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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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Woo Joo is so cute confessing his love first.  Can’t wait to see him going out with ODJ next week.

Lovely office is getting crowded with the third ex and evil manager there, plus ODJ’s first ex is also coming along.  More gossiping will arise. 

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2 hours ago, alleram95 said:

Ohoo.. Deputy Han got makeover.. 

why did that evil finance manager go to lovely? .___.

I've been waiting for romance between Nam Junggi and Ok Dajung.. but Woojo wins.. he confessed his love first.. :lol::w00t:

:grin:..and the dad and grandapa reaction is epic...:P:P ...seem friday is so far:sweatingbullets:....love this drama..

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Because of its "low" rating so will l stop watching it?  Never!

l am wondering .... for those who have watched this drama, will they make a decision now to  stop watching it because it's "low" rating?

For me, l am not really bothered even its rating suddenly say, go below 1%.

l have enjoyed watching this drama; it is so unique & refreshing. :wub:

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1 hour ago, quockhanh45 said:

So sad when a good drama like this have rating can't reach 3%. Meanwhile, "Memory" although down to 2.5% in ep 11 but increased so fast to 3.1% easily.
But according to TNMS, MSTNJG always came the first place.


It's interesting because on raw numbers alone, Ms. Temper's viewers outnumber Memory. I'm not sure why it's the case but you guys can see it. It's the column next to the percentages (pick the right date if you're clicking on the link later since it defaults to the most recent statistics).

Ms. Temper viewers: http://www.nielsenkorea.co.kr/tv_terrestrial_day.asp?menu=Tit_1&sub_menu=2_1&area=00&begin_date=201604
Memory viewers: http://www.nielsenkorea.co.kr/tv_terrestrial_day.asp?menu=Tit_1&sub_menu=3_1&area=00&begin_date=201604

Ms. Temper has 365k on a smaller percentage rating whereas Memory has 358k on 3.076%. I think it's meaningless to compare between stations in this case; they probably have different metrics for judging whether a show is popular. I do hope, however, that Ms. Temper reaches 3% since that is their goal, and it'll be considered a commercial success if so (not that it isn't right now).

Also, the reason behind why viewers want dramas to score good ratings is because it affects whether an actor gets good project proposals after that. If you guys aren't too concerned about the actors then it wouldn't really matter.

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'욱씨남정기' 연정훈·이요원, 상사·부하로 만났다 '폭풍'[종합]
'Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi' Yeon Jung-hoon · Lee Yo-won, meeting as superior and subordinate [Round-up]






1. [+1758, -27] They beat tvN for the first time yesterday in viewer ratings. JTBC really needs to send the production team and actors of Ms. Temper for a reward vacation. They brought pride to JTBC's dramas which always get no recognition. Ms. Temper would have done even better if it wasn't on JTBC... It's a pity its predecessor (Madame Antoine) was so bad that it didn't get any help from it.

2. [+1250, -26] Team Leader Shin caught for embezzling!! ㅋㅋㅋ Finally getting his comeuppance.

3. [+1161, -21] Now that Team Leader Shin is stepping back, Team Leader Yang is stepping inㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's not above using underhanded means ...

4. [+1003, -26] Ha... it's really a great drama... I didn't cry this much when I was watching Misaeng... Really... what is the average Korean office worker living for... ... the drama is really... I want to applaud the director.

5. [+784, -14] Ah... today's content really pains my heartㅜㅜ Team Leader Shin is really annoying.

Cr. Naver, OSEN
Source: http://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=109&aid=0003305005


After watching the recent episodes, I have some reservations on Hwang Bo-ra's acting. I think she's not doing that great. The way she acts kind of irks me, and the character itself isn't that likable too.

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For a cable drama without much promotion,I think 2% plus is quite high.This drama is a good drama and if the station has put in a little bit effort to promote it,it will have done well.I love that my 2 benchmark men are here. Yoon Sang Hyun and Yeon Jung Hoon :)

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Next episode will be interesting.  The angel investor, ODJ's 3rd ex-husband certainly does not have an angelic plans for Lovely.  The President of Lovely will soon taste the bitter pill himself when he or his brother in-law (a sexual harasser) given the marching order by ODJ's 3rd ex-husband. 

Really love Saturday's episode :-



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Guest adikkeluangman

Don't like Chansung hair style when he did the mission. Why don't he used the one on the earlier episode. If you guys don't get block by Naver, please watch it there too to increase the views.

It will be a good thing if more people watching this drama so that it can get high rating. Of course, it also can boost the actors career. But cable drama is different than Big 3 in term of demographic and so on. 

I wonder they already filming until what episodes. 2PM Japan tour already started last weekend.

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13 hours ago, dekaron said:

3rd ex seems to want to make ODJ submit to him and show her he was right

Lovey dovey romance does not suit this drama, we will most likely see some implied romance


He’s very confident that wealth is everything, but then he didn’t answer her question regarding if his present self is happy.  However he still wants to prove to her that money can buy anything, which isn’t always the case.  It didn’t grant him happiness though.  Perhaps it’s true he invested in Lovely coz he wishes ODJ to love him back as she used to before.  It’s just his way of trying to get her returning to him is one big mess.

Also, he got a competition with Woo Joo, too.  You could be right this show isn’t a typical rom-com, which I don’t mind as the story itself is good enough.  It’s a bonus for those who are looking forward to it.

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