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Having some editing issues?



Hi, i hope im in the correct section. I went through the troubleshooting/tips docs before posting this :)


I am the OP of an artist thread and its not allowing me to edit it anymore? I took over a few weeks ago and the issue started the day after i did the main changes. When i came back the text box was empty. The title, tags and description are there but not the main body. I did allow time for the text box to load (there is alot), check my internet connection and opened in different browsers - Still nothing.


Is this a known thing? Is there a possible work around?

Any tips/help will be appreciated!

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Just a querry. I cant post anymore on my fave thread in Descendants of the sun  this is what happen how can i delete the gray box i can't post any message. I try other soompi forum like shippers paradise my message board is working except on DOTS.


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@renvic did you try to quote someone or post a spoiler or something?

If so, are you able to select the gray box and hit delete or backspace?

What happens when you try to type? Does it show any letters at all (might be words, if you combine them into the correct order)?

What happens if you try to click Submit Reply?

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