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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

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I also agree it's good to just ignore them sometimes but u also need to let them understand that u can't just come in a thread knowing that there r many of the fans of that certain actor will most definitely be there and not defend their respective 'idol' ...what I noticed too is that on the Minglan's thread, it also brought out the 'silent' supporter to help counter-bash the hater..they may be silent but when it comes to defending their own, they r like cannonballs flying all over!! :D

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Hey guys! This is my first post and I might not post too often in the future, but I just wanted to drop by and let everyone on this thread know that I really appreciate all the updates on Liying. This

I'm wondering wether these haters are truly hate ZLY or they hate her because they are being paid to do so.   100% agree with you, we should not respond to this. Let the rubbish remain be

Like every celebrity ZLY has haters. Some weibo accounts do get pay to create negative trends like that one with CX. But some people do dislike her and her fans. What is interesting is that she has re

Like every celebrity ZLY has haters. Some weibo accounts do get pay to create negative trends like that one with CX. But some people do dislike her and her fans. What is interesting is that she has really dedicated haters that follow all her news and everything she does with a passion :ph34r: 

I do think they should be ignored no point in talking to them. They want an argument, if you ignore them it reflects how little importance we give to their opinion. 

I was in this blog the other day and people were so pressed about ZLY's popularity.In the end, I think some people are just angry she is more popular right now than their favs be it an actress or an actor. 

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13 hours ago, jewelsc said:

Xstep national running festival on March 21


Wow great.. looking forward to this event.

"Xstep running festival on 21st March at 8:20pm & Xtep ambassador Zhao Liying will be there"


cr translated info:zlyfb

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Sharing a news on Yingbao for Xtep that i've not read b4.


特步官宣签赵丽颖 新代言继续打造运动时尚概念

Special stepper announces Zhao Liying's new endorsement to continue to build sports fashion concept


On January 24th, Xtep official Wechat released the news, announcing that the signing actress Zhao Liying has become the brand's 2017 new spokesperson, and Zhao Liying will fully open the new image of the sports girl based on the consensus of “Sports Fashion”.


As a popular film and television actress, Zhao Liying had previously appeared in many hit TV series such as “Spend One Thousand Bone”, “Qing Yun Zhi” and “Old Nine Doors,” and it has extremely high popularity and a large fan base. In this special step, both parties can have many points in the process of creating the concept of “sports fashion”. Prior to this, Xtep already had a number of brand spokespersons for Nicholas Tse and Li Yifeng.


The Xtep brand has always had a strong fashion gene. Since its inception in 2001, it has differentiated itself as a “fashion movement” and has pioneered the entertainment marketing of entertaining celebrity endorsement sports brands. The then-grand star character Nicholas Tse was the endorsement and still launched today. It is the first generation of "Fenghuo" shoes with industry records. This cooperation has continued for 16 years.


Afterward, TWINS, Pan Yubai, Cai Yilin, Han Geng, Gui Lunmei, Li Yifeng and many other popular front-line artists joined the special endorsement camp, establishing Xtep’s leading position in sports life and fashion. At the same time that it caused the industry to enter into entertainment marketing, it even affected the promotion strategy of international brands in China.


In 2015, Xtep announced a "return movement." While the industry is skeptical about whether Xtep has given up its differentiated advantage in the field of fashion and entertainment, Xtep won the first-line TV trumps such as “The Running Brother” and “Report Coach” and started the “return movement” with practical actions. "Fashion" fashion "sports + entertainment" dual-track marketing model.


At the end of 2016, there was news from the entertainment and sporting goods industry that Xtep signed another popular actress. Afterward, the news of friends and postings pointed to clues to “Golden Eagle” and “Flower Goddess” Zhao Liying, but Xtep’s office did not formally announce it. At the special group's New Year Celebration Video on January 20, 2017, Zhao Liying made her debut with her “Xtep Spokesperson” identity. At 10:16 last night, Tebukan revealed the contents of the "Welcome to the Goddess to join the Xtep family." Although there was no picture, it also caused quite a bit of shock. The fans who had seen the news before had passed the 1016 group. The number has basically confirmed that this new spokesperson is Zhao Liying. Sure enough, at 10:16 this morning, “Xtep China” officially announced “signing Zhao Liying, fully opening the new image of the sports girl”, and this topic quickly reached the microblogging popularity ranking, causing heated debate.


In response to the signing of Zhao Liying’s business decision, the sloth bear specifically interviewed the special assistant president of the Xtep Group, Wang Qiang. For the entire incident and the idea of cooperation between Xtep and Zhao Liying, Wang Qiang said: “Special steps in the industry, especially in the entertainment marketing, sports fashion field With unique advantages, our return to sports is a professional attribute of intensified sports, such as the continuous improvement of the professionalism of running, soccer, and other sports performance products. At the same time, sports fashion has always been our differentiated advantage and is also a special step gene. We do not Will give up, but better inheritance.In the entertainment marketing, we all insist on working with the image of health, positive energy of popular artists, in order to better communicate and interact with more young consumers. Zhao Liying by virtue of their own Strength, perfect interpretation of so many good characters, very popular with young people. Her unremitting, positive fighting spirit, with our brand pursuit of health, positive energy is also a perfect fit. So, we both hit it off."


In addition, regarding how to make good use of Zhao Liying’s influence and conduct brand promotion, Wang Qiang said: “She has always shown her youthful and lovely appearance. This is in line with our position on sports life and fashion products; and her The process and courage to accept challenges and hard work, but also very connotation of sports, and, now more and more women join the ranks of the movement, so, in addition to our sports life, fashion field, will fully demonstrate the beauty of Liying sports, And this aspect of her is a lesser-known aspect, and it is also her ever-changing aspect. We will first promote in the field of women's sports and call on more women to move.



source: http://sports.sohu.com/20170125/n479539940.shtml

cr translation: zlyfb

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2 minutes ago, heatherbee said:

Congrats for another endoresment:grin:

While anti's are bz  on hating for someone,our Dear li ying is also bz making more money:grin:

Go go girlll...."cf queen"

Haters gonna hate!!  But the queen is here to rule n no-one can stop her!! Coz she has the charm and talent for it!! 

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5 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

Haters gonna hate!!  But the queen is here to rule n no-one can stop her!! Coz she has the charm and talent for it!! 

Well said. No one can the stop the power of a one true queen.


Congrats Yingbao!!


cr as labelled

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Yay finally a new endorsement for Liying and a weibo update from her even though it's advertisement. I am really glad she is coming out on 21st March, at least we get to see her after a long while, desperate for new photos of her... 

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Daylight Entertainment reveals posters for upcoming dramas - at the 22nd Hong Kong International Film & TV Market. (slip the unrelated) - cr dramapotato



Another news: cr & translated by zlyfb

Today, the 22nd Hong Kong International Film & Television Exhibition (FILMART) was grandly opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. At noon, Sunshine Films made several appearances and the company’s Chairman Hou Hongliang was invited to participate in the first special seminar of the film festival.


This year's film festival will last for 4 days. From March 19th to 22nd, film and television producers and distributors from all over the world will gather in Hong Kong to witness this film and television event.


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