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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

On 7/22/2017 at 4:09 AM, KymberleeD said:

With all these, I am happy on how these couple are handling their fans and media in general... SJK does all the talking and appearance for now, declaring and challenging everyone with their  love...while SHK is just behind,  on a low key and letting her man answer all questions, trusting his guts and wisdom. 

They just have my RESPECT for them on that.

If others will be SHK shoes, she must be showing off and bragging by now... with her popularity, influence and capabilities...oh for sure she can appear on tons of shows, guestings, interviews and etc... but NO... it's the opposite... and i just love her for that... 

Being married for almost 20 years, there are just moments when u know you just have to let your man run the show... YOU JUST KNOW... (oh i love this song...sometimes you know, love is starting to grow...! Ihope someone make a video out of that song.. :)

this doesn't mean i dont want to see them together...oh yeah i do.... but with SJK's movie, i love how they handled things well and very maturely...! 

Ok.... let's all go back to dreamy land again..! 

Xoxo chinggus..! 

I agree with you chingu. JK is now the head of the family and he will handle everyrhing now. SKorea is still a male dominant society even though JK is a believer of gender equality. JK's parents are the example. When asked about how they feel about their son's marriage announcement, JK's mum expressed briefly "I'm happy. It's good news" while his dad handled the reporters more in depth. 

Soooooooo pleased to see that he has not lost any of his popularlity but actually gainning more with the positive reaction from the fans, reporters.....and almost everyone in the industry. I loooooove a pic when JK was walking onto the stage and SJS was walking down and he grabbed JK's fist and gave him a pat. It is just full of love and support. They did not blame him for announcing his wedding news b4 the release of BI, they supported and love him instead. I am so in love with this atmosphere.

Personally I dislike the idea of holding their wedding at the theme park. This is THEIR big day and it is not a SHOW to the public. They should have their own plan instead. Enjoying their big day with family and friends. Just like any other ordinary couple. All I wish for is a couple of pics from Kyo's ig or from Dispatch. 


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6 hours ago, dramaqueen85 said:
I just don't understand why knetz r so salty about this:((


That website has a tendency to display/translate only the most negative comments, I think, so I wouldn't really worry about it.:lol:

*edit: Sorry, took me a while to figure out how to remove that. Haha.

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17 hours ago, dramaqueen85 said:


Sorry to bring this this up but can you refrain from posting such negativity into the forum? It is neither helpful nor serve any purpose in posting this other than to irk genuine shippers of SSC. There would be detractors in everything that happens in the world. No necessity to bring such negativity here


Re: fascinatingly complicated

Sorry but the image did not show when I tagged and wanted to post my comments. Removed. But it would have been better if you have been nicer about it. 

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8 hours ago, moniegold said:


That website has a tendency to display/translate only the most negative comments, I think, so I wouldn't really worry about it.:lol:

*edit: Sorry, took me a while to figure out how to remove that. Haha.


Aaaaand if you read the IG comments, they're remarking how silly the knetz comments are too! I think the knetz people just love dragging people/celebs over anything and everything -_- 

And PARIS! Wedding dress shopping perhaps!!!????

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my formatting sucks
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Since the news came out, I have been re-watching the DotS episodes and their interviews over the past 1.5 years. Actually the early relationship issues between the SSC and Dr. KMY and Capt. YSJ are very similar. KMY was attracted to YSJ but didn't want to get involved with him due to her fears that he could end up dying thereby breaking her heart. But YSJ's devotion and persistence eventually wore her down and she finally decided to overcome her fears and let the relationship develop.

Similarly, SHK had said in recent years that she would not date any more 'pretty boys' or celebrities and might not even want to get married. But SJK's evident love for her eventually convinced her to give him a chance. In all interviews prior to the marriage announcement she was quite emphatic that she was nothing more than an older sister/ concerned senior friend to him but in his interviews and actions, his denials were less strong and from time to time, he would give shippers some hope. He is now clearly so relieved and happy that he can openly express his love for her and pride that she is going to be his wife.

Some of the reports are incorrect in saying that they agreed to get married at the beginning of 2016. It was actually January 2017.

I have also concluded that it is impossible for us to gauge her feelings from her Instagram photos. There was a photo in January where people were speculating that they had broken up since she looked sad but that was actually very soon after he proposed. So in future I will just accept her Instagram photos as pretty pictures with no hidden messages for us. Anyway, it is so nice to hear him gushing about her. Can't wait for their first public photos.           

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Before, someone makes it seems like a wrong thing to wish for happiness and positive things to a future married couple (instead of the so-called obvious sunk ship) and now unnecessary blow up on JK light-up-the-mood remarks? Jeez, why suddenly so much negativity while we are still in a cloud nine over one of the best news ever for shippers? (.. plus Paris added as the latest spot in SS globe? sweeeeetttt B) ....) Don't these people know how to relax and just chill out these days? It is called "Entertainment" world for a reason, yet why the need to turn these light stuffs as being too serious instead?

JIS remark that he was hurt by JK not being thankful to him for dots IS JOKING. RunningMan team comments to LKS regarding SongSong marriage IS JOKING. In this case, SJK particular speech during BI premiere, too, is expressed in a JOKING tone, perhaps he just nervous and excited at the time. I don't know why but even in my real life men jokes can come across as being insensitive (?) at times by mostly women. Guys are just like that. Sometimes they joke but they don't literally mean it, instead they just meant to cheer up. (If you are married to a humorous guy, then you should particularly know what i meant).

Having said that, I objectively think it is also fair that some comments said that SJK may have overstepping a little bit on his privacy stuff, hence this issue. I won't be the one complaining though since I am their shipper, nevertheless I do understand that definitely not everyone is their shipper, heck even some are being neutral to it while we crazily spazz over them in our daily lives. And for those who don't understand why the hell SHK decided to not attend his own fiance's movie premiere (yup, if she really wants I believe she really can rearrange her oversea schedule but she didnt instead), this SJK-being-critised issue should be your eye opener on why she decided on what she did that night. People want to focus on the movie on its own premiere night, and that's what she gave, regardless her own desire, fans and shippers. I have characterised SJK as Fire before, and bearing in mind that too much fire could kill someone in reality, hence maybe a good idea to tone down a little bit, unless asked, heh. I really hate to say this but unfortunately, this is the reality. It would be all good if every single netizens are positive like us here, but unluckily real live out there doesn't work that way, sadly.

And yup, that site seems to pick from Nate comments lately which is full of bitter people, I wonder why? I remember someone got mentioned that relatively larger knetizens focus on Naver yet the blogger seems interested in the former one again and again which is kinda weird. I hope he/she doesn't have any intention to create unnecessary war among different groups of netizens..

Editted: I apologise if I made people unhappy with my difference in opinion. I have no intention at all to make it seems like I want to give so-called advise to our lovely couple on their actions, honestly it is simply my opinion as a fan, but yeah, I always feel like I'm being over concern with their wellbeing and feelings as if they are my own sis and bro despite no blood relation or acquaintance with then whatsoever. It is weird and I don't know how to explain it, but oh well... I always love this forum from the start and I hope it will continue to be a place where true fans can express their sincere opinions without feeling intimidated of some kind. And hopefully great sunbaes will continue to make this forum alive, it will be a loss if you decide to spazz elsewhere instead of here. Guess it's my cue to sign off completely. Goodbye and all the best :)

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BI- fighting! All the best and hope the film smashes all records

As to SJK's remarks - come onnn the man's in love....and he wants to talk about it! he wants to talk about his fiance, how much in love he is with her, how great she is, that she is going to be his wife..he just wants to talk about HER. Somehow. 

So...since this is BI and she didn't come and no one asked about them..(I'm assuming)- he made the joke just so that he can refer to HER. 

It's his urge to remind everyone that he loves her- same thing happened when he said during the News appearance that if he didn't pick Dr Kang she would be mad? And we were wondering why on earth would SHK be mad unless there's something between them ? hehehe he just HAD to make it personal...


So give the guy a break....! 

(yes we know..both of their wealth can feed 7 generations- this is all jealousy to me haha!)

PS- WHEN ARE YOU COMING OUT TOGETHER...we want to see you two...

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