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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] First Love 柠檬初上


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Chinese title: 柠檬初上 / Níngméng chū shàng
English title: First Love

Genre:Modern, Romance

Episodes: 40

Director: Liú Jùnjié

Broadcast Period: May 9, 2016


Hawick Lau


Sun Yizhou


Lei Jun and Zheng then left university friends, two men there is a common year-old non-biological "daughter" Wonderful. Little lemon and Zheng Lei Jun, then college crushes, also Miu Miu's mother, eight years ago, a small lemon went to study in the US in vain. Eight years later, a small lemon again, and then there are too many not understanding Chun, a small lemon with action Chun moved again, and then Chun finally agreed to let the little lemon to Miu Miu back to Shanghai. Very close to returning to Shanghai Zheng Lei and small lemon to go, and then Chun jealous, also came shortly after Shanghai, two fathers become rival, launched their offensive, jokes abound. Then accidentally met university students Sun Jun Ni, Ni Sun daring chase love, jealousy was little lemon heart is afraid to face the heart. Zheng Lei seen through small lemon heart belongs to the initiative to withdraw, and encountered a policewoman flower spicy Dan Dan's outspoken cheerful child touched Zheng Lei. Small lemon final secret is slowly opened, the original Miu Miu sister's children is a small lemon, then disappear is because she got sick, but now it is because of fear of relapse and not love, then moved Chun sincere confession a small lemon, regardless of what happens in the future, we have decided to go on firmly.

Watch it here with English subs!

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Zhānglěi - Xiāng ài hèn wǎn


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Zuo Zai Jun and Zheng Lei were university classmates and best friends, who have an 8-year-old step-daughter called Miao Miao. While Miao Miao’s mother Ning Xiao Meng was Zai Jun and Zheng Lei’s dream date during their university days. 8 years ago, she left to study in America and was never heard from again. 8 years on, Xiao Meng returns to Shanghai, Zai Jun cannot accept her and so she attempts to mend their relationship. When she succeeds Xiao Meng becomes very close to Zheng Lei, ruining the friendship between the men as they become love rivals creating comedic situations. Little by little, Xiao Meng’s secret about Miao Miao’s birth and her disappearance is unraveled

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I started watching this...and I like that for this drama there is no dubbing of Hawick's voice.  His own original voice has also a way of expressing the attitude he wants to show which sometimes is lost in dubbing.  His Chinese is not perfect but I am ok with it since this is a modern drama.  I am glad they did not dub it.

I find Xiao Meng quite annoying with so many secrets.  Without knowing if Miao Miao is her own child, it is annoying to me that she can have a child with another man when 2 other hunky looking men both were hot at her heels in the uni....so as of now I dislike her.   But I am sure slowly it would be revealed Miao Miao is most likely not her kid....which would make it more palatable to me if the 2 guys continue to court her....  Just my 2 cents.. :w00t:

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