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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Hunter 猎人

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Title: 猎人 / Lièrén
English title: Hunter
Genre: Premodern, Romance
Broadcast Date: March 21, 2016


Huang Xuan



Coming soon...


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Coming soon...


Additional Links:

Hunter 猎人 Raw Episodes

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Thank you @sugarplum892 for starting this thread.

I am totally new to Chinese drama.   The only Chinese drama I have watched completed and adored was "Love Me if You Dare."

I am watching now The Imperial Doctress, and liking it quite a bit, and that is how I came to this thread, - because I am liking Huang Xuan in "Imperial Doctress."

If it gets subbed, I will give it a try for sure....

Detective thriller coming to Chinese TV




, something of a Chinese answer to BBC's hit TV series Sherlock, will come to China's small screen on March 21.

The 41-episode crime-drama series, airing with two episodes per night, will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and the video-streaming site Le.com.

Set against the backdrop of a fictionalized town in 1949, the drama centers on a private detective, who solves a series of mysterious killings and robberies with a common thread: a fleeing Kuomintang spy.

Huang Xuan, a veteran actor who has appeared in scores of popular television dramas, stars as the detective, who has some similarities to Sherlock Holmes.

"But my role is more like a normal man," Huang jokes, referring to the detective's romance in the series.

Because the tales have some scenes featuring magic shows, director Xu Ang says he has used a lot of stage-play elements in the television production, such as the design of costumes, sets and role personalities.

"Compared to a movie or TV series, the stage play has much fewer means to display different space and timing," he says.

"The stage play demands good acting, which gives me a lot of experience to train the actors."



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