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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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YSH's comments
Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi has finally ended. Thank you so much for the love you have shown us throughout this run. Hope that you will keep MT&NJG in your hearts for a very very long time.

LYW's comments
Thank you for showing so much love to MT&NJG. We hope to show you better works in the future as well. Please remember MT&NJG for a long long time.

EDIT: I hope this is not the end and we will still get part 2 of the NG special.

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i think i am the one that left behind...everyone already watch the final episode..while here i am still cant open ep 15 and 16....i still dont wanna said goodbye to this drama..to nam family...to lovely cosmetic team....huhuhuhuhu

better i watch it ep 13 and 14...before watch ep 15 and 16....though i must endure to punch my screen when watch ep 13 and 14 because of the gold chem thing and manager yang that i want to punch him everytime he open his mouth...such a trash....really....but then i will watch the nam woojoo and ok dajung love story again....lololololololol...i still crack up just by remembering it that woojoo want to married the lady next door, he cant live in nam family house again because he cant blend with family motto  think about consequences before you act out in anger...hahahahahahahahaha...and love his ahhumma next door more and more because she is the one that encouraging him and make him a bit braver when fight with his friend....love the fight scene too.,,,hahahahahahaha...so cute...and ofc woojoo line that said i have no mom at least im not a jackass like you that being taught by ok dajung...hahahahahaha....poor woojoo must be broken heart...such a cute kid really with his first love to ahjumma next door...and yeah i watch the cut already in yt that finally woojoo can move on from ok dajung and has his won girlfriend around his age...good job woojoo...and ofc the sailormoon scene....that i love so much!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahaha....

really miss ODJ scene in ep 14...my ok crush...really really love and adore her....i lobe how she tried everything to found something that she like the most instead something that he hate the most... NJG advice really really good and kind...like how ODJ being cruel to herself in this proper break....and why is she wasting this precious break being cruel to herself...ah love it..odj really tried everything...lolololololol...but the one that she like the most is being at work with all her team member...ah so sweet....ODJ really learn many things from NJG and family and NJG also learn many things form ODJ.....such a win win OTP....i will miss ok crush so much....

speak about the ending, a day before the ending last thursday i even dream about the ending of this drama...in my dream ODJ said goodbye, sorry and thank you to NJG because she started again with lee jisang...when i woke up i looks so lost....hahahahaha..but thanks that kind of ending didnt happen in this drama...hahahahaha...so far many people said this drama has nice ending and many ppl love the ending too...okay now i am ready to watch ep 15 and 16!!!!!!!

okay ill be back after watching the end episode later....now i will watch ep 13 and 14 first...brace myself to that yang manager...arrrggghhhh hate him so much...fighting to myself!!!!

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YSH's done a couple of interviews on the drama after it's ended. I'll just post the links... if you guys can read it (I can't).


I'll see if I can do something about the second one, since he mentions the cast and it's a lot shorter (no promises again).

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52 minutes ago, Phương Thanh said:

Another behind the scene :D:w00t:^_^

Pretty sure LYW was parodying Kim Sae-ron's scene in the Mirror of the Witch trailer. I think I caught a glimpse of it after the live broadcast of MT&NJG. Funny lol.

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