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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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[Xuanyuan birthday joint boarding pass support feedback]


In celebration of Yingbao birthday, her Firefly fansite also got the airlines in Beijing airport to print Yingbao's picture at the back of every boarding pass.


An exclusive custom-made of 101,600 boarding pass has been put in place at Beijing Capital Airport on her birthday Oct 16.


cto as labelled

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I saw this article that Zhao Liying's parents came to visit for their marriage. 


Here she is returning to Beijing from Shanghai



she is wearing the same outfit as in the day they got the license



this is apparently her dad when he came to her house in Beijing. Apparently they brought a lot of luggage and food :lol:



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I also think that after OGT airs, she will probably reach 80 million. Her follower count always goes up after a drama. 

This is her first modern drama in years so she is bound to reach new audience. 

If she keeps it like this, she will join Xiena on crossing 100 million. 

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Hanamino's extraordinary spokesperson, Zhao Liying's happy birthday blessings on huge billboard.


Hao huge investment in Shanghai Jing' a Temple Bailemen, Zhongshan Park, People's Square, etc., and other popular business districts outdoor big screen, together wish!

On the 15th last night, it began to broadcast high-density shocks! Did you see it? The 16th will continue tonight~,
Happy birthday to Blessing Yingbao! Happy marriage! If you have time, you can go and take photos together~

cr as labelled/translate zlyfb


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[20 October 2018] #待播剧景气指数#
TOP10 DataWin
~#1 The Story of Minglan


Datawin Interpretation:

Recently, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng Weibo "Guanxuan" married, detonated the whole network, and successively screened various entertainment headlines for many days, becoming the 2018 TOP-level entertainment event.
After a few days of fermentation, the spread of media and social forum discussions spread, and the two people starred in the drama "The Story of Minglan", the prosperity index soared to the top of the list, the public The expectations of the drama soared, and even netizens in the forum and the social platform called for the hope that Hunan Satellite TV would start broadcasting as soon as possible.
The "The Story of Minglan" is also in line with the article published by Datawin recently. Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng is married, and the public is predicting the curiosity and expectation of the couple's performance in the gorgeous end of the Huadan era.

cr share/translate: zlyfb

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