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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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Guest adikkeluangman

[Pics] Chansung from jj_makeup_'s ig (Ms. Temper & Nam Junggi make up team)


[ETC] 160428 JTBC 'Ms. Temper & Nam Junggi' Support by Chansung Thailand

More pictures at 2pmalways

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'욱씨남정기' 윤상현, 돈 포기하고 이요원 선택했다
'Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi' Yoon Sang-hyun, gives up money for Lee Yo-won



1. [+777, -7] If this aired on public broadcast it'll reach 30%....

2. [+604, -6] It's impressive how they turned this heavy material into something light yet meaningful ㅠㅠ I'm supporting this (MTNJG) ♥

Not exactly sure what's the right expression for the "supporting" part. It's something like... "fighting" but I can't translate to that since they don't mean the same thing literally.

3. [+368, -4] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi is really a masterpiece ㅠㅠ It's a pity it's not doing as well as I expected ㅠㅠ This is the only drama I'm watching!

4. [+351, -5] Yoon Sang-hyun ♡ Lee Yo-won ~♡♡

5. [+282, -9] Lee Yo-won's really my ideal type.

Cr. OSEN, Naver
Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003309543

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세일러문 변신 이요원, '욱씨남정기'표 깨알CG 또 터졌다
Lee Yo-won transforms into Sailor Moon, 'Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi' hilarious CG




욱씨남정기 이요원 세일러문



1. [+565, -26] I used to dislike Lee Yo-won but she's really the best here. Exactly like Wook Da-jung.

2. [+471. -34] Lee Yo-won's the best...

3. [+394, -28] I used to really dislike Lee Yo-wonㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ  Now I'm a fan after watching Ms. Temper ㅎㅎ.  Sailor Moon was damn cute...  Do a Sailor Moon program.ㅎㅎ

4. [+140. -6] There are averagely good dramas out there but this drama is really good. Lee Yo-won's great, Nam Jung-gi's acting is daebak. Both the leads act well. It'll be great if there are more dramas like Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi.

5. [+136, -14] She married early and she has kids too but her figure is really pretty... Her acting career is really impressive too.

This is what we call a winner in life.

Cr. Daum, TV Daily
Source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/drama/newsview?newsid=20160501124504885

EDIT: I cannot get over the fact that my title isn't centered and there's no way to edit that. ARGH!

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[어저께TV] ‘욱씨’ 윤상현♥이요원, 돈 없이 행복할 수 있을까
[Yesterday TV] 'Ms. Temper' Yoon Sang-hyun ♥ Lee Yo-won, can they be happy without money?



1. [+1397, -19] The reporter sees nothing except money. Besides money, in a takeover you may get expelled demoted and are unlikely to promote, what an idiot... Those SMEs whiched merged into Samsung, none of them became a central piece of the group. Wake up journalist.

2. [+1056, -20] Lee Yo-won has met her representative work (literally: work of her life). The directing, script, acting, and writing are all on point.

Check spoiler for responses (if you're a LYW fan).


-- It's all good, but Sailor Moon is... that's... a little... like that
-- Even so her representative work is Queen Seondeok...
-- I loved her in Bong Dal-hee.
-- This fellow churns out representative works all the time ㅋㅋ but the ratings? (An anti?)
-- Surgeon Bong Dal-hee !!
-- Isn't Lee Yo-won's representative work Queen Seondeok?
-- Don't nitpick about cable ratings. This level is already considered excellent ㅋㅋㅋ It's interesting. It's difficult to find a flop amongst Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Yo-won's projects ㅋㅋㅋ
-- She doesn't receive a lot of attention, but her eye for projects is great.
-- Fashion 70!!!!!!
-- Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi revived the Fri-Sat timeslot that JTBC ruined... The viewership ratings are fine.
-- The previous drama got 0.5%. Ms. Temper is at 2.7%. That's a tremendous increase. Who's the guy criticising the viewership ratings?

3. [+853, -16] 'Viewers who believe that happiness can be bought with money are ‘shocked’, this is not something you see in real life, just something that happens in a story.'...Hold on a minute, journalist-ssi, this isn't the viewer's opinion but the reporter's? We're not interested in hearing reporter-nim's feelings.

4. [+736, -13] This drama is really very interesting. Please give us a refreshing (plot) development.

5. [+451, -16] You can always trust Lee Yo-won's dramas. I'm behind you~!

Word of advice: please stay away from Horse Doctor and Bad Love.

Cr. OSEN, Naver
Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003309713

Apologies for spamming.

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Woo Joo's fight with his friend in the garden is so cute.. i didnt think i ever find any cutest child actor like Woo Joo.. he is really cute in every scene he has. LoL...

Yes, Sailor Moon is a note for LYW's acting career, she made it. LOL.. how can she looked really like Sailor Moon, her slim body fits it so well...


And i also laught at Ok Dajung's painting.. LOL.. really bad... ahahahaaaa.... and her violin class also..  ahh.. really this this the funniest LYW's drama.



Oohh.. we just have two more episodes.. i already missed this drama.. hix...

Nam family is really heartwarming with all their character and probelems... Woo Joo's grandpa's dating is so cute.... Ok-bon' dance is terrible but it made me laught.. lol

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9 hours ago, lindy01 said:

This drama is truly GOLD! The storyline and characters are addictive, similar to Misaeng. This is definitely my no 1. favorite drama from JTBC, so far.


Agree.  This drama almost similar to Misaeng on office / workplace genre.

Misaeng are on issues around contract workers and other work related issues; with no kissing scene but hardly any comedy elements in it. 

Ms Temper has more depth and quite engaging.  There is no kissing scene yet and is definitely not needed to attract viewership as it has its own natural charm. 

In Ms Temper, there are equal balance of comedy and serious social issues in it.  It challenges viewers to think hard on gender equality, family - workplace life balance, principal and sub-contractors relationship, social bias views on (female) divorcee, sexual harassment, embezzlement, bribery, courteous neighbor, value of money versus happiness, parent - child responsibilities, abuse of power. etc etc

This drama is indeed, truly GOLD!

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@anopinion for me Lee Yo Won is great,I dont care what others think/says about her.Of All korean actresses she is my favorite,because she is simple but elegant,not bulgar,separate her personal life in her career,I love the way she smile,the way she act.

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Guest adikkeluangman

160420 'Ms Temper & Nam Junggi' Support by @go_chansung & @cary0211chan (Chansung) 

Vid : http://dai.ly/x47rvmg 

[Pic] Chansung from paengbo's ig 

Above is Chansung current picture and below from his old sitcom High Kick. So this staff also work in that production. It like 10 years ago.

[Pic] Chansung from ssuny_two_angel's ig 

Chansung with child actor Kim Woo Jin. This kid character is child of Director Han in drama right.

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been a long time since the last time i came here......how i miss it....hahahahaha...though i cant spazz max here but still enjoy read a few comments and posts...

YES THIS DRAMA IS GOLD....truly GOLD...i never wrong to save this drama to watch later...like i used to save 6 episode since ep 8 and now i am no my way marathoning it....you know i really save it and watch it later to drama that i found GOLD and THE BEST for me...a drama that dont have many spotlight and enjoying that only me and few people that know the gold about this drama...after watching this drama i know another drama genre that i love office drama...and this drama i found a bit lighter than misaeng...and the issue not  only with the office problem but also social and family problem.....and ofc the funny part become the another gold about this drama...isnt it complete package for a bit serious genre in kdrama????it hard and serious but also light at the same time..

i even cried when issue about working mom in ep 9 or 10 last night.....when deputy han torn between her role as a mom and as a worker...its saddening me so much..i cried when her son said...its okay mom to be late. i will wait for you, dont run or you will trip later...ah this little kid really makes me cried...that so honest line from a kid to his working mom...and this line seriously cant be a strength for any working moms in the world...so sweet and heartwarming line....i cried too at dajung and her mom scene in station...i know dajung must be trauma and still hurt about what her mom did when she was a child, but yeah she always care for her mom in her own way, in cold way, but  still her mom is one and only her family,, dajung know it so well...i hope her mom live in dajung house again but yeah she still back to busan at the end..TT.TT (bear me i am still on ep 10 right now.,,,will watch ep 11 after posting this comment)

i love how the twist in this drama too..like issue about betraying, i thought it would be park daerinim, but jang miri is the  one that betray them...wow..even the preview misleading it....haha...i hate all people from gold...except the ex dajung husband...they are so dirty and dont want to admit that they are LOSE!!!!! and always use the dirty way to compete...such a loser way!!!!!

nam family is really most heartwarming and supporting family ever.....i think i already said it last time...with all their problems and issues they always dealing it well....woojoo and ODJ push pull relationship also so cuteee......like woojoo interact with his own mom..and ODJ always warm in front of him too...isnt is so  sweet????? and NJK isnt that loser like i thought when read the synopsis about this drama back then...i lobe his line that, the most important is not acknowledge by other but acknowledge by yourself....and the marketing team of lovely....it must be great to work in that kind of environment that all ppl seems fun and enjoy their work and ofc support to each other too...though a big problems also came in this team...and lastly i really have a woman crush to ok dajung....love her character and the development so far...ODJ just jjang jjang jjang!!!!!cold but warm...

okay ill continue to watch it now......will comment it later~~~ still cant believe this week is final week of this drama...TT.TT

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