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[Drama 2016] The Royal Gambler 대박

Go Seung Ji

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On 3/12/2016 at 5:38 AM, mysignisflower said:



Thank you to My Sign is flowers for this great behind the scenes video!!!! Please continue to post!!

I got some captures from this video and it Looks like they are testing out facial hair, With or without moustache for Jang Keun Suk.  I like his moustache look and I also like only his beard without the moustache look also!moustache_zpsxlvwrdw8.png

In the above picture he has a beard AND moustache. I think he looks hot!



Here in the above picture, he does not have a moustache, but he has a Fu Manchu type of beard.


And Sukkie - being the thoughtful person that he is, hands over the handwarmer to his sunbae.

I also think he looks hot with only the Fu Manchu type of beard!! Can't wait.

@mysignisflower Thank you again for posting the DramaFever Behind the scenes video from which these captures are from!!!

I tried to go to Drama Fever and find this vid - but couldn't find it, so am so happy you posted it!!

To Moderator - I am quoting the already posted Dramafever vid to make sense and give proper credit to the original poster - mysign is flower.Thank you.


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I love the calibre of the other actors in tthe drama - I see many veterans of other dramas here even if I don't know their names....

On 3/19/2016 at 2:48 PM, Seiran029 said:


Mod edit: Do not quote photos.


a love triangle !! :rolleyes:

Wait - wait - Yeo JinGoo may be the second lead....but Jang Keun Suk  keeps on mentioning that his character Dae Gil has a "sad" (among other words)  story...so I don't know which way it goes - either way...the leading lady - Lim Ji Yeon - is supposed to be also playing the part of an assasin....wow!!!  The storyline sounds great!  I can hardly wait!

I read somewhere (waaay in the beginning of publicity for "Daebak" - so it may not be current anymore)  that this is a Joseon era version of "All In" - has anyone seen All In? and can give us a capsule summary of it so we can just kind of have that in the back of our minds as we wait for "Royal Gambler" to start?



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