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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

1 hour ago, allythefangirl said:

Song Joong Ki is killing me! I wonder how SHK feels every time he says something like that? 


I am swooning again and again for these two. These last two public declarations from SJK has me thinking that when he first set out to woo SHK, she didn't stand a chance. Not one. The only choice  was to fall hopelessly in love with him as he her. I am addicted to their love! 

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37 minutes ago, o10orio said:

He's real my dear.  And he should be cloned! Hahahaha.

Our couple and SHK's sang namja is driving me crazy with his love-filled words for his fiancée.  And full of conviction.  I believe that their love is making them more courageous in facing this firestorm, this avalanche of attention that's being poured on them since the announcement of their engagement.  

They're facing it together and will continue for years to come.  Love gives us the courage to be brave and the strength to go on.

Same here!I cannot stop myself visiting this thread. Though im busy working overtime.relationship goal #songsongcouple

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LOL :lol: What a goofball... I bet he would do whatever it takes to make sure his woman is well supported .... geezes... we'll pay him to do nothing and just make babies  :tongue:because the world desperately needs as many little Joong Ki and Hye Kyo as we can get.

He seriously needs to do comedy film or drama.  I can't get enough of that Gag Concert many years ago. 

(side note: so many stupid/fake news websites posting false news of Kyo's so-called anticipated appearance just to set fans up for disappointment then blame it on, again, so-called falsified last minute change... such self-proclaimed opportunistic trouble makers)  :angry:

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I always seem to be late for everything. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the Descendants of the Sun DVD director's cut? I really really want to see all the NG's, makings, and commentaries. I feel like I've searched everywhere even on Yesasia and it's all sold out. It's my biggest regret not getting this drama. Descendants of the Sun is actually my favorite drama from last year because of the songsong couple's amazing chemistry. So PLEASE let me know if you find a website that is selling it. THANKS!!!

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LOVE prevailed!loveshower

I can finally sit back and relax knowing that SHK is very much loved and cared for by this wonderful man, SJK!blowkiss

Bashing? Trashing? I don't think these two love birds will have time to address those  mongers!

They will be busy building their love nest!grin





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SongSong Couple a power house....

They will have heaps of endorsements once they are married....

I don't think we will see SHK in a drama series anytime soon though...

I would not want her kissing another leading man in a series, just wouldn't look right...

DOTS is their defining series....The only series worth doing would be a DOTS 2 with SongSong couple...

SHK should turn her attention to feature movies, for a year or so and  then have kids :)


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SJK ah, SJK...he cannot stop gushing and taking every opportunity now to declare that he has to marry and take care and love her...He is like a dam bursting with love and pride that he is marrying the love of his life! Quite hilarious to see him acting like a Pabo! :wub:

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