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❤GooWon COUPLE❤(Seo Dae Young❤Yoon Myung Joo from DotS)

Adwina Oltariani

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Hello, a first-timer here! Seo Daeyoung and Yoon Myungjoo's first scene together in the pilot ep really moved me and I think this couple will be my primary reason to stay and watch this drama. Their melodramatic love story creates a perfect blend with Yoo Sijin and Kang Moyeon's playful and flirty relationship. 

What I really like about this love line is their relationship is very unique and cool, how they are both soldiers but the woman takes the higher position and I'm really enjoying (or let's say crying over) the parts where Myungjoo uses her title to show her love for Sergeant Major Seo. :wub: And since I'm part of the sentimental and emotional section of the audience, their angsty scenes together are so deeply heart-wrenching and moving that I can't help crying in public because of them. 

I hope we can get a kiss scene from them though...that forehead kiss wasn't enough! Lol. And I'm really looking forward to how their relationship turns out in the end and I'm asking for more screentime. 

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I thought Jingoo couldn't make it to the party lol but see him in the pictures makes me so happy :w00t:

Songsong shipper are questioning why Hyogyo didn't take picture with Joongki and we Goowon shippers are longing for a pic of Jingoo and Jiwon :(:lol: Glad to see them having fun to celebrate the drama's success

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4 hours ago, purpose said:


awww the casts are so cuteee. SHK approved our otp :D

goowon acted like they're superstars lmao

wishing for another selca of goowon


I bet they gonna post one selca of each other when the time comes.. They did it previously :P maybe saving it for the right time? ;) 

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Kim Ji Won Stays Humble and Raves About Her Co-Stars in "Descendants of the Sun"



Kim Ji Won, who is currently experiencing explosive popularity due to her role in the hit KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun,” shared her appreciation for her co-star Jin Goo.

Describing him as “the best partner,” she said, “Jin Goo sunbaenim really suffered a lot at the beginning of the filming because of me. I don’t think I could have done it without him. He helped me so much. I feel so sorry and also so thankful to him. Whether it was to support my struggling acting, listen to my concerns, give me food or snacks or always supporting me, I’m sure that Jin Goo sunbaenim was really busy because of me. He should have reprimanded me at least once but not a single time did he say anything negative and instead he was also warm and friendly as he led. I was so thankful. I think he is the best partner that I’ve had in my life. Haha!”

When asked who she would have picked between the two male stars of Jin Goo and Song Joong Ki, without hesitation, she replied “Jin Goo sunbaenim. Perhaps because even from before the filming for the drama to until now, I have lived for Seo Dae Young and so even now, I am all for Seo Dae Young,” calling Jin Goo by his name in the drama.

“When we started filming, I was only concerned about my parts and trying to act well and so I was too busy to be concerned about the expressions of my co-stars or think about how the two of us were coming up on the screen. It wasn’t until I saw it on the broadcast on television that I realized that Jin Goo sunbaenim is so attractive. When scenes of him struggling with Myeong Joo’s dad come up, even I get angry and I even cried. Yoo Shi Jin (the role played by Song Joong Ki) is flawlessly handsome as well, but for me, I am always Seo Dae Young. Haha!”


Moreover, she praised not just the actor Jin Goo but the person Jin Goo as well.

“I’ve noticed this from the filming but I have so much to learn from Jin Goo sunbaenim and Song Hye Kyosunbaenim and Song Joong Ki sunbaenim in terms of not just acting but from their attitudes as well. They were not once late and even come early to rehearsals and check through with the staff and have conversations with them. It made me embarrassed to think about how hard working they were compared to myself. Even if they’re popular or have been in the industry for a long time, they don’t pay much attention to that and instead lead the atmosphere well. I was so touched by that. In particular, Jin Goosunbaenim is so funny but yet determined and so many people like him. He’s a person that combines all the qualities of friendliness, charisma and gentleness.”

When asked about her growing popularity, she laughed and sure enough turned the attention back to Jin Goo. Perhaps because she was shy to talk about herself, but she instead mentioned the immense popularity that Jin Goo was experiencing. She said, “There’s a lot of people around me who say that it is such a shame that Jin Goo is married. His popularity is to the point that people joke like that. There’s so many people who have asked me for his autograph.”

She added, “Actually, for me, there hasn’t been much difference. When I think about the different interest and expectations that are held of me now, I think about luck. Its all due to such talented sunbaenims who make me look so good. It’s embarrassing and burdensome. I still am lacking in so many ways but I’m going to work hard to repay all of the love that I have received. I want to stay humble and steadfast and work hard as an actor to show a better side of me. Please look forward to it!”

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I think so too the first photo will be in episode 13 as in the preview they were back to Korea .

saw their pictures alone makes me smile and  melts my heart :blush: cant wait for next week....

ahh so kim ji won also fall in love with Seo Dae Young just as we all :heart:

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When i saw that picture.., i know this couple really caught  a lot of loves from everywhere..I saw its so romantic and sincere..With a beautiful view of the background just like cover for video music...

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Watch: Jin Goo Is Full of Hip-Hop Swag in Past Advertisement

ck525 April 1, 2016


Jin Goo’s past swag in an advertisement is resurfacing.

On March 29, an online post under the title “Jin Goo’s Time as a Soju Joeun Day Model” went viral.

In a water bottle in a restaurant, a sticker of Jin Goo in hip-hop attire can be seen. This picture is from when Jin Goo was a model for the soju brand “Joeun Day,” and the striking contrast from Seo Dae Young in “Descendants of the Sun” is almost comical.



Meanwhile, the post also included a video of Jin Goo rapping for an ad clip. He is fully into his role, dancing and rapping with swag.



Search : soompi
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Jin goo in happy together..no doubt..he is really romantic guy...he can sing...he has talent to be song writer...he has a lot of quality as a man , friend & hubby...that's why he can delivered his charming thru the acting.....:wub:

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1 hour ago, exobyul said:

Why did KJW said it was sweet and salty btw MJ and DY :( Noooooo don't make me have bad feelings Jiwonnieee

Yeah i started to worried when she said it was sweet and salty between them. But I really hope and pray for our goowon to have a happy ending!

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Kim Ji Won Shares Why She Thinks Females Like Her Character in “Descendants of the Sun”


On March 2, Kim Ji Won was interviewed during a segment of KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Weekly.” The MC immediately compliments her on her petite face, to which Kim Ji Won smiles and says, “I think I just grew up this way.”

First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Joo, Kim Ji Won’s character in “Descendants of the Sun,” as well as the actress herself, is currently one of the most popular women on television, especially amongst females. Kim Ji Won explains, “People seem to say Yoon Myung Joo is a ‘girl crush.’ I think they like that she is independent, and protects more than she receives protection.”

Kim Ji Won recalls one of the scenes she remembers the most as when her character was “talking with Seo Dae Young in the hospital. We put in a lot of effort while filming that scene, but they edited it beautifully as well. As for the coolest scene, she explains Song Joong Ki‘s “Then, save him” scene was “really impressive. End of story.”


During the interview, she also expresses her thoughts on the “GuWon couple,” and even gives Jin Goo (who plays Seo Dae Young) a call. As the youngest member of the main cast, she constantly thanks her seniors for taking care of her so well during filming.


search : soompi

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April 1, 2016

Check out GooWon Couple's Pictorial Behind Cuts

Source: BNTNews


[by Woorim Ahn] Actress Kim Ji Won disclosed behind cuts of her pictorial with Jin Goo. 

On April 1, her agency King Kong Entertainment revealed her couple pictorial’s behind-the-scene cuts with Jin Goo that is appearing in KBS ‘Descendant of the Sun’ as partners. 

Since she took the photos with Jin Goo as ‘Goowon Couple’, it caught the mass public’s attention. In the pictures, she gazed the front with chic eyes and Jin Goo stared at her with sad eyes as well. They also made sweet smiles and gave romantic mood for the audiences. 

Kim Ji Won had on a blue dress to make a mature and mysterious mood. Unlike her character Yoon Myung Joo of the drama, she showed a totally different side. 

According to the staff, she fully enjoyed taking the pictorial and spread her positive energy at the filming site with Jin Goo. 

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won’s drama ‘Descendant of the Sun’ airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm KST. (photo by King Kong Entertainment) 

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