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[Current Ph Drama 2016] Dolce Amore (Sweet Love)


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Serena, a young girl raised in Italy by her adoptive parents, lives a good life yet still feels the longing of her true identity. Bearing the same struggles is Tenten who grew up in an orphanage until adopted by Dodoy and Taps. What happens when their worlds collide as Serena, in search of herself, travels to the Philippines?


Liza Soberano – Serena “Sese” Marchesa

Enrique Gil – Simon Vicente “Tenten” Ibarra

Matteo Guidicelli – Giancarlo De Luca

Cherie Gil – Luciana Marchesa

Ruben Maria Soriquez – Roberto Marchesa

Rio Locsin – Pilita “Taps” Ibarra

Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz – Ruben “Dodoy” Ibarra

Kean Cipriano – Binggoy Ibarra

Sunshince Cruz – Alice Urtola

Andrew E – Eugene “Uge” Urtola

Official Teasers,Trailers & PVs

Dolce Amore Trade Trailer


Dolce Amore Teaser: Two Worlds Will Collide


Dolce Amore Trailer 1: Liza Soberano is Serena



Dolce Amore Trailer 2: Enrique Gil is Tenten



Dolce Amore Full Trailer


The Making of Dolce Amore



Dolce Amore Press Conference



EP001| 02/15/16| Sweet Beginning| - Serena and Tenten are about to take the journey to find their destiny

EP002| 02/16/16| Pen Pal| - Now that Serena has found out that she is adopted, she is drawn to helping orphaned kids and decides to donate to an orphanage in Manila where Simon lives

EP003| 02/17/16| Wishes| - Luciana teaches Serena how to be a princess

EP004| 02/18/16| Hope| - Serena starts to look for answers while Tenten continues to work hard for his family

EP005| 02/19/16| Engagement| - An announcement from Giancarlo’s father will upset Serena

EP006| 02/22/16| All The Way| - Serena and Tenten meet for the first time

EP007| 02/23/16| Forgive| - Tenten’s mother begs for Serena’s mercy. Mapapatawad kaya ni Sese ang raketista ng Maynila? (Will Sese ever forgive the “Jack of all trades of Manila”?)

EP008| 02/24/16| Chase| - Tenten meets Serena again, not as a call boy, but as her driver

EP009| 02/25/16| Memory| - Fireflies bring comfort to Serena’s aching heart

EP010| 02/26/16| Bonding| - Serena learns more about the Philippines as Tenten takes her to Divisoria





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Dolce Amore Pilot Week Roundup

Apparently, ABSCBN (The network that produces Dolce Amore [DA]) uploads the first three episodes of their in-demand dramas on YT (Such a tease!) so I guess it's legal to post the actual episode embeds here


Review by Inquirerdotnet


Impressively brisk debut telecast for ‘Dolce Amore’

The first telecast of “Dolce Amore” last Feb. 15 was impressive due to its uncommon ambition, scope and brisk pacing.

It began by harking back to a fictive war in the 1990s in a land called Askovia, with terrified refugees including characters played by Sunshine Cruz and Andrew E., who had two little daughters.

It wasn’t made clear why they were there, but there was no time for further questions, because an explosion killed and/or separated most of them, with only their little baby certifiably surviving the tragedy.

She was quickly adopted by a wealthy and titled Italian (Ruben Maria Soriquez), who took her home to his barren wife (Cherie Gil). She didn’t like the foundling one bit, because she reminded her of her inability to give her husband a child—so, the scene was swiftly set for a “bad stepmother” scenario that would make the child unhappy for the rest of her childhood years.

Obviously, the little girl, Serena, would grow up to be the series’ teen protagonist, played by Liza Soberano.

In the new series’ first telecast, however, the focus was on Serena as an unhappy, yearning child brought up by kind Pinay yayas—and a loving father (who also spoke Filipino, because he was similarly reared by other overseas Filipino workers, or OFWs, when he was a kid).

Much of the series’ initial emphasis was on Serena, but the first telecast efficiently found time to sketch in the backstory of its male lead, Simon, portrayed in young-adulthood by Enrique Gil.

We see him growing up in an orphanage, and surmise that he will end up being adopted by a poor but loving couple played by Rio Locsin and Edgar Mortiz.

Unexpected crises will force the boy to become a resourceful and hardworking jack of all trades. Serena and Simon could become pen pals—and the time will come when their paths will finally, “fatedly” cross in Europe, where (we’re going by the show’s trailer now) he will be forced by circumstances to be a “boytoy for hire,” if you get our drift—and he will (mistakenly) think that she’s (gasp!) hiring him!

For now, however, the show’s debut telecast has given us a good first impression, because it covered a lot of territory, employed different staging styles, included quite a number of “big” scenes, etc.

We trust that the series will keep working creatively and hard in the weeks and months to come, unlike other shows that make a great impression for one week, only to quickly lose steam and end up as a lethargic lump of lazy storytelling.

On the buena mano telecast of “Dolce Amore,” the early standouts were Ruben Maria Soriquez and Cherie Gil as Serena’s adoptive parents, the child actors who portrayed Serena and Simon, and Sunshine Cruz as Serena’s real mother. She “died” early on—before the first telecast ended (yes, the show’s first salvo was that eventful)!

Ruben and Cherie did so well that we hope the series doesn’t have a death scene in store for either of their characters.

As for Liza and Enrique, they’ll have to do really well in this show to rise up to the level of the exceptional thespic company they’re keeping.

Read more: http://entertainment.inquirer.net/190670/impressively-brisk-debut-telecast-for-dolce-amore#ixzz41Obbz5rY



Feature by MB

Tenten, Serena all grown up in latest ‘Dolce Amore’ episode

Young Tenten and Serena are now all grown up in the latest episode of ABS-CBN’s newest primetime series Dolce Amore.

The third episode, which aired on Wednesday evening, February 17, finally showed the much-awaited comeback of the LizQuen love team to primetime. LizQuen plays the grown up roles of Serena and Tenten in the series.

In the episode, Tenten (Enrique Gil) has grown into a hardworking man making ends meet for his adoptive family; moonlighting as promo-diser,  car wash boy, and construction worker, all in one day.

Meanwhile, back in Italy, Serena (Liza Soberano) continues to find her true identity, and asks her adoptive father if they could go back to Askovia; while fending off an amorous “relationship” with Giancarlo (played by Matteo Guiidcelli), who’s much favored by her adoptive mother (played by Cherie Gil).

Askovia is the country where Serena was separated from her real parents during war.

“Dolce amore” is Italian for “sweet love”. Could Serena’s search for her true self lead her to her sweet love Tenten when she revisits Manila?

Directed by Mae Cruz Alviar and Cathy Garcia Molina, Dolce Amore‘s pilot episode aired on Monday, February 15, replacing the KathNiel-starrer Pangako Sa ‘Yo. It airs Mondays through Fridays on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida, right after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Dolce Amore also stars Ruben Maria Soriquez (Serena’s adoptive father), Edgar Mortiz (Tenten’s adoptive father), Rio Locsin (Tenten’s adoptive mother), and many more.

Fans who missed the LizQuen tandem and even non-fans took to social media airing their admiration for the show. The hashtag “#DolceAmoreWishes” occupied the #1 trending spot on Twitter nationwide.

Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/tenten-serena-all-grown-up-in-latest-dolce-amore-episode/#cMQ94KKicdoK2Y6e.99



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