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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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On Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 6:50 AM, Nuyn said:

Ok Da-Jung (Lee Yo-Won) is the youngest team leader in the cosmetics industry. She has divorced three times so far. She doesn't care what others think about her and she also has quite a temper. Nam Jung-Gi (Yoon Sang-Hyun) works as a section chief at the same cosmetics company as Ok Da-Jung. Unlike her, Nam Jung-Gi has a timid and nice personality. He can't say anything that makes others uncomfortable. He is able to make Ok Da-Jung's blood boil.
Release Date: March 18 , 2016


LoL... let us see how Ok Da Jung will boil...

Omg.. divorce three times... hahhaaaa... 

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Actor Lee Jung-jin, her second husband.  He is in for a special guest appearance.

I’m still amused knowing she got divorced three times.  Wondering if they’re going to show the third hubby too.

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"Bad Tempered Grown-ups" Lee Yo-won walks majestically in ripped shirt

Actress Lee Yo-won is back as a majestic, 'strong woman'.

Stills from the new JTBC drama "Bad Tempered Grown-ups" have been released.

The pictures show Lee Yo-won rid of the elegant image she's been carrying around and back as 'strong woman' Ok Da-jeong. Her shirt looks torn with her underwear showing but she's power walking. She doesn't care about the eyes around her and is haughty. This shows Ok Da-jeong's real personality. She looks cold as she's staring at someone. She's cold and charismatic and she has left a strong impression on her first appearance.


Prior to the shoot, Lee Yo-won appeared on site and shared greetings with the staff. She went through the script with director Lee Hyeong-min and repeated her routine over and over again. She made sure not to lose a single detail. The 2 years and 6 months that she's been gone is almost unbelievable as it's as if she never left.

Lee Yo-won has put a lot of work into transforming her fashion, hairstyle and looks. The 'office-look' worn by Ok Da-jeong is also something to look out for. Expectations for the 'strong woman' are increasing and "Bad Tempered Grown-ups" just might be another one of her successful dramas.


After the first take, Lee Yo-won said, "It's been a while since I've been in a drama. I wanted to try out the role as it's something I've never done before and it seemed fun. The cast get along well and I hope the viewers enjoy watching the drama".


Lee Yo-won takes on the role of Ok Da-jeong, the youngest team manager of a huge cosmetic brand. She has been through three divorces and doesn't care what others say about her. She has a hot temper which earned her the nickname 'hot headed Da-jeong'. She lives by the principles that 'suppressing anger three times makes you a fool and the end of kindness is stupidity'. She doesn't deal with injustice and treats people however she wants despite their social status.

Meanwhile, "Bad Tempered Grown-ups" is directed by Lee Hyeong-min and written by Joo Hyeon-I and it's about the sad and happy things in life we live by.

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If they’re filming epi 6 now they could have completed a total of 8 installments by its premiere.  That’s good so they don’t need to be rushing on shooting the later episodes when it starts airing.  They would have more time to keep up with the quality production throughout.


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