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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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Guest adikkeluangman

Chansung such a big kid himself! Although they said lady boss are tough to work with but they also observant on everything because that's woman instinct. If you guys don't get block by Naver, please watch it there too to increase the views.

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3 hours ago, b2stsb2uty said:

Wow who is the third husband??? I feel he is someone really bad or did something bad to her. But he really is Mr.Sexy

Here comes the sexiness for your enjoyment.





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@QSD  gamsahamnida chingu definitely a sexiness overload. 

P.s. first time I saw him act he was in mask as the bad guy but I kept forgiving him for each of his sins every time he looked me in the eye on-screen or showed me is side profile or even his backside profile every time the sexiness made me forgive him.:blush::heart:

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