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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

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I'm wondering wether these haters are truly hate ZLY or they hate her because they are being paid to do so.   100% agree with you, we should not respond to this. Let the rubbish remain be

Hey guys! This is my first post and I might not post too often in the future, but I just wanted to drop by and let everyone on this thread know that I really appreciate all the updates on Liying. This

I hope she is happy and that everything works out. Like lxands said most actresses her generation are going for older guys. I mean older guys are more likely to settle down and be looking for a real r



@icyphoenixI think the set looks unique. I too hope she manages to get max amount too. Btw talking abt Bazaar Charity Night apart SD, another PA cast, DL is attending too.




@lingnyisame with you, i wanna see what Yingbao wears tmr, what i hope she wears a very pretty dress, anyway she is always beautiful in whatever she wears. And btw i'm not sure LYF will be attending Bazaar tmr bcos he is schedule for 2018 Spring Summer NY Fashion Week held on 120917.




Goodness me, soompi did it again with code error EXO, i think they dont allow me to post any pics again. ah ok I'll post it again later :wacko:


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Omg she's sooo cute ahaha ha her hair is gonna be braided? Exactly how I was envisioning it ahhh can't wait to see her dress! 




Laughing hard she couldn't figure out what color to choose :D  Edit: she picked baby blue and pink..... :D 


I hope someone is recording her live stream so we can watch it again :tongue: 

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