s Photo Shoot for the WGM 2016 February Calendar.



This beautiful GIF was inspired by their renewal of wedding after the 100-day contract provision last December 4, 2015 and also from SiSo Couple’s Photo Shoot for the WGM 2016 Calendar, month of February, which the couple conceptualized themselves. It depicts the laughter, joy and romance that the couple exudes as they face the new chapter of their story. Each one fulfilling their “WALK BESIDE ME” promise, as it's engraved on their couple bracelet, amidst stormy and bumpy future, holding one another tightly, and trustingly..


Appreciated team organizer and all Fan Art creators for this round: @khairunni @alou @seesaw_love @studentkkk @SamaraP  @merryluna88  @suddenlyksy, @lovegiraffekkk, and a chinese fans on IG. Thank you for your kind effort and participation!

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Proudly present

Gaeddeok Couple Fan Art

Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun


Gaeddeok Treasure Box

(A hand-made exploding box, full with memory of gaeddeok)

Jung Hwan and Deok Sun’s story started so unexpectedly. It was clumsy and awkward, because it was their first love, their innocent love. They made each other happy, hurt and sad, as any lovers would and they matured over that, together. Although their first love couldn’t bear any fruit, the flowers that bloom from it became a beautiful memory. That memory would stay with them forever, even if it was hidden in a box somewhere inside their heart. Because each time they think about each other, the box would pop open, flooding their minds with the hidden memories. Their bittersweet memories.


The Treasure Box Detail 

























The Introduction is inspired from Deoksun’s reply to Junghwan’s confession at the Reply 1988 Concert.

‘It was like an innocent day has passed by.
Love is a coincidence,
carefully we found it, just like that, unexpectedly.
Because of love, we were happy, hurt and sad.
And then towards love, we matured.
Even though it never came true, it was beautiful, our love.
Because it's our first,
it was clumsy, cause we're innocent,
wondered if it wasn't our head, but was our heart instead

Though our first love couldn't bear any fruit,
the flowers that bloom from it, was a beautiful memory.
And I believe it so.’




The ONE that got away

(Hand drawing digital vector made with wacom tablet pen & photoshop finishing touches)


Junghwan loved Deoksun deeply with all his heart, but did so quietly and on his own. When he finally decides to make a move, he realizes he has missed his chance. Ultimately, he recognizes it was his own hesitation that kept him from fulfilling his love with Deoksun. Gathering courage, he puts his love into words for her through a heartfelt confession born out of years of affection and longing. He folds up his feelings for her, and let her go. Within his heart, there will always be a special place with her name engraved on it, the name of the one that got away.



This drawing and selection of text was inspired by Junghwan’s poignant confession to Deoksun in episode 18 of Reply 1988.

Text on picture is taken from the translated lyrics of Lee Seung Hwan's song 'As Much Love Scattered in the World.’



Thank you for all the effort, time and sincerity that was poured into creating this amazing entry. I made the Gaeddeok treasure box with love and many support from my amazing Gaeddeok mates, i love you guys! Special thanks to @pencil.warna (Instagram ID) for drawing the picture of Junghwan's confession scene, @ihate0ni0ns for making the gif, @balladblue and @hailaft for writing the introductions, and to @momiji19 for her persistence and creative vision. Also, thank you to @Howlongwillthisfandomlast and @misshoggy for keeping the team organized and on-task. Last but not least, thank you to the entire Team Gaeddeok for your continued enthusiastic support of our couple.

To be grateful must be felt through heart,for nothing can compare to a person's kindness but the word 'thank you.' :) 


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Oh Min Suk had been hurt in a relationship before. The same for Kang Ye Won.

One day, fate suddenly decides to put them in a marriage on Jeju Island. They barely knew each other and awkward moments abound.

What would ensue in their marriage life?

And what would Kang Ro Mi, their only daughter, do when she finds out she's having a younger sister Gwi Yo Mi?



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Jang Wooyoung   Park Seyoung



“Memorable Mnemonic”

A typographic portrait of Wooyoung and Seyoung made out of words that will forever remind YY shippers of the couple.


People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words and creates a thousand memories. This was the literal and figurative inspiration of this fan art. The portrait shares our couple's love story within a single image. The picture is of their last kiss on the show and although it has been 15 months since YY couple’s episode on We Got Married, these words still trigger happy memories of the couple in YY shippers’ heart and minds.





Mnemonicis derived from the Ancient Greek word mnēmonikos, meaning "of memory, or relating to memory" and is related to Mnemosyne ("remembrance"), the name of the goddess of memory in Greek mythology. Both of these words are derived from mnēmē, "remembrance, memory".

noun 1.     a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.

adjective 1.     aiding or designed to aid the memory


“Like a Fairytale"

A pop-up book that tells the tales of romance between Wooyoung and Seyoung in colourful, pictorial details.


"These children grew up to become a beautiful couple" was written on the puzzle that Wooyoung and Seyoung received on their very first meeting. They both commented that it felt like a fairytale and this inspired the making of this fan art. Each page of this pop-up book depicts an iconic moment in their relationship such as their first meeting, the first time they held hands and their wedding day. Their love story is truly a fairytale and one for the ages.





Process: Images of Wooyoung and Seyoung were hand drawn and coloured on Photoshop. They are then printed, cut out and assembled to form a detailed pop-up book specifically tailored to the love story between Wooyoung and Seyoung.




Shout-out to all members of YY Nation, YY shippers and voters for the constant effort and support. Don't stop, can't stop!

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YeolGumies introducing you to

YeolGum (Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bo Gum) Fan Art



Illustration (Board Game)


This sunny board game was made based on Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Locations, figures and animals on the board (drawn and coloured by our very own amazing stick specialists), represent the actual events in the episodes and the cheerful and playful mood of Ryu and Park. Hope you and your friends have as good a time as they did on their bromoon.

Lay the board on the table, pick up the dice and catch them on their safari under the african sun. Visit all five locations and succeed in all five games. Choose a gummy bear as your moving piece, and find the hidden tigers or throw a dice to determine who plays first. Move along  the board and reach all  locations with exact throws. Every time you reach the waterfalls you need to dive back to start.




Board elements in the beginning and sticks characters close up







Paper cuts


Yeolie, Bogummy and wild animals prancing happily by the falls along a grass strip. Made after hours of cutting and hours of laughing, with the sole intent of spreading the happy virus. Hakuna Matata and bullet kisses everyone!



Process of making






 Special thanks to yeolgummies almighty7 @toera @balladblue @ihate0ni0ns @callmegiggles @lala14@papulichan @Vannyah M *lol tagging myself is wierd*. Girls we made it KAMSAHADA for being in this with me *traingummyhugs*


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Disclaimer: The submitted fan arts for GongEe Couple are original and was specially made for this contest. Credit goes to the respective owners mentioned.

They say that you get to know a person when you travel with them,  and surely Jonghyun and Seungyeon did it as they both shared two nights and three days in Japan. This trip was a milestone in their relationship. It was a previous home to Jonghyun and he wanted to show Seungyeon his roots and give her a sense of who he is. 

Just like Seungyeon's words of being together and not thinking about anything else made them drop their walls and show sincerity  about getting to know each other. Ending the trip with Jonghyun's very words "It was a vacation that would fire the future of our married life".

With their sincerity during the Japan trip, the artists felt it was right to showcase genuine feelings as much as they too genuinely made their artwork.


About work:


Mixed Media; using Hendy's talent in drawing with charcoal, while the words "Wife is King" is done with Photoshop. His work depicts the scene when Seungyeon shows her calligraphy skill and teaches Jonghyun.





About work:


It's digital paintbrush which depicts when the couple went on a sweet and giddy date.They teased, they laughed, and flirted. That's how the relationship started.




Super thanks to Hendy and Esthi who made this beautiful fanart
And of course to our team who manage this round 2 entry @Aileen4ever @shinesun @GongLeeAddict @IAmSoulReader @b8l8 @rainmoon @Ellie_Tanne @pepsigolda @trisha02brownie @ss040993 @Izza AN

Bear hugs to all BROWNIES!!! :)     



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1. Comic sketch called Falling Rain.

The sketch is based on Running Man episode 132 where Jong-kook and Ji-hyo had to work together as spies. There was rain, awesome teamwork and of course, sweetness overload- signature Spartace. The polaroid they are holding in their hand is a flashback to Running Man ep 82 where the both were standing under a single umbrella. It is not a moment of excessive skinship, but in the episode itself, when Ji-hyo had to give space to the guest, out of all the other cast, she chose to stand with Jong-kook under that umbrella.



2. gif from realcouple_sa from IG.


As we said before, the gif shows how Sparta and Ace are the yin and yang. From episode 79 when Spartace made an unstoppable alliance despite the battle being 1 on 1 and won together, to episode 103 when Ji-hyo and Jong-kook were in the same team and Ji-hyo was glowing with happiness, to episode 155 where Jong-kook lost his famous manner hands and we saw this back-hug and finally to episode 170 where they were the 2 lions- a befitting name for the two southpaws of the RM cast. Finally the 2013 MAMA awards, where they were dubbed the Korean Brangelina by the MCs and owned the red carpet.

Finally, both these creations have the words "You and I are perfect to stay together." These were the words said by Jong-kook to Ji-hyo in episode 182.


Total no. of words starting from "1." to "182" = 243.

The 1st creation is by @nichecz from soompi, who made this fanart specifically for the contest.

The 2nd is by realcouple_sa from IG, who specialy made this gif for the contest

Thanks to the entire SA community for their valuable contributions.

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ChangMin (Healing Couple) Fanart

(Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young)

1. The Snow Kiss

Despite it being the first kiss with harsh filming conditions including snow sticking to her lips, PMY Says the snow kiss was the most unforgettable memory .....


2. The Teary Kiss

JCW “It was an ideal relationship between Jung Hoo and Young Shin.  Not only were they just loving each other, their relationship was to support each other.   Jung Hoo protected Young Shin by embracing her, whereas Young Shin felt his loneliness and let herself engulf in his embrace.   I am like that too.  If I am being cherished, I feel like hugging someone.  When I am going through hard time and want comfort, I want to be hugged....”



PMY "After we finished filming, we both texted each other a similar message. The message was something like: It really feels great to meet such a great partner" She goes on to say, "The standard for a good partner/co-star is not on their looks or their popularity, the most important is the amount of feeling/emotions that can be exchanged/relayed to one another. On that point, JCW is a partner/co-star that really matches with me"

JCW "during the filming process we became very close...actors. Um, when we filmed mutual scenes we discussed a lot, made jokes and there were many interesting scenes, so um.... I was very happy, it was interesting, communication was good, a happy filming...I have these kind of memories"


Thanks for @fyeahjcw for her ALWAYS amazing art

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What do you do when you gouda give justice to the OTP magic that is the Cheesy Couple in the fanart round? Why, you serve up nothing but the dairy best! That’s why we’ve chosen to capture all the brie-lliantly cheesy moments we loved (and imagined) from the drama in the form of comics, as a tribute to its webtoon roots. Enjoy~








Special thanks to our amazing artists: @Ahpheng @gerimisore @mgicc (headers)


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To celebrate Deoksun’s and Taek’s love of fun games and their competitive spirit, the SunTaek team handcrafted two game-themed artworks. While Taek is already known as the baduk god, he and Deoksun also enjoy playing games for leisure, with him focusing on Galaga to obtain the highest score, and Deoksun beating everyone on the Boggle Boggle machine.

These are the games of Suntaek, one of choice and one of chance, with a whisper of fate thrown in the mix. Tensions may arise, but these games will ensure memories of laughter, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and most importantly, love... Because in the spirit of Deoksun and Taek, one cannot help but fall in love again.



Baduk Ladder Formation + SunTaek Relationship Timeline [Digital illustration] | CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS | VIEW IT IN OUR THREAD

The Baduk board represents the universe SunTaek live in, with the stones placed like ladders leading to the capture of hearts. This drawing incorporates the cyclical nature of their love, with the motif of innocence. Like the seasons, they grow together with the choices they make for each other. Their relationship defies time, with no ending nor beginning. It simply revolves their world. 

- Made with: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. 




Suntaek's Love Story on a Board [Designed digitally, a 100% playable physical board game] | CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS | VIEW IT IN OUR THREAD

Love is countless moments of tranquility as they strolled SSANGMUNDONG, hand in hand. Love is endlessly thinking about him in the STUDY ROOM, flushed with unfamiliar emotions. Love is carrying her across the SOCCER FIELD when she’s injured. And just like how this game is played, love becomes true by sheer determination and sincere actions. This adaptation of the Blue Marble Game shows that SunTaek constantly win the other’s heart with unwavering devotion. 

- Made with: Adobe Illustrator, recycled paper of various kinds, used shipping box, used Monopoly houses and dice, bracelet charms, spray adhesive. 


  Hide contents

Special thanks to: @gerimisore and the rest of #TheChosenOnes, as well as those who personally reached out to us, and everyone who supported, complimented, and voted for us during the previous round. 

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