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❤GooWon COUPLE❤(Seo Dae Young❤Yoon Myung Joo from DotS)

Adwina Oltariani

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There's so much angst surrounding their story~ Especially the scene where MJ's father talked to Deyoung, and the confrontation scene of MJ and her father, it seems like MJ is saying that she loves DY. Although their scenes were short, their scenes only got me so hyped up to what will happen to them in the next episode~ And loved the flashbacks~

I thought we'd be seeing the slapping scene this episode, but turns out KBS trolled us~ hopefully we get OTP scenes for tomorrow's episode :)

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29 minutes ago, debbsthebee said:

ICYMI The full MV for my lovelies here. also at 2:43, does anyone know what happened there with the memorandum and all? 
MJ's dad's meddling sigh. </3 

There's a high chance MJ's Dad will give an order which states DY to be stationed someplace else.. I get that he just wants the best for his daughter.. but thats going too far.. cant wait for the day he caved and  give blessings to their relationship before it's too late..

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21 minutes ago, Adwina Oltariani said:

There's a high chance MJ's Dad will give an order which states DY to be stationed someplace else.. I get that he just wants the best for his daughter.. but thats going too far.. cant wait for the day he caved and  give blessings to their relationship before it's too late..

They should just elope and get married lol. however, given DY's character he's too honourable for that. 

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In the new cover of OST part 3, seems like they're in the cafetaria and DY approached her instead of the other way around.. so looks like he's chasing for her in later eps, I guess.. bring it on!! And would be soo great if we see him being jealous again! :D


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17 minutes ago, inshara2000 said:

Their first meeting was so cute. I hope we get more scenes like that. 

DY- "So the concept for today is a ghost?" 

MJ- "It's an angel."

DY- *blank*

MJ- "Let's go."

yeah!! he's so stoic while she's fiery and adorable. Their dynamic seems fun and I cant wait to see more of the flashbacks between them.

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On 3 March 2016 at 5:43 PM, Adwina Oltariani said:

we're getting a hug tonight!! ASDFGHJKL 

Mod edit: please do not quote images!

OMONA !!! So Happy right now :)) Can't wait for today episode :)

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I love this couple so much. I enjoy them more than the shows OTP (sorry to their fans, for some reason SJK and SHK together just aren't doing it for me, though I do enjoy their characters) and man I just love everything about their story. I really enjoy how their personalities match so well. MY doesn't really seem like the bubbly candy girl. She seems kind of like straightforward and a bit rude or blunt and in she knows her self, her work, her family and worth, and is like, yeah I'm good and I know it LOL. SD on the on the other hand seems so curt and stock and blunt. I adored their car conversations and she was just herself giving as good as he gave and I don't know the whole thing was pretty straightforward and hilarious to me. I like when he says "ghost?" and she' like no "an angel" and flutters her fingers like wings. She was so adorable there and he's just *blank* fasten your seat belt LOL. I like their dynamic already.

I cannot stand her father and how is so blatantly abusing his power. I don't get his reasoning for wanting to keep them apart a all. Like, maybe if you left the dude alone he could work his way up to general position...it's like leave him and her alone. Your daughter seems just as stubborn as you and will not give up on this dude. Leave the boy alone. I haven't watched ep 4 but I really really hope he does not leave as ordered to do so. 

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I watched ep 4 without subtitles but DAMN I'm already in love with :

- GooWon couple : Their chemistry is so strong that I'm speechless. That hug tho ;)

- Myung Ju : I love her confidence and the fact that she's so strong and is fighting for her love + She is gorgeous :)

- Dae Young : Everytime I see him his face scream angst and he makes me so sad :( And he's so mainly ! 

@MrsSoJiSub The father did order him to return to Korea ㅠㅠ 

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so many GooWon moments in ep4.. how come their dating days (which is very romcom) turned into full melodrama and angst???


I hope her Dad gives his blessing so these two can back to those lovely times together.. I CANT TAKE THIS ANGST ANYMORE.. :"(

and can we talk about how gorgeous these two are.. I mean.. he's in a black suit while she's in a white dress.. 




and how cute these two aree.. their dynamic is so fun, I swear to God. He occasionally teasing her and SMILES afterwards. cuteeeee










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article about uri couple!! Knetz loving them!! :wub:

tv Report - Naver: ,'Descendants of the Sun', Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won break up as soon as they arrive in Uruk


1. [+2,528, -24] Woah.. My heart flutters more for this couple

2. [+2,291, -12] I got a heart attack when Jin Goo hugged her tightly. I'm rooting for them

3. [+2,048, -15] They're cute in their flashback scenes ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+1,832, -14] Give this couple more screen time

5. [+1,152, -14]ㅠㅠ They match well

6. [+379, -1] Such good directing with their flashbacksㅋㅋㅋ Jin Goo's character comes off as gruff and robotic but he's affectionate inside ㅠㅠ

7. [+312, -1] The cherry blossoms scene is so pretty! I like their love story

8. [+289, -12] These two break my heart when I look at them ㅜㅠ I have this gut feeling that Jin Goo will die while saving Kim Ji Won

9. [+267, -12] Don't they beat out SongSong couple?


1. [+1,378, -38] Woah, Jin Goo pulled Jiwon so strongly when they hugged that it made this loud thud. Joongki's tone match well with his lines. Why can't they just release episodes every single day since they're done shooting the whole thing? 

2. [+1,208, -27] "I want to be with you, I've said it so many times" Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! 

3. [+1,080, -23] Words oozing with confidence: "We can just make rumors into truths"

4. [+105, -2] What I like most about this drama is there is no love triangle ㅋㅋㅋBecause everyone's got a partner, I can watch it without worrying who'll end up with who. That must be a reason why it's drawing so many viewersㅋㅋ

5. [+95, -2] In real life, a guy like Yoo Shijin would either be a huge flirt or just a really smart person 

6. [+91, -2] You can't help but fall for Kim Eun Sook's male leads ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't care how cringeworthy this drama is, I've already fallen hard for it 

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I wish they had more scenes. I know they're the second leads but I'd love it more if they had more screen times (why can't Kim Eun-Sook nim do it like On Air where both couples had equal screen times -__-). Can't help but wish for more because of their chemistry and intriguing story. He's hot, she's pretty, and the angst just makes me go crazy thinking about their kiss scene(s) hahaha.



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