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Yang Yang 杨洋 (Mainland Artist) Official Thread

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[TRANS] Yang Yang Femina Interview

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 湖南卫视芒果捞

What must you do to marry Yang Yang? Yang Yang himself will teach you!



Q: You have a dancer background, are action scenes difficult for you? Or are they exhilarating?
A: As I’ve learned dance before, so I can use and control my limbs easier, so it’s actually quite easy for me. “In The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan” it was physical fights, in “The Four” the action has to be pretty. It’s unavoidable to be hurt during training and filming, but everything felt exhilarating.

Q: Male-male CP is very popular on the silver screen right now, what do you think is the difference of being pair up with a guy compared to a girl?
A: Male couple? So they have things like that now…… (Do you think you’re on the giving/top or receiving/bottom end?) This is entertainment for the netizens, so I’m fine with anything. (Are you willing to accept a role acting in a male-male couple?) Based on my personality, I probably won’t, I won’t be able to accep tit.

Q: In “The Left Ear” you gave away your first onscreen kiss, twice! How do you feel about your first onscreen kiss?
A: When I was filming “Inspector Fan”, the director also requested for a real kiss, Yang Zishan saw that I wasn’t experienced and said, “It’s alright, Jie has experience, let Jie do it”, after that we used positions and got it done. When I was filming “The Left Ear”, director Alec Su was very demanding, he wished that everything presented felt real, although he didn’t say it directly, we didn’t dare to ask either, so we obediently filmed this scene.

Q: After the broadcasting of “The Four”, you are labelled as ‘fresh meat male god’ by the media, how do you understand this phrase?
A: I actually really like this way of calling, little fresh meat isn’t it, it just means more collagen, giving off the feeling of energy and youth. (Why not rank the fresh meat male gods you’ve worked with by their visual?) Including me? I’ve never thought about this, everyone probably has their own ranking in their hearts, but I’m quite confident in myself.

Q: As a person born after 1990, on set are you still the one who is being taken care of by the big brothers and big sisters? Or will you take initiative in taking care of the new actors, like Ou Hao and Hu Xia were singers before.
A: I’m being taken care of more. Ou Hao and the rest don’t have too much experience in acting, the first time I acted I was very nervous too, when I was acting in “Dream of the Red Chamber”, even my smiles were stiff. (Did you see your own shadow in them?) Everyone are young, but stating it like this makes me old. (laughter)

Q: About your own appearance, will it be a hindrance in you accepting dramas? For example those that require you to act as a masculine man.
Q: I’m not the kind of guy who looks like a girl, I can only say that I am prettily handsome. Before this I acted a few “weak” roles, so the masculine role in “Inspector Fan” at the beginning of this year was a challenge I anticipated for a very long time. After trying it, I felt that I could do it. Me not smiling and me smiling are completely different states.

Q: The requirements for a male celebrity now is, when wearing clothes you have to look thin, but when you take them off you have to be muscular, when you’re working out, do you set goals for yourself such as 8 packs or a mermaid line?
A: I think these already came true (laughter)! No matter how late my filming gets, I’ll spend 2 hours working out, I also really take notice of what I eat, basically everyday I eat boiled cabbage, over ten egg whites. Although the whole process is dry, but when I see the result, I’m still very satisfied and it feels worth it. (Are there any figure in the entertainment industry you wish to achieve?) No, as long as I train myself it’s enough, since the result will be 8 packs, they’re all the same.

Q: So far what underlying talents do you have that you think haven’t been discovered yet? What other roles do you want to try?
A: I’m pretty confident in myself, there are many styles that I can try. (Comedy?) I’ll leave comedy aside for now, I still want to mainly have the domineering CEO style roles.

Q: What is your personal wardrobe like, do you have any clothes you really love? Give us a tip on how to be handsome.
A: For myself I usually wear dark colours, so simple that there won’t be any pattern, I think the simpler it is the better it looks. Like today’s clothes, actually they’re not my personal style at all, they can be said as a new try. Normally I just read magazines and watch Korean dramas to raise my fashion character.

Q: Do you think you have any obvious Virgo traits? Virgos are always being smeared, do you want to say something for yourself?
A: Is it? What’s wrong with us virgos, why are we being smeared? Nicholas Tse and Leslie Cheung are all Virgos! Perfectionists, really so. I think I’m……hmm, actually quite Virgo (laughs). For example after I wash up in the evening, when I’m walking out of the toilet, I’ll turn off the lights thrice; before I sleep, I will put my phone at the top of mybed three times. My OCD is quite Virgo, but I am changing slowly.

Q: You said before that you are a male chauvinist, and you can’t accept an older woman-younger man relationship, did anything change?
A: This, I’ll leave it up to fate, I’m still a male chauvinist……actually, as of the moment I still can’t accept an older woman-younger man relationship.

Q: You don’t update your weibo very often, your fans always complain about you “forgetting your login password”, have you thought about posting more selcas to tame your fans’ longing?
A: I’m not very good at taking selcas, but I’m not the type to take a lot and choose after, basically I just take a few and there will be one I’m satisfied with, so it’s actually quite alright. (Manager is completely dismissive at the side: still have a lot of room for improvement on selca skills, you should be even more handsome!)

Q: When you’re away from the filming, what will you be busy doing? Will you be playing basketball or video games like others your age?
A: Back when I was in Shanghai, I really liked go carting in an underground amusement park. Right now, after I finish filming a drama, I will just stay at home, not going anywhere, play some XBOX, League of Legends, watch some new films. After a while of staying at home, I will call my friends out for a gathering, or else I’ll bring my parents traveling.

Q: Some female fans leave comments such as “how can I marry you” on your weibo posts and they have a lot of likes, tell us a way?
A: You have me stumped. (Thinks for almost 20 seconds) I think that, if you’re still a student, then you study well first; if you’re an older sister who is working, then work well first. When it’s time, I will come looking for you all (laughter).

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[TRANS] Yang Yang Easy Magazine Interview

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 杨洋全国后援会官博 | Requested post


E: While watching the show it seems like you’re really particular about your image, if there is something messy on your body, which part will be the most unbearable for you?
YY: Hair. Maybe because since young I can’t stand having split ends in my hair, sometimes I want to make it seem as if I have fluffy bangs, so when I can’t do that I’ll be really annoyed and tired.

E: Aside from tidying yourself when you see something that has a reflective surface and when you see something untidy you’ll have to clean it up, what other “special” OCD do you have?
YY: Because I like off numbers, so sometimes when I’m at home I turn the lights on and off, for example before I sleep at night I can’t just turn the lights off once, I may have to do it thrice, maybe this is an OCD. But it’s been getting better now.

E: What are your favourite nicknames from fans?
YY: I don’t admit that I’m an old cadre, why is that always my nickname…
E: Do you like it when fans call you Miemie or Yang CEO?
YY: I quite like them, you guys can call me whatever you want! Actually in my heart I quite like old cadre…it’s just that I don’t think I’m capable of accepting it.

E: Next time will you interact often with teh fans, will you host some activities or like/reply their posts occasionally?
YY: Of course I will!
E: Do you lurk often?
YY: I’ll look at some of the fans’ comments~~ last time you guys were talking bad about me, saying I’m an old cadre.

E: The way of Emotionless is being emotionless but with deep feeling, Ruo Bai’s hidden but warm love, brother Zhang Qiling’s silence and calmness, as the 24 year-old you, which do you prefer?
YY: I like these roles very much, and they all gave me a sense of security. (Which role did you find the most exhilarating to act?) Every one of them were, because when you read the script, you’ll only accept the project if you like the role. These few roles have different personalities.

E: The female characters in <The Four>, <The Left Ear> and <Tornado Girl>, which attracted you the most? Or should I say which type will be able to woo you easily?
YY: I think that (in the dramas) it’s always be chasing after someone else. If you’re talking about the character, it’s better to talk about reality, then I will go with the flow/leave it up to fate.

E: Have you ever met any crazy male fans? What is the situation like?
YY: A few days ago I was filming, there were some fans. I saw that there were male fans who waited for me till midnight. Actually I didn’t know that he was my fan, and I rarely appeared in front of fans while filming. So when they told me that they were my fans, I didn’t think of it because they looked really calm.

E: You have such a magnetic voice, it’s so nice, have you thought of advancing into the music industry?
YY: I’ve always been floating around in the music industry~ next time I will be releasing songs officially too, everyone can anticipate that.

E: Fans all think that your selfie skills are not good enough, your selfies are also few and far in between, are you the kind that’s very bad at taking selfies?
YY: Selfie? I think my selfies now are quite okay, they’re a lot better compared to before~
E: Next time will you post about your survival monitoring reports often?
YY: I’ll do it on weibo, there are some things in my life that I wish you guys can see!

E: What was the most awkward/embarrassing thing that happened when you went out this time? Have you done anything dumb?
YY: I did! It’s that……I provoked the cameraman saying: “It’s not like you can broadcast that…” and then I was betrayed.
E: How did you feel when it was broadcasted on television?
YY: I wanted to dice all of the mangoes… (t/n - Mango TV = Hunan TV = the channel that broadcasts Divas Hit the Road)

E: Are you more carefree around the older sisters in <Divas Hit the Road> or happier around younger brothers like Wu Lei?
YY: I stay with the older sisters longer right now, from being strangers on tour together to being together 24 hours a day, such a condition is completely different from filming a drama, this way you get closer a lot more.

E: Who was the hardest to appease?
YY: I can’t refuse to do anything any of the sisters ask me to, when I reached on my first day I told them, just use me like a slave! I’m there for manual labour, if there’s anything you guys want then tell me, if anything happens to me then you guys have to help me too, we were strong alliances.

E: In the show you listened to BIG BANG songs, do you really like them?
YY: Yes! I think they’re (songs) quite nice…
E: Then will you go for a concert?
YY: I’ve been to them before~~

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[TRANS] Yang Yang’s Q&A on Divas Hit the Road Wechat group

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 头条传媒 | Requested post


YY: Hello to all the older brothers and sisters, I am Yang Yang, please take care of me
Reporter: Yang Yang how many times do you look into the mirror every day? Is the powdered foundation you borrowed from Jiejie nice to use? Will you have an idol package
YY: I look into the mirror because when I was younger and training in school, because I face the mirror daily, it’s a habit of mine to look at wherever there is the reflection of a mirror, I have an idol package, I am a person who’s slow to warm u[, but afterwards when I’m familiar with everyone I’m really uninhibited

Reporter: That kick Jing Boran gave to you, did it hurt?
YY: That kick from Jing Boran kicked me awake, what’s hurt is my face

Reporter: When Zheng Shuang wasn’t in condition yet, we saw that you were already tidying up the living room, were you helping Zheng Shuang clean up? You’re usually very clean and tidy, do you have the OCD of Virgos?
YY: I guess I do, back then I saw that the thing son the table were quite messy so I couldn’t help but tidy them up

Reporter: For next week’s trailer broadcasted on last week’s show, I felt that you weren’t very happy, what happened?
YY: Why did you guys think I wasn’t happy, I’m really someone who’s happy when traveling, maybe because I’m someone who warms up slowly, and that day I really was quite tired, I’m actually a very sunshine boy

Reporter: In the show you said you matched well with Ivy Chen, that was when you two were searching for sheep together, what do you think? Do you like girls her style?
YY: She’s like my older sister, and she’s hyper everyday, whenever we see her everyone becomes excited as well, quite happy being with her

Reporter: When Ning Jing became very angry, you chose to stay silent at the side, were you shocked due to her aura? Or did you feel like you couldn’t stick a sentence in~ In reality when you encounter something awkward or uncomfortable, how will you handle it?
YY: I chose to stay silent back then, but afterwards I gave Jing-jie a big hug

Reporter: How was Xiao Shuang as a tour guide? Are you the kind to create more hassle before her or are you a warm guy?
YY: A bit of both, I think you have to ask her that, I think Xiao Shuang did well

Reporter: Right now you’re probably also rushing to film dramas, you just finished traveling and you have to throw yourself into work, do you feel unadapted?
YY: Right now I’m getting more and more work, even though I feel kind of unadapted, I will work hard
Reporter: So this means you didn’t interact a lot with the tour guide during your travels? Did you handle all your problems by yourself?
YY: No, but she’s a girl, I need to learn how to take care of her, the lesser problems I have, the lesser she’ll have to work

Reporter: What is your role in this team? To negate the atmosphere? Or a human GPS?
YY: My main role in the team is to be the human GPS

Reporter: Then if Xiao Shuang and Jing Boran drops into the water, who will you save?
YY: Of course I have to save the girl, the hero saves the damsel in distress, Jing Boran knows how to swim

Reporter: In what circumstance will you seek the tour guide for help when you can’t handle it yourself?
YY: If I want to handle it myself I will do that, I don’t want to trouble the tour guide even more

Reporter: From The Four to Divas, after that to Tornado Girls, it feels like you’re taking over the screens of Hunan TV, hahahaha, how do you feel?
YY: So happy to take over the screens of Hunan TV

Reporter: When did you feel the closest to breakdown during traveling?
YY: Probably when I couldn’t get used to food overseas, wasn’t full

Reporter: Ning Jing-jie said before that because she was afraid she won’t be able to eat for the next meal, she ate a lot, and everyone on the team gained wait, are you troubled like this?
YY: Of course, I ate a lot for every meal, although it wasn’t nice, but in the end I feel like I gained weight as well

Reporter: Have you experienced being hungry/not having anything to eat?
YY: Yes, every single day I wasn’t full, and sometimes because I had to save money, so I rather be hungry to save money, but sometimes when I see ice cream I wanted to eat I really craved for it, but you can’t bear to buy it, do you know those kind of feeling, that’s why the first thing I did when I came back was to eat rice

Reporter: When Xiao Shuang was the tour guide has she been “fierce” to you? What’s your deepest impression of tour guide-jie?
YY: I don’t think I consider Xiao Shuang’s as “fierce”, I feel that, as a tour guide, she’s really under a lot of pressure

Reporter: Miemie, you’re one of the younger ones in the team, were you nervous because of this and couldn’t express some of your thoughts while you were traveling?
YY: Actually before I went I was nervous, plus the fact that I’m someone who warms up to people slowly, that day when I reached London, I actually did some homework in advance, I was thinking if the tour guide will be there to pick me up, I already prepared to not have a tour guide pick me up, and having to take the underground to the hotel myself, and when I arrived, my luggage was lost as well, after I walked out from the airport, I originally thought that not a single person will call out my name but then I heard Zheng Shuang and the rest calling for me, I felt like I found relatives, so at that time I was super happy, but later on it was quite regretful because everything was very hurried that day, when we met I didn’t have time to do a self introduction, and I’m the kind who’s slow to warm up

Reporter: You had fun having a pillow fight with foreigners?
YY: I feel like during the pillow fight, because we’re supposed to be targeting others, but in the end it became a fight between ourselves, that’s something I didn’t expect, and when it was about to end I prepared to buy some things at the convenience store beside it, but I saw a lot of foreigner friends see me and charge towards me to hit me, at that moment I was dazed, and then I ran many many rounds, after that fighting with the foreigner friends, I really felt very very happy that day

Reporter: When did you become familiar with everyone? In the team who do you match with the best?
YY: At first when I just entered I was the most familiar with Zheng Shuang, because our ages are quite similar, and when I lost my luggage it was her who lent me stuff, after that I became very close with her, and during the journey, because I’d borrow the tour guide’s iPad to use the GPS, but that time I accidentally dropped her iPad, so I felt very very guilty then

Reporter: How will you comment on your responsibilities in the team? How many points will you give yourself?
YY: As a Virgo perfectionist, I want to give myself full marks, what do you gys think

Reporter: After Jing-bao came did you feel like you were being left behind, because in the show it feels like Xiao Shuang and Jing-bao interacted more
YY: Not at all, I didn’t feel left behind, they’re the proper couple (proper = Zheng Jing), I know

Reporter: Who did you think was more popular among the older sisters? Why?
YY: Probably Jing-bao, I’ll spill some beans, during the trip he often did stand up comedy in a North-eastern accent, and it was very funny

Reporter: What kind of stand up comedy?
YY: You should leave this for when you’re talking to him next time and ask him, he really has a lot of jokes up his sleeves I’m telling you guys, really.

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[TRANS] Yang Yang TV Friend Interview

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 琉西西CC | Requested post



What is your impression of Yang Yang?

Is it the tender and affectionate “Jia Baoyu”? Or the talented and strong “Emotionless”? The cold on the outside but warm on the inside “Zhang Qiling”? Or the “shy maknae” from <Divas Hit the Road 2>?

These are all Yang Yang, but they are all not Yang Yang.

Be it the roles in the dramas, be it reality shows, everything Yang Yang had displayed were just the tip of his iceberg.

In the interview, when asked which animal he’d like to become, he said “cheetah”; when asked what role he’d like to take on, he said, “soldier”. This image is drastically different from the soft and tender image of Yang Yang everyone has.

Everyone has many sides to them, maybe to others, the 23-year-old Yang Yang is still a “little fresh meat” or “child”, yet, he also has the genes for “domineering CEO”. Needless to say, at his age, he’s actually turning towards the direction of becoming a man.

If one day, you see Yang Yang portraying a “domineering masculine man”, do not be surprised, because, this is exactly his initial heart.


Qiling and Divas

This year, Yang Yang appeared many times in the audience’s vision, movies such as <The Left Ear>, dramas such as <The Four> and <Tornado Girl>, variety such as <Divas Hit the Road2>, internet dramas such as <The Lost Tomb>, Yang Yang is on the silver screen as well as monitors. Yang Yang is on the internet. The sudden increase in workload and the sudden rise in popularity all brought about changes to Yang Yang, yet the thing that we can be happy about is that Yang Yang is a very level-headed person, he knows when to adjust, he also understands the absolute principle of “do what you should be doing”.

Q: You’ve been exposed so frequently recently; do you feel like the little spring of your career is here?
YY: I actually feel that summer has arrived, hahaha! Yes, I really received many opportunities this year, hope that I completed all my works well, not only do I appear a lot, the quality must be even higher.


Q: Facing a sudden increase in workload, is there anything that you’re not used to? Will you feel tired?
YY: I’d feel a bit tired. Actually to me, I really want to do more things in the amount of time I have, but sometimes you really have to rest well to be in the best condition for work. For this period of time I’d been adjusting myself, I think that these are things I must get used to.


Q: Did you feel the very obvious change in your popularity? What do you think about this?
YY: Yes. I feel that, popularity mainly depends on the role and work, it’s a good thing that more and more people are liking me, it gives me more power, I will also do what I should do well, put on a better performance and better works for everyone.


Q: <The Lost Tomb> is a drama that’s really good at getting people to become fans; it’s been followed since the roles were being chosen, for this drama, what sort of preparations did you do? Before accepting this work, were you a fan of the books?
YY: Yes, I was a reader of <The Lost Tomb> when I was young. When I knew that I’m going to be in, I researched about my role seriously; I also started exercising at least two hours per day.


Q: There are a lot of die hard fans of <The Lost Tomb>, there’s been commotions before and after the filming, then during the process of filming, did you feel the pressure? How did you relief pressure?

YY: To tell the truth, the pressure was quite heavy. Because Zhang Qiling is irreplaceable in every single fan’s heart, in the beginning I was really worried about my performance being different from what the fans and I wanted, but when filming started, I concentrated on the character instead so I didn’t have time to think too much.


Q: Be it <The Four>’s “Emotionless” or <The Lost Tomb>’s “Zhang Qiling”, or <Tornado Girls>’s “Ruo Bai”, there are all people who are cold on the outside but warm on the inside, do you think you’re this type? What sort of person are you off camera?
YY: Although these few characters all seem cold, but they’re actually quite different. Off camera, I’m probably quite funny. To me, the roles I take on are all somewhat similar to myself, but not entirely, because then there’d be no challenge.


Q: In <Divas Hit the Road 2> you were complimented on being a “warm guy”, have you been “warm” like this since young? Or did you get “warmer” the older you became?
YY: I think these are all basic courtesy and roles I should take on. Of course, it is true that since young, my education at home and in school are more strict and that helped me a lot growing up.


Q: In the journey in <Divas>, you’ve encountered a variety of sudden situations; did you feel that after going through this journey, you “grew up overnight”? What did you learn from this show?
YY: it’s really a first for me, after filming this show; my stamina became a lot better. Of course the most important thing is that, through this show, I learned a lot of values about how people should communicate and such, in my communication with friends, I’d value the other’s thoughts a lot more and communication is a lot more important now.



Call me actor Yang Yang

If he has to define himself, he will choose “actor Yang Yang”, why “actor Yang Yang” and not “celebrity Yang Yang”, “idol Yang Yang”, “handsome Yang Yang” etc etc, this proves that, in his heart, the most important thing is to portray his character well and act well in all every project. “Being an actor” is his duty, and “becoming a better actor” is his goal. Today, every celebrity is amazing, because the general public has gotten used to “abusing celebrity” mode, so all celebrities can’t just act well, they have to sing well, perform well, withstand slander and hold up to compliments, they have to be able to do everything. In this kind of atmosphere, Yang Yang not forgetting his initial heart, always remember what he wants… only like this will he not lose himself, right?


Q: After debuting, which year, or which few years, to you is the most important and unforgettable?

YY: To me, that time when I first debuted and now are all very important periods.

Q: You’re doing quite well right now; do you ever think about using this chance to push your career up another level? How will you work hard?
YY: Actually I’ve constantly been working hard for the goal of “becoming a better actor”, I won’t relax just because I’m doing well or not, in my heart I’m thinking that, I have to spend everyday not regretting.

Q: Recently your fans increased by a lot, what do you want to say to the people who support you?
YY: Always must say “thank you”, and also, “I won’t let you guys down”!

Q: On weibo, what sort of fan comments will you want to reply to?
YY: The kind who snatches a front row immediately and still have time to think of a very very long joke.

Q: What sort of actor do you want Yang Yang to be in people’s eyes?
YY: I hope that I’m an actor that portrays a character like how he’s supposed to be portrayed, not putting in my own qualities in the role but still an actor with his strong personal style.

Q: What sort of role have you always wanted to try out but haven’t had the chance to yet?

YY: I want to portray a domineering, unreasonable masculine man in a project that concerns a military career.

Q: If you gave a definition to “Yang Yang”, what will you choose?
YY: “Actor Yang Yang”.

Q: Being a publicly acknowledged “little fresh meat”, are you afraid of becoming old? Have you thought about yourself ten, twenty, thirty years later?
YY: I haven’t thought so far yet! Up till now, I don’t think I’ve experienced growing old, I think I should become mature first, I kind of anticipate it.



Part 1 Fill in the blanks

Please fill in your first thought in the brackets

1| Yang Yang gives his appearance (100) marks.

2| The three things that cannot be replaced in Yang Yang’s bag (wallet) (charger) (earphones)

3| If he can revive a person that has died, Yang Yang will choose (to give the chance to someone else)

4| If he can turn into a little animal, Yang Yang hopes to turn into a (cheetah)

Part 2 True or false

Based on your understanding of yourself, tell us if it’s true or false and give a simple reasoning.

1| Yang Yang is a fashion icon, he has his own thoughts about fashion. (F)

Reason: Icon is the goal, haven’t reached it yet.

2| Yang Yang is a “microphone hogger”, his singing is really good. (T)

Reason: I feel really good about myself

3| Because he’s very attractive, Yang Yang has had a lot of girls chase after him since young. (F)

Reason: A lot of people look but don’t chase

4| Yang Yang is a foodie, he often cannot resist temptation of good food. (T)
Reason: Because you have to eat in order to have energy to do things

5| Yang Yang is an emotional youth, always crying because he’s touched. (F)
Reason: I’m touched often but I don’t shed tears often.

Part 3 Q&A
Please answer the following questions, say the truest feeling.

Q1: Speaking of summer, what is the first thing you think of?
YY: Sunshine

Q2: What’s the dream that left the deepest impression on you recently?
YY: I sleep too heavy, no impression.

Q3: What’s the thing you appreciate the most in a girl?
YY: Meticulous

Q4: What’s the thing you cannot stand the most in a girl?
YY: Hypocritical

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[TRANS] Yang Yang In Shanghai Magazine Interview

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 灿烈癖 | Requested post | (t/n - I only translated the ones I could read from the photos as many of the questions are cut off. Questions aren’t in order.)


Q: A while ago your hot “showering” scene was exposed and your fans were in chaos, aren’t you shy acting in those scenes?
A: Actually a bit, I’ve never showered in front of so many people before. Back when they told me I was going to film that scene, I was shocked. Because I had just finished recording “Divas” and came back from overseas, the day after I entered the filming and had to shoot that. I didn’t get to exercise much during the “Divas” period, wasn’t prepared at all.

Q: Were you slightly regretful, if they gave you some time to exercise it’d look better?
A: There’s nothing much to be regretful since there’s still the foundation (of muscles).

Q: <Tornado Girls> is a pure youth shy love story, when you were filming did you think back to our own times like that, did you think of your first love?
A: I was in military school, the rules were a lot more strict, relationships weren’t allowed. I’ve never experienced that kind of romantic love in my student times, so I’ll enjoy the love in the drama.

Q: In reality, are you a person with deep emotions like Ruo Bai?
A: In reality, of course I am.

Q: If you meet a girl you like will you take initiative or wait for her to make the first move?
A: If I like her then I’d take initiative to get close to her.

Q: Then if a girl you don’t like tries to woo you, then what would you do?
A: Wooing me? There aren’t many who do that.

Q: That’s kind of unbelievable?
A: In reality the feeling I give off to others is cold, slightly distant, the kind that makes people feel like I’m hard to approach, may be quite hard to open their mouth.

Q: That’s hard to believe, are you really the very cold and hard to approach kind of person?
A: To someone who’s not familiar with me, there will be that feeling, after we become familiar with each other, I’m pretty noisy when it comes to my friends.


Future girlfriend, must dote on her

When talking about his future girlfriend, he was ecstatic, the rules he once set have been written off one by one, “back then maybe I’d think this isn’t good that isn’t good, I can’t accept this, but now I’d just go with the flow. If (she) really comes, I really like (her), then it can’t be blocked.”

Q: On Weibo you self-proclaim to be “Ruo Bai”’s dad, why dad?
A: Ruo Bai’s love for Bai Cao is silently protecting her, that kind of withdrawn love is like a fatherly love. This is also what the fans said, I’m just going with that.

Q: If you have a girlfriend in reality would you dote on her like a daughter?
A: Of course I have to dote on her, protect her in every day, not let here harmed even one bit, but won’t be like a father, since I’m still a 90s kid.

Q: Your journey can’t be said to be smooth sailing, are there times when you are down?
A: I’m a person who can digest negative emotions very well, so no.

Q: What is your standard/condition for choosing a script now?
A: Good story, a role that attracts me.

Q: In the eyes of the audience you are a warm guy, in the eyes of fans you are a person who takes care of fans well. Do you like taking care of others normally? Who are you influenced by?
A: Maybe it’s a habit formed in school, because everybody lives together so we have to help each other.

A: Who is the female celebrity you admire the most? Male celebrity?
A: Chow Yunfat and Gong Li, these two have always been the benchmark in my road as an actor. But now my idols also include some music groups, such as YG family’s Bigbang, I feel that listening to their songs give me energy and motivation.


Q: Are the fans now the same? Back then did you think you were a celebrity?
A: Actually about the same, my fans now resemble my female juniors in school, feel that they are all younger sisters. Back then I didn’t have a grasp of what it’s like being a celebrity.

Q: Now are you starting to have an idol baggage?
A: My idol baggage has shattered all over the ground.

Q: Face with the big fan group you have now, how do you feel? What is your adoration for them like?
A: Like family. First I’m happy that there are so many people who are starting to take notice of me. I also hope to give everyone a satisfying answer script. Let myself be a good quality idol, bring happiness to everyone, release positive energy.


Last year when filming <The Left Ear>, according to fans who were there, in the basketball scene, there were a lot of extras. During filming, Yang Yang was helping an extra block the ball and he himself pressed onto a table and hurt his waist, the next few days he had to have bandages on while filming. An assistant who had worked with him for many years revealed, “Once we were in Hengdian filming <The Four>, there’s a fan who came all the way from Anhui to see him, because she didn’t see him, so she called out his name from upstairs at the next building, a staff told us. Because he was busy, he asked me to find the fan and even paid from his own pocket and treated her to a meal.” Many fans say that, them liking Yang Yang feels less like chasing after an idol but more like making a friend on the internet and helping each other.

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[TRANS] Yang Yang Harper’s Bazaar China Express  | 2015 August Issue 5

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: Gbud | Requested post | (t/n - ‘miemie’ is a cute way of phrasing the sheep’s bleating)

Yang Yang
Warmth is also a (business) capital


The best and most extraordinary
Yang Miemie

From <Dream of the Red Chamber>, <The Four> to the extremely popular <The Lost Tomb>, there is a youth’s popularity that’s rising exponentially! Even more accidentally, from “Divas Hit the Road”, he rose to the tip of young girls’ and aunts’ hearts.

Yang Yang, this new star born in the 90s, even now, at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week show, he’d subconsciously stand like a soldier, making one shimmer with laughter. This journey, there has been luck and there has been difficulties, yet he only smiles lightly, like a super hero, there’s nothing that can knock him down!

This delicate, pretty and clean youth is completely open to acting cute, despite the fact that he says he really wants to take on the role of a masculine man, yet when he plays games with gege and jiejie, the nickname he gives himself is “miemie”……

The time of people born in the 90s is colourful, everyone persistently protecting his or her own individual times, then isn’t being different a quality that’s worth following?
He says: “I am an actor.” Then why not?

The hour clock slides pass midnight quietly, the calendar has flipped to a brand new day, yet at this moment, Yang Yang has just finished a schedule and is currently flying to Milan. When being asked about graduating from military school and the thing that renewed his thoughts about the three fundamental views after entering the entertainment industry, he says: “Actually, it’s being renewed every day, and perhaps that’s not a bad thing, for example, doing an interview in the airport at this time is something I’ve never experienced before.” Maybe because it’s due to the advantage of his vocal colour, but when saying these, his voice is not lethargic at all, as if the youthful energy in the diaphragm is unlimited. He’s slightly different from the other little fresh meat celebrities his age, he confesses that those who aren’t close to him will feel that he’s a cold person, not one who is part of a crowd, but he can wait energetically for people who bother to realise that: the truth is not that! Of course every person’s track of youth differs, and this is the unstoppable youth that belongs to him.

“Actually, I want to be an actor.”

2014.9.1, the character posters for <The Lost Tomb> is revealed, fans of the original work clicks open the photos with a shaking heart, now they finally know who will be he actor playing Zhang Qiling! And then the questions came flooding in, who is Yang Yang? What did he act in? is his acting good? … …

With the strong search engine, this clean-faced boy is dug out, turns out he’s the person the casting chose for 2008’s <Dream of the Red Chamber> as the adult Jia Baoyu, it’s a pity that after the heavily promoted casting activity and after he became a familiar face after the long 50 episodes, he disappeared in the black hole of the audience’s attention quickly, who remembers that he acted in the television version of <Tiny Times>? Let’s be honest, people can’t even remember who acted as the female lead…… in the second season of <Divas Hit the Road>, this boy acts cute while telling Ivy Chen: “You actually don’t remember me!” Yet just as Zhang Qiling’s concept photos are revealed, Yang Yang’s popularity blew out.

“Famous” is a concept towards “celebrities”, it’s the estimate for the artist’s fan value in the entertainment industry. From his debut in 2008 until now, it can be said that he’s been through a few ups and downs, and so he understands that, without notable works, an actor’s sense of security will diminish, only when the works he acted in are liked by the people, when it proves his personal value, only then will be feel proud. Of course you can understand this as his innocence and persistence, the fact that he firmly believes that he need not keep a certain distance from his fans, the two support each other, as long as he showcases his good side normally, he won’t need fans to be a special group.

Actually after being salvaged from the “star system” of Hollywood, the presence of the “actor” identity has lost its hold on the commercial segment, to be purely an actor in the materialistic commercial society is a very difficult task, you can tell just by looking at the income of theatre actors. And when the concepts “propelling to fame” and “hyping to fame” are spreading in the entertainment industry, to be able to induce a hot topic is a prerequisite for a celebrity. From this point of view, Yang Yang really doesn’t match well with the entertainment industry - his speaks little, he’s not very witty. But who set the rules that a “large environment” is the only truth? The time of people born in the 90s is colourful, everyone persistently protecting his or her own individual times, then isn’t being different a quality that’s worth following? He says: “I am an actor.” Then why not?

“Dreams, what if they came true?”

From December of 2014 to June of 2015, within the short time span of six months, Yang Yang has been through two contract terminations, bid farewell to director Li Shaohong in April was obviously to escape the black hole of being in bad dramas that no one cares about, in order to spread his wings of youth like a true actor born in the 90s, who knew that he’d end up with a comment like “no comment”… … what’s more surprising is that, the night of the premiere of <The Lost Tomb>, H&R suddenly posted a statement confirming contract termination with Yang Yang, with people teasing them as doing an experiment on the mortal realm.

In the world of commentaries, there is no peace, the only fear is that there is not enough gossip, wishing they can create gossip daily, yet Yang Yang is just an inexperienced youth that is far from understanding the rules of the game, actually through the reality show, the audience can all see that his mental age isn’t that far from his actual age, incomparable to Chi-ling jiejie who has a very high EQ on a similar reality show.

Although the manager that brought him out of H&R stood out to clear the air immediately, also stating that “I’ve dragged him down—“

Yet now Yang Yang’s only opportunity to near this dream is to play a role similar. Then the topic must be brought back to the chaotic industry that has many expectations placed on his shoulders. He will understand that, to learn how to survive in vanity, and to survive well, it’s the number one responsibility of being a celebrity. There is no vacuum relationship circle on earth, what’s important is that, one must be clear of what they want, if there’s a choice then someone must be let go in the process, don’t be in too much of a hurry to pacify the commercial rules, but at the same time, don’t foolishly wait for someone else to save you.

“Warmth is also a (business) capital”

Tossing aside all others, just be looking at the way fans request for the media to stop questioning Yang Yang about his contract termination, one can tell how much his fans truly love him. The most initial accumulation of popularity may originate from the outer appearance of a celebrity, just like what Yang Yang said himself: “I’m most satisfied about my face.” yet when fans become strong to a certain degree, that must mean that despite being good-looking, he must have other good traits, to put it simply - Yang Yang emotionally touched some fans.

From <Love is Not Blind>, best friend, spare tire, warm guys, they have been popular for four years, this means that in the increasingly passive social connections, when the purchasing power and emotions are inversely proportionate, “warmth” is a sought after good trait. Emotions is a selling point that will never fade away, in theory, the trend of warm guys will never rot, the effect of what the audience see is dependent on if the marketing is good. But if the celebrity himself already has this sort of “warmth”, then there’s no need to package him excessively, he himself already has the potential to be popular.

Yang Yang says: “I don’t have a pet, not because I don’t like them, but because I’m really too busy, since you obviously need to give time and feelings to the pet!” To this, you can say: “Aiya, he’s really a responsible warm guy!” or: “This must cause his Virgo soul to be burning!” No, no one is trying to slander Virgos. All perfectionist are meticulous, they measure out everything and in their minds, they burn with the light of Sakya — speaking of which, Sakya in Knights of Zodiac and student “Yang Miemie” are both of AB Blood!

This delicate, pretty and clean youth is completely open to acting cute, despite the fact that he says he really wants to take on the role of a masculine man, yet when he plays games with gege and jiejie, the nickname he gives himself is “miemie”……

<Divas Hit the Road> is of course a very important experience in Yang Yang’s road to stardom, even if his idol baggage shatters many times in the process, but we see a Yang Yang that is not just an idol. The times of celebrities being distant from fans are over, the fans like sympathetic and adorable “little fresh meats” that are not perfect but all “imperfections” are lovable.

Now, it’s other people’s turn to remind him of looking after his image: “A few days ago I was filming, there’s a scene where I have to eat noodles, I was quite unrestrained when I was eating, and then the director scolded me……”

Yet, this youth is a boy who loves durians with his life, do you think he will obediently be a wax figure-like pretty boy?

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[ENG] 160929 Yang Yang’s interview with 精品购物指南: Yang Yang, doesn’t only want to pass by

I asked Yang Yang, every original author fan has their own version of Xiao Nai (T/N: Yang Yang’s role in Love O2O), if there are any areas that differs from what they thought of the character, it’s easy for them to develop disappointment. Do you have any pressure when acting in “Love O2O” which is adapted from a big-hit novel.

He laughs, “I have even acted as Zhang Qiling (T/N: Yang Yang’s role in The Lost Tomb, which was adapted from one of the most popular Chinese web novels), will I still be afraid of this?“

Trans © iconyang
Click on keep reading to read more.

At that time, everyone on the scene started laughing, and this topic ends there. However, on a day after I ended work, these words resurfaces in my mind. Perhaps, he didn’t think much when he was saying that? However, listeners like me, in turn feels a bit sentimental about it. “The areas that I can’t reach for now, can finally be said as a joke.” This is a line from “I Belonged To You”, this line appearing here, doesn’t seem a single bit out of place. No one can truly experience the pressure that he has been through back then, and it’s impossible for anyone to feel the same as he did. He forged forward alone, passing through those days, arriving at where he is right now, with a smile always plastered on his face.

To describe last year using Yang Yang’s own words, “Is a year where (he) finally appeared in everyone’s sight”, so he dare not rest, and cannot rest, he has to take advantage of this opportunity, to do even more things, to become a even better him. As someone who works in the media, we are lucky to have witnessed Yang Yang’s growth with our own eyes, and feel his change in close proximity. “In comparison to you last year……” “I have become more talkative right? Hahaha.” Do you see that? He has even learnt how to fight to answer.

When this interview publishes, IBTY’s Nation-wide roadshow should have already started. Yang Yang, along with his crew, will be going to many cities, and accepting many interviews. When this all ends, he will step into a new film crew, and will be starting a brand new roadshow very quickly. In this period of time, he will also be filming a lot to advertisements, and participating in many ceremonies……Yang Yang will spend 2016, as well as the many years in the future, like this.

Very obviously, he doesn’t want to only pass by the whole world (T/N: A word play on IBTY which translates literally to “passing by your whole world”), and become a passerby. He wants to win, and we too, wish that he can win. The reason is simple: He’s so hardworking, so good, he has to win, and he will definitely be able to win. Dear Yang Yang, (we) hope that all the dark clouds and tough times will keep away from you, (we) hope that you will not be troubled by complications, and (we) hope that you will never use the method of “holding it in” to suppress negativity.

Conversation with Yang Yang

“The things I like all have a vintage feel to it, the damage on the corners of travel bags are all marking the memories of the places that it has walked with you.”

Q: How will you promote “Your Smile is Very Alluring” to others?
YY: I will say, this how films about youth and idol dramas should be. The whole film is just full of lovey-dovey, not at all cliche. (It’s about) the very youthful and outgoing great times in university.

Q: Is being lovey-dovey throughout the whole film fine? Do you not worry about fans getting angry?
YY: Haha, I have actually told them about it, these are all just drama, please bring in the role, not myself personally. But this is just me joking. I believe in the mutual understanding I have with them. They will also view the drama from the plot and acting skills’ point of view.

Q: Talk a bit about I Belong To You’s Mao Shiba (T/N: Yang Yang’s character in IBTY).
YY: This is a very positive character that I haven’t met in a long time. He is a science guy, is very unkempt normally, and is very devoted about electronic products. He has never had any achievements, and just lives off his cousin at his house. He talks about his aims in life everyday, but never accomplishes anything. He’s a person with little words, but deep down, he’s really romantic, and will do many things for the person he love with his own methods……This character is very real, many would see traces of them in real life in him.

Q: From our point of view, the biggest challenge doesn’t seem to be acting skills, but instead, to become unkempt.
YY: Don’t be misled by my elegance (serious face.jpg), I’m pretty unkempt when I don’t meet people normally. But, for this character to become more realistic, I did not cut my hair for quite a long time.

Q: How does working with Deng Chao and Yue Yunpeng feel like?
YY: When I heard about working with them before I started acting in this film, I was thinking to myself that I should take this opportunity to learn well, and improve my acting. After entering the film crew, in the process of acting out the three brothers’ scenes, because Mao Shiba does not have a lot of lines, and most of the time it’s a conversation only between Chen Mo (T/N: Deng Chao’s role in IBTY) and Pig head (T/N: Yue Yunpeng’s role in IBTY), so I have to give reaction through my facial expression and actions. At these times, I will discuss a bit with Chao-ge and Yueyue, what kind of reaction would be better, and they will also give me a lot of help. However, when it’s during break time, I totally become a person who laughs a lot. The two of them are always joking. I’m not one who’s good a making jokes, so normally, I would just sit at the side and listen (to them), and then I would just laugh for a long time like an idiot. It seems like I can’t carry the idol burden anymore (T/N: He means that he has lost he image as an idol).

Q: In your plans, do you have a role that you have always wanted to try?
YY: Yes I do. Firstly, this role has to be super manly, it’s the best if there are some military elements, and exudes brotherhood. I have done military service before, and I hope that I can let everyone see my condition under military life. It’s a feeling that’s totally different from an idol drama.

Q: How do you feel about this year’s birthday party?
YY: This year’s birthday party is totally different from last years’, it’s especially big-scale. Though I can’t help but feel a bit nervous about it, I still enjoyed it immensely. Because that is my ‘home’, I want to take this opportunity to thank those fans who have always been by my side in ways that I can, such as spending time with me in close proximity, as well as creating beautiful memories.

Q: Being loved by such a huge amount of people so immensely, do you feel pressurised?
YY: I like this type of pressure. It allows me to remain awake anytime, it allows for me to work harder to excel, and to not live down to their love. Actually, I know that fans are ever-changing, they might like you today, but tomorrow, they might like another person. This is the truth, and it is also human nature. I can’t control anyone, and I can only speak through my works. I am an actor, and my works are the most important. When I have a work being placed there, it will allow for more people in this field to see how I’m different.

Q: In view of the situation currently, what changes do you wish to make about yourself?
YY: I don’t have any areas that need changes. Haha, please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not being arrogant here. I just feel that, since there are so many people who like the me now, why do I have to change? I like the me now a lot and I hope that I can continue walking down this path with the most natural, and the most real state (of me).

Q: Will you mind if there are anyone who doesn’t like you?
YY: I would mind about it more or less. I don’t think that minding (about this) is a bad thing. This will make it think, it it’s something that I’m not doing good enough in, I’m not someone that is unreasonable, I’m just someone that would give myself a lesson.

Q: Share a bit about your music playlist?
YY: The songs that I listen to are mostly the positive type. I’m really lazy, so normally I’d just click on the charts and play according to the chart rankings. When something that’s not my taste plays, I will just skip it, and continue listening to the next song, what reminds will be my playlist. Also, when I listen to a song, I would keep on listening to it, and I might listen to it for about a hundred times. Music player apps would show how many times you’ve listened to a song right? I realized that some of my songs have already been played a few hundred times.

Q: For example?
YY: A little happiness (T/N: By Hebe Tian).

Q: What are some movies you’ve watched lately that left a deep impression on you?
YY: Mojin: The lost legend. I hope that when I become slightly older, I will be able to play a role with a lot of charms like Chen Kun’s role. The role itself has a lot of charms, and Chen Kun’s acting is also full of charms.

Trans © iconyang

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[ENG] 161002 Yang Yang’s interview with Sina Entertainment: I’m the type to initiate, girls are meant to be protected (Video) When Sina Entertainment News saw Yang Yang, he was holding “I Belonged To You”’s book, narrating the part about Mao Shiba...

[ENG] 161002 Yang Yang’s interview with Sina Entertainment: I’m the type to initiate, girls are meant to be protected (Video)

When Sina Entertainment News saw Yang Yang, he was holding “I Belonged To You”’s book, narrating the part about Mao Shiba and Lizhi’s story: “No matter how pretty this place is, to Mao Shiba and Lizhi, it has already became a city of sand…” Yang Yang has already read this quite a few times, but he keeps on getting stuck at various areas, and him being slightly perfectionistic, would repeat the whole thing over and over again. Every time he reads something wrongly, he would give a small smile, and stick out his tongue. At the end, he couldn’t help but spite, “Why are the words so small!”

After watching “The Lost Tomb” and “Love O2O”’s Zhang Qiling and Xiao Nai (T/N: Yang Yang’s roles in the respective dramas), we couldn’t help but have an impression that Yang Yang is a cool and composed god, but when we saw the cute boy today who was defeated by a few line of words, we realised that he’s just 25 years old, he’s kind of similar to Mao Shiba, innocent, and cute.

Trans © iconyang
Click on keep reading to read more.

Reading Mao Shiba and Lizhi’s story, Yang Yang’s thoughts also wavered back to the filming scene at Daocheng (T/N: an area in Sichuan), he initiated a conversation with us, and that day’s proposal scene’s lines resurfaced, “Would you, marry me?” Yang Yang is obviously very satisfied with his performance then, “My voice condition that day was not bad!“

After finishing the novel, the interview is about to start. After being interrogated by the previous media about relationships, Yang Yang still has a lingering fear, “Sina Entertainment, we won’t be talking about relationships, will we?”

“No no, we went online to collect questions from fans.” We did your preparations before coming.

“Oh my god! Fans’ questions are even scarier.”

“Your fans really love you, they told us to talk to you about the film, and not to ask about relationships.”

So what are we going to be talking about with Yang Yang this time? Anyway, we will be talking about everything, about the past, the future, during the film, outside the film, getting girls, proposals, villain , loneliness, love! (Tip: There is welfare at the end of the text, please read till the last~)

Yang•Doraemon•Yang: Wants to invent a time traveling machine
“It’s better to time travel into the future, to take a look at how I’d be like when I’m old”

Sina: The Mao Shiba that you’re playing as this time is a really cute character, are there any areas that are similar to yourself?
YY: The similar area would be, both of use are all the type to warm up to others slowly, and the area that we differ in, would be the puffy hair, I have see-through bangs.
Sina: You’re the time to warm up slowly, how do you get into character?
YY: It’s still okay for people who warms up slowly I guess, when I was acting this role, I just stayed in my room everyday, go out really little, and rarely wash my hair in the morning, just like this. To slowly experience this character from my everyday life.
Sina: Why do you not wash your hair?
YY: Because I feel like this role, should be one that is slightly more unkempt, so I wanted to just let myself get closer to him in real life.
Sina: This character is an inventor, if you know how to invent, what do you want to invent the most?
YY: I want to invent a time travelling machine, so, I can go anyway I want to go in a split second.
Sina: Do you want to time travel into the future or back to the past?
YY: (It) should be able to return back to the past too.
Sina: If you return to the past, when in the past do you want to return to?
YY: The time that I want to travel to? Then, it should be time traveling into the future, it’s better to time travel to the future, to take a look at how it’s like when I’m old in the future.
Sina: What do you wish for yourself to be like when you become old?
YY: It’s definitely to become even more manly.

N number of questions on Yang Yang’s view on love
“I’m the type to initiate, girls are to be protected”

Sina: Mao Shiba is actually one that really knows how to get girls. When Lizhi went to look for him in the morning, that eye contact, and the sudden back hugs are all really heart fluttering, did you plan that yourself?
YY: No, that was planned by everyone.
Sina: If feels really good when you acted it out.
YY: Really? Do you not remember it anymore? (At this point of time, Yang Yang started asking the girl beside questions, yes, the “mastermind” who asked about Yang Yang relationship-related questions that made his heart linger with fear)
[A voice from behind the scenes: I remember it now, but I felt like it was just a bug (T/N: an error)]
YY: That’s too straightforward.
Sina: Mao Shiba and Lizhi’s mode of interaction is the girl hitting on the guy, do you personally prefer to be hit on, or to hit on others yourself?
YY: I’m the type to initiate, I will do some things, I feel like, girls are meant to be protected.
Sina: But you keep on getting kabe-don-ed by others in the drama.
YY: No, there’s no kabe-don, there’s no kabe-don in this film.
Sina: There are (kabe-dons) in Left Ear.
YY: But have you not seen Xiao Nai?
Sina: Xiao Nai and Zhang Qiling are both cool and composed gods, and the Mao Shiba this time is a boy that is especially pure and heart-warming, which type of guy do you want to become like more?
YY: Zhang Qiling and Xiao Nai are both god-level characters, any guy would like to become like them. Having act as such a positive character Mao Shiba, I feel like, his type of relationship is also something that I an very envious of, it’s a fairy tale-like love, it’s very beautiful, I really hope to be one who can ignore anyone, and be straightforward and brave about love
Sina: Theres a question in the movie “Is it worth it to change your whole life for the person you love?” How would you answer this question?
YY: It’s worth it.
Sina: If theres a parallel universe, would you be willing to hold onto a small grocery store and work as a small boss for the person you love?
YY: If I really have someone that I love this much, I would definitely do so.
Sina: In the film, Dujuan asked the three main male characters “Do you know what women really want?” What is your answer to this?
YY: I haven’t actually thought of this, I haven’t actually thought of these words that she said.

The proposal scene was the hardest to film, the running scene in Daocheng was the hardest to forget.
If I were to propose? “There are a lot of things that I don’t have to think about"

Sina: What is your understanding of this character Mao Shiba?
YY: Mao Shiba is a person who’s really brave about his feelings, as well as his aims, he has always had a very big aim in life, has a really big pursuit, but he is always living in his own world, he gave all his intelligence to this relationship, to this love.
Sina: In this time’s collaboration with Bai Baihe, as her acting is really good, do you feel like she has spurred you on? Do you think that she has impacted you positively?
YY: Definitely, though when I first worked with Baihe, I was a bit nervous, because after all, she’s a senior, and also a top actor. I relaxed a bit after the first day of filming, because she actually had the same feel as Lizhi, she’s able to calm me down, able to liven up my spirits, so I wasn’t that nervous anymore.
Sina: Which scene was the hardest to film?
YY: The scene that was the hardest to film would be the proposal scene, because it was at a place that has a high altitude, and I had slight altitude sickness. Mainly, it was that the scene is slightly more emotional, so on the controlling of emotions, I have to first calm myself down, I walked alone to somewhere really far to let myself calm down slowly, and to experience the character that I want to express again, that scene was the most important scene for Mao Shiba.
Sina: That single tear drop during the proposal scene was especially moving, was that a flash in the pan due to the emotional peak during the filing, or was it said so in the script that you have to act it out like this.
YY: No, the script didn’t say that I have to shed a drop of tear, no, the emotions were just on point that that point of time.
Sina: This time’s filming also went to many pretty outdoor sets, what was the set that left you the deepest impression?
YY: The one that left me with the deepest impression would definitely be Daocheng. Because it’s near to Tibet, so there are Tibetans there, and when we went there, we could see that Tibetans are slightly darker,  and when we looked at ourselves, we could see the total contrast. That place is really pretty, I really liked that scene where I was running in Daocheng with Baihe, that scene where I was holding her hand, the scenery was really too pretty.
Sina: Have you ever thought of the scene of your own proposal?
YY: No, I’ve never thought of it. There are a lot of things that I don’t have to think about.

What should I do when I’m upset? Hold it in!
Are you lonely? I’m too busy, not lonely at all!

Sina: You have recently published a photobook, a sudden confession of many inner thoughts shocked many fans, it feels like you  normally keep a lot of things in your heart, if you didn’t write this book, where would be the outlet of your emotions?
YY: Hold it in.
Sina: Won’t you get sick if you hold it in?
YY: No I won’t, it’s just holding it in for a while, it would slowly digest itself.
Sina: So you’re the type that hides your past really well?
YY: There are just a lot of things that I don’t want to disturb others about, I have to digest it myself.
Sina: The movie’s story between Deng Chao and Zhang Tianai talked about the lonely feeling of big city small me, I’d like to know if you feel this kind of loneliness?
YY: Now?
Sina: You probably don’t feel it now cause you’re so busy.
YY: I don’t feel very lonely now, I’m working everyday.
Sina: What about back when you weren’t this famous, were there any, for example, the insecurity about not knowing where tomorrow leads to?
YY: I have always believed in myself, I have always believed in myself, I hoped that there would be a good role for me to act, so I still hope that I can act a lot of good roles.
Sina: Under such tiring circumstances, how do you keep yourself moving, are there times that you want to give up?
YY: Theres’s no choice, I’m being forced. Just kidding, because this is my own movie, so of course I have to promote it well, and I also hope that there will be a lot of people who support us, or those who like this type of romance films, would come and support our movie.

Future: Shaved head, wears uniforms, act as an undercover, has to be a manly man
Now: Shall continue having see-through bangs, and act what everyone wants to see

Sina: You’ve said so in your photo book that, your future plan is to have 1 drama per year, I feel like that’s a bit little, what would your criteria be for selecting dramas in the future, would consider the degree of breakthrough more, or would you consider the production team more?
YY: Both of course. Firstly, the script has to be good, and the role has to be attractive enough, but the crew is also very important.
Sina: Are there any films that you have taken part in in the past that made you regret? Are there any films that you felt like you shouldn’t have acted in?
YY: I don’t have any regrets, because each film are all of different styles, and I’m also trying out many different styles. To me, I will be able to learn some stuff from every film, Because I am an actor, so I have to try out more stuff, so it’s not a bad thing.
Sina: There are a some fans who wish to see you act as a villain who’s a prim and proper scum, have you ever thought of acting as a rebel?
YY: Actually, I have had such thoughts myself too, and I also hope to be able to try those type.
Sina: If you were a villain, what kind of rebel would you like to act as?
YY: What kind of villain? Those good villains?
Sina: What is a good villain?
YY: Undercovers. Actually I want to act while wearing a uniform (T/N: military drama), I want to try these a bit more.
Sina: So, what is the character that you’d like to act the most in the future?
YY: One that is more manly, one that I have to shave my head, or those on brotherhood.
Sina: Will you give on on your see-through bangs so easily?
YY: That’s for in the future, for now, I will walk on my current road first, because it happens to be this period of time, I will act in the type (of films) that everyone wants to see (me in), as for the future, I will be able to slowly enrich myself, and try even more, and even deeper roles.

Answering fans’ questions
He has yet finished Wu Dong Qian Kun (T/N: His next film)
He’s not considering reality shows for now

Sina: Your next film would be Wu Dong Qian Kun  have you finished the original novel?
YY: I have yet finished the original novel, cause it’s pretty long.
Sina: What is your understanding of this character Lin Dong?
YY: I have yet finished reading, so it’s hard to say.
Sina: Did you do any preparations for the fighting scenes?
YY: Fighting scenes do not pose as a huge challenge to be, because I’ve acted in quite a few different fighting films.
Sina: Have you selected the work after Wu Dong Qian Kun?
YY: Not yet, I’m still choosing.
Sina: Will you be going on reality shows in the future? Do you consider about the variety field?
YY: I don’t have such considerations as of now, I still hope to be able to act in a few productions that I like first.
Sina: Let me ask another question for the fans, if you have the chance to meet them in person, what would you like to ask them? Or, what would you like to say to them?
YY: This time round it’s definitely to ask them if they like Mao Shiba, or if they like this relationship.

Trans © iconyang

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[ENG] 160929 Yang Yang’s interview with The Beijing News

Yang Yang: I used to think that I could only be one that wins over with skills.

Programs that he likes
[Military information]

Yang Yang says that he’s considered to be one who open ups slowly, he only talks about stuff after getting to know the other person. As he has been dancing since young, he holds the legendary posture of “when he’s standing, he has a standing posture, when he’s sitting, he has a sitting posture” no matter if he’s walking, or his standing or sitting posture. With his delicate looks on top of this, he is full of elegance.

But in contrast with his exterior appearance is that, Yang Yang has a really manly heart. For example, his favourite programs are about military. “I like watching military programs, and understanding military information since I was young. It’s still the same up till now, I’m especially concerned about what are the new missiles being released, what kind of fighter jets like J-20, J-30 (T/N: Chinese fighter jets, also search: Chengdu J-20/Shenyang J-31), as well as aircraft carriers etc. are being invented, I get really excite when I see these.”

Though he spent his teenage years in People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art, missing all the gaming during his teenage years, he has now made up for it. “(I) definitely didn’t get to game in school, but during summer and winter break, I still do game. I personally like gaming too, like RPGs, shooting, etc, I like them a lot.“

Trans © iconyang
Click on keep reading to read more

His secrets to skincare
[He never applies face masks]

We have to say, that barefaced Yang Yang has really good skin. We asked for his skincare secrets, and he checked out himself in the mirror saying, “Actually, I do get dark eye circles when I didn’t sleep well, but I never take care of my skin, and I don’t do those skincare procedures, and I basically don’t put on face masks either, I just don’t have this habit of doing so. I feel like boys, don’t have the need to do all these.”

Of course, Yang Yang doesn’t deny that he pays a lot of attention on his appearance, “After all, I’m an actor, I definitely have to pay attention to my own image, I believe it’s the same for anyone. This may also be a Virgo trait, the pursue of perfection, not only on appearance, but also for work.”

Q&A with fans

Q: I you were to propose like how Mao Shiba did to Lizhi in the movie “I Belonged To You” in real life, will you be shy?
YY: If I really meet one, I won’t be shy.

Q: Most major platforms now have ‘Bullet screen (T/N: click here to know more about bullet screen/danmu)’ when playing videos, do you switch those on when you watch your own works?
YY: When I’m watching dramas, I won’t look at them. But I look at comments, and I will take screenshots of interesting comments and save them in my phone.

Q: What type of dishes do you like to eat, do you know how to cook?
YY: I like my the braised pork that my mum makes the most, I don’t know who to cook myself.

Q: Can you share your secret to not having pimples, and having such a great skin?
YY: I have pimples too, but it doesn’t appear if I don’t eat spicy food

Q: You often say that you want to be a idol that exudes positive auras, and you did bring by a lot of positivity to your fans. And so, what were some stuff that “Yangmaos (T/N: Yang Yang’s fans)” did that brought you positivity?
YY: They do charity and take care of public welfare a lot, these are things that I feel like are super great. They even head to poor mountain areas, (to) donate books and clothes, I can see all these when they put it up on the internet.

Q: Due to the numerous acting gigs you have now, did you plan any special time to to go travelling?
YY: If I have the time to, I will probably go travelling at the seaside.

Trans © iconyang

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iconyang: “161004 Weibo...


161004 Weibo Update
张一白导演曾说我是饰演茅十八的不二人选,这份称赞让我荣幸之至又倍感压力,看过张嘉佳老师《从你的全世界路过》这本书对茅十八的描述并不多,但那简短的几页纸就已经很吸引我,喜欢他独特而纯真的性格。茅十八应该是大家所说的技术宅吧,他喜欢沉浸于自己的小小世界中,虽然不善言谈,还有些木讷,但他认真研究东西的时候好像也挺帅的,是不是?在茅十八的身上我仿佛看到了我,有些慢热的个性,对事物的坚持和执着,尽管他邋里邋遢、蓬乱着头发,戴着宅男“标配”的黑框眼镜,但他真的是很单纯、善良、聪明而又有着执着劲儿的男孩… 后来我爱上了这个角色,而他也是我从未挑战过的角色类型,为了“成为”茅十八,我提前让自己进入了“他”的生活。我会宅在房间里,随意支配着自己,不洗头不洗澡,不出门,享受着“技术宅”的世界,以至于白姐见到我还以为我戴的假发,当时我在想我是不是离茅十八又近了一步呢? 有人问我演多了高冷的角色,所以才对如此接地气的茅十八情有独钟吗?我想说我爱的茅十八有着对事物的坚持,我欣赏他对待爱情的态度,可以不顾一切勇敢付出,也可以奋不顾身去拥有。 还有不少人问我,我心中所谓的路过到底是什么样的?人的一生总会遇见很多人和事,你无法预估谁是你最终的同行者,需要独自面对很多,但是不管从哪里路过,路过了哪些人,都是人生中最美好的回忆与收获。我“带着”茅十八路过了你们,你们从茅十八的世界路过,也是一种美好而纯真的回忆。

What Mao Shiba is to me
Director Zhang Yibai once said that I am the best candidate for Mao Shiba’s role, this praise made me feel very honoured as well as gave me even more pressure. Reading Zhang Yijia’s book “I Belonged To You”, this book had very little description about Mao Shiba, but those few short pages has already attracted me greatly, and I like his unique and pure personality. Mao Shiba is what everyone call a tech geek, he likes being immersed in his own small world, though he isn’t good at words, and is even slightly slow, but he’s still pretty handsome when he’s researching, right? I seem to see me from Mao Shiba, but he is really a boy that’s pure, kind, smart but also persistent…I fell in love with this character later on, and he is also a role that I have never challenged before, (and to) “become” Mao Shiba, I allowed myself to enter “his” world first. I will coop up in my room, allowing myself to do anything, not wash my hair, not bathe, not go out, enjoying a “tech geek”’s world, to this extend where when Baihe thought that I was wearing a wig when she saw me. At that point of time, I was thinking, am I a step closer to Mao Shiba now? There are people who asked me, if it was because I have acted many cool characters, that I like such a positive role like Mao Shiba so much? I want to say, that I love Mao Shiba’s persistence, I admire his attitude towards love, which he can give without caring about anything else, and he can *. There are also a few who has asked me, what is the so-called passing by like for me? You will meet many people and many things in your life, you will not be able to predict who will be the one that walks with you till the end, you have to face many things by your own, but no matter where you’re passing by, who you are passing by, they are all the most beautiful memories and gains in your life. I will pass by you “with” Mao Shiba, your passing by from Mao Shiba’s world, is also a beautiful and pure memory.

Trans © iconyang

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161016 旋风少女(Whirlwind Girl) Weibo Update

#旋风少女#《旋风少女》荣获第28届中国电视金鹰奖优秀电视剧奖! 感谢所有主创和观众朋友的一路同行,感谢行业专家和媒体朋友的鼓舞肯定,你们一直都是小旋风的亲人不忘初心,砥砺前行,感恩感谢,与君共勉!

#Whirlwind Girl# honourably receives outstanding drama award in the 28th Chinese TV Golden Eagle awards! Thank you to all the creators and viewers who have been walking on the same path as us, thank you to all the professionals and media’s encouragement and affirmation, you all will always been Whirlwind’s kins, we will never forget our roots, and continue striving on, we are thankful, and thank you, we share this award with you!

Trans © iconyang

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#Whirlwind Girl# shares a set of historical moment. Last night, our senior Ruobai (Yang Yang), senior Yifeng (Wu Leo) and golden producer Hebe all have 100%visuals!!! Thank you so much for all your love and support to Whirlwind, ride the waves, and our youth is still going on!

161001 电影从你的全世界路过 Weibo Update [[MORE]]【#电影从你的全世界路过# 全世界广州首映礼】当谈到自己与技术宅茅十八的共同点时,@杨洋icon 表示生活中的自己也会有宅的一面,并热情的为现场的宝宝们签名留念。温暖、阳光、善良,这些特点都一如电影中的茅十八。❤️ “【#Movie I Belonged To You# Guangzhou release】When we talked about the things that he has in common...

161001 电影从你的全世界路过 Weibo Update

#电影从你的全世界路过# 全世界广州首映礼】当谈到自己与技术宅茅十八的共同点时,@杨洋icon 表示生活中的自己也会有宅的一面,并热情的为现场的宝宝们签名留念。温暖、阳光、善良,这些特点都一如电影中的茅十八。❤️

#Movie I Belonged To You# Guangzhou release】When we talked about the things that he has in common with tech geek Mao Shiba(T/N: Yang Yang’s role in IBTY), Yang Yang expresses that he also has a geeky side of him in real life, and also left a sign with enthusiasm for the people at the event. Heart warming, outgoing, kind, these characteristics (of his) are all the same as Mao Shiba in the movie. ❤️

Trans © iconyang

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Magazine Translation: 瑞丽 Rayli 2016 Jun Interview



杨洋 Yang Yang
瑞丽 Rayli 2016 Jun Interview

Q: Found out that you really like wearing ankle pants, why is it so?
YY: I often wear ankle pants during summer because I want to show my ankle, haha.

Q: Do you wish yourself to be chubbier or skinnier?
YY: I am a little chubbier recently, the food provided in <Three Lifetimes> film set is too good. I should still maintain my figure and gym.

Q: If given a choice, would you prefer to tease girls or get teased by girls?
YY: I actually still quite shy, so… (Girls get on be brave and tease him!)

Q: Do you find yourself getting more and more good-looking?
YY: The me tomorrow will definitely be better looking!

Q: Do you like white shirt or sweater?
YY: Actually I prefer white shirt, because white shirt makes one appear to be more refined. For sweaters, I wear it more often off-screen in daily life.

Q: Do you like shoes or sports shoes?
YY, Sport shoes, it is more comfortable.

Q: Which fruit do you prefer?
YY: Definitely like the king of fruits: Durian the most!

Q: It has been a trend to be a Punster on weibo, have you thought of changing route to be an “internet celebrity punster”
YY: I think the current me is good enough.

Q: I realized you really care a lot for your hairstyle, so narcissistic.
YY: Haha, my hairstyle cannot be messed.

Q: How many points would you score for your selfie?
YY: To be honest I do not dare to give a score, I will let my fans do it. They always mention my selfies as “a mysterious angle”, but actually I am most satisfied with the selfies I posted, because I feel any photo I take as and when looks good. 

Q: Is there any habit you have that most people don’t know?
YY: I have a little OCD and really pursue perfect.

Q: The clothes you wear in private is mostly long-sleeves, do you like your own coordination?
YY: Of course, my coordination is my style. 

Q: What song would you like to sing in karaoke?
YY: I like songs from singers like Jay Chou, Wang Lee-Hom, Eason Chan.

Q: How has your military experience influence you?
YY: Grew a couple of good habits, for example: standing posture, having determination when doing stuffs, and of course it gave me a lot of confidence. I hope to develop this confidence. 

Q: If you were to date, do you have any restrictions on the girl’s age?
YY: Actually there is no certain restriction or range, feeling is more important. If I really like her, I will do my best to pursue her.

Q: What things would you bring your girlfriend to do?
YY: Like enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine at the beach. I especially enjoy being by the beach.

Q: At first sight during first meeting, which part would you first notice?
YY: At first sight, I think I will first notice the legs. (Girls start training your legs!) But it is still more important to look at the eyes. 

Q: Fans say you have many different styles, having the qualities of both warm and cool guy. What style do you think you have?
YY: There is no fixed style actually, I hope I will not get restricted by the tags given to me.

Q: Having roled as so many characters, which image do you like the most? Is there any that is similar to you?
YY: I like all as you can only play the character well and more dimensional if you put feelings into it. I feel that no character is similar to me, like Xu Yi, Zhang Qi Lin, Ruo Bai, I don’t have their growth experience and environment, so it is always using imagination to portray the character.

Q: Being liked by audiences, having great popularity, do you think there are any changes to your attitude and mindset?
YY: It will be being more confident, but also at the same time expecting more from myself. 

Q: Your image has also been good and positive, do you think your value views are positive?
YY: I think it is quite positive, as my family upbringing is strict, I am obedient from young and have been liked by the elderly. Of course my military experience is also a factor of it.

Q: What is the greatest impact/influence on you from being an actor?
YY: Broadening my perspective, accumulating special experiences, and at the same time making self emboldened and brave to challenge new things.

Q: Will you plan to travel during rest times?
YY: Yes, I’ve always wanted to go to the Mediterranean sea. Actually I am someone who love challenges, I hope to do some wild things like rock-climbing and skydiving. 

Q: Then would you like to try out wild characters on screens too?
YY: Of course, I’ve always wanted to try out characters which are more challenging and complicating. I don’t wish to stop at the image of how everyone thinks Yang Yang is; I want the audiences to see more sides of me, the sides which are no less better than the ones which are already shown. 

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Yang Yang fans clarify recent controversies surrounding his acting and films

Posted onJanuary 29, 2017Authorcpoplove7 Comments

As sent in from Yang Yang fans.

Huaren forums: Anticipating Yang Yang’s role in movie Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and TV drama martial universe!

Rumor One: Terminated his contracts multiple times – FALSE!

Yang Yang did say that he would not leave Rongxinda for money. However, that does not mean after multiple material breaches on Rongxinda’s part, he must still stay with the agency.
In April 2014, via arbitration (not litigation), Yang successfully terminated his contract with Rongxinda.
Ms. Li Shaohong then appealed to the court to vacate the arbitration decision, which was denied by the Third Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing on December 26, 2014. The court also affirmed the original arbitration decision.
One example of Rongxinda’s multiple material breaches involved the TV series Flower Blooms in the Midsummer. Yang was originally casted as the lead actor, as shown on the poster.
However at the last minute, Yang’s role was replaced by Lin Shen, the son of a partner at Rongxinda, and Yang only appeared as a supporting actor with a miserable ending.
The termination rumor about Yang and H&R Century Pictures is also sheer nonsense.
He never had any agency contract with H&R. Instead, he only had a personal contract with his current agent Mr. Jia Shikai, who at the time was working for H&R.
In June 2015, Mr. Jia resigned from H&R and started his own agency. As a result, Yang (together with another artist Ying’er) followed Mr. Jia, honoring their personal contracts with Mr. Jia.
The so-called termination statement issued by H&R in June 2015 is nothing but a piece of scrap paper, bearing no company seal, nor legal authority.

Rumor Two: Always snatches the “C position” (center of the stage) – FALSE!

Yang Yang has an enormous amount of events and shows to attend, but always respects his seniors and is a true gentleman at all times.
However, Yang’s antis fabricated so-called “picture evidence” by intentionally taking screenshots out of context.
They took out frames from the video of the Daomu Biji (a.k.a. Grave Robbers’ Chronicles) press conference, and falsified a video clip that looked like Yang pushed a senior actress (Ms. Zheng Peipei) in order to occupy the “C position” (center of the stage).
However, the truth to the matter is Yang initially stood on the side. Everyone else including Ms. Zheng asked the three leading characters (a.k.a. the trio) to stand together for the photo shoot. So Yang switched his position at their request. Never did he push his way through.Then because Li Yifeng grabbed the center position of the trio, Yang ended up standing next to Ms. Zheng. Again, the antis played the same old trick and cropped the screenshot to make it appear like Yang took the C position.
As to Yang’s comment about “always being in the center of the stage”, it was quoted out of context from his interview with the magazine Beijing Youth Weekly. He was referring to his early years in the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art – how he had wished to become the lead dancer performing in the center of the stage and eventually achieved the goal through diligence and hard work.

Rumor Three: Overly used body doubles – FALSE!

Yang Yang has never used any body doubles improperly (stand-in’s are necessary for non-filming purposes such as scene arrangements and lighting adjustments).
He mentioned many times in interviews that he prefers trying himself than using stunt doubles. He also loves doing action scenes and does it artistically.
In the TV series Love O2O, Yang had to use a double for one scene because his foot was injured.
Fans’ videos taken at the scene and the TV episode itself can prove that Yang did participate in the shooting of that scene.
Yang also completed the shooting of an indoor basketball game all by himself.
Therefore it is a baseless and completely false accusation that Yang needed a body double for scenes as simple as playing basketball.
To refute the rumors, many industry insiders tweeted supporting statements and evidence that Yang indeed is a dedicated and professional actor who has never overly used any body doubles.

Rumor Four: Likes to shoot multiple films at the same time – FALSE!

From Ms. Rao Xueman (the author of original novel who also participated in casting for the film The Left Ear) interview, “It was difficult finding an actor for this character Xu Yi.
He must have incredible visuals.
We interviewed many candidates, but none was satisfactory – until we met Yang.
I immediately knew it had to be him, and both the director and I were very excited.
To our surprise, he turned us down for another role in the TV series Daomu Biji. He is a diehard fan of that novel.
At that time I was so jealous of Kennedy Xu (author of Daomu Biji) that I almost wanted to punch him. Ms. Li Xiaoping, Vice President of Enlight Pictures, would not give up. She insisted Yang was the best fit for Xu Yi and no one else was even comparable. Ms. Li had the final say as an investor and decided Yang must play both roles. Yang said even though he wanted this role, his schedule would not allow it. Eventually we persuaded (almost forced) him to star both Daomu Biji and The Left Ear at the same time.
We knew all worth for waiting since Day One when we shot the scene where Xu Yi turned around and smiled. Daily loss of close to a million CNY so as to accommodate Yang’s schedule was never a concern.

Rumor Five: Was excluded from the promotional tours for The Left Ear- FALSE!

On March 10, 2015, Yang Yang attended the press conference for the movie The Left Ear. The movie was announced to be released on April 30th. April 1-23, Yang was shooting the reality show Divas Hit the Road II overseas. On April 8th, it was unexpectedly announced that the releasing date of the movie would be advanced to the 24th.
Therefore, Yang was unable to attend any promotional tours. He did tweet multiple times on Weibo to promote this movie

Rumor Six: Tried to manipulate the casting of the Daomu Biji movie – FALSE!

On July 3, 2015, Yang Yang was officially announced to be the lead actor in LOVE O2O.
Obviously Yang would not be able to participate in the movie Daomu Biji due to scheduling conflicts.
On August 17th, Yang’s official news portal retweeted his Weibo tweet that Yang is “off to new adventures” and would not be involved in the movie Daomu Biji. After that, Yang’s fans were encouraged to delete all Weibo tweets and hashtags related to the movie.
Yang never hired any netizens to pressure Kennedy Xu. To date, Mr. Xu fails to provide any evidence to support his false claims against Yang. Yang had no involvement in this matter from beginning to end.

Rumor Seven: A ludicrous one

Antis mocked Yang Yang as airhead and accused him of mispronouncing a word once in a show, when he had previously pronounced the exact same word correctly many times. The alleged mispronunciation was only a slip of the tongue. The host of that talkshow kept repeating the word in his questions, while Yang was crafting his answer with another word. Finally he ended up saying a combination of the two words. Just imagine that Yang intended to say “rein” and “interpret” but said “reinterpret” due to liaison.
There is no doubt that Yang has a rich vocabulary. In LOVE O2O, he pronounced a very rare Chinese character correctly whereas another actor did not.



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10 highlights from Yang Yang's 25th birthday party live streamed in China

por Nancy Z em Sexta, Set 16, 2016

 0  0

Chinese heartthrob Yang Yang was joined by 5,000 fans in Beijing and millions more on air to celebrate his 25th birthday. It has definitely been a good year for the rising actor, not to mention that his romcom Love O2O just finished as a top summer smash hit. Take a look at these highlights from the festive celebration, including a surprise appearance by an actress who Yang Yang has admitted to be his ideal type.


The entire event is about 2 hours long. We have the full video but it's not subbed, so I'll do my best to pick out interesting and memorable highlights. (Sorry, it's simply too huge a job to translate such a long video.)

1. Check out the crowd! All the tickets are distributed free to lucky fans selected through nationwide drawings. This year, the party was held at the Beijing Workers' Stadium on September 10. (Yang Yang's birthday is September 9.)

The name of the party is "楊洋自在Young" for "Freely Young." As you may already know, Yang Yang's name is pronounced just like "Young Young."


2. Count down to the big event! Yang Yang is one of the most popular young actors in China. Fans were counting down to this birthday celebration starting months ago, and they were thrilled by this stylish MV released just before the event:

2. Just minutes before he was to appear on stage for the birthday party, Yang Yang broadcasted live to say a greeting. He told the fans that all the gifts received at the party were being sent to a charity. Early on he asked how many people were watching, and would you believe the answer was 6 million? 

He seemed a bit hesitant about the live platform because he rambled for a while, saying he is not used to this format, and that people need a special talent in talking, eating, or at least have a pretty face. (Yang Yang, you do know you are good looking, don't you?)

3. Yang Yang sang the theme song for Love O2O, starting at 14:50 in the 2-hour video.


For the English lyrics, you can check out the MV included in this article.

4. A star for a star! Yang Yang was given a certificate proving that a star was named after him. It turns out the he owns a telescope, (standing in his balcony as shown in the photo,) and has liked to view the glittering night sky since childhood. (Staring at 23:20, you can see the star that is located near the Sagittarius constellation, according to the video.)


5. Actress Liu Yifei came to congratulate him in person. Yang Yang has reportedly said that Liu Yifei is his ideal type, and they are both the perfectionist Virgos. They are co-starring in a new historical fantasy movie, 三生三世十里桃花, literally translated as "Three Lives, Three Generations, and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom."


It's probably just PR for the upcoming movie, because right now I'm sure Love O2O fans would have preferred to see his leading lady Zheng Shuang at the birthday party.

6. It's time to sing Happy Birthday for Yang Yang! Go to 39:32:00 in the video. When asked what wish he made, Yang Yang said he made "many wishes."


Do you see a cute little lamb on top of the birthday cake? There are many words that sound exactly the same in Chinese, and the word 羊 (Sheep) also sounds just like Yang Yang's name. That's why his fans are nicknamed wool.

7. Many top Chinese stars also joined in to wish Yang Yang a happy birthday, such as Fan BingbingHuang XiaomingWallace Huo, Tiffany TangSun Honglei (wearing his typical dark shades,) and more. You can watch the video segment from 1:07:34.

Here's Tiffany Yang:


8. Yang Yang released a new song 爱是一个疯字, "Love is Crazy," and performed it at the party.

You can also watch it starting at 01:21:00 in the full video.

Yang Yang said he didn't think he's that good a singer, but he would sing for his fans.

9. What's a fan meet without meeting fans on stage? Some lucky fans were invited to get up close with Yang Yang, starting at 01:27:23. Fans all around China who couldn't make it to the party also recorded videos to wish their star a happy birthday.


10. A touching surprise was revealed! It turned out that Yang Yang wore a fan-made t-shirt the entire time underneath his outfits. You can start from 1:47:00 to hear Yang Yang say "I love you" to the fans, bow to express his thanks, and surprised everyone when he started to take his clothes off. (Squeals!)


Yang Yang said he wanted to wear the t-shirt to sing the farewell song, which starts from 1:49:00. The lyrics are about thanking the fans to stay with him as they journey on.

Did you know this public event is not the first time Yang Yang has held a celebration party for his birthday? There was a big event last year when he turned 24. With Yang Yang's fast rising popularity, can you imagine what his birthday party would be like next year?

Happy Birthday, Yang Yang!

In the meantime, remember to watch or watch again the charming Love O2O!

Love O2O has the perfect combination of cute romance, attractive leads, college student vibes, fantasy gaming, all wrapped in one enjoyable package. The fantasy world presented in the drama is so complex and vividly lush that many fans have said that's what attract them first to the drama.

Join Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) and Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuan) on their journey from online gaming to real romance.



For more on Yang Yang:

With Love O2O becoming a hit on DramaFever, many International fans have discovered the handsome leading man who already has a huge following in China. Besides learning about his background, watch Yang Yang tell us about himself in an all English-subbed quick 50 Q&A video


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6 reasons to watch the adorable Love O2O

por Nancy Z em Sexta, Ago 26, 2016

 0  0

New Chinese romcom drama Love O2O, starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, is winning hearts and fans with its gorgeous leads and college romance. Here are some interesting facts about the leading couple and the drama.

1.  Yang Yang plays Xiao Nai, campus hottie, basketball star, computer science wiz who is also the top gamer in an RPG (role playing game) that he developed. Did I mention he is gorgeous?



The 24-year-old actor rose to fame playing the lead, at the age of 17, in The Dream of Red Mansions drama series. Many of his fans are said to be so entranced by his handsome visage and stature that they only have eyes for him over anyone else in the drama.

2. Zheng Shuang plays Bei Wei Wei, a computer science student who is also the top female player in the multiplayer online game. She is into her academic study and online gaming.



Did you know she was the Chinese Geum Jan Di? She rose to fame in Meteor Shower, the Chinese version of Boys Over Flowers. She and co-star Zhang Han dated in real life but broke up in 2014. She said she was too insecure and is now focusing on work.

3.  The college romance is based on writer Gu Man's popular novel 微微一笑很倾城 (pronounced Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng.) It is also known as “Wei Wei’s Beautiful Smile” and “Just One Smile is Very Alluring.” There is also a movie based on the same story, starring Angelababyand Jing Boran.



Gu Man is nicknamed "Turtle" for being slow in delivering her writing. The production team finally realized the best way to make her work faster is to lock her up in a hotel room. (I wonder if I need that solution too sometimes.)

4. Gorgeous fantasy world where the hero and heroine role play as martial arts characters - When Xiao Nai realized Wei Wei was the top female player for the online game, he decided to propose to her in the virtual world to form an alliance. Is he pursuing her for her skills or to romance her? When and how will she find out his true identity?



The many characters in the fantasy world live a parallel life with their own stories. It's like as story within a story.

5. College vibes - The romantic adventure unfolds in a university called Qing University that is located in Beijing. Filming actually took place in real Shanghai universities with lots of campus scenes, giving us an intimate close-up view into modern Chinese college life.



6. Yang Yang speaks with his own voice! Dubbing is widely used in Chinese dramas, but Yang Yang speaks with his own magnetic and beautiful voice in Love O2O. He also sings the theme song in this Youtube video:


Love O2O has the perfect combination of cute romance, attractive leads, college student vibes, fantasy gaming, all wrapped in one enjoyable package. Let's join Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) and Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) on their journey from online gaming to romance.

You know what else is fantastic abo

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