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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Princess Jieyou 解忧公主

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Title: 解忧公主 / Jie You Gong Zhu
English title: Princess Jieyou
Genre: Ancient, Romance

Episodes: 45
Director: Yang Lu

Producers: Zhang Ning 张宁, Gao Feng 高峰

Screenwriters: An Qi Jie 安启杰, Xu Yi Liang 徐伊亮, Yu Yang 禹扬, Sun Hao 孙浩, Xue Jiao 薛峤
Broadcast Date: February 18, 2016 - February 28, 2016


Zhang Xin Yi as Jie You
Yuan Hong as Weng Gui
Yuan Wen Kang as Jun Xu
Liu Guan Xiang as Huai Tian Sha
Yang Yi (杨懿) as A Cai
Wu Qiang (武强) as Changshan Hou Hou
Ye Qing as Feng Liao
Zhang Yi Luan (张一鸾) as Hu Gu
Jiang Xiao Chong (姜晓冲) as Mu Ha Zi
Yang Lin Zi (杨林子) as Ming Gu Liang
Xue Xiao Ran (薛小冉) as Gu Rui Ya
Qiao Lei (乔磊) as Yi Lu
Lu Qi Wei (陆绮蔚) as A Yi Na


To seal a political alliance between the Han and the Wusun, Princess Jie You left the Chinese capital city and all its comforts to marry Chieftain Weng Gui on the steppe of Central Asia. She unexpectedly found true love in their union. Her wisdom and compassion for the people of Wusun not only neutralized the threats against the Han Dynasty, she also spread Chinese culture to the west encouraging the exchange of cultures.

Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Bii - Aurora




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Guest DJG

Love stories like this. Hope the drama turns out well.

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Halfway through this drama - enjoying it a lot so far. Stunning visuals - beautiful scenarios of lush green fields, vast empty deserts, opulent middle eastern palaces, pretty costumes. Never seen this actress before in other dramas, but she has found a new fan in me - her deep voice is unlike any other typical C actress, and her looks so exotic.  Good chemistry with the male lead - of course, Yuan Hong is rocking it as a dashing middle eastern prince.

Good blend of comedy, romance and fighting sequences. I also like the side characters like the stoic Han general bodyguard, the mercenary business woman turned Princess' bodyguard, even the assistants of Wenggui and Kunmi. 

I learnt something new about the Wusun people - refreshing to see another ethnic minority race featured in a drama, instead of the usual Xiongnu. 

Pity that this drama was not promoted more. Highly recommend it.

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I started this drama too and so far found it enjoyable.  A lot of visually beautiful scenes and the storyline is not too bad.  Worth watching.

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I finished the drama.... Everything was good except that I did not quite like the fact that the love affair of the heart continued even after she married the Kunmi.   I felt as if I was watching an extra-marital affair though there was no serious physical intimacy, even the soul exchanges of love disturbs me a little.  There were too many private sessions between Wong Gui and Jie You and half the time I worry about them being caught red-handed by Kunmi...:w00t:

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Hello All,

Seeing the synopsis and recap makes me want to watch this drama. Especially the chemistry of the OTP and make them married in real life.Btw, does anyone know the link to download the drama with eng sub?

Thank you

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