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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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lololll kwangsoo yaaa.. i dont mind helping you to take care uri songsongcouple kkk




Running Man Members’ Funny Comments to Lee Kwang Soo About the Song-Song Couple

Updated July 24th 2017 GMT


[Dispatch] Running Man members made fun of Lee Kwang Soo about Song-Song couple’s wedding news.


 On July 23 episode of ‘Running Man,’ Kim Jong Kook congratulated Lee Kwang Soo.


He said, “I heard there is one more person that you will be serving.” Mentioning about his close friend Song Joong Ki’s wedding to Song Hye Kyo.


Yoo Jae Suk joined in making fun of Lee Kwang Soo. He asked, “If they get married, is that mean you are hired as their private butler?” Other members joined in and said “Does it mean that now you have two bosses?”


Lee Kwang Soo replied “There is no such thing!” Ji Suk Jin finished off by saying, “If there are two boss, you should ask for salary.” making everyone laugh. 

Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved.


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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

Leave it to the Big Boss to handle the difficult matters - let him do  the talking and everything would be ironed out.

We all knew they would let us know pretty soon about their real relationship - and some of us here even discussed something might happen after the filming of the  movie.  Unfortunately, there was someone who wanted to take the credit of exposing the private lives of the power couple.  They probably didn't know they barked at the wrong tree - that's Song JoongKi. 

I applaud SJK for not being afraid to talk about how much he loves his future wife, and how he learned so much about life just being with her.

SongSong couple - may you be more blessed than you are now with your big hearts!!!!

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For fans in Singapore and Malaysia, read that Song Joong Ki will attend events in these 2 countries on 8 and 9 Aug (respectively) to promote the movie The Battleship Island with Hwang Jung Min & So Ji Sub.

Some sources said arriving on 7 Aug in Singapore. Details not out yet.


Guess we will hear a lot of "Oppa" loudly here.


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9 hours ago, kyonim said:

- When the reporters asked if they fight during preparing for the wedding, at first Joong Ki jokingly said that even if there is something to fight, he won't say anything. They are the type of couple that don't fight with each other much. "Cha Tae Hyun subaenim said, a family would be peaceful/happy if (the husband) listen/follow the bribe's words unconditionally. I'm following those words well". 




As my korean friend said before she did not marry korean coz mostly they are know to be dominant.. she is 50 plus by the way, maybe before, but now hearing from JK that he will follow what CTH did to have a peaceful married life, i really salute you. SHK is really very lucky to have you as her husband to be, you are way mature and she is childlike and both of you have such a good heart that's why you are perfect for each other... Im so happy you found each other, you guys are each other destiny...What a perfect couple... :) thank you all for all the translations...

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14 minutes ago, dsojtks said:

Actress Lee Jung Hyun from Battleship Island was interviewed today about the movie and was asked about Songsong Couple's marriage. She first said that she congratulates them. She said that she knew before the announcement and that she even jokingly offered to sing a song for them at the ceremony (her famous songs Wa and Bakkwo) but SJK laughed and said that Ock Joo hyun is gonna sing at the ceremony.Sorry this is just a rough translation of the article! Check out the full article! 


Its so cute that they are preparing so diligently for their wedding even amongst their busy schedules!!! Congratulations to the beautiful couple once again and I also hope that SJK's movie does really well!!! 

So, is it for real that Ock Joo Hyun will be singing at their wedding?  I was hoping it would be Yoon MiRae singing their fave song Always.

CTH must be giving JoongKi a lot of pointers on how to be a good husband (although we already know he will be) especially knowing how the future wife would be.  Didn't CTH and SHK starred together in a movie some years back?  I believe it is My Girl and I.

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15 minutes ago, viyra said:


CTH must be giving JoongKi a lot of pointers on how to be a good husband (although we already know he will be) especially knowing how the future wife would be.  Didn't CTH and SHK starred together in a movie some years back?  I believe it is My Girl and I.


Yep, they did! Ace (@koreasongsongcouple on IG) posted a short translation of another part of Joong Ki's interview yesterday where he mentioned that Cha Tae Hyun has been close to Kyo for a long time and how he was most excited among their group with the news. There's also a part about Song appa.

I'm not sure if this was posted here before but here it is.:lol:


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Not sure if its confirmed but Lee Jung Hyun said that SJK said so, so I'm guessing this is a credible source. Since Ock Joo Hyun and SHK have been close for a long long time I think its really cute for her to have her long time friend sing at her wedding :) 

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Song Joong-ki, a soldier again? 'What' is more important




'I want to be an actor who isn't careless about his social responsibilities or anything else'

Hallyu star Song Joong-ki is back with "The Battleship Island". He was in a drama called "Descendants of the Sun" just a year ago and he was in the movie "A Werewolf Boy" 5 years ago. "The Battleship Island" will also be his last movie before he gets married on the 31st of October. In "The Battleship Island" he takes on the role of Park Moo-yeong a special agent who helps hundreds of people escape from the island.

Song Joong-ki said he got the script when he was resting not long after "Descendants of the Sun". It was another soldier role but he didn't mind. He would just have to act as differently as possible.

Hwang Jeong-minSo Ji-subLee Jung-hyun and Lee Kyeong-yeong are his co-stars. "What matters is not the size of my role but what movie it is. My favorite actor is Edward Norton. He is a top star but in "Birdman" he plays a smaller role. That takes confidence and it seems beautiful to me". This kind of thought came from the time he was in the 2011 drama "Deep-rooted Tree" where he made a short appearance as the young King Sejong. "I had no reason not to be in that drama. I liked the role very much".


As a Hallyu star, isn't it difficult for him to be in a movie that deals with the sensitive matters of history? "It's not like the movie is based on lies. I became a Hallyu star by being in Korean dramas so I want to be confident in what I do".

What did bride-to-be Song Hye-kyo say about this? "She's not the kind to come to my VIP Premiere so I didn't invite her. She's just looking forward to the release date". He claims his father is so happy one of Asia's most beautiful women is going to be a part of his family. Song Hye-kyo is also known as an actress with a conscience and that's why Song Joong-ki loves her.

"There's a lot to learn from her, from her behavior to her thoughts. I guessed that's the reason she managed to stay a Hallyu star for such a long time without any problems". Song Joong-ki claims he will be busy with "The Battleship Island" and marriage for the time being.

Source : www.seoul.co.kr/news/.../Hancinema


adding =====SongJoongKi at BattleShip Island movie talk...




c as labeled


Song Joong Ki Shares His Feelings About Preparing For His Upcoming Marriage To Song Hye Kyo

  • Song-Joong-Ki7.jpg

Song Joong Ki opened up briefly about his upcoming marriage to Song Hye Kyo during an interview with SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment.”

When asked to share his thoughts, the actor relayed, “I think that of course, many people would be curious about [my relationship]. That’s why I want to openly talk about my marriage to my girlfriend, but at the same time, there are small memories that we would like to treasure to ourselves. So, I ask for your understanding.”

“Right now, I’m preparing for the release of the movie [‘Battleship Island’] and also for our wedding during my spare time. I’m happily preparing well,” Song Joong Ki revealed. “Even now, there are many people who encourage us, and this is truthfully a source of strength for me. Adults used to tell me that marriage is a major life event, and in the past I didn’t completely understand what they meant but these days, I realize what that means.”

The actor also sincerely thanked their fans for their support, and added that Song Hye Kyo had said that she hoped the movie does well.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will be tying the knot this upcoming October.

Source (1)soompi

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1 hour ago, allythefangirl said:

i saw a standie for BI in a cinema here in the Philippines! I got sooo excited that i wanted to take a photo, but I chickened out. Hopefully, the cast or at least the 3 male leads would come here for a promotion. 

That's what I was waiting for to happen. Kim Woo Bin came at one time to watch his movie  which was showing at the time here in LA.

On a related matter, when SJK expressed the desire to continue doing charitable work,  and this time together with future wife, I feel like they would be like two famous celebrity couples who do the same thing - like Cha In Pyo and wife, and Singer Sean and wife.


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Funny to see big boss still feels shy and laugh during the interviews after all his declarations of love... 

i love to see him still talk and handle the situation... a true big boss indeed..! Thanks to all who transcribed..! 

Hope to hear from uri beauty one of these days...! 


Stay in love uri SongSong couple.. and to all u comrades..! 

This forum is such a happy place indeed..! 



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31 minutes ago, angieknows said:

Not sure if it's been shared here, but per Ace Chingu, from this article:



@kyonim@sns25129, or @joongkyo1031 Please feel free to check the article out and ... ahem ... share more. :wink: But really, thank you for all your hard work!

I'm just really glad Ki is not shooting down the personal questions that are asked of him during these BI promotional duties, and he's actually setting the record straight about all those write-ups since the Songs' announcement.

Omo, can u share full of the article pls

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