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Wang Kai 王凯 (Mainland Artist) Official Thread


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Name: Wang Kai  王凯   Nick Wang
DOB: Aug - 18 - 1982
Birthplace: Wuhan China
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Education:  Central Academy of Drama Class of 2003
Agency: Daylight Entertainment (Dongyang) Television Ltd.






Television Series
Ugly Wudi  丑女无敌 2008-2010
Calling For Love  呼叫大明星 2010
Guns Hou  枪炮侯 2011
Youth  知青 2012
New Detective Squad  新神探联盟 2013
All Quiet in Peking  北平无战事 2014
The Disguiser
   伪装者 2015             Soompi thread for The Disguiser 伪装者
Nirvana In Fire      瑯琊榜 2015         Soompi thread for  Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜
Love Me If You Dare   他来了,请闭眼 2015   Soompi thread for  Love Me If You Dare
Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox    青丘狐传说 2016    Soompi thread for Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox
Half the Sky   女人的天空 2016
Ode to Joy   欢乐颂  2016  
Soompi thread for
Ode To Joy 欢乐颂
Stay with Me  放弃我,抓紧我  2016   Stay with Me
When a Snail Falls in Love   如果蜗牛有爱情 (TBA)




My Puppy My Love 我的狗狗我的愛 2012
A Young Girl's Destiny 逆襲  2013
The Golden Era 黄金时代 2014
A Murder Beside Yanhe River 黄克功案件 2014
Free Ride June 2015
Railroad Tigers 铁道飞虎 2016


Variety Shows

Happy Camp 09-27-2009
Happy Camp 01-17-2009
Happy Camp 04-04-2015




His Wiki Bio is quite long so I just added to the spoiler section instead.


Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Kai_%28actor%29




Wang Kai


(Chinese: 王凯, born August 18, 1982) is a Chinese actor. He is known for his television roles in All Quiet in Peking, Love Me If You Dare, The Disguiser and Nirvana In Fire. His film roles include Jin Yi in The Golden Era and Huang Kegong in A Murder Beside Yanhe River.




Early life


Wang Kai was born in Wuhan in Hubei Province. Although he wanted to become an actor after reading Cao Yu's play, Thunderstorm, in school, his father wanted him to do sports while his mother wanted him to find a stable job.[1] As a result, he worked as a book porter at Xinhua Bookstore after high school . However, he later resigned from his job and moved to Beijing to study at Central Academy of Drama in 2003.



Early career


While a student at the Central Drama Academy, Wang Kai received his first acting role, Huang Yuanshang in Cold Autumn , upon recommendation of his professor Zhang Xiaolong.[2] The series was filmed in 2005 and aired in 2006. Also in 2006, he participated in his first film, My Puppy My Love , as the male lead Wei.[3] The film did not air until 2012.

In 2007, Wang Kai graduated from the Central Drama Academy and signed with Huayi Brothers. During the next year, he received no roles except for a minor role in Water Point Peach Blossom with Ma Lujian, the director of Cold Autumn.[4]


2008–12: Breaking into television


Wang Kai's first major role came with his casting in Ugly Wudi. The series was a commercial success, with the all four seasons being the highest viewed show in its time slot.[5] Although he tried out for the male lead, he was offered the role of Chen Jiaming, a sassy advertising director. Wang Kai continued to play the role for all four seasons of the series’ run between 2008 and 2010. While filming Ugly Wudi, he left Huayi Brothers and signed with Ugly Wudi’s production company, Nesound International.[6]

Also in 2008, Wang Kai played a small role in romantic comedy Calling For Love. He played Wang Rui, a budding director and the love interest of the male lead’s sister. Because the series will air in Taiwan, Wang Kai learned to speak with a Taiwanese dialect for the role. He spent time on set learning from the crew and the other actors to learn to speak in a Taiwanese dialect. The series aired in May 2010.[7]

After the success of Ugly Wudi, Wang Kai found himself facing a period of eight months where all roles offered to him were similar to Chen Jiaming. Unwilling to be typecast, he rejected them all. Finally, he was given the role of the rugged educated youth Qi Yong in Youth in 2010. Director Zhang Xinjian apparently had not seen him in Ugly Wudi before, and gave him the role immediately after the audition. This is the first of his many collaborations with director Zhang Xinjian. Parts were filmed in a blizzard in under negative 42 degrees Celsius, and many actors had quit the show due to the extreme conditions.[8] The series aired in 2012. It was also at this time when he met the then President of Shandong Television & Film, Hou Hongliang, who would later become his boss and business partner.[9]

In 2011, he starred in TV series Guns Hou, playing Dai Dao. The drama tells the story of a family famous for manufacturing guns during the fall of the Manchu dynasty.[10] The same year, Wang Kai also collaborated with Zhang Xinjian again for his male lead role in Half the Sky. Wang Kai had to speak in a Dongbei dialect for his role as Wu Dawei in Half the Sky did not receive approval for airing until May 2015, and did not air until March 2016.[11]

In July 2013, Wang Kai starred as detective Gongsun Ze in New Detective Squad, a Republican-era detective series loosely based on The Three Heroes and Five Gallants.[12] In the 2013 movie, A Young Girl's Destiny, Wang played the role of Hao Chen.


2013–2015: Mainstream success


In 2013, with the disbandment of Nesound’s management department, Wang Kai joined Shandong Television & Film. His first role under the company was police officer Fang Mengwei in All Quiet in Peking.[13] The series was a major turning point for him in his confidence in acting, and marked the first of his multiple collaborations with directors Kong Sheng and Li Xue. Although the series had low viewership, he was praised for his ability to hold his own against multiple acclaimed veteran actors.[14]

The same year, he also made a cameo as underground union organizer Liu Chengzhi in Zhang Xinjian’s Once Upon a Time in Qingdao. Wang also made a cameo as Jin Yi in The Golden Era. He starred in the movie, A Murder Beside Yanhe River, where he plays Huang Kegong, a Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army soldier who becomes a murder suspect.[15]A Murder Beside Yanhe River premiered in December 2014, and Wang Kai received his first acting award for his portrayal of Huang Kegong, the Cutting-edge Actor Award at the 9th Chinese Youth Film Forum.[16]

In December 2014, when Hou Hongliang resigned from Shandong Film & Television to focus on Daylight Entertainment Ltd., Wang Kai left with him for Daylight Entertainment.[17] Between April 2014 and Summer 2015, Wang Kai filmed three television series produced by Daylight Entertainment: Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, and Love Me If You Dare.

On August 30,2015, espionage series The Disguiser began airing on Hunan TV, and quickly had one of the highest viewership ratings of the year. He received praise for his portrayal of the triple agent Ming Cheng for the series.[18] The success of The Disguiser was followed by the airing of Nirvana In Fire on September 19, 2015. In Nirvana In Fire, he plays a neglected Xiao Jingyan, Prince Jing, who climbs his way to the throne with the help of his best friend, Mei Changsu.[19]

A number of his other series also aired in late 2015, including Love Me if You Dare, which is based on writer Ding Mo's detective novel with the same name. Wang played police officer Li Xunran.[20] In addition, Once Upon a Time in Qingdao and A Murder Beside Yanhe River aired in November,[21] with Waiting For You in December. Following the airing of The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire, Wang Kai quickly rose to fame. By the end of 2015, he had received multiple awards and had became a regular in both magazines and fashion events. Between October and December, he participated in over 26 photo shoots.[22]

Wang Kai was awarded "The Year's Most Popular TV Actor" award at Dragon TV's "Wind from the East" ceremony for the most influential entertainers.[23] He was made ambassador of "1219 Long Love" public event in Beijing.[24]

It was announced in December 2015 that Wang Kai is to collaborate with Joe Chen for the 2016 drama Stay with Me.[25]




On January 14, 2016, he attended the conference for 360 smartphone, his first endorsement deal.[26] In February 2016, he was announced a spokesperson for Uni's line of bottle water, Alkaqua[27] as well as a brand ambassador for cosmetics brand Estée Lauder.[28]

Also in February 2016, Wang Kai co-founded Deshe Entertainment (Tianjin) Ltd. The company’s co-investor is Daylight Entertainment, and its legal representative is Hou Hongliang.[29]

In March 2016, Wang Kai stars as Shi Taipu in Legend of Nine Tails Fox in the story "Chang Ting (长亭)", which was adapted from Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, by Pu Songling.[30] In the same year, his series Ode to Joy, based on the novel with the same name, which will broadcast in April. He plays Zhao Qiping, a man who is a serious doctor in the day, but a fun-loving party animal off work.[31] Wang Kai will star in Jackie Chan's action comedy movie, Railroad Tigers, which is set to be released in October 2016.[32]




Television dramas


Year Title                                                                                     Role
2006 Cold Autumn (寒秋) Huang Yuanshang
2008 Water Point Peach Blossom (围屋里的桃花) Xu Yilin
Ugly Wudi (丑女无敌) Chen Jiaming
2010 Calling For Love (呼叫大明星) Wang Rui
2011 Guns Hou (枪炮侯) Dai Dao
2012 Youth (知青) Qi Yong
2013 New Detective Squad (新神探联盟) Gongsun Ze
2014 All Quiet in Peking (北平无战事) Fang Mengwei
2015 Waiting For You (等你爱我) Qu He
Once Upon a Time in Qing Dao (青岛往事) Liu Chengzhi
The Disguiser (伪装者) Ming Cheng
Nirvana In Fire (瑯琊榜) Xiao Jingyan, Prince Jing
Love Me If You Dare (他来了,请闭眼) Li Xunran
2016 Legend of Nine Tails Fox (青丘狐传说) Shi Taipu
Half the Sky (女人的天空)  Wu Dawei
Ode to Joy (欢乐颂) Zhao Qiping
Stay with Me (放弃我,抓紧我) Chen Yidu

When a Snail Falls in Love (如果蜗牛有爱情)




Ji Bai






Year Title Role
2012   My Puppy My Love (我的狗狗我的爱) Shi Lu Wei
2013    A Young Girl's Destiny (逆袭) Hao Chen
2014 The Golden Era (黄金时代) Jin Yi
A Murder Beside Yanhe River    (黄克功案件) Huang Kegong
2016 Railroad Tigers (铁道飞虎)  





Original soundtracks


Year Song title Album


2013 "Exploration of the World"                      New Detective Squad OST 5:06
2015 "Loyal Blood Forever Runs Red"  Nirvana In Fire OST               




Awards and nominations


Year Award Category Nominated work Result ref
2014       9th Chinese Youth Film Forum Cutting-edge Actor A Murder Beside Yanhe River Won [33]
2015 14th China's Annual Top List Entertainer of the Year                             Nirvana In Fire Won [34]
15th "Wind from the East" Influential Entertainers           Most Popular TV Actor The Disguiser, Nirvana In Fire Won [35]
Tencent Annual Entertainment Television Stars TV Actor of the Year Won [36]
7th China National Drama Awards Breakthrough Actor Won [37]
Most Popular Actor (Mainland) Won
2016 Weibo Night Awards Ceremony Person of the Year Won [38]





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Guest Tinkiebell

I heard he'll be in the newest drama adaptation of Ding Mo's novel "When a Snail Loves"? Looking forward to seeing that one. :) 

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For anyone interested to hear his singing I'll post a link of him singing with Jin Dong. He is singing the OST to the Disguiser  诉衷情 – 多亮 From The Heart – Duo Liang skip to 40:48 to listen to it.  I thought he did pretty good. Enjoy.






Thanks for letting me know I never even heard of that book. I'm gonna go look into it now I excited for him hope it goes well for him.



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11 hours ago, angelangie said:


Probably most of them are in china lols


I think Wang Kai has many fans. However Soompi main focus is on K-entertainment hence not much C-entertainment news here. I used to checkout Wang Kai International website for his update but the page was deleted by Google (not sure what's the reason behind it but the admin is working hard to re-instate the page) so here I am lurking on Soompi page once in a while. LOL!

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Wang Kai new movie Devotion of Suspect X will be released on April 1st. The drama was directed by Alec Su, starring Wang Kai, Zhang Lu, and Ruby Lin. In the film, Wang Kai played genius Math Professor who is also police adviser.



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More photos during Devotion of Suspect X press conference Jan 17, 2017.


High IQ guy solving difficult mathematics equation.



Feeling proud that he managed to quickly solve it.C2WV0zvXEAAe1s4_zpsk3ixsfrf.jpg


Now you know how he solved it in such a short time. LOL!






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Other than Suspect X, Wang Kai is also set to appear in small screen for Ode to Joy sequel.

I've read some news that Team B has concluded filming. Not sure which team Kai Kai is in but from the news we know the filming is pretty much complete. We will be able to see Wang Kai as Dr Zhao again <3 <3 <3

I will put some pictures of Kai Kai as Dr Zhao here :wink:


Do not disturb. Dr Zhao takes his job seriously.



Kai Kai with the real doctor.



Dr Zhao taking a break. Filming must be very hectic that Kai Kai has to take a puff or two in between shot.



Is this hospital or runway? The lab coat looks like trench coat on Kai Kai. LOL!






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17 hours ago, dramalover99 said:

@cassie6002 OMG!!! I didnt know that he smoke!!!! I thought it was some drama --- like the first pic, i thought it was part of some drama but nooo--- 
Anyway, damn!! I agree!! That the hottest one ever


Yes the first picture is from drama When a Snail Falls in Love. but the other pictures are not!!

I usually don't like guys who smoke (including actors eventhough it's part of their acting) but Kai Kai is exceptional. I even have collection of pictures of him smoking. I don't understand myself anymore. LOL!!

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On 1/20/2017 at 8:20 AM, cassie6002 said:


Yes the first picture is from drama When a Snail Falls in Love. but the other pictures are not!!

I usually don't like guys who smoke (including actors eventhough it's part of their acting) but Kai Kai is exceptional. I even have collection of pictures of him smoking. I don't understand myself anymore. LOL!!

Same!! I don't like guys/actors that smoke but omg...
ik that feeling

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