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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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4 hours ago, saphire_D said:

helo allgomawo for your updates, pics and LYW fashions, they are all daebak!

well new development and this drama turn more interesting

with her personality, i wonder, what made her marry a man, i mean : marry to someone is a big deal, especially in SK.

and she is a young woman, from one marriage to the next one, how long did she take? did she do that on purpose, not with heart, but coz of circumstances? for instance, the second hubby (i think) he is not her type at all.....but he is rich and has many connections in entertainment. or.. actually she hates creature named "man" ...omo...this drama has psychology point of view....please if any of you may explain and share your thought



Yeah, it's interesting to know how she got married with the three of them and eventually divorced.

Actually the second one is nice, too bad he's too spoiled and the mother in law was too absurd.

I'm curious of the third ex. Though i hope eventually he will help ODJ. 

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i wonder whether we will get to see NJG's ex-wife?

Is she the fierce or lamb type?

We have never seen NWJ bugging his dad of wanting to be with his mom or missed her; and "strangely", NWJ seems to like ODJ as step-mom.:)

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I started marathon through 8 episodes last weekend and generally like this drama. So far I've seen more business than romance, so my one complaint is I have yet to see any romantic chemistry between ODJ and NJG. Hopefully NJG is gonna man up and abandon his defensive leadership philosophy BS. We've seen ODJ woman up for herself and for her subordinates, so I'm expecting some impressive changes in NJG.

ODJ really made a point to succeed through her own ability, so I really think she did love each and every person she married, however unlikely of a match their personalities are. First Ex is the colleague she's fond of and fell in love with, Second Ex is the carefree spirit she needed in her life, and Third Ex, I don't know, maybe this guy is truly impressive. Of course none of these marriages work out, because First Ex was blinded by jealousy and did not trust her, Second Ex was a softhearted mama's boy who doesn't actually work, and Third Ex might be manipulative. And then the in-laws hated ODJ because she's not the model daughter-in-law who cooks, clean, has children, and caters to her husband. She's the charismatic breadwinner that easily snapped at the in-laws if they tried to confine her to their expectation or looked down upon her for her non-chaebol upbringing. Having said that, I don't think ODJ is entirely faultless. Maybe she really hurt her partners in some ways because she's so driven by her professional success. Maybe they felt small and inadequate, but maybe she screwed them over because she outgrew them instead of growing with them. Who knows?



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It seems like the wife dumped NJG and abandoned the son.  If that’s the case the little boy is a pretty good kid.  He listened to ODJ to studying more on spelling and doing homework.

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I was initially not interested in this show because of the synopsis and to a lesser extent the title. then I got sick last week and binge watched the first 6 episodes. So different than what I expected. I love how the romance has not just magically appeared. Their personalities are not the type to have love at first sight. Her wall is too high and he is too much of a pessimist. (err sorry "realistic pessimist"). I like how her first ex notices though that there is something between them even if the two of them have not recognized it yet. I also love the brother. Love that the women are not witches or glamour-pusses but real women facing the normal struggles of women all over. Juggling jobs and families, putting up with assumptions and sexual harassment, paying the bills, and basically just being adults.

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