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Got a question? Read this first :)



Last update: 20-06-2017

Most of the questions I've encountered here are basic problems which are fairly easily solved. In this thread I attempt to throw a bunch of the solutions to your problems together. Hopefully you'll be able to solve your problem with any of the solutions provided. If not, please post your question either here or in a new thread and we'll get back to you as soon as possible :) (Please note that this thread is a work in progress so additional solutions may be added later)

If you have a solution to a problem but don't find it in here, don't hesitate to post your solution! 

First off: Have you read this thread yet? Not only is it a nice welcome to our (not-so-)new forum, it also provides some answers to problems you might have.
If you can't find your answer here, you might want to try https://support.soompi.com for basic help questions or ask a mod directly. Don't worry, we don't bite :) (well, I don't. But I hear @MadraRua does. She's been vaccinated though)


Have you always been wondering how you might do this or that on our forum? You can find an extensive list right here. For your convenience I've selected a few of the most used functions and posted them here. 

How to post a image:
Click the “Insert other media” button on the bottom right of the editor, and click “Insert image from URL”.
An even easier way to post a image is to go directly to the picture and copy it with CTRL+C. CTRL+V will place it in your post.
Another option is to rightclick the image and click "save link address" and paste the link in your post. Hitting enter after the link will copy it. 

  miss A’s Suzy Humors Fans with her Playful Personality

Good job captain! :)


How to embed a Youtube video to your post:
Go to your favorite video on Youtube and copy the link.The link must not have extra stuff at the end like &t=6m3s. You can also pick a different video if you're too embarrassed with your current favorite. We try not to judge your taste in music. When you've done that, just paste the link into your post and hit enter. 


How to tag someone in your post:
Another usefull function of the forum is the option to tag your chingu (or oppa, hyung...). Your friend (or.. well... you know) will receve a message that he/she's been mentioned in your post. 
All you need to know is their username. As mine is CamelKnight, you would be able to tag me into a post with adding an @ in front of my username. So @CamelKnight mentions me. When you write an @, a dropdown list of all users will become visible. It may take a second or two to load and the more letters of the username you type, the better the selection will be.

Hey look, I've got a mention! :D


How to add a link to your post:
In order to post a link to a different thread or website, simply copy the link, and you can either post it as you would normally with CTRL+V. If you want a word to contain a link to your website, just highlight the word you want and click the link option in the bar above your post (looks like an 8 lying down)


How to post a spoiler:


Just click the eye-sign at the top of the bar where you can also choose emoticons, font and font size. It will add a block with a Spoiler mention above it. Type in it to fill your spoiler.

Click and type outside of it to go back to normal posting :)


There are plenty more features. I've only listed those who are used most often. If you want to know what else you can do, please take a look at this list. I'll add some basic troubleshooting a bit later :)


Basic troubleshooting:

Most of the problems you encounter are not so much problems with Soompi, but problems with your browser or a piece of software you're running. This may sound odd since these problems often arise when we perform changes on our end. Fact is though that sometimes your browser doesn't pick up on those changes. So here are a few solutions for you to try out before screaming murder and fire (which is a literal translation of a dutch proverb :tongue: ):

I can't log in because I lost my password or username:
Hmmm... that's quite silly of you! But, we're here to help so here goes. When you try to log in, there's an option to recover your password. We will ask for either your username or emailaddress. Fill that in and we'll send you a link to reset your password.
Forgetting your username is even sillier and it's going to be a bit difficult. Remember your last post? What did you write about? Was it that awesome new cat video you saw on Youtube? Your confession to one of the guys from your preferred boy/girlgroup? Or perhaps to your favorite moderator (I'm not saying you did, I'm not saying you didn't....)? Find that post and you'll have your username again! :)

I can't log in:
We recently (november/december 2016) had a problem where users were unable to log in. The site said they had already logged in on soompi.com but the forums said they weren't. This problem is often easily solved. Try logging in. No, seriously. First log out of soompi.com, then log back in. This should solve your problems.

I can't see my latest post, update, something else:
This problem usually has to do with a corrupted cached page or corrupted cookies stored on your computer. Cookies and cached pages (or history) are used to store information about your session at soompi.com on your computer to make sure the pages load faster. It's easier to tell your computer that a certain page has not changed than to have it download the entire page again, right? Corrupted does not mean someone else licked your cookies, but instead you tried to download chocolate chip cookies but your computer thought you wanted regular cookies. We can't have that so let's download those chocolate chips again!
After each step, close your browser and reopen it.

  • First, try refreshing your browser with CTRL+F5. This will bypass your cache and fetch the entire page from our server. If it works, it will overwrite the bad cached page and you've got chocolate cookies.
  • If that doesn't work, it's going to be a bit tricker as you will have to remove your browserhistory. Depending on your browser you may or may not be able to select only the data from soompi.com. Chrome for instance will let you search for specific pages and delete only those you want. For detailed info about how to clear your history go here. Note that this website does not show you how to delete a specific website only. For Chrome you can simply go to History (CTRL+H), search for soompi.com (top right) and tick all the boxes for soompi.com. Scroll back up and select "delete all selected" or something similar.
    There's no need for you to remove all your history or all your history of soompi.com. Remember when it worked fine? Select all the pages up untill one day before it didn't and remove those pages.
  • If that doesn't work either, you'll have to remove cookies. This solution also doesn't require you to remove everything. Just from those days it didn't work. Ofcourse, if you want to be sure, you can delete everything. It's no big deal. 
    For detailed info about how to delete your cookies go here. Again, this website does not show how to remove cookies for soompi.com only. For Chrome, go to Settings (the 3 dots or bars at the top right), scroll down to Privacy, click Settings For Content and click All Cookies And Sitedata. Please know that I translated these from Dutch so the English settings may be slightly different. I'm immensely sorry my mother language is a different one from yours (well, in most cases at least).
  • If that doesn't work, your problems may be due to an antivirus program that's blocking your access to soompi.com. This solution is only recommended for experienced users and should not be attempted if you're unsure of the consequences.
    Ask your mom for a new computer since this one is apparently broken. JUST KIDDING! :D Still, this solution could have consequences so please watch out.
    First off, close all other tabs and internet thingies you've got going. Downloading anything? Shut it down. I'm serious. Close your browser and rightclick your antivirus program. The icon can be found in the pop up next to the time (right side of the screen) when you're a Windows user. Select a similar function to "disable" or turn off". It will most likely warn you that you are no longer protected from virusses and this is true which is why this is a last resort. Ofcourse you know what you're doing, or at least pretend to, and you're sure so hit that OK button.
    Open your browser and visit soompi.com and log in. When logged in, turn on your antivirus program again. Rightclick the icon and select "enable", "turn on" or a similar function. Can't find the option? Reboot your computer, that should do it. This should solve your problem.
  • If none of these help solve your problem, contact a mod or admin.


Stay tuned for further updates! If you want something added, please let me know by PM or by posting in this thread :) 

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Hello good morning / afternoon, it's has been awhile but I do have a question the soompi community and forum are they both not connected? Meaning do I need to sign up seperate or is there a way my forum account will be accessible to the community section?   


Hope to get an answer as soon as possible, thank you.

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2 hours ago, ChenXiao said:

This may seem a stupid thing but I’m idk how to make a thread? I’ve tried that plus button in the top right hand corner, but when I go to choose a topic it won’t let me click any of them. 
Am I just stupid or does it not work? 


New members (with the title "New member") can't create threads. I believe you have to gain enough reputation points and post enough until you are allowed to create new threads. :kiss_wink:

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2 hours ago, partyon said:


New members (with the title "New member") can't create threads. I believe you have to gain enough reputation points and post enough until you are allowed to create new threads. :kiss_wink:

Ahh I see - sorry I’ve been on Hallyu and Kprofiles for a while now and when I started I could just create threads. Thanks for telling me tho otherwise I would’ve freaked out

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